Chapter 66: A Gentleman is Ready to Die for His Bosom Friends

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Su Xing suddenly felt a burst of warmth and moisture arrive in his mouth, and an agitated breath in his body was pacified. In the middle of his slowly opening his eyes, he caught sight of Wu Xinjie currently laying on top of his body, her beautiful eyes tightly shut, her nimble tongue enchantingly wrapped up in a deep kiss. Su Xing was momentarily moved, embracing her and returning her kiss, both his hands climbing past her back to capture that smooth and round upraised butt.

Wu Xinjie moaned sharply.1 Slightly opening her eyes, her body’s rubbing was even more incredible.

“Wu Yong, what are you doing?!”

The Lin Yingmei who had fetched a pot of water entered the room and unexpectedly saw the two people passionately kissing on the bed, shouting with a furrowed brow.

“Xinjie is asking Young Master to get up from bed.” The Knowledge Star got up wishing to continue, her eyes lovely, “Young Master, how do you feel?”

Su Xing also knew he could not pretend to sleep any longer, laughing sheepishly.

“Master, how are that Divine Thunder and Ovum Water?” Lin Yingmei carried over for Su Xing a bowl of medicine that An Suwen specially boiled. It could rehabilitate at the fastest level of speed the exhaustion after cultivation.

Su Xing drained the cup in one gulp and sat down cross-legged in response. In his dantian, a Water Droplet about the size of a pearl currently followed the Star Energy in his body, slowly moistening his qi rivers. This should be the Rock Piercing Water Droplets, and it was different from what was on the book. This Water Droplet flickered lights of lightning, unexpectedly refined and turned into a Thunder Water Droplet by the Blooming Water Divine Thunder2 in a curious coincidence. It was fortunate that the Blooming Water Divine Thunder was present. Although it was faintly but slowly increasing, equivalently passing through the mixture of Rock Piercing Water Droplets, that Water Thunder was seemingly solid, apparently even more powerful than the original Divine Thunder by a level.

Speaking about this matter, Wu Xinjie gaped, and smiling: “Most likely it was this pure Blooming Water Divine Thunder and Ovum Water each being mixed into a single piece and forming a sharply contrasting Rock Piercing Water Droplet and Blooming Water Divine Thunder. This is actually success by a stroke of luck.”

Seeing that it was not something bad, Su Xing relaxed, and then he again cultivated according to the Water Droplet True Technique for another few days. A Rock Piercing Water Droplet still separated, and it unexpectedly separated into two. According to what the book said, after Rock Piercing Water Droplets were warmly nurtured at the dantian, unceasing cultivation would then continually refine a number of these. A Star Cultivator possessing enormous Star Energy in his body refining several hundred Rock Piercing Water Droplets was not impossible, but this required a very long time to endure. From swallowing the Ovum Water to now was only a few hours, and Su Xing’s body was already warmly raising five Rock Piercing Water Droplets.

Actually, this was also thanks to that “Heart Like Mirrors Absolute Sincerity Soul Technique.” Great Master Mirror gathered his entire life of quintessential military learning and condensed it all for this Soul Technique. Three layers of states that had nothing to do with each other yet each possessed remarkable power; Su Xing’s Heart Like Mirrors Soul Technique broke the Heart Still As Water realm of the first layer, “See Mountains as Mountains,” under a chance coincidence. Cultivating whatever technique, even if he followed its cultivation, it was still half the work and twice the effect.

To Su Xing’s current ocean of consciousness Star Energy, rapidly refining more than ten droplets was not a problem, however, it was not exactly that more was better. The Rock Piercing Water Droplets’ point of power lay in that a single Water Droplet’s power was like a thousand jin3; it could pierce rock, pierce through iron. Otherwise, it would be the same as that Heavenly River Sword School’s blue-clothed youth. Though he had more than ten droplets, they were all very easily broken by the “Azure Dragon Fan.”

“And just having Shi Yuan go steal the Blooming Water Sword Sect’s signature technique this way, isn’t this too risky.” Su Xing looked at the color of the sky was already dark. Shu Yuan right now still had not returned with information.

“The Flea on a Drum Shi Qian is certainly an old hand at this. Without grasping the situation, even she wouldn’t be that eager to go throw her life away.” Wu Xinjie was not worried in the slightest about the Thief Star. She really could not imagine a scenario where Maiden Mountain’s number one thief had been captured on the spot.

Su Xing thought this was so as well, and worrying now was rather late.

Speaking with An Suwen for a moment, Su Xing and Lin Yingmei along with Wu Xinjie walked out of the residence. Acting as a progressing, intense and rigorous Star Master, Su Xing did not have any extra time to idly waste away. His daily business of cultivating was even more tiring than the drills he attended during his time as a soldier. Fortunately, Su Xing could quite easily adapt. Thinking of the second phase Birth Outline that was on the verge of commencing, he was too far behind. If he did not overtake his strength, he certainly would not last.

Looking at the two beauties at his side, Su Xing also thought of protecting them, and not letting them protect him.

At the Heavenly River market workshop, Su Xing sought Thunder Fire Sand thinking of continuing forging a few Thunder Fire Bullets. Currently, it seemed he possessed several exceptional artifacts, but none were as handy and satisfactory as Silver Blade. It was a pity that searching the square for half a day, he only found not even ten decagrams of Thunder Fire Sand, which was far from enough. After exchanging the Blossom Steel Beast and a few useless items for gold, he then looked around the square to see if there was anything he would like for himself.

After the Water and Land Assembly passed, the Heavenly River Square settled down by a lot.

Shopping around for a long while, Su Xing only used two Golden Tooth Mechanical Disks and more than a dozen liang of gold in exchange for a High Grade Nebula Artifact “Pure Gold Shield”4 that was pretty good.

Returning home and entering the lobby, he saw An Suwen presently calling a girl to come eat. The girl was carefree, gorging herself upon what she was eating entirely without a lady’s awareness; it was the Thief Star, Shi Qian.

“You guys are back?” Shi Yuan wiped her mouth.

“How was your investigation?”

“The Blooming Water Sword Sect deserves to be one of the Four Great Sword Sects. It was truly imposing, and you guys really ought to see the Five Great Efficacious Summit’s hall.” Shi Yuan spoke in admiration.

“The point?”

The Thief Star shrugged her shoulders, helplessly saying: “It’s no good. That ‘Calamitous Thunder Evil Smiting Array’ of the Blooming Water Hall is too powerful. This Young Lady completely had no way of getting close, and recently, the Blooming Water Hall’s defenses have been extremely tight. It was very difficult to approach.”

“Even you couldn’t do it?” Wu Xinjie knit her brow, somewhat regretful.

“If it’s like this, then forget about it.” Su Xing was not stubborn and unchangeable. It was something he needed to obtain, and although it was somewhat of a pity, if he felt around things himself, he may not necessarily be unable to feel out a way to do this.

An Suwen giggled: “Little Sister Shi Yuan, don’t keep your listeners in suspense, just say it directly.”

The Thief Star laughed: “Su Xing, you truly look down on I, the Thief Star, too much. Actually, stealing is not impossible, but it will require Su Xing and my sisters’ aid.”

“What can we even do?” Lin Yingmei asked.

“You must let Su Xing and I cooperate together.” Shi Yuan giggled. She already observed at the Blooming Water Hall for a very long time. The surrounding disciples she could avoid, but the Calamitous Thunder Evil Smiting Array required that she rely on the “Avoid Thunder Divine Talisman”5 to make things work. The problem was that although the Avoid Thunder Divine Talisman could evade, it would alarm the Blooming Water Sword Sect. If that Daoist Luo River started the Sect Protection Great Array and sealed the mountain, then the Thief Star would truly be a bird in a cage. The only way to do this was precisely to mount Su Xing to urge on the flight artifact to escape.

“Your meaning is to let the Young Master and you rush the Blooming Water Sword Sect together? This is too dangerous.” Wu Xinjie hesitated. That place was a Four Great Sword Sect, after all. Its adepts were countless, and it was completely hard to imagine running away in the case that they were spotted.

Lin Yingmei also creased her brow.

“This Young Lady alone truly has no solution.” Shi Yuan was for a lack of a better option. She was not capable of flying, and even if she obtained the Blooming Water Divine Thunder True Technique, she could not escape past the Sect Protection Great Array. This type of Great Array certainly was not something she, the Thief Star, could break away from.

“I agree.” Su Xing said resolutely. “After all, this is my business, and I can’t let her do everything by herself. I also must assume some risk.” This sounded very fair; making the Thief Star take the risk by herself, he would not be able to relax.

The Knowledge Star was speechless.6

The Thief Star blinked. Gazing at Su Xing, her eyes had some surprise and amazement.

“Su Xing, you’ve thought this over clearly? This Young Lady certainly is not your Star General. There’s no guarantee that this Young Lady will share the trials and tribulations together. Can’t say for sure that this Young Lady would seek an opportunity to eradicate you.”7 Shi Yuan smiled yet did not, reminding Su Xing that at least in some respects, they were not exactly friends nor were they necessarily bitter enemies. Only a bit of brain was needed to understand how dangerous of an existence the enemy that could contract the Knowledge Star and the Majestic Star was.

“I have no reason to oppose you doing things this way.” Su Xing smiled very indifferently.

“Then Xinjie had better first chat with Master.” Wu Xinjie apologetically glanced at An Suwen, pulling Su Xing out the door. An observant person could discern that the Knowledge Star already appeared to be shaken by Thief Star Shi Qian’s words.

Shi Qian smiled and nodded.

Lin Yingmei stood in the doorway, surreptitiously sizing up the Thief Star while also watching Wu Xinjie and Su Xing’s discussion.

“Master, do you really want to go? This is too dangerous.” The Knowledge Star’s expression was very grave. Rushing alone one of the Four Great Sword Sects under Heaven, this absolutely was not as easy as labyrinths and monuments.

“The Blooming Water Sword Sect has a Star Master, and handling any sort of Star Master,8 they do not know compassion or leniency.” Wu Xinjie warned. Its resounding name as a Four Great Sword Sect describing it as upright notwithstanding, if something implicated its own interests, these upright’s decisiveness in killing was even more firm than a Demonic Cult’s.

If Shi Qian deliberately gave away a permeating rumor9 to the Blooming Water Sword Sect, Su Xing going like this possibly was walking right into a trap.

Doing things like this for the sake of a “Blooming Water Divine Thunder True Technique” was not at all worth it.

Actually, what made Wu Xinjie this nervous was also precisely the Thief Star Shi Yuan’s identity. Acting as a top-notch robber, knowing how to assess the situation was the key to her excellence, and it was hard to say if there was a dagger hidden under her smile, after all, the Thief Star indeed flaunted before talk of the likes of she and “Lin Chong” as generals that did not sign contracts. Being able to declare this sort of proclamation made clear that Shi Yuan had wild schemes. She would not be this resigned to fate; an excellent thief will always be more terrifying than an assassin at the pivotal moment.

The Knowledge Star even felt Shi Yuan deliberately spoke out those words about herself possibly being trapped to make Su Xing’s trust turn blind because saying as such often would make people feel the other party was being straightforward without evil intentions, and it was precisely that the Knowledge Star felt that this was even more suspicious. This sort of petty trick by the other party, Wu Xinjie would be damned to be overlook it.

“Xinjie, I know you care about me, but servants that do not doubt suspicious people are useless. Since it was me who requested she go do this, she putting forth a request is very reasonable. If I backed out, wouldn’t that mean I’m afraid? Do you want to see me afraid?” Su Xing calmly looked at the young girl.

“Your servant will protect Master. If she betrays you, your servant definitely will make her regret it.” Lin Yingmei coldly opened her mouth, staring at the Shi Yuan on the table drinking beer. Actually, the meaning in her words just about showed belief in the Thief Star.

The Knowledge Star was powerless: “Yingmei, you and the Young Master saying as such, Xinjie unexpectedly seems to be on the opposite side.”

Su Xing smiled, stroking her soft and smooth cheek: “Don’t worry, I won’t sit and wait for death.” He moved close to the Knowledge Star’s ear and said these few words.

Wu Xinjie’s face reddened, somewhat bashfully nodding her head.10

“Shi Yuan, you wouldn’t really entrap Young Master Su Xing, would you?” An Suwen also felt worried.

Shi Yuan smiled without answering as she drank beer: “Sister Suwen, this Young Lady suddenly also wants to sign with a contractor.”11

“With Little Sister Shi Yuan’s capabilities, finding one would not be difficult at all.” An Suwen consoled.

A true gentleman will sacrifice his life for a friend who understands him, but just who would bother go taking risks for a thief.” Shi Yuan shook her head, her gaze watched Su Xing and his two Star Generals, an indescribably envy bubbled up in her mind, making her drink several gulps, displeased.12

An Suwen looked on pensively.

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  1. 嚶嚀
  2. I thought he swallowed a Blooming Water Thunder Dragon Pill, not the Divine Thunder itself…Oh, well.
  3. 赤金盾
  4. 避雷神符
  5. This isn’t the first time he’s done something stupid.
  6. Not if he makes you swoon for him first!
  7. Meaning Star Masters besides their own.
  8. Basically accusing her of deliberately leaking information
  9. There we have it, Su Xing has embraced his inner lady killer instincts.
  10. There’s one right here!
  11. Thus, she reveals her inner doubts. Her boisterous mannerisms conceal confidence issues! Fret not, fair maiden, for Su Xing is the man you seek!