Maiden Galaxy


By: 她酷像冰 (She’s Cold As Ice)


Legend says that Star World’s million Star Names are passed on in the form of young maidens as famous existences in the Three Thousand Worlds.

Henceforth, Chen Mo heroically says as he brandishes his massive weapon at the heavens and shouts towards the beautiful but aloof Chen Qingzhi, towards the tyrannical Caesar, the tsundere Xiang Yu, the yandere Hitler, the extraordinary Chen Tuan, and other girls.

“My big stick’s hunger already can endure no longer…”


Chapter 1: The Abandoned Child

Chapter 2: My Auntie Is Chen Qingzhi

Chapter 3: The Young Master of Chang’an Mansion

Chapter 4: Qi And Blood Warrior

Chapter 5: Yin And Yang As Coal To Cast Its Muscles And Bones

Chapter 6: The Lost Immortal Go Match In The Snow

Chapter 7: Qi And Blood Five Turns, Great Accomplishment Of An Outer

Chapter 8: One Inch Punch To Kill The Enemy

Chapter 9: A Magnificent Army Avoids The White Robe

Chapter 10: Appointment At Mount Hua, The Northern Dipper Appears

Chapter 11: The Number One Book Of Casting

Chapter 12: Deeply Hidden

Chapter 13: Sword Casting Master

Chapter 14: Genius-like Tips

Chapter 15: Dew Water And Fateful Marriage

Chapter 16: The Wuyang Princess Ting Nanyuan

Chapter 17: Only Kill Enemies, Not For Show

Chapter 18: You Are The Cripple Now

Chapter 19: Ice And Snow Fox Hunt

Chapter 20: One Defeats Four

Chapter 21: Footpath Of The Azure Dragon

Chapter 22: Surrounded By The Songs Of Chu On All Sides

Chapter 23: Looting The Wuyang Princess’ Burning House

Chapter 24: Ambush From Ten Sides

Chapter 25: Treasure Chest

Chapter 26: The Star General Who Awakened After A Millennium

Chapter 27: Legend Of The Star General

Chapter 28: How Can A Bitch Like You Ever Be This King’s Servant Star…

Chapter 29: The Son Of Lord Chang’an Is Invincible (Former)

Chapter 30: The Son Of Lord Chang’an Is Invincible (Latter)

Chapter 31: He’s Not A Cripple, He’s A Monster

Chapter 32: The Qing Family Ancestor Leaves Seclusion

Chapter 33: Azure Dragon Town’s Strongest Young Master

Chapter 34: Burnt Out Three Calamities

Chapter 35: “King Of Extinguished Ashes” Zhongli Mo

Chapter 36: This Is A Life And Death Crisis, Please Don’t Flirt

Chapter 37: The Non-Traitor Dies

Chapter 38: Taiyi Golden Arrow

Chapter 39: Fiery-eyed Demon Python

Chapter 40: Use Your Kiss

Chapter 41: This Lady Shall Do As She Pleases

Chapter 42: You Aren’t My Only Woman

Chapter 43: The Qing Family Swears Fealty

Chapter 44: The Divine Warrior Examination’s Provincial Examination

Chapter 45: Stunning Everyone

Chapter 46: Reason In Vigorous Touches And Fine Strokes

Chapter 47: The Tang Sect’s Insinuation

Chapter 48: I’ll Wait For Him To Show Up

Chapter 49: By The Stance That Azure Dragon Town Reveres…

Chapter 50: Li Center Empty

Chapter 51: To Be Considered Knowledgeable About Oneself

Chapter 52: Snake Scale Armor

Chapter 53: Nianyou, Lonely In The Rain

Chapter 54: She Is My Treasure

Chapter 55: “Swordsmith Of Gods And Demons” Ou Yezi…

Chapter 56: His Level Is Too High

Chapter 57: The Secret Of Ou Yezi’s Romance Of The World…

Chapter 58: Wind Concealment Divine Stone And Western Desert Heavenly Tower

Chapter 59: Middle Stage Casting Master Jin Wuliang

Chapter 60: The Astral Tool Diagram And Manao

Chapter 61: Nebula Flying Chariot

Chapter 62: Picked Up A Wife

Chapter 63: Three Flowers Realm Warrior Utterly Defeated

Chapter 64: Nianyou In The Growth Phase

Chapter 65: Adventure To The Western Desert

Chapter 66: Arrows Shock The Relay Station

Chapter 67: One Qi Ring

Chapter 68: Vainly Wishing For A Star General’s Destiny…

Chapter 69: Death Embrace

Chapter 70: The Star General With Purple Rose Qi

Chapter 71: Solving The Tower’s Mystery

Chapter 72: A Ladder Of Chains

Chapter 73: Just Like A Fiend Star

Chapter 74: The “Scourge Of God” Is Here

Chapter 75: Scattering Of God

Chapter 76: She Will Die

Chapter 77: Henceforth, I Serve You As My King

Chapter 78: Since Ancient Times, Young People Have Been Extraordinary

Chapter 79: When You Reach The Top

Chapter 80: Mountain Stronghold

Chapter 81: Does Three Flowers Gathered Overhead Even Matter

Chapter 82: Incontinent From One Punch

Chapter 83: We Pay Respect To Your Highness

Chapter 84: Ning Xiaoyuan

Chapter 85: Good Looks Are Justice

Chapter 86: Trampling, Awaken!

Chapter 87: The Mind Was Like A Furnace, Ten Thousand Thoughts Turned To Ash

Chapter 88: The Terrifying Part About Chen Mo

Chapter 89: Some Words On A Late Post <- This is not a chapter

Chapter 90: See You Later, Auntie

Chapter 91: Changluo Metropolitan Examination

Chapter 92: Then See What Becomes Of Him After A Few Years

Chapter 93: A Name That Moves The World

Chapter 94: Changluo Submits

Chapter 95: Martial Trial Evaluation, Ancient Labyrinth

Chapter 96: Your Highness, Have Mercy

Chapter 97: Black Crystal Centipede

Chapter 98: Dragon Capture Claw Demon Subjugation

Chapter 99: Instant Defeat

Chapter 100: Killing A Saint Of War

Chapter 101: Star General Assassin

Chapter 102: The Labyrinth Forbidden Zone

Chapter 103: Bagua And The Girl

Chapter 104: Ice Breaker Snow Slicer

Chapter 105: Chuan Province’s Number One Jieyuan

Chapter 106: Swearing Allegiance

Chapter 107: To Make This Name Shock The Whole World

Chapter 108: Invasive As Fire

Chapter 109: That Woman Is A Star General

Chapter 110: Pingyang Mountain, Yin Underworld

Chapter 111: Corpse Hand Hell

Chapter 112: Underworld Woman

Chapter 113: Black Clothes Alley, Frustrated Emotions Unexpressed

Chapter 114: No Thing Exists Beyond The Mind, No Principle Exists Beyond The Mind

Chapter 115: “Higher Mind of All Things” Wang Yangming

Chapter 116: Flower Blooms Silently Together

Chapter 117: Your Servant Will Squeeze You Dry For Sure

Chapter 118: Intensely Flirtatious Wife

Chapter 119: Young Lady Of Nan Jiang, Miaoling

Chapter 120: Graceful Miaoling

Chapter 121: Life-taking Wine, Granny Bee

Chapter 122: Great King Mulu And The Lover Gu

Chapter 123: The Wind Rises At The End Of The Duckweed (Former)

Chapter 124: The Wind Rises At The End Of The Duckweed (Latter)

Chapter 125: The Lover’s Unexplored Region

Chapter 126: A Pity That It Is Too Heartless

Chapter 127: The Loneliness Cupped In His Palm

Chapter 128: The Unexplored Region Has Poison

Chapter 129: Startling Change In The River Of Tears

Chapter 130: A Deep Kiss Of Equals

Chapter 131: Subjugating The Rank Seven “Hundred Rigor”

Chapter 132: The Lover Flower

Chapter 133: The Heart Of The Saintess

Chapter 134: “Magpie Bridge Immortal” Qin Guan

Chapter 135: Miaoling’s Star Name

Chapter 136: Departure

Chapter 137: Retrieving Face For The Wife

Chapter 138: You Can Be At My Side

Chapter 139: “Scion Of The Later Yan” Murong Chui

Chapter 140: Cultivating Five Finger Mountain

Chapter 141: Gossip About Yanyu

Chapter 142: Waiting For You To Make A Move

Chapter 143: Extraordinary Action

Chapter 144: The Return That Shocked Chang’an

Chapter 145: Yanyu’s Hidden Sword

Chapter 146: The Zhangtian Seal And The Queen Of Flowers Who Charms Everything

Chapter 147: The Master Bet

Chapter 148: One Poem Above All Of Tang

Chapter 149: Heartstrings

Chapter 150: Always Waited For You To Come Home

Chapter 151: She Was Loftier Than Heaven

Chapter 152: You Stay Here Tonight

Chapter 153: “Reflection Of The Mind” Gu Yanwu

Chapter 154: No Way

Chapter 155: Pre-Court Examination Banquet

Chapter 156: Zen During The Banquet

Chapter 157: That Life Was Only To Meet With You Along The Way

Chapter 158: Please Enlighten Me

Chapter 159: “Seven Stars” Huan Wen

Chapter 160: Suppressing Huan Wen

Chapter 161: Arm Pillow For The Flying Luan

Chapter 162: “Thousand Theories And Wonders” Yu Youwei

Chapter 163: Dominating Yu Xuanji

Chapter 164: Zen’s Wanshou Temple

Chapter 165: This Is His Level

Chapter 166: Sixth Patriarch Bodhi Soul Technique

Chapter 167: Qiankun One Qi

Chapter 168: Accidental Scarlet, Sudden Reluctance

Chapter 169: I Will Have You Bow Before Me

Chapter 170: Auntie’s Gentle Kiss

Chapter 171: Eve Of The Court Examination

Chapter 172: Seven Treasures Pagoda

Chapter 173: Use A Lucky Chance To Strengthen Yourself

Chapter 174: Black Clothes As Usual

Chapter 175: Unrivalled In All Directions (Former)

Chapter 176: Unrivalled In All Directions (Latter)

Chapter 177: You Are One Of My People

Chapter 178: Tiger On The Mind

Chapter 179: Black Turtle Seven Changes

Chapter 180: Battle Of Limits

Chapter 181: The End Of Yunshen’s Road

Chapter 182: Disciple Of The Wanshou Temple, Fang Xi

Chapter 183: Old Monk Seven Treasures

Chapter 184: Trees Long For Peace, Winds Never Cease

Chapter 185: Tall Trees Get Their Tops Blown Off

Chapter 186: Yellow Springs Princess

Chapter 187: Wumeng’s Comeuppance

Chapter 188: Deva Eyes

Chapter 189: Asura Saint Of War

Chapter 190: Four Symbols Bundling Immortal Talisman

Chapter 191: Not Very Adorable Cui Wumeng

Chapter 192: Theravada Fruit

Chapter 193: See Buddha When The Flower Blooms, Paramita Is With Me

Chapter 194: A World For Two

Chapter 195: Battle For Top Three

Chapter 196: This Woman Is Very Troublesome

Chapter 197: Rude And Unreasonable Reveal

Chapter 198: Great Wisdom King Cleave VS Ice Breaker Snow Slicer

Chapter 199: “White Clothed Tanhua” Chen Mo (teaser)

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