108 Maidens of Destiny


By: 她酷像冰 (She’s Cold As Ice)

Description (Adapted From NU)

“Your servant is Majestic Star ‘Panther Head’ Lin Chong, from this day forward I am your woman!”

When the beautiful and heroic young girl in front of him shouted those heaven shattering words, Su Xing was overwhelmed with shock.

And so the tale of the 108 maidens of destiny from legends begins.

In Liangshan Continent, a genius is defined as a Star Master who is capable of signing the Star Duel Covenant contract with two Star Maidens. This was truly the limit.

But right now Su Xing’s dilemma is how to convince the “Strength Star” Lu Junyi to become his eighth Star Knight. And this is just the beginning…


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Chapters 1-22 (AmeryEdge)

Chapter 23: Tandem Dance of the Three Stars

Chapter 24: This Last Bullet Is For You

Chapter 25: The Falling Deviance Star

Chapter 26: A Pair of Beauties Under One Master

Chapter 27: The “Efficacious Star” An Suwen

Chapter 28: Blooming Water Divine Thunder

Chapter 29: The Girl With Clothes Purer Than Snow

Chapter 30: Thunder Fire Sand

Chapter 31: The Art of Weapon Refinement and Pill Concoction

Chapter 32: The “Leader Star” Zhu Wu

Chapter 33: The Iron Coffins Tomb Mechanism

Chapter 34: Ancient Grave Ghosts

Chapter 35: The Tracing Snow Sword and Golden Thread Fish Scale Armor

Chapter 36: Gong Caiwei

Chapter 37: Demon Corpse General Tianwei

Chapter 38: The Panther Head’s Overpowering Pressure

Chapter 39: The Immortal Hero Princess

Chapter 40: Advancement to Nebula Stage

Chapter 41: Water and Land Assembly

Chapter 42: If You Don’t Enter the Dragon Nest, You Won’t Get a Dragonling

Chapter 43: Blooming Water Demon Python

Chapter 44: Blood Rain Pot

Chapter 45: The Most Mysterious, The Most Elegant, The Most Powerful

Chapter 46: Battle Through the Heavenly River

Chapter 47: Image of a Beauty Exiting the Bath

Chapter 48: Cold Smoke Jade and the Blooming Water Dragon

Chapter 49: Thousand Cold Stars True Technique

Chapter 50: Dragon’s Obscenity

Chapter 51: Spring Dream With No Traces ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Chapter 52: Star Duels Second Phase, “Birth Outline”

Chapter 53: Bashful Like Yingmei ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Chapter 54: The Best Thief Under Heaven

Chapter 55: The “Thief Star” Shi Qian

Chapter 56: Mo Clan Mechanical Arts

Chapter 57: Traps and a Beauty at the Chest

Chapter 58: The Great Corridor

Chapter 59: The Thousand Machine Gang and the Endless, Winding Corridor

Chapter 60: The Amazing Möbius Strip Mechanism

Chapter 61: The Copper Man Puppet

Chapter 62: The Mo Attack Mechanism Records

Chapter 63: The “Devil Star” Giant in the Clouds

Chapter 64: The Temptation of Four Star Maidens

Chapter 65: Refining Divine Thunder Ovum Water

Chapter 66: A Gentleman is Ready to Die for His Bosom Friends

Chapter 67: The “River Churning Clam” Tong Yao

Chapter 68: Sword Sect’s Little Thief

Chapter 69: Heaven Concealing Parasol

Chapter 70: The Thief Star’s Kiss of Heaven and Man

Chapter 71: “Five Spirits Law Heavenly Book”

Chapter 72: The Kiss Contract and The Maiden Mountain Sisters

Chapter 73: Sworn Brother and Sister, The Emotional Suwen

Chapter 74: Bian City’s Secret Rumors

Chapter 75: Clear Void Hall, The Dragon Gathering

Chapter 76: Dividing The Dragon And Relic Blade Sand

Chapter 77: Sanctimonious, Villains Collude Together

Chapter 78: Magic Sealing Sword

Chapter 79: Arctic Star Serpent Spear (One Star)

Chapter 80: Water Parting Dragon Binding Net

Chapter 81: Shi Yuan is in Trouble

Chapter 82: The Man Shi Yuan Fell For

Chapter 83: Yellow Rank Spear Technique: Long Blizzard Nights 

Chapter 84: The Heavenly Calamity Talisman

Chapter 85: Magical Fire Cutting Down Baili

Chapter 86: Three Beauties Serving One Master, The Alliance of Ten’s Chase To Kill

Chapter 87: Gains

Chapter 88: Heavenly Spirit Earthly Fiend Purple Star Five Elements Sword

Chapter 89: The Shooting Star Whip and the Small Transfer Magic Circle

Chapter 90: Four Beauties Serving One Master, Forced To Go To Liangshan (Former)

Chapter 91: Four Beauties Serving One Master, Forced To Go To Liangshan (Latter)

Chapter 92: Princess Ling Yan And The Dragon And Phoenix Yin Yang Spear

Chapter 93: The “Savage Star” God of Death

Chapter 94: Eight Years Old And Already Drinking Blood

Chapter 95: The Divining Star Platform, Yan Poxi

Chapter 96: Polishing the Mirror ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Chapter 97: The “Steadfast” Star General of Double Spears

Chapter 98: The Seventy-two Outer Void Flying Deities Sword

Chapter 99: An Infant Cries When Met With Danger

Chapter 100: Green-feathered Storm, A Man And A Woman Together

Chapter 101: The Princess’ Nephrite Warmth and Fragrance

Chapter 102: The Thousand Year Pact – Intertwined Branch Swords

Chapter 103: Take Possession of A Decisive Opportunity

Chapter 104: Spirit Green Bamboo, The Clear Sky Feather

Chapter 105: The Hard-to-kill Prehistoric Demon Type

Chapter 106: The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon

Chapter 107: Li Shishi’s Heavenly Star Recruiting a Master

Chapter 108: Language Passes Through Three Checkpoints

Chapter 109: Willow Pond Locked In Smoke, Clogged Town Building Burned in Fog

Chapter 110: A General Achieves Renown Over the Dead Bodies of Ten Thousand Soldiers

Chapter 111: Military Slays Six Generals

Chapter 112: Climactic Confrontation of Nebula Cultivators

Chapter 113: Ghost Cavalry King And The Heavenly Star Maid

Chapter 114: The “Skilful Star” Wanderer Yan Qing

Chapter 115: The Matchless Realm, Ghost’s Godsbane

Chapter 116: Three Arrows Lethal Crossbow

Chapter 117: The Birth Outline Opens

Chapter 118: Star Duels’ Secret Rumors

Chapter 119: Plundering The Birth Outline

Chapter 120: The “Inferior Star” Living Goddess of Lightning

Chapter 121: The Most Tender Under The Moon

Chapter 122: Clinging Fire Domain Sword

Chapter 123: Yan Wudao

Chapter 124: The Cool And Elegant Pilgrim Of Jingyang Ridge

Chapter 125: The Noble Frost Demonic Lotus of the “Harm Star”

Chapter 126: The Four Styles School, Ju Yueke

Chapter 127: Purple Star Paradise, The Life-Extending Peaches Of Immortality

Chapter 128: White Hands Gently Play The Flute ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Chapter 129: Fire Beacon Chariot, Tang Lianxin

Chapter 130: Fire Dragon Whip, Ruan Hongxue

Chapter 131: Weapon Removal Scroll, Four Schools Deep Arts

Chapter 132: Crazy In Love

Chapter 133: Majestic Star VS Skilful Star

Chapter 134: Qiankun Tomb, Bagua Profound Theory

Chapter 135: Bagua Terror Inflicting Array

Chapter 136: Five Spirits Magic Sarira

Chapter 137: Kissing Goodbye

Chapter 138: An Abrupt Wind Rises, A Breeze Causes Ripples In A Springtime Pond

Chapter 139: White Night Dragon Carving Lance

Chapter 140: The “Forward Star” Tong Hua

Chapter 141: The “Longevity Star” River Dragon

Chapter 142: Demon King Of Chaos

Chapter 143: Yan Yizhen, Yin Yang Palm

Chapter 144: Nine Phantasms Ten Banes Capital Demon Sword

Chapter 145: Bitter Struggle

Chapter 146: Cool And Elegant As Frost, Breathtaking As Snow

Chapter 147: That Song For The Dead, She Is Softly Singing

Chapter 148: The “Healthy Star” Yu Baosi 

Chapter 149: Kagoshima Market Square

Chapter 150: The Daoist Cang Jing And Daybreak Frost And Snow Essence

Chapter 151: A Weapon That Could Not Possibly Appear In Liangshan

Chapter 152: Chise Sakura And The Ghost Martial Cultivator

Chapter 153: Managing To Fill Clothes With Fragrance of Flowers

Chapter 154: The Beautiful Ladies Return

Chapter 155: Noblewoman “Wealth”

Chapter 156: The Graceful And Lovely “Noble Star”

Chapter 157: Yin Yang Lovemaking Powder

Chapter 158: The Astronomical Figure On The Chessboard

Chapter 159: Together To Hell With Chai Ling

Chapter 160: Purple Star Grade Birth Outline

Chapter 161: Five Dragons Protection Palace

Chapter 162: The Unbelievable Three Star Destined Weapon

Chapter 163: Kill The Heaven Tearing Gold Dragon

Chapter 164: Hundred Thousand Fire Dragons Rapid Kill

Chapter 165: “Featherless Arrow” Zhang Qing

Chapter 166: Collapse

Chapter 167: Wu Siyou

Chapter 168: Join Hands, Obtain Treasure

Chapter 169: Who Leaves And Who Stays, Who Lives And Who Dies

Chapter 170: Five Stars Dancing Together

Chapter 171: The Miraculous Bodhi Tree

Chapter 172: “Dragon In The Clouds” Gongsun Sheng

Chapter 173: The Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrow

Chapter 174: Beauty Draws The Bow, The Star General Assassin

Chapter 175: Secret Rumors of Song Jiang And The Gains

Chapter 176: The Birth Treasure Outline And The “Earthly Solitary Star’s” Great Void Golden Lotus

Chapter 177: Refining The Metal Element Sword “Heaven Tearing”

Chapter 178: My Heart Is Yours Alone

Chapter 179: Most High Indifference, Your Concubine Is Unnamed

Chapter 180: Long Blood Stronghold

Chapter 181: Xunyang Restaurant’s Qijue

Chapter 182: The Red Lotus Fairy

Chapter 183: Zheng Yanran, Hair Like Snow

Chapter 184: Poison Pool Toad

Chapter 185: Gongsun Sheng Has Fallen Into Dire Straits

Chapter 186: Lady Snake Scorpion

Chapter 187: Auction Of Gold

Chapter 188: Gongsun Huang

Chapter 189: Falling Dragon Mountain’s “Crying Star”

Chapter 190: The Giant Roc Spreads Its Wings And Flies

Chapter 191: Great Sage Falling Sky

Chapter 192: Qingci, Wanyue, and Longkui

Chapter 193: Sealing Gods And Capturing Demi Kings

Chapter 194: The “Fiery Eyed Suan’ni” of Princess Yan

Chapter 195: The Princess Becomes A Slave

Chapter 196: I Am Willing – Six Beauties Serving One Master

Chapter 197: The Name Of The Married Couple With Wu Siyou

Chapter 198: Danxia Banquet

Chapter 199: Thousand Bells Immortals Dew

Chapter 200: Banquet To Murder A Guest

Chapter 201: Golden Immortals Linked Life Ring

Chapter 202: The Feast At Hongmen, Five Poisons Mountain

Chapter 203: Poison Dragon Swamp (teaser)


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  1. First I want to say: As I’m from Germany, my english isn’t perfect, so sorry if there’ll be parts you can’t ‘understand’.
    Because of some certain reasons, I really want to thank you for translating 108 Maidens, I was almost on the verge of crying wen I found out that someone picked it up again. Really, thank you!
    But srsly, that project is absolutely in its own league with almost 800 chapters, but at the same time, I – no matter what – want to read it. Since a veeery long time. So as I found out that you’re a student and that you need money, I want to make you the offer of paying 5-10$ a month to you – depending on the situation, sometimes it may be a bit more. I really thank you that you’re translating it for free, but I still hope that it’ll encourage you to keep to that story ’till the end. 🙂

  2. why am i only seeing just the teasers for chapter 105 and 107. i can read 106 in its entirety but the two are stuck to teasers.

    1. It’s a caching problem. Clear out your browser’s memory, or view from a different device. Please tell me if the issue persists!

    1. I haven’t dropped this! I’m on break for the week as I try to evaluate how to balance translation and actuarial study. I will be resuming translation next week 🙂

  3. Hello? Can someone answer my Question……. Are the Star Maidens from the “Previous Generation” and the “Present Generation” or even the “Future Generation” the same?

    I mean……. They Reincarnate Every time the “Event” Starts? Or they were Changed Every time the ” Event” starts…… What they only possess is the “Title”…. They are not the same person with the Previous…..

    Example: Is Lin Yingmei(Lin Chong) the same person in the Previous?

    1. Every new generation of 108 Maidens there will be new 108 Maidens. Lin Chong/Panther Head/Heavenly Majestic Star(maybe this is confusing but there’s two Majestic Star Earthly and Heavenly) is just alias and Lin Yingmei is real name.(if im wrong please correct me then)

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