Back to the Apocalypse

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Warning: This is a Yaoi series. Turn back if you do not wish to view this content.

末世重生之少爺 (Back to the Apocalypse: The Rebirth of Bai Jing)

By: 夜悠 (Ye Yo)


It’s the beginning of the Apocalypse, zombies run rampant over the Earth.

Bai Jing jumped back through time using a hidden dimension.

A lousy man becomes a loyal lover.

Hidden dimension, check. Harvest, check. Golden finger, check.

Afterwards, I’m not good at introductions, so please forgive me.

Warning: This isn’t real. If you don’t like it, please leave now.



Chapter 1: The Time Jump

Chapter 2: Bygone

Chapter 3: Father

Chapter 4: Spring Water

Chapter 5: Plan

Chapter 6: Leave

Chapter 7: He Yong

Chapter 8: Materials

Chapter 9: H City

Chapter 10: Unforeseen Event

Chapter 11: Breaking Open

Chapter 12: Xiao Sa

Chapter 13: Creating a Disturbance

Chapter 14: Wounding

Chapter 15: Afterwards

Chapter 16: Miss

Chapter 17: The Lin Residence

Chapter 18: Sightseeing

Chapter 19: Jade

Chapter 20: Y Province

Chapter 21: Surprise

Chapter 22: Return

Chapter 23: In The House

Chapter 24: Meeting

Chapter 25: Embarrassing (^_^;) Things

Chapter 26

Chapter 27

Chapter 28

Chapter 29


  1. Make no mistake, guys. 108 Maidens is my main project, and I’m posting this for a friend since I owe them a favor. Please leave your feedback on whether I should keep editing this series or drop it.

    1. Don’t drop the story because I love the idea and plot, so please continue to write until the end .

    2. Please dont drop it, I love the series and your translations are really good. So if possible, i would really appreciative it if you continued. Thank you for all the chapters so far!

    3. Please don’t drop this novel! I love this so much and you have been doing an amazing job until now!!! TToTT)! ❤

    4. You shouldn’t drop this series because it’s a amazing story that I want to read it to the end and find out what happens next.

  2. I have read the first 3 chapters that you have posted, and it is quite enjoyable. The story has a bit of similarity to Rebirth of Chen An, The Can’t Stop Craving Potions and Reincarnation of a Superstar in regards to Bai Jing learning to not make the same mistake. Also, every time Bai Jing mentioned XS, it reminded me of Kill the lights and Psychological Control with the way the respective main characters for these novels also cherish the ones that have a connection to them. The zombie part made me look forward to the story, but I don’t know why Reincarnator keeps popping up in my head when I browse through my library in my mind for a similar novel-genre as this. Anyway, please do not drop this series, because it is rare to find a Yaoi and a zombie apocalypse novel with a second chance. As you can see from the few mentioned novels, it is usually either a Yaoi or a thriller novel, and never both. So please continue with this novel, because I don’t mind waiting for updates if it is a novel like this.

    1. ⁀) ✫ ✫ ✫.
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      ──────────── Foя тнє cнαpтєя
      ────────────────── from Jack

  3. This novel is promising, survival genre is the best ! Is it called xianxia when there are cultivation things ?
    Thank you for translating and even more if you could continue! Could you please share the raw link ?

  4. I only needed to read the description to know that I will like like! Yaoi and Zombies! It’s a dream come true. Please continue translating!

  5. If you’d like to really see how much others are interested in reading this, put up a donation link. I think just from how unique this story is there will be people interested in motivating you to do it.

    1. Usually every Monday, but I am currently on hiatus for April. See the post & announcement for Chapter 12.

  6. i love this novel, is so incredible and cool. The best, it have a feeling like Chen An reincarnation. Please keep translating and update more often i beg you✨

  7. Somebody told me to turn back, I said “Never!”
    Now, I’ve got a new addiction… It’s so hard to find good yaois like this one…
    Unfortunately, it seems like one of those that focuses on showcasing multiple yaoi couples. I can understand two or three guy couples, but not everybody has to be gay! They better make up a good reason for this or humanity won’t end because of the apocolypse but lack of offspring.

  8. I really liked this project, and very difficult to find a good novel yaoi, the story and very interesting, I hope you can continue postanto, thanks

  9. I’m really loving this novel!
    Thanks you so much girl for giving us the translation of this masterpiece! Hope you continue this and don’t drop it please!

      1. OH! Big mistake of my part! Love you guy! I’m really really in love with this novel!

      2. Really? .. well, no matter, this story is good! x3
        Thanks so much for posting this! ♡

  10. Jack is here for the Yaoi!
    ───── Foя тнє cнαpтєя
    ────────── from Jack

  11. continue continue continue continue continue continue continue continue continue continue continue continue continue continue continue continue~

    pretty pretty please!!! <3

    1. That is not up to me to decide, unfortunately. If the translator, my friend, somehow is able to make her schedule work out in the future, then we’ll probably revisit the series. However, the process is wholly dependent on the translator herself.

  12. We love you! Please don’t abandone us 😛

    Eternally grateful if you continue <3

  13. omg I really love the story!! Zombies, world building and yaoi what more could you ask for? Please don’t drop it pleaseee

  14. Keep!!
    Please keep this story, it’s so hard to find an amazing story line that has BL, Apocalypse and Time Travel.

    I love this story and thank you so much and your friend too for giving us this opportunity to read this. <3

  15. Omg it got dropped!? Why?! It was so good! This is the best novel ever. Wtf??!! Sorry I’m just shocked plz someone pick it back up. or direct me to a place where they have it. Spent all night reading just to be disappointed that it’s not finished.

    1. I was just the editor for the series, letting the actual TL’er, my friend, use my site. That friend decided to drop the series. Visit the series page for links to ppl who picked up the series 😀

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