Chapter 100: Green-feathered Storm, A Man And A Woman Together

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On the basis of their fatigued weariness, they all were too late in perceiving it. The green shadow covered them, and it was astonishingly a massive Demon Eagle, its wings a serene green, like a lump of the clear sky. Zhao Hanyan cried out in fear, completely lacking any leeway to resist. Her body unexpectedly lost its center of gravity as she soared high into the sky together with it, captured in one of its talons. The talon’s formidable power squeezed down on Zhao Hanyan, choking her, and she immediately lost consciousness.

The green bird skyrocketed, glimpsing the Ninth Heaven, not getting tangled, and it disappeared into the horizon in the blink of an eye.



When the Star Maidens below saw their Master unexpectedly taken away by the eagle, that was it. It was just that Star Maidens briefly were even capable of fighting in midair, but flying to go chase after it was simply impossible.

When the green storm of a giant eagle carried away Su Xing Zhao Hanyan, Shi Yuan immediately recalled the Copper Man Puppets and stealthily chased after it.

The Steadfast Star General of Double Spears Dong Junqing raised the Dragon and Phoenix Yin Tang Spear. Roaring furiously, a great expanse of spear light sprinkled upon it, a Yin Yang Intersect Slash. The two colored spear light filling the sky swallowed the Crying Infant, shaking the world. A huge crater had been blown out.

A brilliant radiance broke out and directly shot Dong Junqing.

“Let’s go quickly!”

Wu Xinjie yelled.

Lin Yingmei also did not intend to continue zealously fighting, one spear attack chopping back the Crying Infant, and quickly fled into the forest. Dong Junqing said, “Hateful,” and seeing Princess Ling Yan’s scattered eight Golden Deities Swords, she hastily stored them away, then left. The Crying Infant chased for the kill, loudly crying, however the Star Maiden’s speed was too quick. Through the forest, the complex topography of the valley, it perhaps chased for fifty or sixty kilometers, and then the Infant’s crying noises stopped.

“What was that thing just now?” Dong Junqing’s complexion was pale, holding firmly and not letting go of her double spears.

“Green-feathered Storm !1 An Eighth Rank Demon Beast!” Wu Xinjie grimly spat out these few words.

“What? Eight Rank Demon Beast?”

The others were startled. An Eighth Rank Demon Beast leaned on their very difficult victory.

“Do you still want to kill now?” Wu Xinjie coldly looked at the Steadfast Star.

“Hmph.” Dong Junqing naturally knew persisting to kill completely lacked significance. The top priority was to find her master.

“This place unexpectedly has this kind of Demon Beast.” An Suwen had lingering fears.

This actually was not outside of Wu Xinjie’s expectations. Seeing that the Void Liangshan’s spiritual influence was abundant, having an immemorial air, not having Seventh or Eighth Rank Demon Beasts would be strange, and this place was the area they would search for the Purple Rose Grade Outlaw Writ. It definitely would not be that relaxed.

No wonder the Purple Rose Grade Outlaw Writ would have so few people go obtain it. If a Seventh or Eighth Rank type of Demon Beast had to be slain to get it, that truly was not something the average person could do.

“At the moment, everyone maintain peace. Do not again alarm the Demon Beasts here.” Wu Xinjie warned as she stared at Dong Junqing.

The Steadfast Star’s lips curled into a hook, and turning her body, she ran up the mountain.

“Steadfast Star, can’t you first properly wear your clothes?” Wu Xinjie called out.2

“We’re all women, what is there to properly wear.” Dong Junqing voice echoed, the person herself already disappeared.

Wu Xinjie shook her head and had An Suwen first give Lin Yingmei some strength replenishment and a recovery pill: “Let’s also leave quickly and follow the traces of the same path Shi Yuan took, and we should be able to find him.”


“Will something happen to Big Brother Su Xing?” An Suwen was endlessly worried.3

“No.” Wu Xinjie said comfortingly. She somewhat had an understanding towards a few of the Demon Beasts from the ancient, immemorial and prehistoric Demon types. Since the Green-feathered Storm did not rip apart its prey on the spot, but rather grabbed it away, also not attacking them, it could be said the Green-feathered Storm was preparing to feed its fledglings by taking the pair including Su Xing. Thinking to this, Wu Xinjie not only did not relax her tone, but even wrinkled her brow further.

Falling into a Green-feathered Storm’s nest, this indeed was even more dangerous.

The strong winds made a hu-hu sound. Zhao Hanyan felt her entire body was light as a flying swallow. Not needing a flying sword to be able to freely soar Heaven and Earth, she was just like the legendary Supervoid Cultivators. Slowly, she felt her body swell with a matchless pain, and a formless, large lock had locked her up. Zhao Hanyan tried hard to break free, but the lock increasingly tightened. She suddenly opened her eyes, and what entered her eyes was that she was ten thousand fathoms away from the ground, hanging upside down in the air.

Since she was little, Princess Ling Yan passed through extensive training. Unexpectedly not crying out, she only stared blankly for a time.

“You’re up?”

A bored voice came from several dozen meters above her.

Zhao Hanyan turned her head and saw Su Xing. Seeing his entire body had been captured by the eagle’s talon, his appearance was even hilarious. Zhao Hanyan did not laugh, for she saw she herself was in the same circumstances. Only at this time did she recall the time she was fighting against the Crying Infant, and a Demon Animal suddenly attacked and captured them.


A Zhao Hanyan multicolored light swelled on her body. That hairpin looked to be an exceptional treasure item. Su Xing relied on the Golden Thread Fish Scale Armor to barely hold on, and the multicolored light that protected her body did not break under the eagle’s claw. Otherwise, in that moment, Princess Ling Yan would be a beautiful woman that died.

Zhao Hanyan’s Divine Intent moved. Her right hand had a flickering gem shine on a chain bracelet, and the sight before Su Xing flashed. Princess Ling Yan indeed was imposing. Even if it was an Astral Bag, it was a delicate and gorgeous piece, standing out from the masses.

Su Xing said with good intentions: “I advise that you best not resist. In the event that this Demon Beast discovers you are still alive, it certainly would not mind using its beak to hold your brains.”

Princess Ling Yan’s expression turned pale, having been scared stiff by Su Xing’s words. The Astral Chain Bracelet’s luster dimmed and faded. Princess Ling Yan was not stupid, and she naturally understood what the situation at hand was. This Demon Eagle could throw itself downwards and capture her at a time when everyone was completely unable to sense it, and the “Falling Red Clouds Hairpin”4 had no way to resist. It could be seen that this Demon Beast simply was not something she could handle.

“You sure are relaxed.” Zhao Hanyan stared at Su Xing’s nonchalant appearance with a slightly unsightly expression, and her eyes revealed some fear towards what was going to happen next.

“If I was you, then I’d keep tranquil, restore physical strength. It can’t be said for sure that when we’re eaten that we could resist for a moment.” Su Xing glanced across her, saying mockingly. “However, this still indeed is a rare and beautiful sight. Princess Ling Yan’s entire naked body grasped inside an old eagle’s talon.”

“Evil wretch, that Lin Chong would look upon you, truly blind dog eyes.”

Zhao Hanyan face went crimson from anger, uttering a curse.

“I don’t know why Yingmei would look upon me. However, I know that why that Steadfast Star would look upon you…” Su Xing ambiguously chuckled.

How could Zhao Hanyan not realize his intentions. Coldly glaring at Su Xing, passing through such a disturbance, her mind actually had unusually calmed down. Princess Ling Yan looked doubtfully at Su Xing: “You did not say these things just now to deliberately let me calm down, right?”

“You can tell?” Su Xing nodded. Zhao Hanyan was yet to have a new level of respect for him when his next words shattered her fantasy: “I seem to have seen somewhere that when a person is scared, they secrete hormones that I hear make the flesh turn sour. Of course an outstanding beauty such as yourself being somewhat calm is good. Can’t say for sure if those Demon Beasts eat you that they then wouldn’t eat me, ha.”

“Shameless lecher!”

Zhao Hanyan cursed.

The Green-feathered Storm’s flight was extremely quick. Several dozens of minutes later, they saw mountains a hundred million zhang large. The mountains stood at the summit of white clouds, the fog lingering. On those precipices, sure enough, just as they imagined it, they saw a bird nest. Fledgling looking birds that had a size two meters large cried piteously for food, opening their bloody beaks wide like sacrificial bowls, cheerfully squawking.

Even if she was the Great Liang’s First Princess, seeing that, she showed a trace of unsightliness. “Purple Thunder Monster, if you have any solutions, as long as we escape, This Princess shall forget and not bear recriminations.”5

“You really do keep it in mind constantly to put on airs.” Su Xing rolled his eyes.

“You really just do not fear death?” Zhao Hanyan truly was unable to make sense of where this man got his confidence. Could it be he planned to pinch the Purple Rose Pearl to dust? However, with this Demon Beast’s speed, perhaps it would be too late.

The Green-feathered Storm gave an eagle cry, and it accelerated its speed as it dived.

“Hey, if you want to live, then be fully alert.” Su Xing’s tone had become serious.

“This Princess is named Zhao Hanyan, not named ‘Hey.’” Princess Ling Yan harrumphed, realizing Su Xing’s plan. Her eyes recovered their astute color, and the Astral Gemstone began to stir.

“In a moment, it will hurl us down. This is our chance.” Su Xing said.

“Do we use flying swords to escape?” Zhao Hanyan stared blankly.

Su Xing gave her an ‘Are you an idiot?’ expression: “You think your flying sword can escape from this Demon Beast’s speed? Next time it grabs you, it certainly will not be as simple as making you dizzy.”

“Then what do you say we do?”

“Of course it’s hiding using the terrain.” Su Xing said as his eyes simultaneously already sized up the area around the nest, seeing if there was a place to hide. This kind of Demon Beast’s speed was too quick. Rather than flee, it would be better to hide, and wait for it to leave.

The Green-feathered Storm relaxed its talons when it was a hundred meters away from the chicks. Su Xing and Zhao Hanyan fell downwards, and the two both did not immediately use their magics in order to avoid alarming this Demon Beast. Su Xing’s motioned, and the Firebolt Sword already appeared, condensing the last of his Star Energy on it.


The chicks opened their large mouths, beginning to extend their necks in preparation of tearing at their falling prey. The one who did not know whether to laugh or cry was Princess Ling Yan, her light muslin fluttering in the wind, her spotlessly white as jade tender body completely exposed in the wind, she did not know either if this naked female body would attract them. The chicks fell over each other and stumbled backwards in their eagerness as they rushed and fought towards the direction she would fall. Su Xing could not help but smile briefly. The fuming Zhao Hanyan was even green in the face.

The Green-feathered Storm spiraled into high altitudes, leaving the chicks in the blink of an eye needed only a few short meters, and this was the time!

Su Xing lowly shouted, stimulating his Star Energy. The wooden sword transformed into a Heavenly Lightning Earthly Thunder that violently slashed downwards. The lightning-fire directly chopped onto the body of the chick jumping most cheerfully. With the sound of an explosive boom, the chick was immediately thoroughly cooked.

Zhao Hanyan’s Molten Halo also covered a chick that wanted to eat her. Stepping one foot onto its beak, the other scrambling chicks were all completely scared stupid as they watched the two people that fell from the sky.


The Green-feathered Storm released an angry warbling, throwing itself downwards. The two people nearly had only just touched the ground, when they already were pounced upon. Covering a kilometer in a flash was a speed that would frighten people, and Su Xing and Zhao Hanyan entered into the pile of chicks. The Green-feathered Storm did not dare kill its own children, and it could only indignantly cry out. Green wings flew upward, launching countless feathers that were like swords.

The chicks promptly flapped their wings to escape as they scattered.


Su Xing’s Firebolt Sword remained, and the lightning-fire fell on several feathers, his silhouette escaping.

The Green-feathered Storm flapped its wings, and a green hurricane was swept out. A powerful pressure could almost lift the two people airborne, and the Storm did not stop its flapping. Immediately sending sand flying and pebbles rolling, it covered the clouds and concealed the sun.

Such an incredible power!

Su Xing sensed his body was captured by the gale, and he vaguely was already slightly unable to support himself.

“This place has a cavern, let’s hide first.” Su Xing found on the mountain a subterranean tunnel, and not caring that much anymore, he planted himself and drilled into the tunnel. Princess Ling Yan also was unable to deal with it, her form precisely following. This cave was vertical going straight down, deeply penetrating beyond expectations. The two people dropped downwards at great speeds, nevertheless finally breaking away from the hurricane’s threat.

As the tunnel went further down, it became more and more narrow. With a banging sound, he had arrived at the bottom, throwing him down very painfully.

Su Xing wrinkled his brow. A sudden fragrance assailed his nose, and lifting his head to look, oh gosh, this was exceedingly serious. Zhao Hanyan’s white jade-like body just like that fell into his bosom.


The two people simultaneously let out cries of surprise.

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  5. 既往不咎, let bygones be bygones.


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