Chapter 104: Spirit Green Bamboo, The Clear Sky Feather

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Divining Star Platform Purple Rose Main Hall

Purple smoke dispersed away. Zhao Hanyan and Dong Junqing appeared within it. Leaving the hall, Princess Ling Yan still was thinking over Su Xing’s final words.

“Princess?” The Steadfast Star broke her contemplation. “Could it be that you cannot bear it?” Her tone was slightly resentful.

Zhao Hanyan smiled sweetly: “Junqing, are you jealous of him?”

“It seems we should properly be affectionate for a round.”

Dong Junqing embraced this graceful and tender body, her tongue licking past that beautiful cheek. Without knowing why, Zhao Hanyan was not at all as excited as she was like that time from before. What lingered in her mind was the time in the cave where she was crowded against the masculine scent of Su Xing’s embrace. It was a firm boldness that was a sharp contrast to Dong Junqing’s gentle and lovely charm. Her heart skipped a beat.

“Princess?” The Steadfast Star’s brow wrinkled, sensing a slight change, her eyes somewhat sinister.

“Once This Princess and he signed the Intertwined Branches, it always felt that we being like this any more is somewhat strange.” Zhao Hanyan lightly smiled. “And I do not know either if this is not the effect of the Intertwined Branches.”

“Princess will certainly find Vega’s Tears to rescind the contract, right?” Dong Junqing’s tone was ruminating.

Zhao Hanyan nodded without the slightest hesitation, “Certainly, how could This Princess’ pure and holy body be given to a man to sully, Junqing,”

Dong Junqin was also not blunt. Being snatched away by the Green-feathered Storm, if dubious circumstances did not occur between these two, she would not believe it. The Intertwined Branches at the minimum needed to reach the realm of harmony in order to be possible. Thinking of this, Dong Junqing was somewhat hatefully jealous. That damned Purple Thunder Monster used some unknown method to captivate Lin Chong and the other three sisters, and now, he unexpectedly even dared to touch Princess Ling Yan. Next time, he needed to pay the price.

Zhao Hanyan pondered, and she did not understand the meaning of Su Xing’s last words. She had actually thought of training by means of the Void Liangshan, but this simply held no significance compared to the Purple Rose Immortal’s Abode.1 The Princess Ling Yan who was not aware of the Essence Swallowing Dragons in the end felt that perhaps Su Xing was only indignant, “Hmph. Wanting to make This Princess fulfill the duties of a wife next time we meet, we will have to see if you have this qualification or not.” Princess Ling Yan sneered from her heart. With this Purple Rose Grade Outlaw Jade Pendant, in terms of cultivation, Su Xing already had been thrown distantly behind her. If at that time they really did meet, Zhao Hanyan did not really mind fulfilling just once a wife’s duties after the Intertwined Branches – of course, making some egotistic and shameless guy kneel on a washboard2 was also a duty she should fulfill in her capacity of a wife.

“Let’s leave first.”

Zhao Hanyan raised her head and looked at the sky, her brow slightly wrinkled. She felt she had stayed in the Void Liangshan for a very long time. How had the final Crimson Star still not contracted.

Inside the Void Liangshan

Su Xing and the rest entered a serene bamboo forest. These bamboo shoots were verdant like green jade, crystals resembling colored glass. Those dark green bamboo leaves were even more pure and limpid than Astral Gemstones. A breeze brushed past, and the bamboo forest then echoed distantly, an ancient echo, as if it had come from another world; tranquility yields transcendence

“This is all Spirit Green Bamboo?”3

An Suwen covered her mouth in amazement.

Having arrived at the Void Liangshan for this many days, this still was the first time that vegetation made the Efficacious Star feel amazement. These bamboo shoots were used to recover spirit energy. The medicine medium of replenishment pills was an exceptionally good material, so of course what would most make the Efficacious Star amazed was this many Spirit Green Bamboo that was sufficient enough for the Essence Swallowing Dragons to eat their fill.

“This Void Liangshan truly is eccentric.” Wu Xinjie was unable to make it out. If it were not for the time limit, this simply was a treasure trove for everyone. She also was increasingly certain that this was a part of the Star Unicorn World of legend.

“Let’s recover here for the time being.” Su Xing looked at the Purple Rose Pearl. There was still some time given to them to use.

“Alright.” An Suwen released more than twenty Essence Swallowing Dragons. After the Essence Swallowing Dragons appeared, they excitedly filled the sky in a wild dance. In this feeding frenzy in the middle of the bamboo forest, the slender bodies released a green light following their absorption of the Spirit Qi. Among them, one Essence Swallowing Dragon’s light reached the pinnacle, and it suddenly became two dragons. Then after its body dimmed, it once again swallowed the pure qi.

“Right, what uses does this feather have?” Su Xing took out several green feathers.

“These are the feathers of the Green-feathered Storm. They are known as “Clear Sky Feathers.” If these green feathers are used as something to sew into clothing or boots, then your body techniques would appear to rise into the sky. It is a pity that you are lacking a few more.”

Su Xing’s eyes lit up, “Shi Yuan, let’s the two of us go get Clear Sky Feathers.”

“Okay.” Shi Yuan excitedly said.

“Young Master, in the case that you are locked onto by this kind of Demon Beast, you will not be able to outrun it. The Green-feathered Storm’s speed indeed is a thousand li in a flash.”

“I won’t run into it.” Su Xing remembered that many Clear Sky feathers had fallen near the nest. As long as the two carefully relied on their concealment techniques, he was not afraid of alarming them.

“Isn’t this too risky?” Wu Xinjie was slightly worried. She felt her Master truly had every sort of outrageous idea.

“Master, I shall accompany you.” Lin Yingmei said.

“Yingmei, this time, you accompany Xinjie and Suwen. Shi Yuan and I are enough.” Su Xing said.

Lin Yingmei wanted to say something but hesitated. Finally, she nevertheless nodded. Wu Xinjie and An Suwen did not have any military force and needed someone to be present.

“Then, Master, be on your guard.”

After a few more instructions, there was no time to lose. Su Xing released a flying sword, and Shi Yuan stepped on, both her hands embracing Su Xing from behind, very pleasurably leaning against his back. Su Xing did not say much, his flying sword drawing a green light that flew towards the Green-feathered Storm’s nest.

“Su Xing.” Shi Yuan softly called.


“Do you like that Princess Ling Yan??” The Thief Star asked.

Su Xing turned his head and smiled: “Why ask this? Are you afraid that I’ve been confused by her?”

Shi Yuan nodded, that pair of great, shining eyes was very serious: “She is the Great Liang’s First Princess. Seeing her appear that beautiful, and signing some Intertwined thing with you, Su Xing, she truly is too shameless.”

Su Xing broke into laughter.

“Don’t think too much about it.”


The strong winds parted, the clouds and mist pushed aside and scattered. It was not long after that a towering immense mountain appeared before their eyes. The two raised their heads, seeing only countless gigantic shadows circle the more than ten thousand zhang above. An approaching imposing air came from all directions to immobilize them. Su Xing hastily controlled the flying sword to fly downward, then he used Oneness of Heaven and Man. When the presence disappeared, the Greed-feathered Storms also scattered away once more.

Dropping down at the foot of the mountain, Shi Yuan frowned: “This is basically cannot be climbed?” Those Demon Beasts guarded the nest very strictly. There simply was no way to get close.

“Shi Yuan, are you afraid of getting filthy?” Su Xing’s eyelids hopped.

“Su Xing, you underestimate This Young Lady too much. This Young Lady has crashed her way through tombs full of maggots. As the Best Thief Under Heaven, This Young Lady has this point of professional ethic.” Shi Yuan proudly puffed out her chest.

“In a moment, we’re going to take a secret path.” Su Xing glanced at the pool and chuckled.

Several Days Later

In the forest of Spirit Green Bamboo, Wu Xinjie’s back leaned on a bamboo shoot, looking over the Purple Rose Bead in her hand. The Purple Rose Bead already showed four cracks, and any further, the final crack would have connected with the other three cracks. At that time, the Purple Rose Pearl would just completely shatter. “What a pity, ah, what a pity.” The Knowledge Star sighed. She had still taken the trouble of being exploited by Princess Ling Yan to heart. If she had known the Purple Rose Pearl had this additional kind of effect, she would not have let Princess Ling Yan be the quick-footed one that climbed up first.4

“Refinement has been finished.”

As she thought this, from the side came excited words.

Wu Xinjie clenched the pearl and turned her head, seeing An Suwen’s entire face filled with joy. She cautiously and solemnly took out three pills from a green pot. Wu Xinjie and Lin Yingmei crowded around her.

“Is the refinement finished?”

“So this is the special Blooming Water Pill?”

The two asked. After they entered the grove, An Suwen began using the Thunder Water Flower Snake Crown and the Thunder Water Flowers to start refining a pill that aided the cultivation of the Blooming Water Divine Thunder according to the Blooming Water Cultivating Origin Pills. The Efficacious Star deserved the name the Divine Physician. This type of single special pill from a sect had been refined by her. Of course, this was thanks to the Spirit Green Bamboo’s pure spiritual qi. The refined Blooming Water Pill had even greater effect than the previous Blooming Water Cultivating Origin Pill. Not only could it stabilize the Blooming Water Divine Thunder in the body, it could even make a more fusion with the Purple Rose Transforming Qi. An Suwen dubbed this the “Blooming Water Spirit Mixing Pill.”5

They stayed this long in the Void Liangshan. Wu Xinjie finally heard good news.

“Young Master is almost about to return.”

As she said this, the forest filled with a continuous “hua-hua” sound. A flying sword broke the sky and descended. Su Xing and Shi Yuan just happened to rush back.

“Young Master, you’re not injured?” Wu Xinjie asked, concerned.

Shi Yuan blinked her eyes, an expression of wishing to continue their adventure together: “Su Xing and I took a secret path that lead directly to the nest. Everyday, we just easily took away a few green feathers. That big bird simply did not perceive us. Indeed, it was too relaxed. Oh, right, we also obtained something good in passing.”

Su Xing conveniently waved. A white jade ring shot out of his Astral Bag, and the halo swelled in the wind. Astonishingly, it was Zhao Hanyan’s “Molten Halo.”

Originally, Zhao Hanyan used this halo to cover a chick’s beak, and in a moment of desperation, she did not retrieve it. This fell on the ground the moment Zhao Hanyan left and was conveniently taken away. Su Xing also erased the Molten Halo’s Divine Intent and rudely carved down his own.

“Young Master has obtained the Clear Sky Feathers, and Little Sister Suwen also successfully refined the Blooming Water Spirit Mixing Pill. The Essence Swallowing Dragons have also been bred to a number of fifty. This trip to the Void Liangshan is not at all an empty-handed venture. Are we returning now?” Wu Xinjie returned the Purple Rose Pearl to Su Xing.

The pearl’s cracks already enlarged, so there was not any sort of time left.

“Right now, we should go get the Liangshan Outlaw Jade Pendant.” Su Xing said.

“But even if we went to find a suitable Demon Beast right now, there is no more time.” Lin Yingmei frowned.

“In addition, a Sixth Rank Demon Beast is very difficult to handle.” Wu Xinjie also said.

“Isn’t there a Demon Beast that is the best target?” Su Xing smiled and said: “It should have sustained heavy injuries, so we still have a chance.”

“Could it be that Young Master plans to…” The Knowledge Star stared blankly.

Atop the sea, the breezes still and the waves quiet, Su Xing glanced at each of the girls. He nodded, and Shi Yuan shouted, releasing two Copper Man Puppets. The immense Puppets began to turn the sky and earth upside down in the sea, their heavy fists smashing into the sea again and again. Lin Yingmei discreetly saved her Star Energy, the Arctic Star Spear’s penetration matchless. On the spear was a bright star increasingly radiant.

Su Xing concentrated the Blooming Water Divine Thunder. After using the Blooming Water Spirit Mixing Pill, the Blooming Water Divine Thunder had turned even more powerful compared to before. A Flower Water Thunder ten meters in size was made by Su Xing. Suspended in midair, the purple lightning reflected a purple color in the surrounding ten li of sea,

Wu Xinjie’s eyes like fire and lightning penetrated into the deep sea, her hand pinching more than a dozen Middle Grade Talismans. An Suwen’s Child and Mother Linked Hearts Needles also floated, waiting at any time for her command. Everything was nervously in progress, waiting for it to show itself.

A crying weep that sent pain into their hearts abruptly sounded.

The seawaters flared up, and a massive Demon Beast rushed out of the sea.

It was precisely the Crying Infant!!

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  1. 洞府, previously, I used “secret base,” but that seems to improper now.
  2. A similar thing would be wearing a dunce cap and sitting in a corner.
  3.  靈翠竹
  4. 捷足先登, early bird catches the worm
  5.  癸水渾靈丹


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    If at that time they really did meet, Zhao Hanyan did not really fulfilling just once a wife’s duties after the Intertwined Branches

    “I won’t run into it.” Su Xing remembered that many Clear Sky feathers had fallen near the next

    She had still taken the trouble of being exploited by Princess Ling Yan to heard

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