Chapter 116: Three Arrows Lethal Crossbow

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The Ghost Cavalry King was incapable of believing that the spirit body even Emperor Liang was unable to deal with unexpectedly had been grievously injured by the girl before his eyes. The Ghost Cavalry King was indignant. His magic energy gathered, and his Demon Blade became an Evil Dragon that bit at Lin Yingmei.

Blood light suddenly appeared!

The angry Demon Blade lifted Lin Yingmei’s body, throwing her backwards, the Arctic Star Spear was directly flung out of her hands. If it was not for the Star General’s Indestructible Body, this sword at least would cut off her entire right arm.

This sword attack also made Su Xing and Lin Yingmei’s resonance briefly break off.

Su Xing vomited a mouthful of blood and happened to see the Ghost’s Godsbane about to bite the completely defenseless Lin Yingmei. This explosive speed of the Ghost Cavalry King was too fast, for the others simply were too late to go save her.

Su Xing stepped forward.

Execute Chaotic Tail Escape!

Blocking in front of Lin Yingmei, the Evil Dragon bit onto Su Xing’s body, crushing his ribs. The Golden Thread Fish Scale armor was completely torn open as if it were paper, plainly showcasing this attack’s terror.1

“Young Master!!” Lin Yingmei hastily held the fallen Su Xing in fear.

The Evil Dragon was just about to bite Su Xing to pieces, when at this time, an object of flickering gold light smashed onto the Evil Dragon. The Evil Dragon howled grievously as it was smashed apart.

Shi Yuan and the rest hastily rushed in front of Su Xing, and when they saw the wretched sight of Su Xing, they were deathly pale for a while.

“You dared to injure Young Master, This Young Lady wants your life!” The Thief Star was wrathful, sallying her Hoodwinking Flying Claws.

“Don’t!” Wu Xinjie had not yet finished yelling.

The Demon Dragon spat light, a large sword flash that flung open the flying claws. Penetrating through Shi Yuan, the Ghost Cavalry King in a flash rode over, his saber like the Evil Dragon, “Heh, heh. It seems you want to die together for love. Then let me help you!”

“Su Xing!”

Su Xing once again used the Chaotic Tail Escape to appear before Shi Yuan, the Intertwined Branch Sword’s green light flickered, then stopped the Demon Saber. This Divine Sword of Thousand Year Contract was sufficient to match with the Ghost Cavalry King’s Demon Saber.

The Matchless Realm Ghost Cavalry King was only blank for a moment, then he waved the Demon Saber.

The Yin Yang Pisces blocked the Ghost’s Godsbane, Yan Qing’s fists flew out and explosively sent the Ghost Cavalry King backwards. Those indifferent pupils of hers for the first time appeared flabbergasted: “Why would you go protect a Star General?” Everyone knew a Star General possessed an Indestructible Body. After signing a contract, regardless of how great the injury received, as long as the Star General entered the Star Nest and relied on the contractor’s Star Energy for support, they would recover.

However, contractors were different. When the Star Nest and Star General were linked, in the case that the contractor received harm, the Star General herself would also receive injury. If the contractor died, the Star General would then suffer enormous imjury to her vital energy such that she would be reduced to a cripple, so each person in the Star Duels all realized the most important thing for a contractor was that a Star Maiden forever would assume the responsibility of admitting death.

In other words, the contractor should even feel that the Star General should die for them!

“Who would let his own women die for him. Don’t find any vital interests at stake, that is merely the excuse of a weakling.” Su Xing wiped the blood from the side of his mouth. After all, he possessed professionalism as well as his being from another civilization on Earth. He could not indifferently look on as they died for him, no matter how great of a benefit existed in between.

Wu Xinjie and the rest were shaken. Although Su Xing already on more than one occasion brought them feelings they never had, this time, they felt that their hearts had been moved. Perhaps it was precisely because of this characteristic that stood out from the rest of the Liangshan Continent that he deeply attracted their service.

Yan Qing was incomparably shocked.

The black dragon once again swooped down.

Yan Qing returned to her senses, one fist repelling the Demon Blade. The corner of the girl’s mouth showed a faint curve.

“Do you truly feel this way?”

She did not turn her head around.

“What?” Su Xing did not understand her words at all.

The Skilful Star easily danced, and her hand gained a crossbow. That crossbow had a peculiar shape. Its entire body was filled with dark lines, sparkling and translucent like blood. When Yan Qing took it into her hands to take aim, they only saw the tattoo on the girl’s spotlessly white snowy back simultaneously flash a flame-like light. That was a type of unprecedented magnificence. Those red lines began to jump as if life had been poured into them, and a blaze entered the middle of the crossbow. The crossbow’s dark marks simultaneously flashed rather than join.

The dark red light started to become a crossbow’s arrow.

“Three Arrows Lethal Crossbow!!” Wu Xinjie was shaken, but it was not just she. Lin Yingmei, An Suwen and Shi Yuan all were also dumbfounded.

Of course it was not strange they would be this astonished. If they knew the history of Yan Qing’s Three Arrows Lethal Crossbow, then they would know that was a fully legendary folktale.

The Three Arrows Lethal Crossbow. The Skilful Star Wanderer Yan Qing’s legendary martial art, her second Destined Star Weapon.2

The three arrows each constituted “devotion (power),”3 “admiration (valor),”4 and “resolution (sacrifice).”5 The three arrows simultaneously aimed to hit the target, piercing the sun and breaking the moon, moving the mountains and draining the seas, its might boundless. However, the Three Arrows Lethal Crossbow was a Destined Star Weapon that would only appear when Yan Qing was moved. But to make Yan Qing emotionally moved was no ordinary challenge. The opportunities for the Three Arrows Lethal Crossbow in previous generations of Star Duels were not many, but how should this be said. All of Heaven’s myriad dharmas returned to the one, Yin and Yang were in equilibrium. Do not look at the Three Arrows Lethal Crossbow as terrible, but as having two massive failings. The first weakness was that the Three Arrows Lethal Crossbow could only be used once in each Star Duels phase, and the second failing was even more terrible. After usage, the three arrows would take the enemy’s life, and that Yan Qing’s own body would also lose half her life, in other words, her vital energy would be greatly harmed. Indeed, this was the so-called kill three thousand enemies, self-harm by eight hundred sort of move. Thus, Yan Qing rarely showed this Three Arrows Lethal Crossbow.

Wu Xinjie envied and lamented this. She also had a second Star Weapon, but it was just that she currently did not know what she should do to make it appear.6

“Gentlemen7 conceal tools on their person, waiting for an opportunity and then acting….unchanging loyalty to the extent of death…”

Su Xing was not clear on the history of the Three Arrows Lethal Crossbow, but seeing the girl halt, her mouth spitting an incantation, her Star Crest flickering, the stars resonating, the Star Array fluttering, he realized she currently was doing something awesome. And it seemed she was completely defenseless right now.

The Ghost Cavalry King evidently felt fear, promptly again letting out Ghost Cavalry Divine Generals.

Lin YIngmei had sustained heavy injuries, and not only did that full power attack of hers inflict serious damage on the Ghost Cavalry King, she herself had collapsed just as if she was incapable of fighting anymore. Wu Xinjie, An Suwen and Shi Yuan assumed the responsibility to protect the Majestic Star. Fortunately, the Star Weapon could briefly hold back the tyranny, but if it wanted to again advance half a step, that was impossible.

The Ghost Cavalry King split in two directions, slashing towards Yan Qing.

And the girl closed her eyes in meditation, completely defenseless, as if that saber did not exist at all.

A kind of silent trust.

Su Xing bit his teeth, enduring the tremendous injury to his ribs, as he dove over.

The just wounded Ghost Cavalry King again used Divine Ghost Mirage. The original body’s capabilities greatly decreased, and in addition to the fact he was a cultivator proficient only in martial arts, he did not have sword arts, artifacts or magic weapons. If he relied on simple weapons to oppose him, the injured Su Xing could also barely ward the Ghost Cavalry King off. It was just that the cost of this resistance was scars all over his body. Continuously receiving the saber light’s sadistic assault, he made the heart of the girls behind him hurt tremendously.

This guy surprisingly did not escape??

The Ghost Cavalry King’s saber brushed over, again adding to Su Xing a wound deep enough to reveal bone. Seeing Su Xing unexpectedly disregard his life and wrap himself, this was the first time the Ghost Cavalry King encountered such a thing. Su Xing was only a Nebula Late Stage cultivator in his eyes, an ant he could pinch to death at any time, but against reason, this mere ant showed a matchless valiant determination. His body was like a city wall, unwilling to move in the slightest.

The space between the two once more splashed with a violent spark.

This time, the Ghost Cavalry King’s black saber light did not run through Su Xing’s frail defenses. He directly nipped Su Xing full of cuts and bruises. They only saw that Intertwined Branch Sword in his hand become enveloped in green light, as if it sensed the original kind intentions of its owner’s protection. Not only did it begin to resist the sword light, a kind of fantastic energy made Su Xing forget the pain that was tearing at him.

However, this type of defense and resistance was far from enough. The Ghost Cavalry King indeed stood simultaneously at the peak of power and speed, a character that previously contended against Emperor Liang. Even if he had only been released from the Devil Suppressing Stele and received serious damage from Lin Yingmei, he was still a great deal higher than Su Xing in realms.

When the Ghost Cavalry King’s Demon Saber transformed into an Evil Dragon that cleanly devoured the green light of the Intertwined Branch Sword, the specter completely unfolded for a moment, like a gale that continuously slashed and oppressed Yan Qing.

Su Xing coldly shouted. Bringing his body to the limits, he forced out a Blooming Water Divine Thunder.

Purple clouds diffused everywhere, and the Divine Thunder changed into a python. This was also thanks to the Blooming Water Spirit Mixing Pill that An Suwen refined that made the Blooming Water Divine Thunder acquire a spiritual nature. Because he previously knew that this could not bring harm to the Ghost Cavalry King, Su Xing did not use it in any particular way. Now, he practically did not have Star Energy, but the Blooming Water Divine Thunder in his body actually was abundant beyond expectations.

The Blooming Water Divine Thunder Python then rolled out from inside Su Xing’s body and bit the Demon Blade Evil Dragon.

Lightning rumbled, and purple lightning struck everywhere.

At this time, upon Yan Qing’s Three Arrows Lethal Crossbow, the second arrow already formed.

The Ghost Cavalry King’s fierce teeth were ice-cold. His long sword violently slashed, and the Blooming Water Divine Thunder was hacked to bits and pieces. A saber light swift to the extreme directly swept past from Su Xing’s body. Su Xing’s legs stamped into the ground, fixing him as if they were nails. Red blood floated, and the hearts of the girls watching were stirred. He really was not sent flying.


The Ghost Cavalry King slashed vertically. The Intertwined Branch Sword again horizontally blocked, and the Heaven Sword and Earth Shield at this moment also came to protect him. The Ghost Cavalry King’s sword light heavily swept over. The already again heavily injured Su Xing’s arms blocked horizontally, the pressure Su Xing felt dispersing from the Ghost Cavalry King made him feel the bones in his arms were nearly about to shatter.

Then, an exploding fist almost tore apart Su Xing’s internal organs.


An immense pain.

Su Xing tightly pursed his lips.

At this time, the girls over there by Wu Xinjie already were extremely worried. If this continued, Su Xing would undoubtedly die. The Knowledge Star’s mind spun rapidly, looking for a countermeasure to deal with the situation. Suddenly, she saw the Devil Suppressing Stele to the side, immediately having Shi Yuan go grab it.

The Divine Generals the Ghost Cavalry King let out were very violently tyrannical. The besieged girls without military power continuously were beat back. Wu Xinjie threw out a copper chain to block them, immediately afterwards using her body as a shield. Her body was pierced through by a Divine Cavalry, yet her expression did not change.

Shi Yuan tacitly understood what to do and hastily rushed over.

The Divine Cavalry waved its weapon to chop Wu Xinjie’s head, SFX: clang-clang!

An ice-cold spear pierced through the ice-cold flame and dissolved this danger. Lin Yingmei grasped her spear in one hand, her expression bone-chilling. She waved the pike with one arm, an irresistible force, and the spear tore this Divine Cavalry to shreds.

The terrible sound of flesh and blood penetrated.

“Big Brother!!” An Suwen shouted in fright.

This time, finally, Su Xing did not block the Ghost Cavalry King’s Demon Saber, his stomach directly pierced by the sword.

“Hmph. Contending against This King for this long by means of your cultivation, this is your damned place.” The Ghost Cavalry King sneered. His Mirages melted together into one body. Abruptly, a purple colored thunder and lightning broke out of his body, following the Demon Blade and being expelled by the Ghost Cavalry King.

The Ghost Cavalry King did not expect Su Xing at this time to unexpectedly still be able to use an Astonishing Thunder.

“Watch This King eat your replenishing Essence Qi.” The Ghost Cavalry King opened his mouth, and a black light pounced towards Su Xing.

Su Xing’s face did not change expressions. Then, he smiled.

Behind him, a calm, solemn and graceful sound.

““The gentleman attends to the source, the source established then gives birth to the way…8 To this greater good, I offer my body, my path in life!”

Three arrows resonated.

The girl opened her eyes.

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  3. 忠誠(力量)
  4. 仰慕(勇氣)
  5. 決心(犧牲)
  6. Well, I don’t recall the author saying Star Generals had only one Destine Star Weapon…
  7. 君子, seems to be the Confucian usage of the term
  8. 君子務本,本立而道生, “The superior man bends his attention to what is radical. That being established, all practical courses naturally grow up” is the translation by James Legge, a scholar.


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