Chapter 119: Plundering The Birth Outline

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The atmosphere all of a sudden became heavy. Monk Wine and Meat stood up with a swish, that pair of large eyes the size of bells stared at the Star Maiden, his nostrils huffing. Not only he, but more than a dozen Star Cultivators also rose, their Adam’s apples bobbing, restraining their emotions. Su Xing looked at this small tea house. Regardless of who they were, everyone was hungry like a wolf.1

Star Generals. Even if they did not have the qualifications to contract with this kind of legend, they heard that killing a Star General could also be a great supplement, even allowing them to enter Maiden Mountain. The green-haired girl’s elegant legs bounced, drinking wine with one hand and holding a stick in the other, her appearance was undisciplined, seemingly as if she did not care a single bit.

“Hi, could that Young Lord fill this pot of wine for Me?” The maiden raised her empty wine pot, drunkenly smiling at Su Xing.

She threw the pot over, and Su Xing caught it.

He was speechless.

Seeing her hold a stick in one hand and love wine this much, was it possible she was Wu Song?2

Su Xing thought, and he filled it for her.

Monk Wine and Meat abruptly laughed out loud, and the nervous atmosphere where anything could happen at any moment was completely eliminated following this powerful and free laugh. Monk Wine and Meat was not stupid, and he looked at the young lady in front of him calmly. That leisurely and calm attitude showed he knew that she must have concealed some kind of trick she was self-confident of. Perhaps, she had some benefactor. Monk Wine and Meat looked at Su Xing’s table, cupping his fist: “This benefactor really can play a joke. How would a Star General ever concede herself. If she truly did concede, then we very much cannot afford to offend her.”

The other cultivators promptly nodded in praise, and everyone sat down as if nothing had happened.

“Would your benefactor like to have a taste of this poor Daoist’s pot of simmer-fried knife cutlets?”

“Sure.” The girl smiled.

When Su Xing saw this, he returned the bottle gourd to her.

“Thanks.” The girl was somewhat drunk, looking at Su Xing with hazy eyes.

“This girl is very bold.” Wu Xinjie said in a low voice.

“She’s a Star General?” Su Xing asked.

The Knowledge Star shook her head. She could not use Think Then Act lest she expose herself, “She is this calm and undaunted. Regardless of whether it is true or false, other people would be somewhat afraid of the consequences. I did not expect there would be such a frivolous sister.”

“Oh.” Su Xing looked pensively.

Everyone proceeded to resume their former manner, but their gazes incessantly wandered to the green-haired girl’s graceful and delicate body, the beautiful and satiny legs underneath her skirt. The people watching began to stir.

Another moment passed, and several more groups of people successively hurried to Whistling Wind Mountain. A crowd of five hundred to six hundred were at the foot of the mountain, and among them was a dazzling sect riding on a patch of green cloud. They wore black robes, grasped flying swords with jade necklaces around their heads. After this group appeared, the initially relaxed hundred cultivators one by one became nervous and uneasy, the atmosphere somewhat agitated.

The big cloud descended to the ground, and more than fifty Star Cultivators unexpectedly appeared. All the cultivator’s faces immediately were somewhat uncomfortable.

“Yet another bunch that overestimates their own capabilities.” The leader was an old man with hair that went past his knees. He wore a crown of lapis lazuli, his expression sharp. When he saw the five to six hundred Star Cultivators, he could not help but be somewhat annoyed. Su Xing noted his cultivation was at Galaxy Middle Stage. This was the highest cultivation level on Whistling Wind Mountain, so it was no wonder he was so haughty.

“You Scattered Star Cultivators, I do not know which small sects ran here, but it is best for you to tactfully depart for this kind of matter as Plundering the Birth Outline.3 As swords do not have eyes, this is to avoid injuring all you Fellows.” At the old man’s side was a female cultivator wearing a blue skirt that spoke. “At that time, it would be hard to say.” All the black clothed cultivators exerted their magic energy, and Whistling Wind Mountain’s atmosphere condensed.

A few cultivators with lower grade cultivations instantly turned and left, but the majority of the Star Cultivators remained where they were, quite irked as they looked at this crowd of black-clothed cultivators.

“Regardless of life and death, rely on fate and good luck. Riches and honor absolutely will not save people. There is no second chance if we miss this once in a hundred year opportunity, so what carelessness is there to be afraid of?” A male cultivator’s heroism was in the clouds.

His declaration received a “Right” from everyone.

“Right, my ass.” Monk Wine and Meat abruptly cursed. A smile appeared across his whole face: “Ancestor Qingyi,4 why have even you come?”

“Monk Wine and Meat, sorry, I did not recognize you.” Ancestor Qingyi had very good etiquette even though Monk Wine and Meat’s cultivation was lower than his. Indeed, this senior monk of the Blue-jewel Temple was capable of monstrous abilities, and Ancestor Qingyi did not wish to offend him any further.

“The Black Clothes School is just five hundred li outside of Whistling Wind Mountain, are we not welcome to come?”

“Ha, ha. It would be better for us to join hands, how about it?”

“This way is very good.” Ancestor Qingyi nodded. “Go over there and chat.” He pointed to a corner, and several disciples unfolded Immortals’ Tables, placing fine liquor and delicacies upon them. Monk Wine and Meat was very delighted, devouring these without a trace of politeness.

The two began to quietly say a few things, and Su Xing did not mind; seeing the overcrowded Whistling Wind Mountain, there was already much disharmony. Thinking back to the battle for the Birth Outline a month ago,5 he could not help but lament that he was unclear on who the Liangshan Maiden was, but this method of sowing dissension was indeed superb.

The Birth Outline was the second phase of the Maiden Mountain Star Duels, and it was the most crucial phase. This phase would start when the number of Crimson Stars in the sky exceeded half the total. This type of starting indication would be a splendid light that would descend onto that Pillar of Heaven and Earth of Maiden Mountain. Afterwards, one hundred and eight chests would shoot in all directions.6

These chests were bright and multicolored and extremely gorgeous. Because of the Demon Beasts, Demon Weapons and the like transporting them, the destination of transport  was reportedly at the ends of the world. In addition, during this transportation process, the Star Generals needed to plunder these chests. Inside these chests was hidden every sort of rare goods in Liangshan Continent, from gold, treasures, and precious stones to artifacts, magic weapons and even Astral Treasures. Each and every kind of materials were included, but especially those pertaining to advancing the grade of the Star Generals’ Star Weapons. Some of these approached materials from legend, and prospectors could only rely on the Birth Outline Chests to obtain them.

The Star Generals wanted to refine their Star Weapons to even higher grades without the possibility of arming their Star Master to the teeth, so the importance of this Birth Outline went without saying.

The transported chests of the Birth Outline altogether were divided into the three ranks of Earthly Fiend, Heavenly Spirit and Purple Rose. The higher the grade of the transported chest, the more powerful the Demon Beast transporting it. However, the things inside the chest would also be better. As far as Star Generals were concerned, the most important Birth Treasure Outline was inside the Purple Rose Grade chest; reportedly, it was not known within which generation, but there previously was someone that obtained from within the Birth Outline Chest a “Life Extending Immortality Peach”7 that threw the entire Liangshan into a frenzy.

The current Birth Outline not only was a contest of a Star General against another Star General, it was also a struggle between every large sect and Scattered Star Cultivator. As long as there was that little bit of ambition or vanity, people would not miss this feast.

“This many Star Cultivators wanting to get a share of the profits is actually somewhat disagreeable.” Shi Yuan said directly.

Su Xing indifferently said: “If only the chest this time was of Heavenly Spirit Grade!” In the one month since the Birth Outline opened, Su Xing and Wu Xinjie relied on the flight path of the multicolored light to judge on more than one occasion the position of where it had come to a stop to plunder the chest. Unfortunately, up until now, they had opened five chests, and all were the not so troublesome at all Earthly Fiend Rank.

What they obtained for the most part was gold, purple gold and such. The sole exceptional items were more than a dozen liang of Relic Blade Sand and two pieces of Falling Mercury Crystal. They were still off by one piece to refine Wu Xinjie’s Heaven Concealing Star Fan to One Star.8

Another while passed, then a cultivator began to yell: “It’s coming!!”

Shua-shua-shua. The cultivators in the crowded room immediately rode their swords if they were able to, laid in wait if they were able to, and the tea club very quickly was left with few people. Su Xing looked at that green-haired girl still intoxicated in good wine, and he could not help laughing.

Su Xing and the rest rose and walked out the door. Boarding the Wind Swayed Raft into the sky, he glanced at the Black Clothes School, and they also unfolded their Green Cloud.

From far away, they saw a dazzling radiance, a sparkling silver, exceptionally glaring.

“It’s a Heavenly Spirit Grade Birth Outline!” Shi Yuan gazed into the distance, pleasantly surprised as she spoke.

“I wonder whether or not there will be a Birth Treasure Outline9 this time.” An Suwen said.

“I fear the chest this time will not be that simple.” Su Xing saw the Black Clothes School’s people already spread their people into a formation. Ancestor Qingyi was also very red in the face from looking at the Heavenly Spirit Grade chest.l

The closer the treasure light, the defender transporting the Birth Outline also entered the eyes of everyone. That was a shockingly long line of troops, following a tremendous Demon Bird carrying the case on its back, and the surroundings also had a hundred flocks of birds. Numerous and close together, they were just like a white cloud.

As the Birth Outline was increasingly close, who would not think first of profiting off the first person who acted. The competition of plundering the Birth Outline was one of patience. Finally, the first one unable to endure any further made a move, and several sword artifacts went over to pound it.

The Demon Bird flock scattered in fright, and the hundred Demon Birds guarding it began to frantically attack the surrounding people.

Then, ray after ray of radiant light soared to kill. The Demon Bird spat out silver light, and mingling together with the hundred flying swords. The silver light was incomparably sharp, a blade that ripped open space. Many Star Cultivators’ defenses were shredded just as if they were paper bits. The ones with the lower cultivation, the most inferior artifacts were the first to be incapable of supporting themselves.

The Star Cultivators that came to rob and kill all had objectives. They could not possibly let low grade Star Cultivators take possession of a convenience, and waiting until the dead ones died, the escaping ones escaped, only then would they exert their own powers.

“Lay down the Heavenly Green Fatal Blow Array!”10 Ancestor Qingyi shouted, and twelve dark green flying swords mobilized. The Galaxy Middle Stage Cultivator’s skill was extraordinary, as the twelve flying swords were like an unstoppable force, immediately breaking the silver light.

The huge Demon Bird carrying the Birth Outline was known as the “Scarlet Crane.”11 Its entire body had flames that madly swelled, and with a long cry, its Fire Wings were released. Flames like unsheathed sharp swords shot in every which direction.

Fifty-six Star Cultivators screamed. Their chests had been run through, and the Black Clothes school made their formation.

Monk Wine and Meat also could no longer sit to the side. Linking together seals, the Vajra Staff was thrown out. The staff was shrouded in a Buddhist light, and the flames were dispersed one after another. Then, it attacked the Scarlet Crane.

The tremendous bird opened its beak, and a fire snake shot out.


Monk Wine and Meat’s entire body was covered in gold light, and it was not known what ability he used to firmly block the fire snake. Ancestor Qingyi struck hand seals, forming the twelve flying swords into a sword array to kill it.

Upon seeing this, the bottom disciples lowered their pressure, immediately reorganizing their array.

The Scarlet Crane suddenly incited Fire Wings, the gigantic waves of fire burning everyone present, making Whistling Wind Mountain’s trees burn to ash. Ancestor Qingyi threw out that Green Cloud artifact to block this calamity for his disciples, at the same time shouting, “Other Fellows, if you wish to cooperate, we can divide this Birth Outline equally. If you wish to loot a burning house, do not blame me for being ruthless.”

These words of Ancestor Qingyi’s plainly were said to those few high grade Star Cultivators who delayed entering the fray until all the others were exhausted so they could profit from others. Ancestor Qingyi’s tone was emphasized specifically as he stared at Su Xing’s group.

“Young Master, shall we go?” Lin Yingmei asked.

“I alone will be enough. I don’t need to waste you all on this kind of matter. You’d better wait until a Purple Rose Grade chest appears again.” Su Xing currently still did not want to inadvertently warn the enemy.

“I see Senior seems to not need me to set out.” Su Xing flew somewhere not far from him.

“This Fellow truly can tell jokes. Yet, the Heavenly Spirit Grade Birthday Outline is such a good thing to plunder.” Ancestor Qingyi said grimly.

Just at this time, the Scarlet Crane cried out loudly. Its entire body’s wings became flames, and a hundred fire birds immediately appeared.

“That is also true.”

Su Xing tossed out the Heaven Sword, slashing towards the Scarlet Crane.

Just during the time everyone was plundering and killing the fiery Scarlet Crane, the green-haired girl in the tea club made a perfectly-contented belch. She tipsily walked out, actually exposing a crafty smile as she stared at the battle in the sky.

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  1. Very good Duran Duran song by the way.
  2. 武松
  3. 劫生辰綱
  4. 青衣, I wanted to translate this as Black Clothes for he shares his name with the sect.
  5. This isn’t the first fight he’s been through for the Birth Outline apparently.
  6. Chapter 52 Last I checked in the translation, the Birth Outline was an Astral Treasure that documented intelligence on all the 108 Stars…now it’s a treasure chest? If I were to venture a guess, this is not a retcon, but merely everything sharing the name of the phase itself.
  7. 延壽蟠桃
  8. Welp, it would have been nice to know earlier it was her Star Weapon.
  9. Probably the Astral Treasure, proper.
  10. 天青絕殺陣
  11. 赤鸛


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    Welp, now we know what Su Xing was doing since recovering…Shit’s turned straight RPG on us and I love it!

    So, I’m confused about one thing…I kinda had an idea that Xinjie’s Star Fan was a Destined Star Weapon…but what about those copper chains then?
    And didn’t she mention something about another(second) one that she had yet to summon?

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