Chapter 125: The Noble Frost Demonic Lotus of the “Harm Star”

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Fine black hair satiny as water, beyond cool and elegant.

After leaving behind more than a dozen corpses, the True Sun Sect’s people immediately scattered in a panic. The outstanding and tall woman did not pursue them, standing very straight under Jingyang Ridge. Everything seemed to have had nothing to do with her, and she turned around to walk up Jingyang Ridge.

Just at this time, a teasing voice sounded out behind her.

“Truly worthy of the name of Dual Master of Sword and Fist of the 108 Sisters…and is also this good at understanding others.”

The woman raised her eyebrows, her cold and splendid eyes slightly narrowed, and she saw a girl wearing an imitation yellow armored vest and skirt walking cheerfully to her. Her face wore a slight smile, and if Su Xing were here, he would definitely be shocked. This girl was precisely the one who originally once recruited and controlled Lin Yingmei and Liu Qing’er at Cache Mountain, Xiao’er.

“Isn’t it? Little Sister Harm Star Pilgrim Wu Song.”1 Xiao’er smiled and squinted her eyes.

Her hair unfolded like running water, her silhouette flashed by, the ends of her skirt rising.

The black-haired elegant and magnificent girl already launched an attack.

Xiao’er retreated backwards, like a willow supported by a light wind, easily dodging Wu Song’s claw. Wu Song’s eyes had a cold light, and her wrist flipped, showing an extremely gorgeous, strange and mysterious saber. This saber seemed to be two daggers interlocked into a saberstaff,2 its length reaching two meters. The sword tips were seemingly forged from Thousand Year Cold Snow, emitting an absolute chill. A ring of black talisman runes was eerily written onto the sword, deeply open and on the verge of being revealed.

The sword tip’s cold light was just like an unfolding snow lotus herb. Under the contrast of black snow, it was extremely and eerily beautiful, pretty and flirtatious.

This was precisely the Harm Star Pilgrim Wu Song’s Destined Star Weapon.

Double Ended Sword – Noble Frost Demonic Lotus!3

The black and white blend of stars on the sword twinkled; it was already a Two Star Heavenly Weapon.

“Little Sister Wu Song’s Noble Frost Demonic Lotus still has this sort of beauty.” Xiao’er retreated.

Wu Song used one hand to chop, the Noble Frost Demonic Lotus spun and stabbed at Xiao’er. Xiao’er’s hand flashed by, and a long weapon enveloped in golden light appeared in her hand. With a resounding noise, it slammed into the Noble Frost Demonic Lotus. Wu Song’s attack nevertheless did not stop, and in the instant they touched, the Noble Frost Demonic Lotus wound around, easily avoiding Xiao’er’s weapon.

Sword qi slashed.

Black lotus petals dispersed.

Xiao’er raised her long weapon, and she changed into a series of phantoms that got out of the way of her attack.

The woman’s mouth coldly hooked, destroying the images, spry and lively.

Xiao’er’s expression concentrated, and she suddenly turned around and leapt. The saberstaff attacked from above and below and sword qi struck from left and right. The airflow tore open, and it then shook back Xiao’er.

Xiao’er looked at this cool and pitiless woman, teasing her: “The previous generation’s Wu Song’s skills pressured Maiden Mountain. This generation’s Little Sister Wu Song seems also to be very stunning here.”

“If you want to die, do not hesitate to say so.”

With her long hair flowing, the tall woman seemed much more mature than Xiao’er, so being called a Little Sister by her was somewhat strange. Xiao’er curled her lips into a hook.

The two stepped forward at the exact same moment. Wu Song took the lead to launch an attack, the Noble Frost Demonic Lotus in her hand tore apart the atmosphere with a scream, appearing to be a dazzling strike of lightning, directly slashing towards Xiao’er’s delicate body.

But Xiao’er’s movements were even more swift than this lightning. The girl’s hair nearly stuck to the cold sword tip’s sharp light, but the hair that had not yet approached but was cut off by the sword qi was rather much. However, her expression actually concentrated on the target above, on that sweet and fair figure that was just like a graceful swallow. Under the light, sweeping by the tiniest fraction, in a split second of the girl’s single-handed wave, the weapon shrouded in golden light launched a screaming strike against her counterpart.

Wu Song promptly sidestepped this attack, but some of her fine hair still had been severed. Bits of hair wildly danced all over the place, and in the instant that this chaotic scene could have been taken to be like a strong wind had blown past, Xiao’er’s second rippling attack had already arrived by a hair’s breadth.

The mutually crossing attacks was a feast for the eyes, and within the distance the intersecting weapons were stuck together, the weapons completely did not fully use any margin. Very quickly, the battle then ended.

The double peaks of the two girls stood in confrontation.

“Greeting your Elder Sister this way is not too good, right?” Xiao’er held her weapon in one hand, covering her mouth as she smiled.

“So it’s you!”

Wu Song calmly put away her fighting intent, and dispersing the saberstaff, she seemed to know the identity of the girl before her. She coldly said: “Did you have some business?”

“Don’t be so cold?” Xiao’er smiled: “Elder Sister specially came to bring Little Sister two good pieces of news.”

“Little Sister Wu Song’s martial arts progress is exquisite, which Elder Sister admires. Fighting any further certainly would not bring much benefit. However, even if it is by Little Sister’s current cultivation, that Slant-eyed White-Headed Beast still can’t be subdued?” Xiao’er leisurely said.

The girl used her white fingers to tidy the hair severed near her cheeks, not replying.

Xiao’er continued to say: “How about if Xiao’er helps you subdue it?”

“Why would you want to help me?” Wu Song asked.

“That’s very simple. I want you and I to go together to plunder the Purple Rose Birth Outline. This thing of the Birth Treasure Outline at that time will return to me.”

“I do not have interest in this.” Wu Song icily turned around.

“The next piece of information, Little Sister Wu Song certainly will be very interested in.” Xiao’er did not find this surprising.

“Lin Chong has signed a contract…”

Her footsteps halted, and the woman turned around. This time, pupils as sharp as knives revealed surprise. “What did you say?”

“It seems Little Sister truly is immersed in Yin martial arts and Star Weapon upgrades, not caring about the Azure Dragon Territory. The matter of Lin Chong and the Purple Thunder Monster has stirred up many problems and troubles.” Xiao’er walked to her side, her brows raised. This Little Sister was even taller than her by a head, her breasts towering, her butt outstanding. The curves gathered under the silk were completely displayed, indeed a uniquely beautiful woman. Any man perhaps would dream of having such an ideally mannered Star General, and even Xiao’er felt jealous.

“Impossible. How would Yingmei sign a contract. Don’t you think you can fool me.” The woman’s tone was cold.

“Yingmei? You even know her true name. Little Sister and she have a pretty good relationship. But you would think so, similarly being a Star General among us Sisters that absolutely would not possibly sign a contract. Your relationship has been good since time immemorial.” Xiao’er smiled: “If you feel Xiao’er is fooling you, then it is necessary to go ask.”

“Furthermore, Xiao’er indeed has seen with her own eyes first-hand her and that man…”

“Surely he must have used a despicable trick!!”4 Her white fingers tightly clenched. The atmosphere had been squeezed to pieces, and Wu Song’s eyes burst forth with an intense killing intent.

Xiao’er’s eyelids jumped, and she lightly smiled: “How about it. Lin Yingmei definitely will go seize the Purple Rose Grade Birth Outline alongside her Young Master. At that time, you perhaps could see her, and what, it can’t be said for certain that man would not make you extremely surprised.”

“I definitely will kill him!!”

Wu Song said coldly.

Having wasted more or less ten days, and again plundering two Earthly Fiend Chests along the way, Su Xing’s group finally arrived at the Azure Dragon Territory’s furthest east Flaming Eastern Island. Flaming Eastern Island was an enormous island, with a fire nature that was exceptionally good at forging weapons – the Earthly Fire Mountain Range5 snaked up and down, making Flaming Eastern Island’s overhead enveloped in dark smoke all year round. Additionally, on this island were also more than a dozen volcanoes.

The environment here was of torrid heat, one that ordinary Star Energy had difficulty resisting. Even if they were away by several tens of kilometers, they could still feel the stifling heat, and penetrating any further into the skin, it would be a pincushion of pain. It was very difficult to imagine this place would have an ancient school stationed on the island.

The ancient era Champion Nine Dragons’ school had been extinguished. What the Four Styles School could preserve could be said to be as it should have been. Suspended on its lonesome offshore above the vile environment, no one was willing to stop over longer here. Furthermore, this tool refining sect, the Four Styles School, reportedly refined this Flaming Eastern Island into a terrifying forbiddance great array. As a result, everyone had lingering fears which were not completely eradicated. In addition, in the ten thousand li of sea area, there was also a Falling Cherry Ghost Kingdom.6 Flaming Eastern Island just happened to be lodged in the path of the Falling Cherry Ghost Kingdom’s attack on the Azure Dragon Territory, and the Azure Dragon Territory needed a large sect to protect this place.

Thus, the Four Styles School maintained it.

Although this was so, the the Azure Dragon Territory was rather afraid of the consequences. Blockaded tightly, the Four Styles School in end could only cut itself off from the rest of the world. Since then, it did not pay attention to the affairs of the world, and until now had nearly been forgotten

With red clouds for days on end, scorched earth spread over the ground.

Su Xing’s throat was incomparably dry, his forehead layered in sweat.

He took out the token, and then in an instant, the token became an escape light that flashed into the dense fog of the island.

One incense stick later.

He then saw several scarlet lights escape out from the Flaming Eastern Island’s mountain range.

The lights arrived before him, and wearing dark red robes were a man and woman, their cultivations both at Nebula Middle Stage.

“We wonder what sort of person Fellow is to Martial Uncle7 Yuchi Qingshan?” Seeing Su Xing’s cultivation was Nebula Late Stage, the two were very deferential.

“This one beneath you is Su Xing.” Su Xing respectfully said, narrating the pretext Wu Xinjie had first arranged beforehand.

The male cultivator scouted, then nodded to the female cultivator.

“Follow me.” The female cultivator said.

Su Xing raised a sword light and accompanied them.

Entering the center of the island, the air temperature somewhat fell. In the middle was a peak that was a green, grass-like cushion. In this Flaming Eastern Island, it could be counted as having a ignited a slightly warm air. This peak that was known as “Pure Heart Peak”8 was also the main peak of the Four Styles School’s main hall. The others were also “Fire Cloud Peak,”9 “Water Moon Peak,”10 “Wind Violent Peak,”11 and “Thunder Roll Peak”12 each representative of the sect’s four styles.

While he passed through the sky, Su Xing specially sized up Flaming Eastern Island and found that Flaming Eastern Island had several sizable villages, but he discovered en route to Clear Heart Peak, the sect’s disciples were extremely few. He only saw very few numbers of disciples traveling back and forth between the five peaks. Those once imposing halls were covered in dirt, lonely and withered, a school with a desolate appearance.

Su Xing actually had some sympathy.

Seeing through what Su Xing was thinking, the female cultivator showing the way then explained: “Many disciples currently are in seclusion refining tools. We originally were a tool refinement sect, continuously residing in the deep mountains, very infrequently showing our faces. If the bell tolls to warn of an enemy, we do have several thousand people.”

Su Xing had a “So that’s why” expression, however, for such a big Flaming Eastern Island to only have several thousand people, the Four Styles Sect was lacking in some.

The female cultivator recalled something and slightly smiled: “This one beneath you is Yang Yanyu,13 you can call me Senior Sister Yang or Senior Sister Yanyu.”

“Senior Sister Yanyu, I wonder what sort of person the Master was in the sect?” Su Xing asked, feigning curiosity.

“Martial Uncle Yuchi Qingshan was the Four Styles School’s finest tool refinement scholar. His temper somewhat reclusive, he spent all year round cultivating, so even I am not too clear. But I hear people said the Headmaster as well as Elder Four Styles both deeply revered him. The magic weapons Martial Uncle Qingshan’s ‘Heaven Clinging Divine Fire’ forged could be matched only by Martial Aunt14 Yueke’s ‘Heavenly Water Heart Flame’15…reportedly, when Martial Uncle Qingshan wanted to leave the island to seek a disciple, the Ancestral Masters within the school were very opposed…”

“Why did they want to oppose him?” Su Xing did not understand.

“This, I do not know. Perhaps it is because it was too dangerous. However, the Headmaster’s worries were correct. We never thought the Martial Uncle would really…” Yang Yanyu sighed.

Su Xing was silent.

“Fortunately, the Martial Uncle having found a worthy disciple can be considered as having no regrets. Seeing as how Junior Brother Su Xing’s appearance is grand, you have boundless prospects. In the future, you must take care of Senior Sister.” Yang Yanyu smiled.

“And I must also entreat Senior Sister take care of me as well.” Su Xing modestly said.

Author’s Note:

Wu Song’s true name is very cool…

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  1. 天傷星行者武松
  2. The blades are connected together hilt to hilt
  3.  貴霜妖蓮
  4. Yes, yes. He stole a maiden’s lips, and then he stole her heart. 🙂
  5. 地火山脈
  6. 落櫻鬼國
  7. 師伯, a title for a senior to their own master
  8. 清心峰
  9. 火雲峰
  10. 水月峰
  11. 風烈峰
  12. 雷鳴峰
  13. 楊妍玉
  14. 師姑
  15. 天水心焰


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