Chapter 128: White Hands Gently Play The Flute ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Wu Xinjie had originally thought they had picked up a treasure, and she had hoped this peach tree would produce several Life Extending Peaches. What was this, picking just one fruit, and the entire tree completely withered. They really did not have even a smidgen of luck.

Su Xing said, “What a pity,” however, this Purple Rose Grade Paradise really was not bad. Just the misty spiritual influence of this Immortal’s Abode notwithstanding, the environment these green mountains and lakes would make people divide their pleasures, especially with a Life Extending Flat Peach that was counted as an item of value.

“A Heavenly Star once every year still has four months and then would begin. At that time, it can be taken for an exchange.” Wu Xinjie muttered.

Su Xing nodded his head. This kind of thing was good even if he did not have any use for it. If he used it on a fair exchange, there definitely would be a frenzied squabble for it. Su Xing suddenly came up with an idea: Seeing that the Daoist Master Xuantian’s life span was at its sunset, he wondered whether or not this Life Extending Flat Peach could be exchanged for that Daoist Master Xuantian’s Four Styles School sect protecting treasure – the Four Styles Heaven and Earth Sword?

Subsequently, Su Xing again patrolled through his Immortal’s Abode, increasingly satisfied with the Purple Rose Grade Immortal’s Abode the more he looked. This Immortal’s Abode indeed was too defiant of the natural order. It simply was just like a small Void Liangshan, with mountains on one side and water on the other, an environment of serene orchards.

Other than the reason why the Outlaw Liangshan pendant was a requirement for Star Master’s Immortal Abode’s tokens, besides abundant spiritual influence and cultivating in the Immortal’s Abode, there was still another big characteristic that was “Instant Paradise.”1 As long as you held the jade pendant in hand, regardless of location, even if he was a world apart from the abode, he could return to it in a flash. This was equivalent to a Life-Saving Talisman. Imagine that, within a life and death battle, just when an impending crisis loomed, suddenly using the jade pendant to escape back into the abode was superior to an escape technique by an unknown number of ranks. With this jade pendant, as long as he did not encounter the abnormality of a swift defeat, Su Xing could come and go to anywhere in Liangshan with ease.

Of course, this kind of jade pendant could not possibly be used often. With every usage of “Instant Paradise,” the jade pendant would split open a crack, and with four cracks, the jade pendant would be damaged, the Immortal’s Abode also disappearing.

However, three chances inside the Star Duels meant he had obtained an unexpected advantage.

The spiritual influences of the paradise were abundant, and there was also a bamboo forest. An Suwen released the Essence Swallowing Dragons to cultivate, and there currently were sixty Essence Swallowing Dragons. As long as they exceeded one hundred, at that time, they could be of help.

“Master, we had still better immediately mix your cultivation, see if you can or cannot enter Galaxy Stage.” Yan Yizhen reminded him at this time.

Su Xing was also in agreement. Restraining his excitement, he entered impeccable moral integrity. The girls were left outside the exquisitely made pavilion in the air. Only Wu Xinjie followed to enact a protective magic for Su Xing.2

Sitting down cross-legged, Su Xing entered a meditative state.

A Star Cultivator’s cultivation advancement was one quantitative change turning into another quantitative change. Every change to a promotion was a difficult threshold, and besides requiring Star Energy to meet some extent, mental state was also a factor.

In the slowness, Su Xing then felt his mind outside his body, and his organs, tissues and nerves were seemingly transparent. His Star Energy condensed clouds that were thickly crammed into his body, an abundance that was hard to imagine. If it was anyone else, they certainly would be in for a surprise. An unprecedented dense magic energy like Su Xing’s at the peak of Nebula Late Stage greatly disrespected Galaxy Cultivators. This was no wonder, for Su Xing had signed five Star Generals, and among them, two were top-notch Heavenly Stars above the rank of ten. Their Star Energies were matchlessly robust, changing it into his body naturally was something ordinary people could not compare to.

Thus, accumulating over time like this, his Star Energy would but frighten people to death.

However, this way also had shortcoming. Because he had Star Energy for five people, this signified the Star Energy Su Xing distributed to the Star Generals would be increasingly dispersed. Outside of resonance, what they received even was not enough for one person. This was an inevitable outcome of contracting multiple Star Generals, and another important weakness, then, was that it was heavily difficult for Su Xing to advance to the next realm.

Nebula Stage advancement to Galaxy Stage required that the cultivator transfer the magic energy in their body, and circulating the Nebula magic energy over his whole body for several thousand days, until the clouds and mist turned to threads, the threads into fine rain, and the fine rain mass into a river.3 At that time, his Star Energy would become like blood, circulating throughout the cultivator’s entire body until it genuinely reached the Mixture Realm.

Clouds and mist turned to threads, the threads into fine rain, and the fine rain mass into a river/

Each of these three steps could not afford a mistake.

Su Xing first of all used the Absolute Sincerity Soul Technique to have himself recover to his most profound and calm state of mind, and then he used the secret technique of the “Purple Rose Transforming Qi” to harmonize the Star Energy in his body. This made the cloud-shaped magic energy begin to circulate across his whole body. It was excessively tremendous, to the extent that its circulation speed was exceptionally slow, seemingly blocked up by something, insufferably difficult to bear.

His forehead overflowed with fine beads of sweat.

Wu Xinjie took out a handkerchief to lightly wipe them away, her heart secretly praying. How could she ever know the challenge Su Xing currently faced.

From the outside, his internals always needed maximum investment, just the so-called one minute of applause on the stage, and ten years of endurance off the stage. Su Xing’s lips slightly spread, and Wu Xinjie tacitly understood she was to administer to Su Xing the pills that were prepared beforehand to act as supplements.

His suffering expression somewhat improved.

Wu Xinjie frowned, gazing at Su Xing just like this, not daring to take her gaze away for the slightest bit.

This gaze remained for an entire twenty hours.

Su Xing collapsed. He opened his eyes, his whole body already soaked in cold sweat.

“Did you fail?” Wu Xinjie said.


Su Xing was depressed. The twenty hours of tremendous Nebula Star Energy in his body was actually too deeply entrenched, as if a boulder was blocking it up. Su Xing already used his greatest strength to go move it, but it still was slow as before. In accordance with this speed, he would need at the minimum several months without stopping for sleep or rest in order to only perhaps see and reach his nebula turn into threads, which truly depressed Su Xing to death.

“This is the price.” Wu Xinjie stuck out her cute tongue.

“We had better think of some other methods.” Su Xing said.

“Go ask Little Sister Suwen. She is the Divine Physician, so she should have some methods that can create a few pills to get through the bottleneck.” Wu Xinjie said. For cultivations above Nebula Stage, Star Cultivators have then entered a different realm. The value of this cultivation bottleneck breakthrough pill was extremely expensive. When Su Xing cultivated just now, he had ingested ten “Scattered River Pills.” and each was a good medicine for the bottleneck of promoting Nebula to Galaxy. The value of one was above five million liang of gold.

Certainly, even if this type of pill did not have any results, they could only inquire the Efficacious Star to again make a plan.

An Suwen at this time was sitting on a stone platform in the bamboo grove inside the Immortal’s Abode. Close to more than sixty Essence Swallowing Dragons currently moved about cheerfully and lightheartedly, a great number of green lights, just like sprites as they decorated the surroundings. The girl rested her chin on both hands, lost in thought.

“Little Sister Suwen, what sort of heat are you in.”4 A charming phrase broke An Suwen’s blank stare.

“Sister Xinjie.” An Suwen’s face carried a slight smile: “Suwen is worried Brother perhaps has great difficulty rushing into Galaxy.”

“Right, that attack has failed.” Wu Xinjie helplessly said: “We just happened to want to ask Little Sister Suwen for your ideas, see if there is some solution.” She summarized the situation. When she mentioned whether or not An Suwen could manufacture for Su Xing a custom-made breakthrough pill, An Suwen’s face suddenly flushed slightly red, and put forward that she needed to administer it to Su Xing alone to see.

On this point, Wu Xinjie did not have any opinions.

Immortal’s Abode Pavilion. The bedroom.

Su Xing currently shut his eyes in contemplation. An Suwen carefully and solemnly stepped forward, afraid of disturbing him.

As early as when An Suwen stepped into the pavilion, Su Xing had already known. He opened his eyes, somewhat embarrassed as he said: “Little Sis Suwen, I fear I must trouble you.”

“This is something Little Sister should do.” An Suwen’s eyes were watery, blinking: “Little Sister only needs to trouble Big Brother for a bit.”

“Sure. What do I need to do?” Su Xing asked.

An Suwen lightly bit her teeth: “And Little Sister must ask for Big Brother to take off all his clothes…”

“Ah?” Su Xing’s mouth hung open. “Strip off all my clothes?” If he was not confident that An Suwen was pure and honest, a steady girl, he definitely would have wanted to indulge in fantasy.

“En.” An Suwen explained: “Because Suwen wants to know the amount of presence Big Brother’s Star Energy has in the whole body when exerted as well as a few characteristics, in order to prescribe the right medicine for the right illness.”5

Su Xing nodded. Without any hesitation, he stripped naked. He had thick skin, and he had experience being stark naked in front of nurses when he previously had physical examinations, anyways.

Although physicians had virtue, this was the first time An Suwen had seen a man’s naked body, and her face was immediately red up to the ears.

“Big Brother, please lay face up on the bed.” She softly said.

Su Xing lay down according to her instructions.

An Suwen then had Su Xing begin harmonizing the Star Energy in his body.

Seeing Su Xing already busy, An Suwen lightly exhaled. Her white fingers wiped past her eyes, and she saw clearly. An Suwen walked over, her two hands pressing against both ends of Su Xing’s neck. When her palms stuck on, the warmth from the girl’s hands made Su Xing feel somewhat different.

An Suwen’s palms stuck to Su Xing’s skin, both left and right hands gently and slowly stroking. Through the fiery temperature of his skin, the girl sensed the agitation of the Star Energy within.

“Big Brother, no random thoughts.” An Suwen softly said.


Su Xing raised the Absolute Sincerity Soul Technique, making his Star Energy wander throughout his whole body.

It was just that this method of An Suwen’s to check Star Energy actually was too unnerving. The girl’s slender hands were like a caress, and her arms, too. Certainly, when they caressed his stomach, that penetrating affection’s continuous stroking forced all of Su Xing’s blood seemingly drop a bit.

An Suwen’s charming face was embellished with red clouds. She was also afraid of harming Big Brother, her movements graceful and tender, the temperature as their skin mutually rubbed growing warmer and warmer. This was the first time An Suwen had comforted a man’s entire body, and the target, as it happened, was the man she liked. An Suwen did her best to bear her restless heartbeat.

And after her hands stroked past his waist, that sky-supporting pillar of Su Xing’s was revealed in An Suwen’s eyes.6

“Big Brother – “ The girl tenderly cried out, somewhat rebuking him, hurriedly turning her gaze back.

“Could your hands be a bit firmer?” Su Xing was helpless. An Suwen’s hands actually were too tender, making his lower half nearly explode. Even if he suppressed it with the Absolute Sincerity Soul Technique, its head would rise with An Suwen’s slightest movement. The Divine Physician was the Divine Physician; every soft movement, as it turned out, induced Su Xing’s hormones.

“How can this be firm…” An Suwen’s hands lightly slid past the inside of Su Xing’s thighs, the flowing black hair. She strived her hardest to not look out of the corner of her eye at that fearful and imposing spear, “Big Brother, your Yang qi is too vigorous. This will affect the circulation of magic energy.”7 An Suwen bit her lip, softly speaking.

“How about you let me first settle this alone for a bit?”6

An Suwen’s face flushed red like a completely ripe tomato at Su Xing’s frank words, “No need. This kind of interruption would affect you even more.” An Suwen inwardly breathed deeply. The Efficacious Star said to herself, A physician is like a parent. Clenching her teeth and steeling herself, both hands grabbed that sky-raising pillar that made her feel ashamed.6

“Ah.” A boiling heat made An Suwen’s body nearly go limp.

Su Xing moaned.


“Big Brother, don’t move.” An Suwen’s gaze looked at Su Xing, an expression both frowning and in enjoyment. Her slender white fingers then began to move, and the girl’s breathing muffled. Her body was also boiling, both legs restlessly twisting.


Su Xing only felt his entire body explode, a kind of indescribable ecstasy cramming the cells of his entire body. Fortunately, his willpower was sufficiently firm, and he knew what the present situation was.

“Big Brother, use your forces.”

An Suwen clamped her legs, promptly crying out.

Su Xing raised his Star Energy, entering a blissful seventh heaven of a place.

Oh, dear.

Not wearing one thread, Suwen gently took hold of the xiao.10

Two passions mutually fulfilled, the splash was like the blooming of flowerssss…

AND BY THE WAY. Since so many people are wondering…no, An Suwen did not have intercourse with Su Xing. She only gave him a hand, so to speak, and that was enough to pleasure her.

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  1. 瞬息洞天
  2. Hmm, and why am I not convinced.
  3. 星河 is galaxy, but 河 by itself is river.
  4. lol, yes, Wu Xinjie just asked is An Suwen was horny.
  5. An idiom for careful study of a problem and its solution.
  6.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  7. Gee, I wonder why his Yang qi is so active?
  8.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  9.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  10.  簫, which is a flute or pan pipe.


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      “A Heavenly Star once every year still has four months and then would begin. At that time, it can be taken for an exchange.” Wu Xinjie muttered.
      I have absolutely no idea what this is referring to. Sometimes things are worded in a way that makes me lose the thread of the conversation.

      suddenly using the jade pendant to escape back into the abode was superior to an escape technique by an unknown number of ranks.
      Doesn’t this basically make his Chaotic Tail Escape technique utterly useless?

      “Nebula Stage advancement to Galaxy Stage required that the cultivator transfer the magic energy in their body, and circulating the Nebula magic energy over his whole body for several thousand days, until the clouds and mist turned to threads, the threads into fine rain, and the fine rain mass into a river.3 At that time, his Star Energy would become like blood, circulating throughout the cultivator’s entire body until it genuinely reached the Mixture Realm.”
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      1. …He can’t use the pendant more than 3 times without it shattering and losing his hideout… It’s a double edged sword, last resort kinda thing, so no it isn’t necessarily better than the chaotic tail escape.

        It’s also been repeatedly said that cultivation isn’t really a fast process. You can only qualify as a potential Star Master if you started cultivating star energy AFTER it began.

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