Chapter 133: Majestic Star VS Skilful Star

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The sound of the air ripping apart suddenly magnified, as if it was something created from nothing. Under Yan Qing’s increasingly severe boxing, the air seemed to have been torn into pointy sword qi. Several dozen sword qi suddenly filled the space surrounding Lin Yingmei. In the next moment, the sword qi abruptly spun, already swiftly and fiercely cutting. It was just like Lin Yingmei was placed in the center of a grinding machine, the air broken to pieces in an instant.

Lin Yingmei’s spear unleashed an Ice Soul Cold Light that immediately blocked this seemingly fierce tipped qi.

Those indifferent red pupils immediately arrived in front of her. The cold ice of the left fist and the warm flame of the right fist became Yin and Yang. When the Pisces circulated, the maid’s genuine attack was achieved in one step.


The spear shaft blocked the two fists, but the strength on the fists was like a bursting flood, pouring down in torrents. Lin Yingmei’s figure immediately slid backwards almost a hundred steps. Her figure leapt, and Yan Qing’s two fists connected. The Yin Yang Pisces burst out and shot towards Lin Yingmei, nearly not giving the Majestic Star any chance to gasp for breath. During the time Lin Yingmei waved her spear to cut down this bursting light, the Skilful Star’s figure was vigorous, flying like a swallow1 and attacking.

She spun to Lin Yingmei’s front in an instant, the power of the spurt of energy like a tiger. It was the watching Su Xing could not help but feel worried for Lin Yingmei. The strength of the emotionless maid’s attack was indeed suffocating. From the start, her boxing was continuously linked, pressing hard step by step. In the moment she opened wide and closed was great skill and power. Her usual opponent simply did not have time to react. Su Xing thought, The Star Generals are abnormal. If it was he who fought with Yan Qing, such a powerful boxing closing in on him would be a disaster.

Right now, Su Xing actually also inherited Yan Qing’s boxing arts. It was truly contrived, and it really did not completely lack resistance.

What kind of person was the Majestic Star Panther Head. Lin Yingmei’s eyes were serious as she confronted the rushing Yan Qing’s sluggishness in the air without fluster. Her nimble body beautifully shifted forwards, evading Yan Qing’s fist. The Majestic Star slashed at the Skilful Star’s back, then cut Yan Qing down to the ground.

“This one beneath you is much obliged.” The Panther Head coldly shouted.

Disappear, appear!

Like the sound of thunder, it swept downwards.

A frigid brilliance seemingly tore open an empty space.

Too fast.

Su Xing and the rest could only feel the sight before them become dazzling.

Yan Yizhen retreated backwards, and Lin Yingmei overtook her in an upsurge with an assault that was just like a blizzard.

Not hesitating in the slightest, Yan Yizhen’s figure suddenly leapt out. In the next moment, she already arrived inside the brutal attack, but when she entered, those apathetic eyes finally showed a trace of astonishment. She discovered Lin Yingmei’s Arctic Star Spear Technique could be rated as extremely perfect, and the penetrating cold that came from all directions made her greatly surprised. The discharge from the spear’s tip pressed in from everywhere, making it difficult for Yan Yizhen to stay out of the way no matter how she tried.

In the next attack, Lin Yingmei and the spear in her hand together shot towards her opponent. The sound of the air ripping apart with the hum of bees poured into Su Xing and the other’s ears. The icy blue light suddenly flashed and extinguished. This vertical slash was swift beyond imagination, and by the time Yan Yizhen felt this was not too encouraging, the speartip already arrived in front of her.

Yan Yizhen’s complexion tightened. Her knees bent, and her fists joined.

The slashing cold spear stiffly stopped before her eyes.

The cold tip on the spear ripped apart a few several hairs of the girl’s neat and orderly bangs.

Empty hands beat the naked sword!!2

“Little Sister, you have creativity!” Lin Yingmei had difficulty giving praise, lowering her wrist. As far as the Majestic Star was concerned, this kind of empty hands beating the naked sword was far from enough.

The Arctic Star Serpent Spear’s power fiercely pressed down.

The next moment, that clever body technique of the Skilful Star showed a scene that made Su Xing and the other’s astonished. They saw the maid’s body lean left, leaning towards her empty side in a half-spin, a clever escape. She stepped directly on Lin Yingmei’s spear, which could be said to be stunning beyond compare.

The Wanderer Yan Qing stepped on the spear, which Lin Yingmei raised. The Skilful Star seized the chance to directly stick herself into the clouds. At the same time, a long and resounding harsh whistling sounded. Furthermore, it rapidly dispersed into the surroundings.

She passed a distance of several tens of meters in the blink of an eye.

The speed of a white steed flitting past a crack was merely so.

In the instant Lin Yingmei lifted her head, Yan Qing was just like a heroic fighter. She attacked to her front, both fists repeatedly unleashed.

Astonishingly, it was

Yellow Rank Boxing!

Swallowflash Samsara!!

Lin Yingmei did not shrink back. Turning her spear sideways, the blizzard continuously revolved in the surroundings; it was Long Blizzard Nights.

Each instant the two powerful Heavenly Star Generals’ intersected was deadly. The shape of the area surrounded by weapon and fist rapidly fluctuated. Occasionally, spear light warped, and occasionally, shadowy fists crossed. Along with the gradual dimming of the Star Crest on their bodies, at this time, Su Xing, Wu Xinjie, An Suwen and Shi Yuan all did not dare breathe for fear that they would miss all the details.

For every place the Arctic Star Serpent Spear’s tip swept past, not only was the barely pervasive cold frost even more thick, even the Void seemed to have been clogged. The white hot weapon brought with it a cold wind, seemingly a formless sickle that slashed towards the opposing Yan Yizhen.

Even if it was a swift and nimble figure, it could not hide from layers upon layers of a tidal offensive. Lin Yingmei’s sudden all out attack nearly could be said to have no gaps at all.

In a split second, Yan Yizhen used the profound steps of the Eight Trigrams to avoid that spear’s entire attack. Taking advantage of the moment Lin Yingmei stabbed empty space, she flashed to the side of her counterpart’s attack, the shadow of her fist unwrapped like a ribbon.

However, she was too late in enjoying knocking down the person in front of her when Lin Yingmei’s spear tip swept over.

This kind of restabilization speed was exceptionally quick!

Following the weapon’s rapid rotation, the ice-cold spear point drew a straight line that did not run through anything, and it changed into countless circles. The intertwining curves blocked the lights that splashed out from Yan Yizhen’s hand. The crisp sounds of the intersections of the Arctic Star Spear and Yin Yang Pisces Fists was continuous and unending.

There were no gaps or room to turn around.

The corner of Lin Yingmei’s mouth involuntarily curved while excitement flit across Yan Yizhen’s eyes, the two actions bringing out the best in each other.

Lin Yingmei contrarily raised a red light against the fist light that dropped from the sky. Countless snowy gusts splashed the moment the weapon collided. The staggered two people once again sunk into a winding battle.

The two people in their high-speed mobile warfare sunk into an intense battle, and the entire Immortal’s Abode saw countless shadowy movements.

Seemingly continuous time could not keep up with the pace of the two.

It was just like they already approached the “Ten Thousand Techniques Realm.”

Skilful Star Yan Yizhen’s boxing was indeed clever to the peak, but for the battle, in the end, it was the Liangshan Maiden’s Majestic Star Lin Yingmei of the Five Tigers General who was even more victorious. When the Arctic Star Serpent Spear pressed against Yan Yizhen’s throat, it ended this bout, having let Su Xing feast his eyes on this battle of Heavenly Stars.

And this fighting team did not fail to bring gains to Su Xing. His ocean of consciousness had an even more outstanding understanding towards the fighting style of the Majestic Star and Skilful Star.

For the future time he would stay at the Mirror’s Flower Stream, Su Xing and the five beauties each had their respective assignments. From the hope of that “Four Styles” he found out from Tang Lianxin, Su Xing began to exert himself on tool refinement and gained some achievement. He strove for the fastest time to settle that aging but beautiful Master of his in order to learn the “Water Category” refinement technique.

As long as he had a few of Wu Tie’s notes, Su Xing was not a rookie in the field of tool refinement.

He easily passed the most basic test that took place three days later.

Just at the time Su Xing began to diligently hide his cultivation tool, those outside Mirror’s Flower Stream circulated his famous name everywhere. He had not been at the Four Styles School for a day, when he controlled more than a dozen flying swords to defeat ten cultivators at the same stage as he. Furthermore, he made the Ruan Hongxue who possessed a Nebula Magic Weapon forced to be humble. Finally, he competed fiercely against the Jiao Shu of the Four Styles School’s Four Great Disciples in Divine Intent, effortlessly defeating him. Su Xing had only come for several days, yet everything that happened caused a sensation in all of the school.

It was just like he had become the celebrity that the Four Styles School chatted about, where even the Headmaster was giddy over him.

On this night, Su Xing lay face down on the bed, snoring loudly.

Suddenly, he felt his arm tighten.

Opening his eyes to look, he did not know how, but Tang Lianxin’s arms had hugged him. This child actually was very pretty. Su Xing looked over Tang Lianxin’s sleeping posture, and it actually had that bit of a petite and exquisite flower fragrance, vermilion cherries with a trace of a taste of intimacy.

Su Xing shivered. He had five women, so how could he have the intent to be intimate with Tang Lianxin. Could it be possible he had received his feminizing effect? Su Xing pulled out his hand, and right at this time, the Star Crest on his forehead flashed. He sensed Shi Yuan was calling him, so Su Xing then put on his clothes and very carefully went out the door.

Outside the door, Su Xing spotted Wu Xinjie and the others.

The moonlight of Mirror’s Flower Stream was shattered to pieces. Within the hazy image, the five girls under the moonlight resembled a dreamy fantasy. Each pair of those beautiful pupils flowed with a distinct emotion, but when they saw Su Xing appear, they each simultaneously and spontaneously showed caring and happy expressions.

“What’s the matter? This late?” Su Xing yawned. Tomorrow, he was to prepare to go to the tool refinement mission Ju Yueke arranged.

“Young Lord, do you still remember your agreement with Xinjie?” Wu Xinjie’s smiling face was like a flower.

“Xinjie, do you really still want to go to the outside to  look for ancient ruins?” Su Xing knit his brow.

“But of course. Young Lord currently is about to be Galaxy Stage, yet you do not have any sword arts to use. Xinjie knows several ruins have left behind sword arts.” Wu Xinjie earnestly replied.

“Actually, we can go together.” Su Xing blurted, but he knew it was futile. Wu Xinjie certainly would make him fight for time to cultivate in the Void Immortal’s Abode and pursue tool refinement. The eve of the start of the Purple Rose Birth Outline was a pivotal point where time could not be wasted.

Su Xing then said: “Alright, then. If Xinjie insists, I won’t oppose, but…”

“But Xinjie wants to make Young Lord feel relief, right.” Wu Xinjie pursed her lips.

Su Xing nodded.

“Sister Xinjie has already found a labyrinth. Tonight, we called Young Lord to go take a look.” Shi Yuan said, pleased with herself. It seemed that finding the labyrinth was her contribution.

“This island also has a labyrinth on it?” Su Xing did not expect Wu Xinjie really could find one.

“Wrong, it’s not on the island. Rather, it’s this sect.” Shi Yuan corrected.

Four Styles School’s rear mountain. This topography stood out from the rest, and the representative four styles of wind, thunder, water, and fire were boundlessly carved over the entire mountain. Vividly portrayed, this mountain was an independent existence. Following a stone bridge connection, the surroundings were a ten thousand fathom chasm.

The only thing visible was an oil lamp, layer upon layer of Yin qi.

Past this stone bridge was a spacious plaza. Several dozen statues reaching four or five meters were placed on both ends of the entrance in succession. Some grasped swords, some were kindly, some were heavily murderous, and some trembled with an immortal’s qi. Su Xing could even call out the names of these stone statues.

“Founding Master, the Daoist Master Qiankun!”3

“Second Generation Headmaster, the Daoist Master Qiantian!”4

“Third Generation Headmaster…”

Su Xing was more and more amazed.

This was exactly the Four Styles School’s forbidden zone.

Qiankun Tomb!5

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  1. Yan Qing’s surname, Yan, means “swallow.”
  2. 空手入白刃, the most intricate meaning is that someone’s unarmed combat is good enough to oppose, steal and defeat an opponent with their own weapon.
  3. 乾坤真人, 乾坤 is Heaven and Earth, or the Universe.
  4. 乾天
  5.  乾坤陵


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