Chapter 135: Bagua Terror Inflicting Array

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More and more Hundred Corpse Centipedes crawled out. Very quickly, the hundred square meters hall was crammed with the centipedes’ disgusting corpses. They formed a dense mass which would make the blood of people run cold upon looking at it.

“How could there be this many.” Shi Yuan had goosebumps.

“If this place really is the Daoist Master Qiankun’s tomb, then at the very least, it has been more than a thousand years since then.” Su Xing said. Thinking about it was enough to make him shiver. A tomb that was hidden for a thousand years had been opened, and they did not know how many Yin Bugs or Yin Animals were nourished. If it was not for An Suwen with the Essence Swallowing Dragons’ mutual restraint, perhaps this trip to the tomb would indeed be hard to say.

Everyone kept close against An Suwen’s back while the Efficacious Star’s white hand beckoned.

The cyan storm was unstoppable as it swept through the black centipedes.

Fortunately, the Essence Swallowing Dragons was the nemesis of the Hundred Corpse Centipedes. For the same category of Ancient period Demon Bugs, the Hundred Corpse Centipedes, that Yin Qi that was stored for a thousand years was simply a delicacy. It was as if a hurricane of green shadows flowed out like quicksilver, making these Hundred Corpse Centipedes basically unable to have a position to use their powers. For the sake of preventing these Hundred Corpse Centipedes from seizing a chance to flee, Su Xing also unceremoniously used the Five Spirits Blooming Water Immortals Technique. His fingers released Purple Thunder Talons that pinned all of them.

Approximately several oil lamps later, the hall’s black waves finally receded. And at this time, the Essence Swallowing Dragons increasingly expanded, just as if they already had more than two hundred in number. Their movements already vaguely had the power of a dragon of legend, and using them right now, they were sufficient to be used for battle. Among them were several whose figures were brightly lit like green jade, with the hidden form of two wings. Clearly, there was a trend in rank advancement.

Everyone was astonished. They did not expect the tomb Wu Xinjie inadvertently opened would unexpectedly bring such a large benefit.

An Suwen also had unending admiration in the excitement in her eyes. She had cultivated the Essence Swallowing Dragons for so long, and now, they at long last could lend Big Brother a helping hand.

“Let’s go in and take a look.”

Su Xing was all the more curious as he walked into that sliding door.

Inside was another expansive main hall. He saw upon the cattail platform was a pale white skeleton, its two hands frozen in a hand seal. It sat upright, its body draped in a Qiankun Bagua Robe.

Everyone immediately increased their pace.

They only saw an illusory Bagua Array pictograph suddenly appear before their eyes.

“This place has a Bagua Terror Inflicting Array.”1 Shi Yuan said in an alarmed voice. She had not finished speaking when the hall’s scenery suddenly changed.

A vast expanse of white smoke abruptly billowed and covered all directions in a confusion. Lin Yingmei promptly took out the Arctic Star Serpent Spear, and Yan Yizhen also tightly clenched her Yin Yang Pisces Fists. Su Xing asked: “What does this Bagua Terror Inflicting Array do?”

“It releases eight types of defensive jinns. As long as these eight types of jinns are struck into the corresponding position they represent, they will disappear.” Wu Xinjie took the place of Shi Yuan’s reply.

“Right, however, this kind of Bagua Terror Inflicting Array is generally used to test people. Why would it be arranged in a tomb? Tombs at the very least should be using that kind of Fiend Array.” Shi Yuan was confused.

“It’s just kill to break the array. What is hard about this.” Lin Yingmei’s voice was cold.

The eight Bagua Jinns successively appeared from within the fog. Their hands held maces,2 swords, sabers, hatchets and every sort of sharp weapon. Draped in golden mail, they were like Divine Warriors. Lin Yingmei attacked her way into three Bagua Jinns without the slightest hesitation. Carrying her spear, her thrust was a “startling rainbow, piercing sun.”3 She stabbed the Bagua Jinn that bore the brunt backwards more than ten paces while the other two Jinns raised their hammer and hatchet, rushing to sweep at Lin Yingmei.  

The Arctic Star Serpent Spear lowered, and Lin Yingmei exerted her strength to leap above the Jinns. She turned, and her spear’s power heavily slashed down. She hacked a Bagua Jinn down onto the ground, and in midair, she relied on the Snow-winged Bellyband to loftily drop like a swallow. Gracefully, she evaded the other Jinns’ chops.

The one representing the “Li”4 of fire opened its parasol, and flames gushed out, burning at the group.

Su Xing shouted, both hands fiercely launching a Blooming Water Divine Thunder. The Divine Thunder Purple Cloud encircled and blocked the intensity of the fire.

The ones that represented the “Zhen”5 of thunder and the “Dui”6 of lake each struck with their sword and saber. Several threatening thunderclaps or black water marshes swept over. The indifferent Yan Yizhen’s fists pushed with open palms, removing the clap of thunder. The corners of the maid’s skirt fluttered, and the crimson tattoo on her snow white back glittered. In the midst of her rocking, she jumped above the black water, attacking.

The “Kan”7 of water let out severe floods and fierce beasts.8

The “Gen”9 of Earth and the “Xun”10 of Wind either quaked the earth or sent sand flying, forcing Su Xing and the rest back continuously. The Bagua Terror Inducing Array was a frightful magic circle. The Bagua Jinns each had conspicuous abilities, and the Five Spirits Magic was more and more emergent. The strongest among them was actually the two Bagua Jinns that did not have magic, the “Qian” of Heaven and the “Kun” of Earth. However, they possessed remarkable powers, and their martial strength was super powerful. FIghting with Lin Yingmei, it was unclear who held the advantage.

Su Xing raised the protective Earth Shield to defend the three girls Wu Xinjie, An Suwen, and Shi Yuan. Afterwards, he tossed the Heaven Sword, controlling the sword to go slashing.

“When this Young Lady gets out, she definitely will manufacture a set of this type of Bagua Puppets.” Shi Yuan saw this type of situation and produced an exciting idea.

Wu Xinjie nevertheless was not true about her words. She had already agreed to not let Su Xing act, but in the end, it still fell into this kind of situation, which made the Knowledge Star depressed from her heart.


A massive noise from within the square.

The “Zhen” Jinn suddenly soared high into the air.

Lin Yingmei’s spear unexpectedly raised this Jinn up. Her power really was this valiant, which was absolutely stupefying.

“Yingmei, only by throwing it into the corresponding Bagua position can you kill it.” Wu Xinjie shouted loudly.

The Majestic Star loudly yelled.

Lin Yingmei’s spear flung, and this “Zhen” Jinn was thrown onto the corresponding Bagua position. Immediately afterwards, she leapt to slash, the Arctic Star Serpent Spear directly connected with the “Zhen,” eliminating it.

The sound of a fire snake whistling rose, and Lin Yingmei retreated backwards. The “Li” whirled its parasol, both arms bringing together a fire python. The spear’s tip broke through, the girl’s appearance vigorous. The powerful “Qian” powerfully slashed with its eighteen weapons.

A huge sword cut it down.

Then, a more than one meter thick Purple Thunder Python immediately bit and retrieved the huge sword.

The one who acted was exactly Su Xing. Without stopping for any rest, Su Xing’s palms clenched, and the Purple Thunder Python boomed.

The Qian was beat back continuously. Lin Yingmei took advantage of this to cut open its attack. The Arctic Star Serpent Spear directly attacked onto the “Li,” and the fire net broke, layer after layer, as the cold light brushed over its figure.

Immediately, the Li similarly also turned into fire and smoke that dissipated when it fell onto its Bagua position.

Yan Yizhen also stalled two Bagua Jinns, which were the “Gen” and “Dui.” The former moved layer upon layer of huge rocks to pound at her, but the maid’s fist broke through and startled Heaven; the “Gen” also collapsed into pieces under Yan Yizhen’s fist.

The “Dui” let out a thousand catties of heavy water, but the maid was light as a feather, very quickly turning it into a sacrificial victim as well.

The remaining four Bagua Jinns were the “Qian,” “Kun,” “Kan,” and “Xun.”

Kan held a green banner, its right hand violently raised. Green shadows trembled for a few moments, and a massive, shining lance of pitch-black already appeared in its hand; it was no less than two zhang in length. Suddenly, with a huge noise like a thunderclap, the Kun threw the green lance towards Wu Xinjie and the rest.

The water in its hand became a lance, already changing into lightning as it madly pounced at Wu Xinjie.

A sharp, ear-piercing noise immediately ripped apart the atmosphere of the world, the surrounding airflow instantly affected by this immense strength.

The Earth Shield shook.

Two flying claws at a glittering One Star shot out from the shield and grabbed the dancing green banner of the “Kan.” “Watch This Young Lady’s!” Shi Yuan shouted. Wu Xinji also was unwilling to wait for death like this. When the Kan was thrown backwards, she threw out a talisman.

The talisman turned into a rolling black wind. Shi Yuan flew up, and the two claws dragged the Kan into its place.

Then, under the ruthless attack of the Star Weapons of three girls, the “Kan” stepped into trailing dust.

A violent wind like a blade.

The Xun’s hand danced wildly, blowing sand in bursts.

It was not able to sustain itself for too long under Su Xing’s Blooming Water Divine Thunder and Heaven Sword, and it became the sixth to disappear into thin air.

The last remaining were “Qian” and “Kun.” One possessed remarkable abilities, excellent in eight kinds of military skills. The latter was impervious to sword and spear, impenetrable by water and fire. It indeed made the six people feel a headache. However, any way the six looked at these two, victory was already at hand.

Due to Wu Xinjie, An Suwen and Shi Yuan’s control and obstruction of “Kun,” Su Xing, Lin Yingmei and Yan Yizhen then went to handle “Qian”

The Qian changed into three heads and six arms. Its spear, sword, saber, pestle and the rest waved in a flurry.

Su Xing’s figure did a reverse bend in midair, dodging the “Qian’s” two weapons. Once again speedily drawing close to it, Lin Yingmei and Yan Yizhen simultaneously used their weapons to hold back the “Qian’s” counterattack. That frightening attack seemed to airtight, but this time, it was easily broken by Su Xing.

One hand captured the “Qian’s” shoulder while the other already firmly struck it. Within the ear-piercing booming noise, it was the first time Su Xing showed off a fierce boxing that was exactly just like Yan Qing’s. Both his hands were just like flipping flower, unceasingly flickering over the Qian’s body. In a short time, its attack had been broken through, and the “Qian” completely lost its proper evasion reactions.

However, Su Xing’s boxing alone was far from being able to bring a threat. When Su Xing withdrew his suppressive assault on the “Qian,” Lin Yingmei then waved her spear. The spear’s light tore, and it madly slashed as if to pierce the sun and break the moon.

When the “Qian” again went to obstruct Lin Yingmei, its defense towards Yan Yizhen over there completely collapsed.

Afterwards, what happened was very simple. An ice-cold intent appeared on Yan Yizhen’s face. Her two hands contained powerful strength, and she completely did not hesitate to use Swallowflash Samsara. Under an assault that stuck to its body like this, the Qian’s powerful corpse became just like a decoration.

Not a teacup later, the final two Bagua Jinns “Qian” and “Kun” simultaneously disappeared.

The Bagua diagram flashed and shattered, the white fog at last dispersing.

“How could this place have this kind of people probing magic circle?” Wu Xinjie was unable to understand.

Shi Yuan excitedly said: “Who cares. But This Young Lady already wonders how to make an unrivalled ‘Bagua Puppet.’”

After the white fog passed, the main hall was the way it was before. The only difference was that they unwittingly walked out a hundred steps.

Su Xing was not without caution as he sized up this room.

The room was approximately a hundred square meters. The walls all around were engraved with many incomprehensible relief sculptures and characters. This tomb had a carved stone monument.

The topmost platform was a praying mat platform.

The surroundings were arranged with porcelain bottles, calligraphy and paintings, and burnt out aromatic stands. A thousand years had passed, yet it seemed to be as peaceful as yesterday.

On this praying mat, they saw a white skeleton, its hands bound in a seal. It sat cross-legged with a purple Qiankun robe draped over it. It wore an Absolute Ultimate Purple Gold Crown, making them feel auspicious and peaceful. Suddenly, there was an intent to not disturb it.

“Could this be??” Lin Yingmei wrinkled her brow.

“Daoist Master Qiankun!” Su Xing spat these four words.


The girls all looked at each other in dismay, and Wu Xinjie even somewhat had not returned to her senses.

Just this easily, they found the Daoist Master Qiankun’s resting place??

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  1. 八卦怖生陣
  2. 驚虹貫日
  3. 離, or “Clinging”
  4. 洪水猛獸


  1. Thanks for the chapter Schwarze_Kreuz! Hands bound in a seal? Guessing there’s a second part to the trial.

    1. While “bound” was a direct translation, a more accurate way to describe it was that it was frozen in a hand seal by rigor mortis, not by some talisman.

  2. Ab Suwen also had unending admiration in the excitement in her eyes. She had cultivated the Essence Swallowing Dragons for so long, and now, they at long last could lend Big Brother a helping hand.
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