Chapter 162: The Unbelievable Three Star Destined Weapon

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The five Ninth Rank Firmaments Dragons became angry, and hence, the world also was fine with becoming angry.

A huge purple cloud covered the White Deer Highlands, and the five dragons launched an attack on all the cultivators in their surroundings. Ninth Rank Demon Beasts were classified as peak Supercluster Stage, so the few sects present could only count as a single battle. Immediately, dazzling light circulated, and several thousand Flying Swords or Sword Chants became arrays or formed into shapes that moved incessantly between the dragons. Its imposing manner could be seen a thousand li away.

Several dozen large schools and thousands of Galaxy Stage Cultivators gathered together to surround the immense purple cloud, constantly launching attacks. Due to the Five Dragons’ protection, they could at first only tear open a gash that could be entered.

Su Xing was happily relaxed, feasting his eyes on the battle of the number of Supercluster Late Stage Cultivators from below.

What the strongest Most High Path surrounded was the Heaven Breaking Cyan Dragon. The Most High Path’s senior monk Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal was peak Supercluster, so he had a fighting chance against this dragon. He snapped his fingers, and thirty-three streaks of jade light flying swords unceasingly circled around his body, like winding and running water, continuous and unending. The Heaven Breaking Cyan Dragon sprayed from its mouth a green light that was blocked by the Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal’s Sword Array, which was unexpectedly not shook up in the slightest by the Ninth Rank Demon Beast’s attack.

When the Heaven Breaking Dragon saw this, it pounced in a tackle.

The hundred jade lights at this moment shot forth with a whoosh. The Most High Path’s Galaxy Late Stage Cultivators immediately acted to put every sort of Sword Chant on display. Hundreds of flying swords tacitly understood one another completely, like an enormous sword that cut down the Heaven Breaking Cyan Dragon. Besides the Galaxy Late Stage Cultivators, the other Galaxy Early Stage disciples took charge of protection magic, so as to avoid bringing about a change.

Everything advanced according to plan, worthy of the Azure Dragon Territory’s number one sect.

The Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal opened his mouth, and twelve jade flames suddenly were spat out. These jade flames spun around the Heaven Breaking Cyan Dragon’s whole body. Although this dragon was very large, its dragon head would always be its vital point. At this moment, those brilliant flames extinguished. Then, eight ancient mirrors seemingly made of jadeite were produced. These mirrors were about the size of a palm with one side glossy as water, manifesting a bluish light, and the other side was like stirred lake water, giving rise to ripples.

The happened to be the Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal’s strongest magic weapon – “Jade Light Colored Glass Mirror!”1


All of a sudden, the Jade Light Colored Glass Mirror’s light rays greatly flourished. With a brief shudder, twelve pillars of jade light thick as a bowl sprayed out from the mirror. Practically the moment these jade light pillars shout out, they nearly did not give anyone time to react. The jade light then suddenly became a large net that trapped this Heaven Breaking Cyan Dragon. Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal executed an incantation, and a jadeite flame reached the skies.

The Heaven Breaking Cyan Dragon loudly cried.

Su Xing’s expression secretly changed. This Supercluster Late Stage Cultivator was an abnormal existence, as expected, and the Most High Path displayed it so with much awe. The other Great Sects were not inferior, though. The black sword of the Lifeless Hall’s Ancestor Longevity became a deep pool, seemingly wrapping the Heaven Devouring Black Dragon within an abyss. His magic weapon was also similarly shocking. It was an enormous black long sword with an indistinct form, and the Heaven Devouring Black Dragon would howl in grief every time the sword swung.

The True Immortal Hall, the Extreme Ice Holy Palace, the Divine Flame Sword Sect and the other sects  each fought one dragon. Not only was this to break open a gap, they desired to take these dragons for themselves. All the cultivators had no time to be unoccupied, besides one sword sect – although the Taiyi Sword Sect also had the appearance of putting up a fight, they actually were insignificant. Superficially attacking, they clearly knew they could not vie against these large schools. Waiting for when they broke the Five Dragons’ protection, then they would look for an opportunity.

“Su Xing, just now, you said the first Sword Chant’s material is at hand. What did you mean?” Shi Yuan asked.

“Could it be the Heaven Tearing Gold Dragon?” Wu Xinjie was stunned.

The Heavenly Spirit Earthly Fiend Purple Rose Five Elements Sword’s metal scroll just so happened to require the Heaven Tearing Gold Dragon’s scales for forging.

“But Big Brother simply cannot forge it right now? And how can you manage with this many people?” An Suwen was confused. The Divine Flame Sword Sect was dealing with the Heaven Tearing Gold Dragon. Their Heaven Burning Sword Chant was also incomparably powerful, and although it currently looked to be somewhat dangerous, to snatch this Heaven Tearing Gold Dragon from their hands was not possible.  

“En, the current problem, besides these allied sects, the other sects would not permit us to approach.” Lin Yingmei also said. Seeing those protective magic cultivators each have a nervous expression, they were facing a powerful enemy.

“Naturally, there is a way.”

Su Xing’s eyes rolled about, and he chuckled.

Hearing Su Xing’s words, An Suwen, Wu Xinjie and Shi Yuan then emerged from the Star Nest to ease Su Xing’s battle burdens. The Knowledge Star applied Speed is A Crucial Asset in War for Su Xing, “Su Xing (Young Lord, Big Brother), be careful!”

Su Xing nodded and held his breath, using the Innate Bagua Escape Technique.

The purple cloud was extremely massive, and though these cultivators took every precaution against danger, they could not possibly guard everyone, thus each stayed in his own range. This gave Su Xing an opportunity to exploit. Lin Yingmei and Yan Yizhen both did not understand just what way Su Xing was about to use, but they then saw him assume a new appearance, his whole body tattered in a somewhat sorry figure, his robes half destroyed. Then, Su Xing flew towards the Taiyi Sword Sect.

When a Taiyi Sword Sect cultivator saw someone flying towards them, he immediately raised the alarm.

“Your Servant is one who serves the Divine Flame Sword Sect founder, specially requesting the Senior of the Taiyi Sword Sect to ally together to kill that Heaven Tearing Gold Dragon.” Su Xing cupped his fist, loudly speaking, presenting a token which was unmistakably the Divine Flame Sword Sect’s.

The Taiyi Sword Sect’s people stopped. Ancestor Huai Mu chuckled as he looked at Su Xing, even assuming his sidelining strategy had been found out. He said somewhat awkwardly: “Does the Divine Flame Sword Sect not style itself as Clinging Fire restricting metal? This Heaven Tearing Gold Dragon even requires us to lend a hand?”

“I am sure Senior understands, but our Founder is somewhat unable to oppose it anymore that he would have Disciple hastily request Senior for assistance.” Su Xing faked an extremely anxious appearance.

Lin Yingmei thought, This Young Master truly can put on a performance.

“En, however, this dragon needs to be divided evenly.” Ancestor Huai Mu said

“This is naturally so.” Su Xing continuously nodded.

“Disciples, go!” Ancestor Huai Mu also felt that if they continued to stay on the sidelines, when the Birth Outline ended, they could not easily report back a successful mission, and thus did he have the idea to go kill.

Su Xing brought the Taiyi Sword Sect, immediately rushing there, dashing at the front. Huai Mu thought, This youth is actually eager for his sect. To be this worried, for the Divine Flame Sword Sect to be entirely of disciples like this is honestly eye-opening. But how could he know that Su Xing at this time was putting on a play of “utilizing asymmetric information,” a classic psychological deception.

The Divine Sword Sect’s confrontation with the Heaven Tearing Gold Dragon already was somewhat strenuous, and suddenly seeing so many of the Taiyi Sword Sect’s people rush over, they thought the Taiyi Sword Sect were trying to loot a burning house.

Just at this moment, they heard the youth at the very front say: “The Taiyi Sword Sect’s Senior has arrived to assist. Die, dragon!!” Su Xing only yelled this because he had initially wanted the Divine Flame Sword Sect to believe he was someone from the Taiyi Sword Sect, however, he had overreached and actually increased their morale.

“Hm, hm, Ancestor Huai Mu, you finally have bothered to come.” The Divine Sword Sect’s Heavenly Fire Founder coldly chuckled. He had known a bit about Ancestor Huai Mu’s sidelining for plundering the Birth Outline.

Ancestor Huai Mu chuckled.

“Has This Ancestor not come to help Fellow?”


When the Taiyi Sword Sect disciples arrived, they used their Sword Chants. The Taiyi Sword Art was unstoppable, bringing great relief to the Divine Flame Sword Sect’s pressure.

The biggest hole in Su Xing’s plan right now was that there would not be two Great Sect Sword Chants, however, this did not pose a problem for him. Su Xing clapped his hands, and the Clinging Fire Star Domain Sword appeared in then, the sword raising Clinging Fire. Leisurely raising it, a wave of fire swept out, burning hot and unending. The people of the two Great Sects watching were dumbstruck.

This Clinging Fire Star Domain Sword happened to correspond with the Divine Flame Sword Sect, so the Taiyi Sword Sect had no doubts. They only felt that the Divine Flame Sword Sect was only naturally of a big style, and it was a Galaxy Early Stage cultivator that unexpectedly had this rank of a weapon. The Divine Flame Sword Sect was even more astonished. That Clinging Fire Star Domain Sword’s might was witnessed by their eyes. What was somewhat odd was why would the Taiyi Sword Sect give this Astral Treasure to a Galaxy Early Stage cultivator?

Could it be that he was a Star Master?

This hair’s breadth fight did not give either side too much time to reflect. For now, facing this golden dragon was the most important thing, and this gave Su Xing a chance to exploit a classic trap.

The Heaven Tearing Gold Dragon roared, and a hundred golden light beams sputtered to life. These light beams flashed and promptly extinguished. Su Xing’s reactions already were extremely strong, hastily blocking with the Clinging Fire Star Domain Sword when only the flash passed by.


A powerful force seemingly tore apart his internal organs, making Su Xing spit out a mouthful of blood.

This was a Ninth Rank Demon Beast, something Su Xing simply could not contend against with his current abilities.

Several blood-curdling screams.

Su Xing turned his head and saw more than a dozen cultivators show frightened expressions. These cultivators already completely guarding against everything did not yet return to their senses. He immediately saw their defensive artifacts had been penetrated. A large hole appeared in their stomachs, and bodies fell from the sky.

“You animal!!”

Ancestor Heavenly Fire threw out a magic weapon, a red pearl that ignited a fireball. When the fireball appeared, even Su Xing felt his body was seemingly on fire. This magic weapon was awesome, as expected.


The red pearl smashed against the top of the Heaven Tearing Gold Dragon’s head, and a blinding flame burned a terrifying hole of raging fire into it. The Heaven Tearing Gold Dragon angrily roared. Its dragon claw tore, and another dozen Star Cultivators were ripped apart in the blink of an eye. Su Xing’s whole body broke out in a cold sweat of fear. It was a thrilling escape, but the claw’s might still shocked him away a few hundred meters. His entire body had been ripped open with many tiny wounds.

This moment also made Ancestor Heavenly Fire’s defensive magic weapon totter on the edge of collapse.

The Ninth Rank Demon Beast after all was peak Supercluster, and Ancestor Heavenly Fire and the others were no more than Middle Stage. Despite the difference being only a single realm, the power was the difference between the sky and the earth. Ancestor Heavenly Fire’s whole body shook, and he roared: “Ancestor Huai Mu, This Ancestor’s Boundless Sun Pearl2 has been used, yet you still will not bring out your ‘Clear Sky Peak’?!”3

“Heh, don’t be hasty. Does This Ancestor not happen to want to use it now?” Ancestor Huai Mu chuckled, and fifty, sixty flying swords first protected his front. Then, he struck seals with both hands, and they saw a miniature mountain peak appear on his hand. That peak was verdant and glistening, very much like models Su Xing had seen before, like a large mountain shrunk a hundred time.

Ancestor Huai Mu read an incantation, revolving his Star Energy, and then threw it towards the sky.

That peak suddenly expanded in the wind, instantly swelling a hundred times in size, just like an actual massive mountain had suddenly appeared. Ancestor Huai Mu launched out several streaks of light, and that Clear Sky Peak’s jade light fully manifested, an immense shadow covering them. “Go!!” Ancestor Huai Mu shouted.

The Clear Sky Peak pressed towards the Heaven Tearing Gold Dragon.

On Grindstone Mountain, he had been graced with the might of Ancestor Baili’s magic weapon, but now, it seemed that it paled in comparison. These two Supercluster Cultivator’s magic weapons were even more extremely valiant. The Boundless Sun Pearl pounded the Heaven Tearing Gold Dragon into hissing, and this Clear Sky Peak weighed down upon the Heaven Tearing Gold Dragon’s head, as if to crush it to death. This Ninth Rank Dragon was indeed fierce, unexpectedly pinning a large mountain.

Ancestor Huai Mu lost his relaxed appearance. His cold sweat overflowed, his teeth gritted tightly, and the Life-cast Flying Swords around his body appeared unstable because of his grimness.

The gold light of the Heaven Tearing Gold Dragon’s entire body thoroughly resisted the Clear Sky Peak. If it was not for the Boundless Sun Pearl that Ancestor Heavenly Fire used continuously launching attacks, suppressing it, perhaps this Ancestor Huai Mu basically would have had no way to resist.

“Su Feng, all of you, quickly advance!!!” Ancestor Huai Mu shouted aloud.


“Your Highness, Heng, we must rely on you.” Ancestor Heavenly Flame simultaneously shouted.

When Su Xing looked, two youths appeared from the rear. In the crowd of Galaxy Cultivators, two Nebula Late Stage cultivators seemed to be stick out peculiarly, and to be able to make the Ten Great Sects bring along Nebula Late Stages that appeared right now during this dangerous Purple Rose Grade Birth Outline, their words even brimmed with an intention to rely on their help. Su Xing nearly did not have to think to know the status of these two.

Star Masters!!

Beside the Su Feng of the Taiyi Sword Sect appeared a young girl with white ears and short hair, wearing black clothes as well as white armor. A pair of Essence Qi sprung from her eyes, and her hand held a white spear embroidered with black. Upon that spear were two shimmering stars.

However, what was even more noteworthy was the Divine Flame Sword Sect’s Star Master.

Your Highness, Heng?

Su Xing immediately recalled that Wu Xinjie once wanted him to be wary of the Great Liang’s progeny, Zhao Heng. He looked, and naturally, he saw a youth with magnificent red garb, an icily arrogant expression, a respectable temperament and clutching an Astral Tool in his hand.

However, even more noteworthy was the girl beside Zhao Heng.

A purple simple and elegant palace dress, graceful and gorgeous beauty, a look brimmed with a severe expression.

She sneered, and a long axe with a fire dragon coiled around it appeared in her hand. The axehead had a fiery dragon flit past, and three red shining stars glittered in the long axe’s surroundings.

Su Xing was stunned.

Not only him, but also every cultivator present revealed astonished expressions. That Su Feng before them was even more overwhelmed.

A Three Star Destined Star Weapon!


Author’s Note:

The two extra chapters yesterday have been finished. Today, there should be two more chapters, supplementing tomorrow. The Purple Rose Grade has finally been planned. This time, you will see more than ten Star Generals engage in war…

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  1.  翠光琉璃鏡
  2.  昊日珠
  3.  青雲峰


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