Chapter 171: The Miraculous Bodhi Tree

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Tang Lianxin’s slender fingers formed a seal, and the golden needles broke free from the body. Lin Yingmei then stepped forward, her Arctic Star Serpent Spear easily beheading the Ancestor Huai Mu that simply could not close his eyes and wait for death.

Within such little time, the founders of two large schools had lost their lives here. Having settled everything, Su Xing indeed felt his energy was exhausted, thinking to himself it was a fluke. If it was not for these two founders wasting great effort killing a dragon, he had no possibility of so oddly slaying two Ancestors. At this time, he saw the Divine Flame Sword Sect and the Taiyi Sword Sect’s disciples were catching up. Su Xing did not want to tangle with them, instead bypassing them and hiding.

“How is Yuan’er?” Wu Xinjie asked, concerned.

This Ancestor Heavenly Fire was indeed fierce to still be able to strike Shi Yuan into the Star Nest in that sort of situation. Su Xing nodded: “She just needs rest.” His gaze turned to Tang Lianxin. Tang Lianxin was expressionless, and she turned a deaf ear.

Su Xing pulled at his hair, for this would not be easy to explain.

Yet Wu Xinjie looked at Tang Lianxin pensively.

“We had better return first.” An Suwen spoke. As the Divine Physician, experiencing several life and death battles made her feel fear and trepidation, particularly since each time she inflicted that sort on injury on the opponent.

“En.” Wu Xinjie nodded.

Su Xing looked at Lin Yingmei.

Lin Yingmei currently was gazing a hundred li into the distance. The cyan clouds above the White Deer Plains rolled, a serene light floating and drifting. Even if it was a hundred li away, they could still sense a sort of powerful might press against them. Clearly, the Supercluster Stage number one cultivator Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal was waging a war with Wu Song that perhaps using “intense” would not be able to describe it.

“Sister Yingmei.” An Suwen softly called.

Lin Yingmei turned around.

“Let us return. Wu Song unexpectedly appearing with her Star Beast in this situation means she should have considered the consequences.” Wu Xinjie said. The reason why the Star Generals could maintain a state of amicable peace in the previous two phases of the Star Duels was because of this Star Beast. If they could kill a complete Star General, the power they could obtain would increasingly strengthen. Sometimes, they could even obtain the “innate skill” that the Star General should have had.1

“En.” An Suwen hummed.

“Elder Sister, Little Sister, please take care of Young Master. Yingmei is going.” Lin Yingmei bit her lip, her expression confirming her resolution, “Siyou and Yingmei are close friends. Under these sort of circumstances, Your Servant cannot watch her die and not save her, watch without lifting a finger.”

“But have you thought over how she thinks of Young Lord?” Wu Xinjie wrinkled her brow.

“If Siyou confronts Young Lord, Yingmei naturally will spare no effort to confront her. However, Yingmei cannot remain aloof when Siyou is in the middle of danger!” Lin Yingmei said.

“That is a Supercluster Late Stage Cultivator.” An Suwen anxiously said. The Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal alone exterminated a dragon and was as different from these two Supercluster Middle Stages as the earth and the sky. Moreover, his magic weapon and magic energy were deep and unmeasurable. Perhaps even if they all advanced together, they would still have no chance. Although a contracted Star General’s body was immortal, sustaining extremely grave strikes that returned them to the Star Nest would require very long times to recuperate.

Lin Yingmei fixed her resolve.

“Wait a moment!” Su Xing called out.

“Young Master!” Lin Yingmei turned around, her expression vaguely hiding a trace of determination.

“I’ll go together with you.” Su Xing smiled.

“Young Master, you cannot!” Lin Yingmei was horrified.

Su Xing knew what she worried about. He waved his hands in disapproval: “In any case, Wu Song did save my life, so regardless, I owe her a favor. Furthermore, there is no problem while I still have the Red Ink Iron Certificate on me.”

Seeing that Lin Yingmei still did not relax, Su Xing pretended to be strict: “If we truly reach a moment of crisis, I naturally will use the Jade Pendant. If I am to sacrifice myself for love, then I shall go die together with Yingmei in the name of love. And how could I not do the same with that Wu Siyou…”

An Suwen could not help but smile.

“Alright, no more nonsense. Let’s go.” Su Xing said.

“Xinjie shall also go.”

“Suwen, too.”

Seeing the resolution in the two girl’s eyes, Su Xing nodded. He did not refuse, and turning his head towards the Tang Lianxin lost in thought, he instructed: “Tang Lianxin, watch out for yourself. You had better quickly leave this place…” He said so as he flew over on his riding sword.

Tang Lianxin gazed at the back of the departing Su Xing, sinking into an uneasy feeling of bewilderment.

White Deer Highlands.

White lights flew and dodged.

“Wu Song, you think you can outrun This Immortal’s Mount Five Finger???” Several dozen flying swords slashed with murderous airs, breaking the white light barrier. Wu Siyou directly forged ahead, the Noble Frost Demonic Lotus and the flying swords mutually recoiling. Under the commands of the Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal, these flying swords fluctuated constantly, like the moon shifting the stars. If it was not for Wu Song’s superb martial arts, she would have already lost.

“Old Thief, don’t you be too savage.” Xiao’er formed a golden goose that repelled this sword array together with Wu Siyou. The two and the White and Black Unicorn Tiger maintained a flowing light. The Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal’s outstanding Sword Chant unexpectedly had been broken like dead twigs.

“Most Clarity, High Clarity, Jade Clarity!2 Go!” The Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal simply lacked carelessness. His hands beckoned, and he breathed out Essence Qi. That qi abruptly formed swords, and each dispersed, forming three types of Sword Arrays.

Xiao’er’s expression greatly changed.

They saw one sword array among them fly out. This Sword Array approached with a violent power, swift as lightning, and they heard only a crackling. Blue light circled and wound, striking Wu Siyou’s Noble Frost Demonic Lotus. The Flying Sword had complete spiritual nature, directly bypassing her swordtips. Wu Siyou showed surprise, and when she regained her calm, the Flying Sword’s edge bit onto her bone, piercingly painful.

Wu Siyou was thrown to the ground.

The Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal once again made a strange laugh. The other Sword Array pelted Xiao’er with attacks she barely blocked, covering her in cuts and bruises. And that White and Black Unicorn Tiger also had been tightly wrapped by the third Sword Array, such that it completely lacked resistance. The Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal relied on himself and three strange Sword Arrays to easily play with two super powerful Star Generals and a terrifying Spirit Beast. His strength was rated as valiant.

This Sword Chant was the Most High Jade Clarity Sword Chant’s strongest realm, “One Qi Becomes Three Clarities.”3


“Just relying on yourselves, how could you be This Immortal’s opponent. You overestimated yourself.” The Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal evilly laughed. Just as his Essence Qi flowed about, those three Sword Arrays suddenly dispersed like smoke, disappearing into the air.

In the air, there was swiftly approaching cyan light everywhere.

Wu Siyou and Xiao’er did not dare stay where they were. Their silhouettes moved, and the two pushed the Ten Thousand Techniques Realm to the limit, instantly closing in.

Revolving jade lights suddenly appeared.

“High Clarity Sword Array!” The Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal coldly grinned.

This cyan light swirled with a sharp light, twisting towards the two girl’s bodies.

With a scream, Wu Siyou and Xiao’er each fell to the ground, completely riddled with cuts and bruises. The Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal’s eyes flashed a trace of surprise. Even a Supercluster Stage would undoubtedly perish, but they surprisingly could block it. They deserved the name of legendary Supreme Grade Martial Generals.

“Old Monster, you rather are powerful.” Xiao’er wiped the blood from her mouth.

Wu Siyou grunted as she rose. Seeing the White and Black Unicorn Tiger was at its limit, she then recalled it into her Astral Bag.

“Jade Clarity Sword Array!!” The Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal once again shouted.

Suddenly at this moment, a fierce power rushed at him. When the Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal saw, he immediately blocked it with his hand. The Sword Array formation blocked this attack, which was a bolt of sword-like Blooming Water Divine Thunder.

The Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal was shocked.

Wu Siyou and Xiao’er rapidly released murderous auras. The Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal made a large wave with his hand, and pressure directly pressed against their counterattack. The Jade Clarity Sword Array was like ten thousand swords falling down, with absolutely no room to escape.

“Long Blizzard Nights!!”

The spear rolled a snowy wind. Northern Wind Howls, this spear attack was even more fierce than any time from before, still breaking this Jade Clarity Sword Array.

The one who appeared was Lin Yingmei.

Continuously using twice the Long Blizzard Nights, Lin Yingmei seemed utterly haggard, but her expression was exceptionally firm, icy enough to penetrate bone.

“The Panther Head?!” The Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal strangely smiled: “Not going to protect your master, you instead came to die?”

“Yingmei!!” Wu Siyou showed a trace of hard to detect surprise. She said: “In the end, you still are that Majestic Star, one that is not just clay in the hands of a base man that used some method to contract you.”

“Siyou, if you again dare to disrespect the Young Master, Yingmei will break off her ties with you.” Lin Yingmei shouted.

Wu Siyou’s expression had a slight chill.

Before she could answer, Lin Yingmei coldly said: “This time, Young Master let Your Servant come!”

“You think Your Servant would believe your lies!” Wu Siyou’s expression was like ice.

“Wu Song, who would deceive you.”

There were more sweet voices. Wu Xinjie and An Suwen also rushed over.

“Who made Yingmei care this much for you.” Su Xing helplessly said.

“You!!” Wu Siyou said in disbelief.

Not only her, but Xiao’er and the Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal also felt astonished. From their point of view, a Galaxy Stage Cultivator that saw a Supercluster Cultivator’s pursuit was already done for wherever he was hiding. What idiot would personally deliver himself to the doorstep.

Wu Siyou looked at Lin Yingmei, incapable of comprehending.

“Your Servant is delighted to follow Young Master. Wu Siyou, if you are to be hostile to him, then Your Servant is your enemy.” Lin Yingmei was resolute.

Wu Siyou was tranquil as water, her hand tightly clenching onto the Noble Frost Demonic Lotus. This extraordinary and magnificent sword tip emitted the chill of a deep night.

“What a good ‘delighted to follow’ Panther Head Lin Chong! This Immortal today indeed has had his eyes opened.” The Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal stroked his beard and laughed aloud, completely not putting Su Xing and the rest in his eyes, “This Immortal never expected that you could escape from Heavenly Fire’s and Huai Mu’s hands. Amazing, amazing. Since you wish to help This Immortal, This Immortal shall receive your kind intentions, ha, ha.” He only took this to be that Su Xing used the Jade Pendant to escape a calamity. Otherwise, Su Xing would have had one road to death no matter how the two Supercluster Middle Stage Cultivators pinched him.

Su Xing did not reveal the truth, for the more the opponent disdained him, the more that was an advantage.

“Old Monster, you think you can handle four of us sisters?” Xiao’er set her weapon on the ground and shouted.

“Since you have provoked This Immortal’s hand, This Immortal shall kill you. This Immortal also presumes that Liangshan Maiden has nothing to say.” The Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal coldly grinned, his eyes containing a cold light. The Most High Jade Clarity Sword Chant instantly covered the sky and shot down.

“Speed is a Crucial Asset in War!”

Wu Xinjie waved the fan, simultaneously supporting the group with her supplementary Star Magic.

Wu Siyou, Xiao’er and Lin Yingmei’s figures disappeared in the sky. The three Star General’s Destined Weapons combined their powers for one attack, unexpectedly releasing an air-ripping sound that directly broke the Sword Chant’s obstruction.

Everyone in Liangshan Continent knew that Martial Force Star Generals taking unfair advantage of their own bodies was a nightmare for anyone. Even more brilliant cultivators would fear it like a tiger.

This use of Speed is a Crucial Asset in War caught the Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal unprepared. It was already too late when he wanted to use the Sword Chant for defense. The Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal actually was calm and unhurried. Flipping his wrist, a jadeite branch appeared. The branches and leaves opened up, sending an auspicious light everywhere. Instantly, ten thousand propitious vapors flooded the skies. The crisp sound of Brahmanistic chanting was increasingly loud and clear, yet the source was undetected, as if was coming directly from the air itself without tearing it. It was extremely mysterious.

“The Miraculous Bodhi Tree!!”4

Wu Xinjie was stunned.

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  1. Skills like Wu Xinjie’s “Seeing Clearly,” which allowed Su Xing to analyze the cultivations of the Four Styles School
  2. 太清,上清,玉清
  3. 一氣化三清
  4.  菩提妙樹


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