Chapter 173: The Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrow

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The Most High Path’s remaining dozens of disciples looked at each other in dismay. One of the disciples stepped forward to ask: “Senior Brother, what do we do next?”

A scholarly youngster nodded: “Senior Brother Zhenyuan is injured, so we should return first. The Ancestral Master naturally does not need our worries.” The other discipled deeply held this to be so, for Ancestral Master Extreme Clarity was the number Supercluster, and he even had a Prehistoric Spirit Treasure with him. Even it it was Wu Song, she could not possibly be his opponent.

“Senior Brother He,1 wait!” Bing Qingxuan suddenly shouted.

“Junior Brother Qingxuan, what is it?” The cultivator named He asked with an expressionless face.

“I saw something strange about the magic clouds over there, and I fear there may be somewhat of an incident. It would be better for us to go help the Ancestral Master.” Bing Qingxuan gravely said.

His words made the other disciples amused.

“Qingxuan, it has been two years since you have come to this sect, and for you to say this, Senior Brother will not look into this any further.” Cultivator He coldly said: “The Clear Void Most High Path is the Azure Dragon Territory’s number one Great Sect, and if were to let others know that we had to outnumber and encircle…”

“Exactly. Even the Ancestral Master would blame us.”

“Right, Ancestral Master Extreme Clarity certainly is a very stern person.”

“For us disciples to go help the Ancestral Master, do you want us to die?”

“Qingxuan, do not believe that the Headmaster cares about you. It is you who does not know things.”

The other disciples each agreed one after another. This Bing Qingxuan had joined the school for two years, but because his talent surpassed others, he received recognition and was even imparted the “Most High Jade Clarity Sword Chant” by the Headmaster himself, which provoked some jealousy from the others. Seeing him so naive and unexpectedly suggest they go help the Ancestral Master, they could not help but mock him. Ancestral Master Extreme Clarity was the Azure Dragon Territory’s number one. For this group to go help, at that time, they would certainly be flayed by the Ancestral Master.

In addition, this many people surrounding and killing a Star General perhaps would would enrage the Liangshan Maiden, and the gain would not make up for the losses.

“But Qingxuan feels there apparently has been some changes.” Bing Qingxuan was resolute.

“Do not speak thoughtlessly. Ancestral Master Extreme Clarity receives the splendor of the sun and moon, how could we fathom him. Now that Junior Brother Zhenyuan has sustained heavy injuries, we should return to save his life.” Cultivator He shouted.

“Could it be you feel the Ancestral Master needs your consideration?”

Bing Qingxuan nodded, “Qingxuan understands.”

“En, we must quickly return!”

Sword-lights traveled west. If Bing Qingxuan had persevered a bit more, then perhaps he could have changed his destiny, but the crowd was infuriated. Heaven’s might existed, but Bing Qingxuan had no choice but to go with the flow. However, this Bing Qingxuan’s eyes narrowed, and a shadow flew and entered him. No one noticed this minute change.

“Dragon in the Clouds Gongsun Sheng!!”2

Everyone was shocked.

Seeing Gongsun Sheng’s forehead overflow with multicolored light, it was evident she had forced herself to a most perfect state. The girl’s complexion did not have any ripples, and when they saw her wave the Destined Star Weapon “Pinebrand Ancient Sword”3 that was in her hand, the Spirit Qi of the world and the multicolored light swept forward like an arm.

The green clouds of the sky turned into the shape of a dragon, and this green cloud dragon bared its teeth and claws, vivid and lifelike, a glimpse into a dragon’s might. Under her command, it rolled towards the Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal.

“So what if the Dragon in the Clouds has come. This Immortal shall destroy you all at once.” The Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal shook the Miraculous Bodhi Tree, dully saying: “With this many top-notch Star Generals, it may be possible for This Immortal to advance to Supervoid Stage.”

The Miraculous Bodhi Tree released thousands of streaks of jade light. This bright and colorful blue light easily broke the incoming cyan dragon.

But the Dragon in the Clouds Gongsun Sheng slowly stepped through the sky, calmly and easily waving the Pinebrand Ancient Sword to no end. Cyan dragons flowed continuously, seemingly never-ending. They saw in those dozens of li of sky, all the clouds became dragons that flocked over. The Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal also continuously waved the Miraculous Bodhi Tree.

The sky blossomed with green light, like a pervasive iridescence. The cyan dragons one by one were broken by this light.

The scene was extremely spectacular.

This was Gongsun Sheng’s Yellow Rank Star Magic.

“The Cloud Wandering Azure Dragon Turn!!”4

Wu Xinjie yelled out.

Magic Energy Star Generals generally had lots of Star Magics, but to actually use the Yellow Rank, that one was an outstanding user of Star Magic, a top-notch expert, like a Martial Force Heavenly Star. With one use, they would lose a great amount of energy, so they would not use it before the critical moment. They never thought that the moment the Dragon in the Clouds Gongsun Sheng appeared, she would use her Yellow Rank Magic Cloud Wandering Azure Dragon Turn without saying another word. This strategy was honestly that clean and nimble.

“She wants to break the Old Monster’s magic energy.” Xiao’er let out a breath.

“Right now is a good chance to kill him!” Wu Xinjie hastily said.

Xiao’er had used one “Qilin-fall Skyflash” and had her qi greatly exhausted. Furthermore, she had struggled against the Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal for that long, which left her spent. To break through the Most High Jade Clarity Sword Array was still possible, but she was incapable of attacking her way to him.

Wu Siyou threw off Su Xing’s embrace. She trembled and shivered, a cause for concern.

From the looks of it, the greatest chance was to actually deplete their Star Energy, but the only one capable of moving swift as flying was Su Xing. However, to let Su Xing take advantage of a Supercluster number one cultivator in close quarters, Su Xing’s girls were absolutely unwilling to easily go about this.

“Your Servant wants his life today!” Wu Siyou’s body techniques warped, her running hair whirling in the wind. That Noble Frost Demonic Lotus in her hand was completely dyed black. The Harm Star’s forehead had a dim Star Crest, so clearly, she was staking everything on this attack. When Xiao’er saw, she raised her golden weapon and followed closely behind.

“Since the Red Ink Iron Certificate can only be used once in the Birth Outline anyways, I might as well go help her.” Su Xing whispered to himself.

Tang Lianxin wanted to call out to Su Xing, yet she hesitated, shaking her head instead. Her hands clasped together, and a ball of liquid gold appeared out of nowhere. This golden liquid was like a flower patch that formed in midair, only to turn into fine golden needles. It was very mysterious, but at this time, everyone’s hearts were on the Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal, so no one paid attention to her.5

The Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal sensed Gongsun Sheng was currently dissipating his magic energy. The Miraculous Bodhi Tree lost its luster and dimmed with each use, and the clear light slowly became faded. Its swings were not that light compared to the very beginning, as if it was a casual pinch.

After destroying the thousand cyan colored dragons, the Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal spat some Essence Blood onto a talisman, throwing the charm out. It became a giant winged creature, its entire body layered with green scales. It was horse-like, yet not. Its head had a horn, so astonishingly, it was that “Clarity Dark Beast.”6 The Clarity Dark Horn shot a blue light, and it opened its mouth to bite Gongsun Sheng. What Magic Energy Star Generals most feared was close quarters, so the number one Magic Energy Star General naturally would be so. The girl’s face was expressionless, temporarily halting her magic. The Pinebrand Ancient Sword stopped moving, and a multicolored light attacked, obstructing the Clarity Dark Beast.

“You still dare to face certain death?” The Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal’s Sword Chant turned and the Miraculous Bodhi Tree shook. His magic energy had been greatly consumed, so this shake had lost much of its might. It could not sweep away their attacks, but it forced Wu Siyou and Xiao’er’s figures unsteadily back a hundred meters.  

Several tens of thousands of golden needles at this moment shot over like a torrential storm. These golden needles seemed fierce, but were far from as terrifying as Wu Siyou’s attacks. The Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal only needed to control one of his Sword Arrays to suppress this.

The repeated clanging of striking noises.

Su Xing held the Intertwined Branch Sword in one hand and the Clinging Fire Star Domain Sword in the other as he advanced for an attack.

The Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal only felt this Purple Thunder Monster was indeed impervious to reason. Seeking out a dead end of his own accord, a Galaxy Early Stage Cultivator unexpectedly dared to challenge him. He flipped his hand, and pure spiritual pressure directly pressed on Su Xing’s stomach, giving rise to an increasingly splitting pain.

Flying swords twisted to meet him head on.

Su Xing then threw out the last Supreme Grade Talisman “Taiyi Winding Sword Talisman”7 to intercept these flying swords. Then, he tossed the Intertwined Branch Sword. The Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal used the Miraculous Bodhi Tree to once again shake Wu Siyou and Xiao’er back, for he very much did not dare to let Wu Song get close. Otherwise, to let her Yellow Rank Style open was a thorough turn of events.

Just at this moment, a green sword violently struck his hand.8

The Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal was not careful of this, and the Miraculous Bodhi Tree immediately flew out of his hands. His expression was greatly panicked, and just as he was about to use his Divine Intent to retrieve it, Su Xing threw out the Weapon Removal Scroll. The scroll rolled out a white qi that tried assimilated the Miraculous Bodhi Tree. Originally, for an Astral Tool to assimilate a Prehistoric Spirit Treasure was a dream. However, with the Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal having shaken it this many times, his magic energy was greatly exhausted, and along with the Miraculous Bodhi Tree’s lost of luster did Su Xing’s path ease up.

The Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal then used his Divine Intent to control the Miraculous Bodhi Tree to snatch it back, but Wu Siyou and Xiao’er seized their chance. In the blink of an eye, they were about to arrive in front of him, so the Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal was left with no choice. He could only direct the flying swords to block them.

In this split second, the Weapon Removal Scroll easily assimilated the Miraculous Bodhi Tree.

WIth the Miraculous Bodhi Tree stolen, the Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal was indeed angry enough to die. He even had the mind to dismember Su Xing into ten thousand pieces.

Fearing Su Xing would flee, he no longer had any hesitation. He spat Essence Qi, and when these fell, a perimeter of a hundred li was immediately covered in a clear mist. The Most High Jade Clarity Sword Array combined into one, with swordtip was impossible to resist against. This was the Life-cast ability of the Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal’s Life-cast Sword Chant. By using the Clear Qi to envelope all direction, he could seal the objective within. Even the Territory Breaking Talisman was useless, so enemies were like beasts caught in a trap, open for slaughter. It was just that the price of its use was very serious. A decrease in his cultivation aside, a complete use of the Life-cast Sword Chant also would cost him spiritual energy that would need to be nurtured once again from the start. Thus, this was the reason the Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal was always unwilling to use his trump card until now. In his perspective, with the Miraculous Bodhi Tree in hand, regardless of whether it was Wu Song or Su Xing, both were as easy to pinch dead as ants.

But with this change, matters were completely outside of his expectations. More and more Star Generals were gathering from all sides, and even the Dragon in the Clouds had come. After the Miraculous Bodhi Tree was seized, the Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal no longer dared to hesitate. He had to kill these people first and worry about taking back the Prehistoric Spirit Treasure later.

Cyan light filled the skies like clouds and mist with flying swords blended within. A cyan hurricane wrapped the three within, and Su Xing greatly felt a not so encouraging turn of events.

Seeing Wu Siyou and Xiao’er, Su Xing flew and dropped down between them.

Wu Siyou froze.

Su Xing opened his mouth, and a piece of jade immediately flew out from his body, suspending itself between them.

“If you want to kill him, then keep close to me!” Su Xing looked at the girl that was cold as frost.

With a collapsing sound, as if space had been stirred, the Wu Xinjie, An Suwen and Tang Lianxin below immediately stayed far away from this Clear Mist Space.

Several dozen flying swords like a ball of violent whirlwind attacked Su Xing, Wu Siyou and Xiao’er.

With this sort of power, even if it was a Ninth Rank Demon Dragon, it would die without an intact corpse.

The Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal coldly laughed.

In an instant, the Clear Mist Space broke open with a golden light. This light was blindingly dazzling. It drew closer and closer, and the Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal instinctively pulled back. He was blinded, and a cold light flashed past.

Su Xing and the other two unexpectedly rushed out of the Three Clarities Supreme Sword Array completely unhurt.

The Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal flew aside to dodge. It was a pity Wu Song and the rest were arrows at the end of their paths, weary and spent, seizing this chance to approach him only with great difficulty. Yet, it was only one slash that had cut the Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal’s abdomen.

The Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal’s might pressured them upon release.

Several cyan dragons rolled towards the Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal in a counterattack.

The Extremely Clarity Elder Immortal sneered, but just at this moment, a howling wind suddenly came from the horizon. The Dragon in the Clouds Gongsun Sheng turned her head to look. Her expression was shocked, and her silhouette immediately hid. The Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal’s magic energy was nearly depleted, and in such an intense battle, his senses had greatly dulled. By the time he heard the roaring wind, he already was incapable of dodging.

They saw a perfectly straight ray of light fly over from ten thousand li, seemingly ripping open the sky.

Before the beam of light arrived, a gale came first.


A sound that pierced through the world.

The Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal looked down in amazement, in despair and shock.

Everyone saw that an arrow had already pierced through his chest. That arrowhead was the crossed teeth of a dragon. Star Energy poured into his body, exploding fully out of the tip. This arrow’s power terrifyingly ripped all of the Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal’s resistance to shreds. It was seriously more violent than gods and demons.

“Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrow!”9

The Star Maidens simultaneously changed.

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  1. 和師兄
  2.  入雲龍公孫胜
  3. 松紋古定劍
  4. 行雲青龍轉
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