Chapter 184: Poison Pool Toad

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Several days afterward, Su Xing descended and landed upon a jutting highland, viewing the faraway mountains. The left had poisonous clouds of miasma, and the right had bugs and other poisonous creatures grow and crawl. There were many deep streams on the mountain, bubbling with the sound of running water. There was an overcast gloom, and caverns abounded in great numbers, the bewildering rocks sinister. The swamps within the range of several dozen li splashed with the large bubbles constantly emitted. Soft grass and sludge accumulated within, a fermenting mold that would make those who smelled it vomit.

“That place is the Poison Toad Pool.” Su Xing thought to himself, wrinkling his brow. The Vermilion Bird Territory’s topography sure was complicated and steep. A great deal of the valleys had dense evil airs, amassed without dispersing, surging straight up. A strong wind blew, and it had a fishy odor. Clearly, those violent and ruthless clans occupied the area.

Seeing the overpowering stench of this Poison Toad Pool stretching several dozen li, the smell reeked. If it was not for the Evil Smiting Writ, Su Xing honestly would have no interest coming to this place. It was no wonder that when she learned Su Xing wanted to go to the Poison Toad Pool, Wu Siyou would have no interest in following. The poison pool interfered with Divine Intent, and at this moment, that Detoxification Pearl from when he and An Suwen became sworn siblings was now actually useful. Su Xing swallowed the pearl, and against the permeating stench, he withstood the marshland gasses. He looked around and once again soared high on his riding sword to begin his search for the Evil Smiting Writ.

In actuality, this Evil Smiting Writ was not a so-called tag, but rather, every sort of legendary materials that had been paired together, to be used with Starfire to forge things specially made to confront the Star Beasts. The Evil Smiting Writ’s raw materials were myriad. More or less, there were “Five Spirits,” “Five Poisons,” “Five Smells,” “Five Hearts,” “Five Medicines,” and others. Each targeted the constitutions of the Star Generals’ Star Beasts with different effects that were not at all the same. What Su Xing was currently searching for was the Five Poisons. This sort of Five Poisons Evil Smiting Writ could more easily receive Star Beasts, especially from the perspective of Heavenly Stars. The Knowledge Star’s ranked third Star Beast certainly would not be that easy to confront.

Su Xing also came to the Poison Pool because he had heard this place had Poison Toad Grass.1

Circling around the poison pool, as expected, several patches were found within the Poison Pool. Su Xing furrowed his brow, for he was not pressed to go pick it. On the pond, there reclined a monster whose entire body stunk from head to toe with a toxic gas, currently concealed beneath the pond’s surface. Four black, gleaming eyes stared at every movement above the pool’s surface. If it was not for Su Xing being careful, he would not have immediately sensed it.

With a croak, the monster suddenly jumped out of the pond. This monster’s form was not large at three zhang wide and five, six zhang long. Its shape was apparently a large toad. Its skin had numerous pores and dimples, flowing ulcers all over its body, releasing a nauseating stink that made it appear somewhat disgusting. Furthermore, along with this monster’s croaking, its body emitted a black fog from time to time.

Poison Toad!2

Su Xing’s brows wrinkled once more. Although encountering a Demon Beast like the Poison Toad was not surprising, actually seeing this monster was still somewhat thorny. This type of Poison Toad lived within the toxic gas of the swamp. The poison it sprayed could corrupt artifacts and magic weapons, damaging their spiritual powers.

As Su Xing pondered, the Poison Toad already croaked loudly, and an ominous glint flashed in its glossy black eyes. Between its breaths, a poison fire sprayed out of its mouth.

The poison fire was a hundred meters wide, dispersing a stink that shot aggressively towards Su Xing. Su Xing did not panic, and instead, flipped his wrist. A binding purple magic cloud’s thunder and lightning mixed in his hand. Ever since he had swallowed the Purple Hearts Immortals Dragon Pills, Su Xing’s Purple Rose Transforming Qi reached the peak of the first stage and passed through continuous refinement, successfully combining into one with the Blooming Water Divine Thunder. The current Blooming Water Divine Thunder was no longer water-like and thunder-like as it was before. It was now an entirely purple thunder that was just like a new thunder magic.

Liangshan Continent practice many different types of the Five Elements Astonishing Magics, and each of the Five Elements had many sorts of varieties. Just thunder alone had Clinging Fire Divine Thunder, Blooming Water Divine Thunder, and more. The majority depended on every sort of ability to be refined, and nowadays, matching it with the Purple Rose Transforming Qi, Su Xing actually surprisingly refined a new thunder magic in Liangshan Continent. The thunder and lightning completely understood attachment to the purple clouds and auspicious light, so Su Xing dubbed it “Purple Mansion Immortals Thunder.”3

In his heart, there existed the thought to test the might of the Purple Mansion Immortals Thunder. At once, he raised up the Purple Mansion Immortals Thunder in his hand.

That purple magic cloud and immortal thunder in his hand immediately condensed into a purple auspicious flower, flying at its opponent light as a feather, just so happening to encounter the immense poison fire the Poison Toad sprayed.

The Poison Toad’s poison fire had a diameter in excess of six to seven zhang, and that purple thunder flower of the condensed Purple Mansion Immortals Thunder was no more than several inches in size. Truly, it was somewhat like the difference between an ant and an elephant, but let alone that this purple thunder was only so small, it had gone through the Purple Rose Transforming Qi, concentrating into the quintessential. It could be said this little purple flower was even stronger than that Blooming Water Divine Thunder Lightning Python shape. The two attacks touched in midair, and a terrifying explosion appeared.

With a “zila” sound, the Poison Fire and Purple Thunder clashed. A layer of purple magic cloud spread out and wrapped up the poison fire. The originally disgusting poison fire instantly became an Immortal’s magic cloud. Purple lightning surged, appearing to be inconceivable.

At this sort of scene, even Su Xing was slightly stunned when he witnessed it, for it greatly exceed his expectations.

However, when the opposing Poison Toad saw that its Poison Fire had been confined, it became enraged. It opened its mouth, and hundreds upon thousands of fist sized Poison Fires violently bubbled forth from the pores and bumps in its skin. It fiercely shot over, yet Su Xing twitched his lips and waved one hand.

He threw out a hundred Ice Cone Talismans.4 The talismans exploded, dispersing countless ice cones that shot out in a thick storm towards the Poison Fires.

With a resounding explosion, the Poison Fire and Ice Cones ripped apart the cloud and poison fire, releasing a large plume of poison gas, interweaving together in midair. The Poison Toad’s Poison Fire was exceptional as expected. It had broke, but the poison gas’ vigor was even more fierce.

Su Xing stared ahead, and then its figure actually shot backwards.

The Poison Toad croaked, and its silhouette suddenly appeared beneath him. It speed was quick, as if a thousand meters was nothing. The Poison Toad opened its mouth with another bolt of fierce Poison Flame. This Poison Flame was even larger than the previous Poison Fire.

Su Xing raised his wrist, and several purple lotus flowers formed from the Purple Mansion Immortals Thunder dropped downwards. Just like before, the Purple Thunder trapped the Poison Fire, extinguishing the Poison Fire’s toxic gases. Su Xing waved his hand, and a Heaven Tearing suddenly shot out.

The Poison Toad cried, and a surge suddenly lifted in the swamp.

Su Xing used an Innate Escape Technique, flying onto a boulder. He stared closely at the Poison Toad that was still where it had been. The wound that had been ripped into it by Heaven Tearing surprisingly bubbled up. It self-healed, and Su Xing could not help but click his tongue. The Poison Toad was an Ancient Demon Beast. Although it was only a Sixth Rank Demon Beast, it had the power to poison lakes. This Poison Pool was practically its magic weapon. Besides being able to endlessly heal its vigor and wounds, it could also use the poison swamp to instantly move.

The Poison Toad was not that intelligent. Having been injured in its own territory, it was immediately infuriated. Without thinking, poison smoke flashed from its body, turning into a black light, rising vigorously to chase him.

Su Xing used his Sword Chant without any hesitation. Twelve golden Heaven Tearings appeared, and they immediately flashed by. Barely chasing more than a hundred meters away, golden light suddenly erupted in the escaping Poison Toad’s surroundings. A dull golden barrier appeared all around it, and after the barrier released a dragon roar, several golden dragons randomly appeared and disappeared, pouncing out.

The Poison Toad was startled, instinctively stopping its escape light. Its pairs of eyes rolled about wildly, even issuing a menacing growl from its mouth. The wounds on its skin sprayed poison gas as concentrated as ink, and the swamp below that was mobilized by its urging unexpectedly stopped the attack of the twelve Heaven Tearings.

Su Xing poked with a finger, and the Galaxy Stage Artifact “Sky Breaking Spear” flew out. The Heaven Tearing Sword Array naturally would not have any effect on his artifact, and at once, it flashed and penetrated the sword array to attack the Poison Toad within.

The Poison Toad saw this scene, and although its intelligence was not high, it instinctively sensed danger. Immediately, it gave a world-shaking cry, and its body shrunk soon after. Then, it suddenly swelled, developing into the Life-cast Ability a Demon Beast naturally had. After the Poison Toad roared, those poison smokes and poison flames immediately formed into black shields. These small shields were densely packed, wrapping the Poison Toad inside. In the blink of an eye, it formed three layers of Poison Shield Light Covers.5

Just at this moment, the Sky Breaking Spear and Heaven Tearing Swords nearly simultaneously stuck onto these light covers. With the sound of a continuous explosion, the sword lights and poison shields intersected each other. For a moment, there was a glaring and blinding light.

“Worthy of being called the Toad of the Poison Pool, it surprisingly has even refined its Life-cast Ability.” Su Xing clicked his tongue, actually not daring to be careless in the slightest. A Hundred Purple Mansion Immortals Thunders simultaneously fell, striking against the Poison Toad’s poison pook shield.

The Poison Toad violently roared, and a black beam of light thick as a water jar sprayed out. With a thud, the flying swords could block it for only an instant before it broke away from the flying swords and shot over.

The black suddenly spread out wide, and then a pillar of poisonous wind suddenly rolled up in the Poison Toad’s surroundings. In a flash, it unexpectedly blew away the Sky Breaking Spear, Heaven Tearing  Swords and the Purple Mansion Immortals Thunder. A shadow abruptly rolled towards Su Xing, which astonishingly was the Poison Toad’s poison tongue.

Su Xing chuckled and flung his large sleeves. The twelve golden-bright and dazzling flying swords instantly came to his side. Having used the Life-cast Heart Flower during refinement, the Life-cast Sword Chant could immediately return to protect their master. The poison tongue was promptly severed by the flying swords, and then the twelve flying swords spiraled backwards, falling down at Su Xing’s hand seal, combining into a massive sword.

This sword’s golden light was brilliant, and its cold air was pressing. The swordtip’s dragon scales were like the real thing’s, letting out a dragon roar.

When he saw the massive sword change forms, Su Xing expressionlessly extended his hand and powerfully waved it. The golden light slightly flashed, and the huge sword slashed downwards. In confronting this Ancient Demon Beast, Su Xing did not dare be careless, and seeing that this Poison Toad had cultivated at this place for quite some time, meaning it was more troublesome than the average cultivator. The flying swords released a muffled whistle, and when he spat out the word “go.”

Amidst the buzzing, the huge sword became a golden dragon that fiercely shot forth, copping straight at that Poison Toad.

The Poison Toad had become accustomed to being the overlord of the Poison Pool, and the powerful poison on its body once again glistened. Its belly suddenly expanded rapidly. Apparently, it planned to use some ability to counterattack. Just at this moment, the gigantic golden sword instantly flew right above the Poison Toad’s head, bringing a powerful and astonishing dragon cry as it hacked downwards.

The Poison Toad stared at the golden sword above it. Its glossy black eyes blinked a few times, seemingly sensing the threat of the enormous sword. It had only expanded its abdomen by several factors, and it could no longer proceed. Making an odd noise, it spat out a black pellet.

With a bang, the black pellet like the marsh clashed with the golden light. After but a brief cut, the huge sword was frozen stiff by this black pellet, and then a black qi pervaded across the sword.

A corrupted magic weapon.

Su Xing nodded his head.

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  1. 毒蟾草
  2.  毒蟾蜍
  3.  紫府仙雷
  4.  冰錐符
  5. 毒盾光罩


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