Chapter 208: Murderous Desire

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One cultivator after another was treated as a pathfinding scapegoat by Ancestor Qianli and Daoist Master Qing Lian, who were treated as bright lanterns giving directions. When they were halfway across the Toad Black River, the Black Clawed Toads poked their heads out. These highly toxic monsters continuously hid within the water, or they sat upon lotus leaves, rolling their long tongues with thorny growths all over. If a cultivator were to be rolled in, that would be disastrous.

Fortunately, the two Great Sect’s Ancestors were not completely shameless. As per their earlier promise, they operated every sort of magic weapon and flying sword to attack these toads. The cultivations of Supercluster Middle Stages against these Black Clawed Toads basically greatly alleviated the pressure on the other pathfinders, but this did not make the others feel grateful at all. It it was possible, all of the cultivators present wished to push these two Ancestors into the black river.

The two Ancestors were prudent. Not only did they walk at the very back, the light of the  defensive magic weapons on their persons glinted like a protective shield shrouding their whole bodies. The cultivators relying on that bit of Galaxy Stage Star Energy fundamentally could not break through. Furthermore, Su Xing discerned that although Ancestor Qianli and Daoist Master Qing Lian took every precaution against those Black Clawed Toads, their Divine Intents were nevertheless fixed onto each and every movement of everyone. Even Su Xing and Fang Xin’gu were included.

“It seems this will not be easy to start.” Wu Siyou softly chuckled. She could also seen the precautions of the two Great Cultivators. One of these Supercluster Middle Stage monsters was doable, but even Su Xing could not possibly have the slightest chance of victory against two. Particularly in the case that Daoist Master Qing Lian’s more than three hundred sixty Extreme White Green Lotus Swords were to unleash their murderous desire, that imposing air was absolutely unstoppable in not just name, but also reality.

“They must die.” Su Xing coldly chuckled. In order to not let the two Ancestors behind doubt them, Su Xing embraced Wu Siyou’s slender waist with one arm, feigning an intimate appearance.

“Oh? Hearing these sorts of words from a Galaxy Stage Cultivator actually makes Your Servant surprised.” For Su Xing’s determination and confidence, she actually overlooked the intimate actions he made on her body. The cool and elegant girl said with a hint of playfulness: “Could it be that you disapprove of this method? Do you wish to uphold justice?” This sentence carried a bit of teasing.

Su Xing scoffed. “These two Ancestors are this crafty, so the Toad Black River is a good opportunity to kill them. If we miss this chance, it will be even harder to accomplish.” Seeing that this black river had super heavy poison water, even Ancestor Qianli and the rest did not dare be careless. How could Su Xing miss this good of an opportunity to deal a fatal blow, let alone that their current actions and conduct in forcing the other Scattered Star Cultivators to wish they could kill them. Su Xing completely did not have any misgivings about that.

“Do you have this self-confidence? If you make a mistake, you must know the consequences?”

Crossing a hundred meters, Wu Siyou asked to be sure as she dropped onto a lotus leaf that the cultivator in front had verified.

“Siyou, are you concerned about me?”

Su Xing’s eyes glinted.

“Your Servant is only concerned about Yingmei.” Wu Siyou indifferently replied.

“En, en, en. For Yingmei to have a friend like you is honestly pretty good.” Su Xing laughed.

Wu Siyou snorted. Glancing sideways at Su Xing, those cool and elegant eyes seemed to conveying: Since you act as her master, then you had best not make Yingmei disappointed.

Su Xing slightly smiled. Looking at the lotus leaf in front of him, he reached out his arm and suddenly placed Wu Siyou into a carry, leaping swiftly over.

Her nephrite, warm fragrance was upon his chest. Wu Siyou’s eyes stared blankly, nearly shouting out – this man was unexpectedly this brazen. The Wu Siyou who had been carried by a man this intimately for the first time was very resentful: “Do you feel Your Servant is easy to bully?”

“What would I bully you for, Waifu.” Su Xing hinted to beneath his foot.

Wu Siyou looked downwards and spotted this black lotus was very narrow and could just hold the one person only. However, this black lotus appeared to be very odd, not at all like the ordinary lotus flowers but rather some sort of forbiddance specially arranged on the black water. Even with the weight of two people, the lotus leaf did not sink.

“You go first, Your Servant does not need your concern.” Wu Siyou’s hand grabbed Su Xing’s collar, and Su Xing felt that she slightly nervous.

“Since you are my wife, of course I cannot ignore you.” Su Xing shook his head, in deadly earnest.

“Indeed, you are very capable of saying pleasant words.” Wu Siyou harrumphed, tightly pursing her red lips.

Behind him, Ancestor Qianli and Daoist Master Qing Lian closely followed. Spotting that intimate behavior between Su Xing and Wu Siyou, Ancestor Qianli was slightly displeased. Did this married couple think they were on a scenic tour, unexpectedly flirting with each other on this Black Toad River where every step was a disaster. He extended and waved his hand, killing several dozen Black Clawed Toads. Ancestor Qianli smiled insincerely at Daoist Master Qing Lian: “The Daoist Master is indeed very fortunate, surprisingly recruiting such a Star Master. It seems that woman is extraordinarily cool and elegant, exceptional in temperament. Presumably, she is not a simple character, either.”

Ancestor Qianli was somewhat envious.

“These words are wrong. Has the Ancestor not seen his Star General? Her Star Energy has been devoured. Using him for a Star Duel is simply sending him to die.” Daoist Master Qing Lian shook his head. “How could he compare to your Star Master. That Fair Skinned Gentleman is of extraordinary martial force.”

“How could these Scattered Star Cultivators1 also willingly bend to our sects.” Ancestor Qianli gloomily said. Though sects were good, many Star Generals possessed unimaginable egos. They were not at all willing to depend on sects. From their perspective, they could only rely on themselves to count as the genuine victor of the Star Duels.

“Right now, they ought to be shedding tears of gratitude. If it was not for our cover, their Star Duels would already have finished at this black river.” Daoist Master Qing Lian slightly smiled.

Ancestor Qianli also laughed out loud.

“Right, This Daoist Master still does not know what that Star General of his is.” Daoist Master Qing Lian remembered. Because she seemed to have been drained of Star Energy, he had forgotten to go inquire him. Although many of Liangshan Continent’s monsters did not participate in the Star Duels, they still were very interested in the identities of the Star Generals.

“Just ask when we have crossed, however, that brat is somewhat strange. You have to ask clearly once we cross the Toad Black River!” Ancestor Qianli’s eyes flashed ice-cold.

“Has the Ancestor been scared stiff by that Purple Thunder Monster?” Daoist Master Qing Lian faintly smiled: “A Galaxy Early Stage Cultivator can stir up some big waves, but not everyone is like the Purple Thunder Monster.”

“Careful, or you shall suffer a mishap.” Ancestor Qianli snorted.

Daoist Master Qing Lian stroked his beard and smiled.

Several hours laters, everyone had crossed several thousand meters into the Toad Black River. Along the way, more than ten cultivators had become the black river’s watery ghosts to be forever buried within. Gradually, everyone was close to numb. Having already seen the other shore, they could not help but speed up. Though their eyes saw it, they had not seen the Toad Five Poisons array point at all. However, at this time, everyone was not in the mood to care about this. With Toad Black River this large, this array point could not be said to have been already found by the cultivators in the other directions. Being forced along by two Ancestors at this pace, all the cultivators were resentful to the bone.

When Fang Xin’gu and Zheng Yanran thrillingly arrived at the other side of the black river, they also thoroughly breathed out a sigh of relief, beckoning at Su Xing with a wave.

When Su Xing saw, he only took a hundred paces before stopping on a lotus leaf. Su Xing looked back and hinted with his eyes.

Although she was somewhat unwilling, Wu Siyou also knew that right now was not the time to bicker about the details. Suddenly, she half-knelt, and the Harm Star’s style that did not bother about trifles made Su Xing very awed. Originally from his perspective, Wu Siyou’s cool elegance was categorized as that sort of unreasonable style. However, she actually frequently made people surprised. Speaking from one perspective, fighters that could change according to the situation were especially frightening, as worthy of the Star that became the last generation’s overlord.

“Waifu, do you want to vomit again?” Su Xing feigned concern as he shouted.

The Ancestor Qianli and Daoist Master Qing Lian behind them soon after caught up.

“What is the matter?” Daoist Master Qing Lian asked. The cultivators on the riverbank also also sent confused gazes.

Just at this moment, the eyes of both Su Xing and Wu Siyou flashed a cold light of tacit understanding. At nearly the same time, they instantly turned around and launched an attack. As for their degree of mutual understanding, if they were not husband and wife, perhaps no one would have believed it.

The expressions of the two Ancestors greatly changed. Because they had neared the shore, they had become relaxed and unconsciously lowered their alertness. Now, this just happened to give Su Xing his chance.

The weapon in his hand stabbed straight.

Let alone that the Supercluster Star Cultivators had superb cultivations and exceptional powers, the power of their realms was stronger by three levels. However, the majority of Star Cultivators all had a fatal weakness, and that was the close quarters that Su Xing so very much was familiar with.

Su Xing whipped out Heaven Tearing and slashed at them while Wu Siyou’s “Noble Frost Demonic Lotus” also finally had the chance to taste blood.

The two Ancestors were also worthy of their titles as the consecrated Supreme Grade Ancestral Masters of their sects. The defensive magic weapons on their bodies instantly activated, blocking this fatal strike. Relying on their resounding magic energy to break through was not that easy.

The swiftly arriving golden sword’s rainbow already shot violently forth, striking violently head-on.

A green light erupted, and a dark green barrier floated at a place several zhang about Daoist Qing Lian’s head. In the instant the golden rainbow struck the barrier, an explosive sound burst forth. Although this barrier flickered incessantly, after a moment, it had emerged unscathed. At nearly the same time, more than three hundred Extreme White Green Lotus Swords launched at this moment. In the blink of an eye, they became an immense, blue green python pounced out from the light, ferociously approaching Su Xing’s golden sword net.

Immediately, green and gold light rays interweaved together, occasionally rumbling.

Daoist Master Qing Lian’s expression slightly changed. He gazed at Su Xing, full of disbelief. His more than three hundred Extreme White Green Lotus Swords unexpectedly had been contended to a standstill by twelve golden ones. This actually was outside of his imagination. Su Xing’s golden flying swords screamed, and dragon shadows emerged. One look was enough to know this was out of the ordinary, and while Daoist Master Qing Lian was greatly alarmed, his hand nevertheless steady: “Disciple, what are you doing!” Daoist Master Qing Lian hastily struck several hand seals to launch a sword array from his flying swords. From the originally entangled and jumbled green and golden light, a large expanse concentrated at the middle. Suddenly, a massive sword approximately twenty to thirty zhang appeared out of nowhere.

After several slashes that were seemingly almost like lightning, the Heaven Tearing Gold Swords wailed and were immediately broken apart. With a Supercluster Middle Stage Cultivator’s cultivation, even Su Xing’s Immemorial Sword Chant could not possibly go block it. The sword array activated, and it truly made people change expressions. Then, the giant sword slashed in passing without a trace of politeness. There was an abundance of power that could cut Su Xing into flying ash.

Seeing this scene, a cold smile flashed across Su Xing’s face, as if he had already anticipated this. His wrist turned.

A sparkling and translucent jadeite branch appeared in Su Xing’s hand.

That jadeite branch’s spiritual power was plentiful, and its auspicious light of a thousand rays gave people a sort of exceedingly refined feeling that compelled people to pay their respects.

The surroundings immediately rolled with green light, the aura endless.

The Miraculous Bodhi Tree!!

Seeing this item, Daoist Master Qing Lian’s self-confident expression abruptly changed.

“You deceive and destroy your Ancestors??”

“Your Father’s2 the Purple Thunder Monster!!”

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  1. In the raws, but he probably means Star Generals
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