Chapter 228: Light Shifting Image Switching Mirror

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The Gu Demon before him truly was monstrous and terrifying to the extreme. Its side by side necks had two malevolent ape heads, and its four long arms oddly extending past the knees scrambled like the hundred feet of a centipede. The fur of its whole body were like needles, and a black horn several inches long grew from its forehead. With its black face and fangs, its black lips opened and closed, a black as if it had been made-up. Its long tongue full of spikes unexpectedly extended several chi, and when it flicked in and out, it was similar to a poisonous snake.

What made people feel even colder was that the pupil of the ape’s eye was narrow as a crack, flashing a blood-like cold light. As its eye rolled, it unexpectedly did not contain the feelings humans could have, and its fingers were sharp and directly grew similarly spiny fingernails. Opening and closing, a silvery white light flashed, an incomparably sharp appearance.

Seeing this frightening appearance that made people freeze rather than fight, Su Xing and Lady Snake Scorpion each had different feelings.

Su Xing felt that if such a Gu Demon became the helper creature of a Star Master, that simply was helping the evildoer, a disaster to the common people, but Lady Snake Scorpion was completely like she already had the best position. As far as Gu Poison Arts were concerned, the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon in front of her truly was the perfect work.

Su Xing felt this Lady Snake Scorpion was honestly very troublesome. Seeing that flying swords were unable to kill the Gu Demon, he might as well attack Lady Snake Scorpion, so as to avoid Lady Snake Scorpion using some weird method to obtain the Ten Thousand Year Gu.

“Little Yi, you bother the Gu Demon.”

Su Xing instructed.

“You can die.” Xie Bao emerged from the Star Nest, her palm wide open. The Golden Scorpion Fine Rain Needles shot over. Su Xing fanned his sleeve and blocked a portion. Xie Bao’s Golden Scorpion Fine Rain Needles nevertheless were endless. Heaven Tearing at this time was already unable to resist, so Su Xing could only recall it into his body. Without the flying sword’s support, the pressure on Xie Bao was greatly decreased. The Golden Scorpion Fine Rain Needles continuously suppressed Su Xing, every sort of Poison Art emerging in succession.


There was a weeping cry.

Yan Yizhen’s “Yin Yang Palm” of one Yin and one Yang chopped down onto the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon’s heads.

The Gu Demon bared its fangs and sprayed out poison. Yan Yizhen’s Star Energy condensed and became a vast stretch. “Ah?” Yan Yizhen was taken aback. Her palm chop entered the Gu Demon’s body, but it brought out a carpal1 poisonous fluid. Even the Skilful Star made a pained face and fell back several steps. Luckily she had the protection of the “Yin Yang Pisces Boxing Gloves,” otherwise the bones in her hands perhaps would be destroyed.


“Master, its blood has a decaying poison!”

Yan Yizhen warned, not yet withdrawing. Her leg kicked heavily directly into the Gu Demon’s stomach. The ten thousand poison quills abruptly contracted, and the Gu Demon showed a malevolent expression, screaming at Yan Yizhen. That scorpion tail behind it powerfully stabbed at Yan Yizhen with with a thunderbolt-like obstinance.

The maid leaned and easily dodged past it when the Gu Demon’s two claws went for a bear hug.

Yan Yizhen shouted, and her left elbow struck the Gu Demon’s mandible. At the same time, she quickly turned around and used her right elbow to strike the jaw of the Gu Demon’s other head. The Skilful Star’s attacks were very refined, and even if her two fists had been decayed and their might greatly decreased, the joints on the Wanderer Yan Qing’s whole body were weapons.


The Gu Demon spat out a poison gas. The whole body of this Gu Demon had bones of reinforced iron, so Yan Yizhen’s fists and kicks simply were useless.

The maid executed a quick somersault and leapt a thousand meters away.

The Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon’s wings extended, and it instantly scratched at Yan Yizhen’s stomach. The maid’s short hair parted, dodging within a reaction time of a thousandth. At the same time, her right fist tightly clenched and boomed against the Gu Demon’s chest. This punch concentrated all of the power Yan Yizhen’s whole body had, until the fire of Yang surged in waves.


The Gu Demon had been sent flying heavily away.

Just at this time, a Green Lotus hill pressed against it head-on.

Lady Snake Scorpion and Xie Bao revealed shocked expressions. They saw Su Xing was still capable of using a Prehistoric Spirit Treasure during the time he was stalling them. This guy’s Divine Intent control was unbearably too abnormal.

Su Xing struck a hand seal. The current coordination between he and Yan Yizhen was telepathic, each movement of the pair seemingly discussed beforehand. This sort of tacit understanding was the top condition that Star General and Star Masters pursued. The Green Lotus Peak swelled with a whistle, and then it pressed down upon that Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon Ape when it was sent flying by Yan Yizhen.

The Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon spat out a clump of poison gas in a vain attempt to block it.


The mountain pressed on top of it.

The Gu Valley’s interior split open with landslides as the Green Lotus Mountain heavily pressed down. It was a pity that Su Xing was too late to refine this Green Lotus Peak, otherwise, if he had the Green Lotus Karma Fire, he definitely could exhibit even more of the Green Lotus Peak’s might. However, being pressed squeezed by a mountain, this Ten Thousand Year Gu perhaps had turned into a meat pancake.


Recalling the Green Lotus Peak, Su Xing looked, and he secretly cursed. There was no meat cake at all; there was not even a hair.

All he saw was a large hole. That ape unexpectedly dug a hole to escape.

“Fuck, it unexpectedly could do this.” Su Xing was speechless. However, to dig a tunnel in a split second to escape the Spirit Treasure pressing down on it was too incredible.


Stone broke open with a bang. Then, the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon rushed out from the earth. Its mouth was full of razor teeth, and its four claws were sharp.

When Lady Snake Scorpion saw that the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon had run to her side, she was not fearful but delighted. Her wrist flipped, and a multi-colored light pillar flashed. Instantly, the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon was enveloped within. Her heart was greatly happy, and seizing this chance, a giant white ring then tightly covered it.


The Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon hooted several times, its pupils drenched in blood,2 its large mouth open. After it saw the white ring flash, the ring suddenly appeared above it and fell directly downwards. The Ten Thousand Year Gu within the multi-colored light pillar lightly waved its four arms. Suddenly its four demonic arms flashed purple light, unexpectedly firmly stopping that giant ring, its actions completely swift.

This moment made Lady Snake Scorpion startled. This was but the “Gu Trapping Ring,” 3 which held excellent efficiency against this sort of Gu type. It unexpectedly being stalled was honestly inconceivable, but hastily urging a hand seal, that halo’s light shot in all directions. There was a brief trembling as the Gu Demon wanted to cast it aside, but the four large arms were like metal, completely unable to move in the slightest.

The Ten Thousand Year Gu made an odd grin. Suddenly, it opened its mouth, and a pitch-black as ink liquid spouted forth, just happening to strike onto the giant ring. The moment the Immemorial Secret Treasure originally flashing a divine light was sprayed with the black liquid, the ring whined, and the divine light completely dispersed.

At the same time, it became pitch-black like ink, flickering with an eerie black light.

“My Gu Trapping Ring!” Lady Snake Scorpion shouted with great alarm. When the ring’s color changed, it instantly broke the mental connection she had with the Gu Trapping Ring. Her expression briefly lost its color.

This Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon that was unexpectedly fearless of even Immemorial Secret Treasures honestly made people feel disbelief.

“This damned animal still does not acknowledge serving beneath This Queen’s foot.” Lady Snake Scorpion cursed. She raised the Stars Falling Dragon Sword, but then she feared destroying this hard to obtain Ten Thousand Year Gu. If it was properly cultivated, that certainly would be an existence that surpassed Purple Rose Grade magic weapons. The future Star Duels inevitably would be the Lady Snake Scorpion’s. The damned animal, Lady Snake Scorpion clutched talismans that she successively threw. She proved herself the woman of the Roc Demon King, for they were all High Grade Talismans.

The Twin-tailed Scorpion Xie Bao could only give up confronting Su Xing and turned to attack the Ten Thousand Year Gu.


Lady Snake Scorpion and she were both experts in Gu Poison, and they were quite knowledge about handling the Ten Thousand Year Gu covered head to toe in poison gas. The so-called fight poison with poison actually restricted it.  

“Little Yi, take it.” Su Xing saw that Yan Yizhen’s complexion was already poisoned, and knowing she was heavily poisoned, he opened his mouth and gave the Detoxification Pearl to Yan Yizhen.


Yan Yizhen did not decline. When she fought Xie Bao, she had sustained many Golden Scorpion Fine Rain Needles and was also heavily poisoned confronting the Gu Demon. If this continued, Yan Yizhen would be unable to endure. Swallowing the Detoxification Pearl, the detoxifying treasure emitted a clear light that gradually suppressed the poisons in her body.

“This Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon is very powerful, as if physics don’t apply.” Su Xing had not acted and still calmly watched Lady Snake Scorpion and Xie Bao handle the Ten Thousand Year Gu, hoping he could maneuver in through a gap.

The Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon was of copper hide and iron bone, but Lady Snake Scorpion and Xie Bao also were formidable. Under its chase to kill, they nimbly dodged and countered. Xie Bao’s Golden Scorpion Fine Rain Needles focused on piercing the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon’s eyes and other weaker areas, sticking in that the Gu Demon howled incessantly.

“Martial force is completely ineffective?” Yan Yizhen was confused.

“Oh, in short, swords are ineffective, but normal magics are ineffective, too.” Su Xing’s head somewhat ached.

“En.” Yan Yizhen deeply held the same feeling. In her short exchange with the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon, the Skilful Star already knew this Gu Demon’s ferocity. Star Weapons actually could break through, but it was a pity that Yan Yizhen’s Star Weapon Yin Yang Pisces Boxing Gloves turned out to be completely at a disadvantage handling the Gu Demon, “If Yingmei was here, this would be far easier.” Yan Yizhen clenched tight her fist.

Su Xing agreed. He sensed Yingmei and Xinjie. It seemed that things were apparently not as fierce as before. Furthermore, that Yingmei and Xinjie had not returned to the Star Nest meant they should be alright? However, his intense uneasiness still made Su Xing wish to return quickly. It was just that the Ten Thousand Year Gu already was born, and not settling this hidden danger he would perhaps be ashamed to see them after his return.

But right now, Su Xing’s abilities were ineffective. Inside his body, there were still three Star Weapons he could try.


Thinking of this, Su Xing’s eye shone. He spat Essence Blood, which became the Blaze Refining Nine Hells Saber, and the magical tool Magical Fire Cloud Fragrant Handkerchief was thrown out at the same time and hung over the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon’s head.

“Little Yi!”

Yan Yizhen tacitly understood. She immediately rushed over to obstruct the link Lady Snake Scorpion and Xie Bao had with the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon. Being closed in on by a martial general, Lady Snake Scorpion had no choice but to give up confronting Yan Yizhen.

The Magical Fire Cloud Fragrant Handkerchief sucked away Su Xing’s Star Energy without end. Its spinning accelerated and suddenly transformed into a scarlet fire cloud. Even the surrounding airflow completely became a thick blood-red, turning and boiling. There were waves of blood, and the black Gu Valley was enveloped in a dazzling blood red. The red cloud secretly rolled with a blood flame. That cloud of blood and waves rapidly spun, and with a heavy boom, a great expanse of dark red flame fell towards the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon.

However, this was not sufficient to kill the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon.

The Blaze Refining Nine Hells Saber seemed to be a monster in high spirits, issuing a husky and intense cry.

Nine scarlet lights struck the middle of the Magical Fire Cloud Fragrant Handkerchief.

The dark red magical fire’s power wildly swelled and flourished under the “Nine Hells Magic Flame” that burned the monsters under Heaven.

But he did not expect that the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon would soar into the sky, open its large mouth and unexpectedly swallow the red cloud. When he saw that it wanted to eat the Magical Fire Cloud Fragrant Handkerchief, Su Xing shouted to himself “Fuck,” and hastily recalled it. This sort of abrupt termination made Su Xing violently vomit blood.

A ghostly wind blew.

The Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon spread its wings, waved its four arms and bared its fangs as it went to attack Su Xing.

“Are we to kill it?”

A very soft voice suddenly sounded out next to Su Xing.

Turning his head to look, Gongsun Huang had emerged from the Star Nest and sat on Su Xing’s shoulder. The little girl stared at that Gu Demon flying over, her face calm.

“Little Huang, quickly go back to self-cultivate.” Su Xing coldly looked at the flying Ten Thousand Year Gu. At this time, he suddenly recalled something. A multi-colored mirror of bright light appeared on his wrist. This was a treasure mirror that Holy Mother Qixia in the end turned over to Wu Siyou called some Shifting Light Mirror that was reportedly able to restrain a Gu. However, Su Xing did not believe that Holy Mother Qi Xia could be so kind. He feared there was some plot, but this indeed was unmistakably a Heavenly Spirit Grade Astral Treasure. Now, he could only test it. It was not going to make things worse anyways.

Gongsun Huang wanted to say something but hesitated.

Su Xing shouted and pointed the mirror. The mirror shot a seven-colored light onto the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon’s body and illuminated it, and the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon screamed.

“The Light Shifting Image Switching Mirror??” Lady Snake Scorpion suddenly went pale in shock when she saw this.

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