Chapter 233: Nine Dragons Seal, The Killer Star

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Su Xing stuck the talisman to his stomach. The overflowing black qi flashed, and the talisman shattered and dissolved into Su Xing’s body. Then, his whole body flashed a black light, and he suddenly breathed out black qi. An ominous shadow of a death god enveloped his body. Su Xing felt a burst of painful burning behind him, as if his tunic was about to shatter. Su Xing had forgotten to store the Purple Domain Robe and revealed an extremely crimson upper body. Immediately afterwards, he saw the flesh of his upper body was completely blood-red. Strange markings appeared, continuously spreading, filling out his body,

Black patterns and a layer of black light protecting his body. At this time, Su Xing gave people a sort of incomparably sinister imposing feeling. His ten fingers were sharp, transformed into sharpened fingernails. Su Xing only felt a type of vigorous power about to break out of his body.

Acute pain!

So powerful!!

The God Transformation Talisman was one of Liangshan Continent’s Strange Talismans, known as the Supreme Grade Talisman most close to Super Talisman. To make one, it reportedly needed an Eight or Ninth Rank Demon Beast’s soul to pass through many layers of refinement, layered onto the caster’s body. Thus, it allowed the caster’s martial force to greatly increase, his cultivation to tremendously rise. Besides the God Transformation Talisman, there was also the Spirit Transformation Talisman that allowed Star Energy to greatly increase.

Su Xing’s eyes revealed an ominous glint. His imposing air was just as if the Supervoid Cultivator was incapable of suppressing it.

Enviless of the East was well aware of the God Transformation Talisman’s might. This type of Supreme Grade Talisman could make a cultivator transform into a killer monster. Normal magic weapons could be easily torn to shreds. In the previous Star Duels, as a matter of fact, there was a Star General very weak in martial force that relied on the God Transformation Talisman, thus getting rid of several Star Generals strong in martial force. It was not known how she managed to get her hands on this type of talisman.


It was too late for more thought. Enviless of the East promptly struck several hand seals to urge the Four Holy Beasts of the Four Symbols Seal to launch an attack.

The magnificent light of the Four Symbols Seal swelled, close to blinding.

Su Xing and Wu Siyou advanced with tacit understanding. One clenched his claws and the other grasped her sword as they charged into the middle of the Four Holy Beasts. Gongsun Huang also was unwilling to sit idle. She emerged from the Star Nest, fully using her Star Magic to contend against the Azure Dragon.

The Azure Dragon wildly danced, spitting out a stream of green light swift as water.

This light fell like a heavy weight that pinned Su Xing. Su Xing furiously roared, and grabbing with his arms that brimmed with power, the green light shattered. When the Azure Dragon wanted to spit a second curtain of light, the clear sky became dragons that spun to attack. Hundreds of them wound around the Azure Dragon, fighting it.

The Azure Dragon in the clouds rolled, its green light dazzling, the rays splattering everywhere.

However, Gongsun Huang’s Star Magic was also formidable. The little loli swallowed a Star Breaker Golden Pill, staking all of her strength, continuously using her Star Magic at full power.

“Pinebrand Ancient Sword?!”

Enviless of the East opened his eyes wide when he saw that double-edged sword of multi-colored light. He was practically incapable of believing she was the Leisure Star Dragon in the Clouds Gongsun Sheng, but they already did not give him too much time to be surprised. Su Xing and Wu Siyou handling the Holy Beasts gave rise to danger for him.

The Vermilion Bird’s body beautiful as flames seemingly burned and raged in the sky. With a bird cry, a scarlet ray of light shot straight out, cutting apart space. Su Xing certainly did not want to experience the terror of this light. Leaping several steps, jumping high, the shadows of his fists flew over covering the heavens and earth.

The Vermilion Bird’s crimson fire bubbled forth, awe-inspiring as it covered.

Su Xing’s whole body suddenly was enveloped in flame, but a moment later, a powerful black qi sprayed out and extinguished this Heavenly Fire just like water. The Su Xing under the God Transformation Talisman was like he had become a Fiend Star. His close combat imposing air was out of the ordinary, each punch and kick leaving no leeway at all, which made the Vermilion Bird feel stifled.

Stifling like fire!

The Holy Beast Vermilion Bird passively took the beating, crying incessantly.

It only had a trace of weak True Spirit, roughly Supervoid level. Otherwise, if it was a genuine Holy Beast, it would have long already dispatched Su Xing. However, even if it only had a wisp of True Spirit, it was still Supervoid level. For lack of a better choice, the God Transformation Talisman ignored realms, transforming a cultivator into an existence like the Star Generals. Seeing the Vermilion Bird sustain injury, Enviless of the East struck hand seals, and the White Tiger smacked a paw towards Su Xing. Su Xing’s body was like iron, resolutely enduring. Then, he shook the White Tiger back with a punch.

The Vermilion Bird instantly disappeared, for it was frighteningly quick.

Su Xing nevertheless was like he had become a puppet, a combat puppet.

He did not hesitate at all to pursue to the side. Apparently, he had already sniffed out his target.

The Vermilion Bird appeared as expected. Su Xing acted, his two claws blowing wind. As if they had become shadows, they ripped apart the Vermilion Bird’s flames.

In the middle of its cries, the flames flourished. Its body seemed to enlarge, its illusory body having a comparatively substantial feeling.

Su Xing leaned, bringing an ear-piercing whistle in the wind. His figure already appeared above the Vermilion Bird, ignoring that raging Heavenly Fire. His body rolled, and he raised then lowered a leg, resolutely hacking it down.

His leg slashed down like a sharp blade.

This was a very commonly seen attack movement, and of the leg arts, it was the most simple, most convenient, and the most quick move. It was just that being used this time by Su Xing, it astonishingly brought a strength that was different from previous times.

The black markings over his whole body were like blood vessels, shining with the color of blood.


The imposing aura was astonishing in swiftness and severity. The sharp whistle in the air hissed loudly, as if the air had been split in half!


A frightening power suddenly erupted. The Vermilion Bird that had already lost the advantage of its Heavenly Fire could only be passive, actually suffering through this. Its body swayed, then swayed again. Su Xing nearly severed its wings, a scene quite unbearable.

But the Su Xing under the God Transformation Talisman’s sole sense of beauty was violence!

Its body seemed to have lost its strength. Su XIng’s body suddenly did a horizontal roll, and an iron leg already once again brought a terrifying whistling wind that hacked onto the same place on the Vermilion Bird.


The Vermilion Bird dodged.

Another roll, another whip of the leg!


“Bang, bang, bang, bang…”

In that instant, Su Xing was similar to a wild and fierce hurricane. His entire person already became a shadow spinning in the air. In a flash, several dozen kicks chopped like a blade, each time not leaving the Vermilion Bird’s Heavenly Fire Feather Crest.


Wu Siyou on the other side currently confronted the Black Tortoise. This Black Tortoise’s defenses were extremely strong, more formidable than the Profound Star Barrier. However, its attacks were mediocre. Even the Wu Siyou who had suffered serious injury to her vitality could barely cope with it.

The most troublesome was that White Tiger. Its speed was extremely quick, its attacks fierce, and its reactions were also incomparably swift. Its tiger claw and hiss were more powerful than the White and Black Unicorn Tiger. Its frequent sneak attacks could put Su Xing and Wu Siyou somewhat in a difficult situation. For lack of a better option, Su Xing could only call out Yan Yizhen.


Skilful Star Wanderer Yan Qing flew into the sky. Her Yin Yang Pisces Fists repeatedly bombarded, and when she faced the White Tiger’s ferocity, she was occasionally light as debris in flowing water, occasionally heavy as Mount Tai squeezing from above. Her boxing fluctuated, and her Yin Yang Palm and Swallowflash Samsara were not neglected.

When Enviless of the East saw the scene before him, he was stunned. What he saw in front of him actually was preposterous to everything he had saw in his whole life.


Three Star Generals and a Galaxy Early Stage Cultivator using the God Transformation Talisman. Across the thousand years of the Star Duels, there had yet to be something so ridiculous.

The Su Xing under the God Transformation Talisman suppressed the Vermilion Bird, the ranked fourth Leisure Star Gongsun Sheng tangled with the Azure Dragon, the ranked fourteenth Harm Star Wu Song warded off the Black Tortoise, and the ranked thirty-sixth Skilful Star was evenly matched with the White Tiger. In the past, Enviless of the East relied on this Prehistoric Spirit Treasure Four Symbols Seal with success every time. When the Four Symbols Seal emerged, the Four Divisions Holy Beasts would sweep forth. Even cultivators of the same stage would be somewhat fearful.


It was precisely because of this that the Most High Path would be the Azure Dragon Territory’s number one Great Sect.


But what Enviless of the East would never have thought of in any case was that the Four Holy Beasts summoned from the Four Symbols Seal would unexpectedly be completely suppressed. Furthermore, it was three Star Generals!


Three Star Generals.

Their Most High Path had just one Heavenly Star, yet this man unexpectedly could have three serve him.

“How is this possible!!!” Enviless of the East gnashed his teeth, promptly striking hand seals. It was a pity that the Four Symbols Seal and the Dual Mode Profound Dust Sword Array already were Enviless of the East’s final trump cards. He had no other means and could only continuously imbue Star Energy into the Four Symbols Seal. “Today, if you do not die, then who will!”

The battle of Su Xing and the three Heavenly Stars could be rated as unique, but at this very moment, those cultivators currently fighting over the Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon nevertheless did not pay attention to Enviless of the East’s shock.

Moreover, that taotie’s immense mouth was about to devour Five Poisons Mountain. Everone’s complexions were pale, and then they saw a girl in a blue and white long skirt step over on clouds.

She was Qingci.

Beside Qingci was a Fiend Star with a biting cold murderous aura.

The cultivators in an instant pulled together as one, knowing if they were swallowed by this, that Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon would be seized away by that her group. Their powers stumbled over one each other and could count as having beat back this enormous mouth. The strange dragon transformed into a black taotie cauldron in Qingci’s jade hand. That taotie was released from this black cauldron.

“Taotie Cauldron!!”1

“A Supercluster Early Stage Star Master!!”


Everyone’s lines of sight was directed at Qingci, their eyes showing shock. To unexpectedly have a Supercluster Early Stage Star Master at the current phase actually was inconceivable, and from the ignorance in the eyes of the others, this woman had never been heard of.


“The shameful woman from who knows where dares be delusional!” Lady Snake Scorpion saw the Star General at Qingci’s side, and her face went cold.

A swarm of poisonous bees attacked.


Qingci’s expression was extremely light, light as ink that had dripped into water and dissolved.

They saw a rainbow light link together, exposing a jade ring. This ring was exactly like the door-knockers2 of palaces, a dragon-like thing biting on a circle. That ring escaped to in front of Lady Snake Scorpion and abruptly swelled to cover Lady Snake Scorpion. The jade ring’s light rays glowed brightly. Lady Snake Scorpion was shocked, for she suddenly felt her body lose all spiritual power. Her Star Energy disappeared, and her strength vanished. She could not even exert a bit of force.

Virtuous Picture Ring?!!3

Every one of the powerful founders present narrowed their eyes and saw the history of this treasure. If this was only a superb entrapment magic weapon, the Founders present, including Holy Mother Qi Xia, were unlikely to be shocked. Qingci slightly smiled, and her whole body vaguely showed eight different types of items that revolved around: a jade seal, treasure bottle, bell, instrument, cauldron, ruler, saber and a portrait. Each was different, each had a threatening spiritual power, and purple light flourished.

“This is that legendary Purple Rose Astral Treasure of Heavenly Master Nine Dragons, the ‘Dragon Has Nine Sons Seal!’”4

Xuan Zhenzi shouted in amazement.

His always experienced voice showed an unrestrainable envious intent.


The Dragon Has Nine Sons Seal was also called His Majesty Nine Dragons, Nine Dragons Seal, or the Nine Dragons Spirit Treasure. Nine Purple Rose Astral Treasures in one body, each with a unique function, each with boundless capability. Of course, one Purple Rose Astral Treasure was sufficient to let cultivators run amok, but Dragon Has Nine Sons was nine!!


“You dare bully Mother Highness!” Xie Bao was angered, continuously urging on the Golden Scorpion Fine Rain Needles.

They transformed into a sparkling rain of gold.

The murderous woman beside Qingci raised her arms and chopped down with the gloom upon them. A baleful aura easily broke these Golden Scorpion Fine Rain Needles. Furthermore, that murderous air did not withdraw but directly twisted forth. Xie Bao only just dodged, but Longkui was like an iron tower and appeared behind her. Xie Bao was startled, and the two clumps of gloom hacked downwards.

Xie Bao immediately entered the Star Nest.

A multi-colored light suddenly struck.

Longkui easily blocked, her weapon stopping it. The gloom on the weapons nevertheless was subsequently dispersed, exposing a pair of unstoppable broad axes.

“Bereaved Immortal Lofty Slaughter!”5

“She is the Killer Star Black Whirlwind Li Kui!!”6

“How about giving this Ten Thousand Year Gu Demon to Your Servant?”

Qingci slightly smiled.

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  1.  饕餮鼎
  2. 獸環, depicted as a beast holding a ring in the mouth
  3.  淑圖環
  4. 龍生九子印, The dragon has nine sons, an idiom basically meaning “all kinds”
  5.  喪仙浮屠
  6.  天殺星黑旋風李逵


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    14th (Heavenly) Harm Star “Pilgrim” Wu Song(Siyou) aka: Wifey♡. Yingmei’s BFF, OP, and tries to repeat what the 8th Wu Song did… singlehandedly become the Star Duels Overlord, alone… but then she met Su Xing. Incredibly crafty, bitchy, powerful, and perceptive. Can be surprisingly cute. Her first impressions suck though. A “Complete” Star General.
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