Chapter 246: The Boundless Bell

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A knell suddenly rang.

The sky glittered with many red stars. A blazing Starfall directly dropped into Heavenly Gem Valley.

“Dammit. That Star General was killed by Great Saint Starkiller.” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon looked in the direction of the Starfall and knew that the Heavenly Gem Valley’s Star General had been killed by Great Saint Starkiller. With that terrifying Flying Sword ability of his, the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon was fully aware that bastard was not beneath the average Star General.

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon looked at Su Xing truly vexed to the extreme. He had not expected that Heavenly Gem Valley would also have someone just like he and also contract a pair of Stars. Furthermore, he also had other Star Generals following him. Truly, he was incapable of understanding this. Originally, when the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon found out that Ancestral Master Yin Luo was bringing Great Saint Starkiller, he had thought to seize the chance to see whether or not there would be an opportunity he could take advantage of to get rid of Great Saint Starkiller while shifting the blame onto Heavenly Gem Valley during the assault on the Heavenly Gem Valley. Now, it seemed that bastard truly could not be provoked.

Dammit, I need to break away from this Star Master first, the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon thought. Waiting until he had the Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo then going to confront Great Saint Starkiller naturally had a chance of success.

Just as he thought this, he suddenly heard a scream.

Demon King of Chaos Fan Ming continuously showed gaps, being run through by Lin Yingmei’s long spear. Fan Ming’s Five Demons Infernal Devil Claws endlessly ripped forth ghostly black wind, yet she basically could not sustain Lin Yingmei’s sharp spear technique.

After more than a dozen exchanges, she was at a disadvantage. River Dragon Li Xiangfei actually could lend her a helping hand, but when Leisure Star Gongsun Huang appeared, her Star Magic incessantly flourished, abnormally variable. Even with Gongsun Huang’s Star Energy still very feeble, Li Xiangfei barely took the advantageous position yet still was temporarily left with no alternative.

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s side could be said to be completely at a disadvantage.


Su Xing abruptly raised the Green Lotus Peak to press down towards Fan Ming.

With the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s speed, he more or less could dodge, but the currently fighting Fan Ming would actually have a hard time getting away. However, the Demon King of Chaos was also extremely formidable. The Five Demons Infernal Claws tore, raising a black light that lifted the Green Lotus Peak. Lin Yingmei’s figure hid at this moment, and an ice-cold to the bone chill already arrived at Fan Ming’s side. The Arctic Star Serpent Spear shook out Starlight, and a cold wind broke.

Seeing Su Xing seize the chance to injure Fan Ming, the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s fury burned, and he unleashed an Extinguishing Divine Light.

Su Xing directly avoided it and rapidly rushed towards him, Purple Cloud True Star swiping down.

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon was fully aware of the Purple Cloud’s sharpness, and he did not dare touch it. He controlled the Nine Phantasms Ten Banes Capital Demon Sword to go block it. Su Xing at this time already arrived above him, but the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon relying on the Corrupted Heavens Demon Armor did not fear Su Xing getting close. Circulating his powers, this Corrupted Heavens Demon Armor was also a Prehistoric Era Spirit Treasure. Afterwards, it had been refined by the Underworld Heavenly Sect Master using the Extinguishing Divine Light refining it nine by nine times for eighty-one times, attaching abilities within. The Extinguishing Divine Light brandished its fangs and claws, spraying out to envelop the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon. Cultivators like Galaxy Stage simply had a hard time drawing near.

Su Xing knew his power, and he immediately swept forth the Miraculous Bodhi Tree.

Green light and auspicious vapors like smoke pounced upwards. Although the Corrupted Heavens Demon Armor was powerful, how could it compare to the Miraculous Bodhi Tree. The Extinguishing Divine Light thus resisted for a several moments before withering away. The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon was greatly astonished, “The Miraculous Bodhi Tree! How do you have this sort of thing!!”

Su Xing’s speed had always been not slow, and after adding Wu Xinjie’s Speed Is A Crucial Asset In War, he was even faster beyond reasonable limits. After destroying the Extinguishing Divine Light, he swallowed Immortal Water Pill Dew and slapped the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s cranium. The Purple Cloud in his palm was like a blade, to directly take his life.

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s reactions were extremely quick. A gushing Star Energy like a river overflowed, directly rushing Su Xing. Although it could not form injuries, the powerful Star Energy still deviated Su Xing, and the fist fell into his stomach.

With a scream, the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon retreated a hundred meters. The Corrupted Heavens Demon Armor blocked the majority of Su Xing’s palm force, so his injuries were not serious.

“You damned bastard!” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon vomited a mouthful of blood. Rousing the Nine Phantasms Ten Banes Capital Demon Sword, it spread a demonic Sword Array. The Miraculous Bodhi Tree swiped again. Green light directly discharged, and a magic cloud enveloped the Nine Phantasms Ten Banes Capital Demon Sword in a binding.

Their sight was blinded, and Su Xing once again attacked.

“Young Master!”

The moment Fan Ming saw her master was being suppressed, she promptly turned around and rushed at Su Xing.

Just at this moment, there suddenly was a hurricane that entangled her. Gongsun Huang pointed her sword, and she abruptly sent a Wind Rolls The Clouds.

Not good!!

The Demon King of Chaos shouted to herself. Behind her came an abrupt chill. Fan Ming’s reactions already were very quick, but Lin Yingmei was even faster. The Arctic Star Serpent Spear stabbed and was blocked by Fan Ming’s Five Demons Infernal Devil Claws. However, how could she have anticipated that the spear edge rolled forth a cold wind that was bolstered with Wind Rolls The Clouds. Her defense directly shattered under the pincer attack. An immense ice-cold feeling immediately linked to her stomach.

Fan Ming stared wide-eyed at Lin Yingmei’s pupils that were like broken ice.

Her figure dispersed, entering the Star Nest.

“Ming’er.” Li Xiangfei shouted, unexpectedly comprehending the White Night Dragon Carving Sword’s “Dark Rank Move.” The White Night Dragon Carving Sword was flung, transforming into a white light. That white light scattered in midair, then becoming several hundred white dragons. The white dragons froze Gongsun Huang where she was with their breath. Afterwards, they attacked, as if to tear Gongsun Huang to shreds.

This was the Dark Rank Move

White Dragon Entering Dream!!1

But at this time, Wu Xinjie blocked in front, erecting a Star Energy Barrier. It endured this Dark Rank Move, and the hundred white dragons devastated Wu Xinjie seemingly to her last breath. “You?” Gongsun Huang was stunned.


Li Xiangfei’s anger rose. The Star Crest on her forehead shot out a blue light. Those scattered white dragons then combined into one and transformed into a giant white dragon that rose from the heavens. Inside the darkness, a white dragon brilliantly displayed its might, opening its large mouth to swallow Wu Xinjie.

But at this time, they suddenly spotted five divine needles of essence light stick into Wu Xinjie’s body, and then a green light flashed.

A breath of life unceasingly concentrated, and the white dragon swallowed, nearly finishing off Wu Xinjie. However, she generally could count as barely enduring it. In addition, it need not be said for that critical injury recovery was An Suwen acting.

The Efficacious Star did not dare hold back. She urged the Child And Mother Linked Hearts Needles, also a Dark Rank Move.

“Life Returning Magic Hands!!”2

Now that the third stage already was close to opening, the majority of Star Generals had comprehended their Dark Rank Moves, and beginning from the Dark Rank, Star Generals also were striding step by step into the ranks of Genuine Star Generals. Each Dark Rank Move was very valiant that even Supercluster Ancestors necessarily were afraid. The Efficacious Star’s “Life Returning Magic Hands” was activated with the Child And Mother Linked Hearts Needles. Sticking them into the body of the target, she could cure any injury in a very short time frame. Although it was not as magical as restoring energy, injuries pertaining to a Star General’s life and death could not be neglected.

“How are you all here at this place?” Longevity Star Li Xiangfei did not dare believe the scene before her.

Four Star Generals!

This was some ridiculous battle formation.


Without allowing her to think more, the surroundings rolled with wind and snow. Li Xiangfei found her hands and feet had been trapped, her movements at this moment seemingly slowed. Oh, no, Li Xiangfei’s pupils focused, for Lin Yingmei already attacked to her front. Li Xiangfei wanted to dodge, but the snowstorm rolling in her surroundings had formlessly obstructed her ways of retreat. A kind of resolution plunged her into Lin Yingmei’s attack.

Li Xiangfei promptly lifted the White Night Dragon Carving Sword.

But she was a Star General that specialized in martial force, after all. Although she cultivated both martial force and magic, how could her martial force compete with Lin Yingmei.

When Li Xiangfei used her Dark Rank Move with a slight injury, Lin Yingmei’s Long Blizzard Nights then attacked. The spear was imposing as a tide, continuous and uninterrupted. The snowstorm lingered, attacking Li Xiangfei time after time. The River Dragon was practically without strength to resist, allowing Lin Yingmei to charge and break through.

Finally, a spear ran through her stomach.

“Well done.”

Li Xiangfei contrarily smiled. Suddenly, she turned her head and shouted: “Young Master, quickly run!!”

Lin Yingmei retracted her spear, actually having a slight fleeting sadness at her shout. She did not stop her, for Star Generals were sisters, flesh and blood linked together. Even the most callous Star Generals would be hard-pressed to not be stirred at seeing her own sister so protective.

Li Xiangfei flipped her hand to slash.

Then, Lin Yingmei slashed her into the Star Nest without the slightest hesitation.


The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon vomited blood, angered to shouting in craze, mad as a fierce tiger.

How could Su Xing sympathize. A bolt of Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder boomed forth, making him once again spit blood slightly.

“Holy Lord of Draconic Demon, you truly reveal yourself as a disgrace.”

Su Xing and all the girls suddenly halted, astonished expressions across their whole faces as they took guard against the figure that appeared.

They saw a fifteen or sixteen year old youth with white teeth and red lips appear. He held both hands behind his back, an adept’s manner. He gave Su Xing a great pressure. With Su Xing’s Seeing Clearly, he unexpectedly could not discern his cultivation. This actually was hard to believe.

“Just why has the Heavenly Underworld Sect set their eyes on Heavenly Gem Valley. Tell me so I can hear.” Great Saint Starkiller hung a smile that would not harm man nor beast. “Seeing you cut such a sorry figure, perhaps I can help you.”

“I have no need for your concern!!”

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon gnashed his teeth, controlling his flying swords to attack while Su Xing swung the Miraculous Bodhi Tree.

Swiping forth that terrifying magic qi.

“The Miraculous Bodhi Tree, a Prehistoric Spirit Treasure. Could you be that Xie Zhenyuan of the Most High Path?” Great Saint Starkiller’s eyes shone, his tone relaxed. His reactions made Su Xing feel extreme danger. Other people, even those Ancestors, each would be shocked to see the Prehistoric Spirit Treasure Miraculous Bodhi Tree, but the youth in front of him was indifferent as a flower, not afraid in the slightest, even possessing an inquisitive interest.

How could Su Xing mind him. Divine light scattered, and first was a Five Claws Dragon Capture that seized the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon. Then, his flying swords slashed. Lin Yingmei at this time also did not dare be careless. Her figure stepped, and she vaulted to cut down the Great Saint Starkiller.

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s complexion was pale to the extreme. The Corrupted Heavens Demon Armor’s black light broke the Five Claws Dragon Capture, yet he acted recklessly to take revenge for his Star Generals, attacking just like Su Xing. However, how could he be Su Xing’s opponent. Su Xing almost got rid of him, but that Corrupted Heavens Demon Armor truly was formidable, leaving Su Xing with no way out.

Sword-lights like the starry skies blocked Lin Yingmei, but they were swept aside by the Arctic Star Serpent Spear. Great Saint Starkiller’s brows rose, and he smiled: “Panther Head Lin Chong. Pity that Ying’er3 is not here. Otherwise, she would be very fired up.” He spoke his words, rapidly retreating.

Lin Yingmei saw his speed was not slow. Her speartip shook, blowing out a spear-light.

Great Saint Starkiller made a large wave, and the Heavenly Cycle Changing Holy Sword tore the spear-light to shreds.

The Majestic Star had already attacked to his front.

“Actually somewhat living up to the name.”

The sword-light changed shape and attacked with a swish.

But at this time, a blue light covered her. Su Xing swished the Miraculous Bodhi Tree, wanting to wipe out this man in one blow. Lin Yingmei at this time also had tacit understanding, once again using Long Blizzard Nights to trap the Great Saint Starkiller’s figure. Gongsun Huang also used Wind Rolls The Clouds. The three people worked together, and a normal cultivator would necessarily die without doubt.

“You have a Prehistoric Spirit Treasure, I have one, too.” Great Saint Starkiller lightly smiled.

A brown copper bell appeared above his head, and this copper bell’s surroundings twisted with black and white light. It shook, like a knell.

A ding-dong reverberated through Heavenly Gem Valley.

Suddenly, the Miraculous Bodhi Tree’s divine light and auspicious vapors, Lin Yingmei’s Long Blizzard Nights and Gongsun Huang’s Star Magic dispersed as if they had seen some frightening thing, becoming nothing.


“The Boundless Bell!!”4


Wu Xinjie was stunned.

Author’s Note:

For the life of me, the last thirty percent can’t be uploaded. Anxious to death, still owe 3 chapters…

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