Chapter 251: Hanyan Also Restrains Feelings

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“Father Emperor, did you call on Daughter?!”

The Ling Yan Princess Zhao Hanyan walked into the study. Emperor Liang was just bent over his desk, completely surrounded by books.

Emperor Liang lifted his head. Seeing Zhao Hanyan, he showed a fatherly benevolence. Gesturing for Zhao Hanyan to sit down, Princess Ling Yan’s Star General Dong Junqing emerged from the Star Nest and appeared at her side.

“This is for you.” Emperor Liang waved his hand.

A blue light flashed, and a banner of waves appeared in Zhao Hanyan’s hand. Looking at this item, Zhao Hanyan was stunned. This item was the Blue Waves Heavenly Clear Damask, the Approaching Star’s Destined Star Weapon. “Father Emperor, could it be you…”

“How would We have the interest to confront a Star General.” Knowing what his daughter was astonished about, Emperor Liang smiled. “This was seized from the Purple Thunder Monster, so We shall gift it to you. There is another Star Weapon that will be given to your second brother.”

The Zhao Hanyan who was currently toying with the Blue Waves Heavenly Clear Damask suddenly froze her smile. A fleeting shock flashed across her eyes. “The Purple Thunder Monster? Father Emperor, you killed the Purple Thunder Monster?” Zhao Hanyan was aware of the Purple Thunder Monster’s true identity, and hearing that Su Xing unexpectedly came into contact with her father, her heart had a kind of unclear perturbed feeling.

“He certainly is not easy to kill.” Emperor Liang smiled.

“Father Emperor, just what happened? Can you inform Daughter? You two must have had a misunderstanding.” Zhao Hanyan’s brows rose, and her tone was somewhat nervous. Seeing her appearance, the Steadfast Star Dong Junqing concealed a very good twitch of her lips.

Emperor Liang’s eyes had an odd expression. The Princess Ling Yan in his memory was noble and proud, seemingly never caring for external affairs. Hearing his daughter’s rare uneasiness, he was somewhat curious.

Zhao Hanyan’s face turned red. She nonchalantly said: “I heard most recently that the Azure Dragon Territory is spreading the reputation of the ‘Purple Thunder Saint.’ The Scattered Star Cultivators are abuzz about the affair at Vermilion Bird Territory’s Five Poisons Mountain. Daughter is very curious.”

“Oh. So there was even something like this.” Emperor Liang looked pensively. He teased: “Those Ten Sects seemed to have gone about things truly not cleanly enough.”

“Father Emperor, just how did this Purple Thunder Monster offend Father Emperor? To unexpectedly take away the Star Weapons he had obtained?” Zhao Hanyan said in a low voice.

Emperor Liang summarized the events of Heavenly Gem Valley’s Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo. As for the Purple Thunder Monster contracting multiple Star Generals, he actually omitted that without mention at all.

“Ah…” Zhao Hanyan was dumbstruck. “He unexpectedly came into contact and even snatched away the Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo…Heavens…” Princess Ling Yan was surprised, not because Su Xing could steal the Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo, but because Su Xing unexpectedly dared to contend against her father. What kind of courage did this need. Zhao Hanyan knew better than anyone else the awe of the Liang Dynasty’s Emperor. That angered appearance was such that perhaps even the Ten Great Sects could not avoid it quickly enough.

“He truly is fortunate.” Knowing that Su Xing used the Jade Pendant to escape, Zhao Hanyan carelessly sighed in relief.

This detail made Emperor Liang’s eyelids jump.

“Father Emperor is preparing the entire country’s power to chase and kill him. Originally, We did not want to partake with the Ten Great Sects, but he unexpectedly dared to provoke Us. Hanyan, what say you whether or not We should do this?” Emperor Liang asked very interestedly.

“This guy truly is too brazen. Even if he died a hundred times, his death would not be regretted.” Zhao Hanyan bit her lips, recalling their encounter in the Void Immortal’s Abode; her face turned red, showing a daughter’s manner. What “death is not to be regretted,” she clearly was pretending to be displeased.

Dong Junqing fake coughed to warn her.

Zhao Hanyan’s face was hot, saying in deadly earnest: “However, Daughter feels this Purple Thunder Monster’s mistake even has merits. Father Emperor issued an arrest warrant for the worst.”

Emperor Liang was slightly surprised at Zhao Hanyan’s words. He smiled: “Why?”

“The current ‘Purple Thunder Saint’ reputation currently is proliferating through a majority of the Scattered Star Cultivator sects. The Ten Great Sects’ reputation is not at all good. If Father Emperor carries through with this, would he not be helping the evildoers? This would make the other cultivators freeze their hearts.” Zhao Hanyan analyzed.

Emperor Liang nodded.

Seeing Father Emperor seemingly show approval, Zhao Hanyan continued to speak: “Secondly, Father Emperor should not order his arrest. Rather, Father Emperor should thank him.”

“Thank the Purple Thunder Monster?” Emperor Liang’s smile disappeared. If it was anyone else who head this, they would feel incredulous. How could he, who had just been provoked and had a Spirit Item stolen from him, even have to on the contrary thank his opponent. If it was anyone else, Emperor Liang would have slapped him to death with a single strike. However, he knew his daughter’s intelligence, so he continued to listen.

Zhao Hanyan also smiled: “Can Hanyan venture to ask Father Emperor two questions.”


“First question: That Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo definitely is not yet Ten Thousand Years?”

“En. It still had ten more years. Had it reached Ten Thousand Years, perhaps it would already have been harvested.”

“Second question: Father Emperor has spirit liquid to rapidly expedite the growth for the remaining ten years? Daughter feels that Heavenly Gem Valley must have wasted significant effort on it. If it was not Spirit Liquids like the Thousand Year Tears, perhaps it cannot have induced growth.”

“We actually do not have this.” Although the Great Liang Dynasty was prosperous, the least bit of induced growth spirit liquids the likes of the Thousand Year Tears had not been found.

“Third question: The Black Turtle Territory had Devil Cults aware of the Heavenly Gem Valley’s Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo that they would come for a raid?”

“Precisely.” Emperor Liang covered his smile, already understanding what his daughter was saying.

Zhao Hanyan said sweetly: “So Father Emperor ought to thank the Purple Thunder Monster for helping Father Emperor settle a hidden danger.”

The Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo still had ten years in order to mature, a period that Emperor Liang could not possibly waste. Furthermore, he was without any means to quickly take away the Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo. Since this was the case, the Black Turtle Territory’s next sneak attack would develop into a war. The Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo was the bane of the Devil Cults. How could the Black Turtle Territory be so reconciled if they did not pull it out by the roots. At that time, there was bound to be a terrible war.

Now, the Purple Thunder Monster had taken it away and left many a thought.

And how could Emperor Liang not possibly understand. “But this Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo has fallen into the Monster’s hands. In the end, this has made Us not too reassured.”

“Although others call him Monster, in actuality, Su Xing’s person is not bad.” Zhao Hanyan recalled that day inside the cave, and red clouds once again flew across her face.

“The Purple Thunder Monster is a Star Master, and he has obtained such a Divine Item. Hanyan, that would be very disadvantageous for you in the Star Duels, yet you actually are helping speak up for him.” Emperor Liang smiled and asked, “You have met him before?”

“Daughter is only speaking the truth. Father Emperor, there is no need to worry. Even if he really did take the Ten Thousand Year, that can only give the Black Turtle Territory’s Monsters a headache. I have nothing to worry about at all.” Zhao Hanyan’s expression was gentle: “Inside the Void Liangshan, it was still thanks to him that Daughter could obtain the Jade Pendant.”

Dong Junqing snorted, somewhat displeased. Zhao Hanyan unexpectedly wanted to thank a philandering pervert.

Emperor Liang glanced at the Steadfast Star, then looked at Zhao Hanyan, his eyes shining.

“Since you have said as such, We shall have faith in him. When the time is right and conditions are favorable for him, We shall no longer investigate him.” Emperor Liang muttered to himself. The Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo was not at all very useful to him. He only worried the Devil Cults would exploit the “Divine Light” the Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo gave rise to in order to create an abnormal cultivation method. Now hearing Zhao Hanyan discuss that Su Xing, seemingly with love and hate, he did not appear to be a vicious philanderer.

“Hanyan, do you have a way to find that Su Xing?”

“Father Emperor?”

“We only wish to discuss the affairs of Maiden Mountain with him. We will not do anything to him.” Emperor Liang lightly smiled.

“He appears and disappears as he pleases. Daughter has not seen him since the Purple Rose Birth Outline.” Zhao Hanyan pondered, hesitantly speaking.

“Next time you encounter him, inform Us.”

“Hanyan understands.”

Discussing further, Emperor Liang said: “These Star Duels, other Star Masters are more demanding. How is the support that the True Immortals Hall provided you?”

“En, the school is very good to Daughter. Not long ago, the Headmaster even gave Hanyan a Prehistoric Spirit Treasure, the ‘Purple Smoke Confusing Sky Lantern.’1 They have helped Daughter in the Star Duels, and a breakthrough to Supercluster Stage should be imminent.” Zhao Hanyan was proud.

“We have also prepared a magic weapon for each of the three of you.” Emperor Liang said in satisfaction, “General of Double Spears Dong Junqing, you also have a share.” With the current Evil Smiting Hall about to begin, the Star Duels were about to truly start. Now that Chao Gai has already descended into the world, after this, everything would have to rely on the Star General’s own selves in battle.

Dong Junqing nodded her head, considered to be grateful. Knowing her personality to be this way, Emperor Liang did not mind: “How have you practiced the Flying Immortals Sword?”

“It is already near Connecting Spirit.”

“Over the next few days, We shall point out the True Spirit Realm of the Flying Sword.”

“Many thanks to Father Emperor!” Zhao Hanyan showed happiness. She certainly was aware of the power of Father Emperor’s Flying Sword, Liangshan’s apex. With Emperor Liang’s guidance, the next time she encountered Su Xing, hm, hm, watch how This Princess will sort you out.

“In several months, it shall be your birthday. In accordance with custom, Father Emperor shall prepare to hold for you a Liangshan Feast. If there is anyone to your fancy, remember to bring them for Us to take a look.”

“Daughter is currently in the Star Duels. How could she have the mind to bother with this.” Zhao Hanyan said.

Emperor Liang smiled: “If that Purple Thunder Monster can come on your birthday, that would be even better.”

Emerging from the study, Zhao Hanyan’s face was brimming with joy. Nevertheless, the Dong Junqing next to her was expressionless. The trace of sentiment Princess Ling Yan leaked out in the dialog with Emperor Liang made her very upset. She even wanted to push Zhao Hanyan onto a bed for a ravaging interrogation, however, this was the Imperial Palace. Dong Junqing did not dare be rash, staying well-behaved to the side.

“This time, Father Emperor has been very strange since he returned from Heavenly Gem Valley, unexpectedly being this generous.” Zhao Hanyan’s face wore a slight smile.

“Emperor Liang probably feels these Star Duels are very dangerous.” Dong Junqing muttered to herself, immediately saying earnestly: “Princess Highness, you must not lose your direction because of other people.”

Zhao Hanyan’s smile very quickly was restrained, replaced with a dignified expression.

She knew the dangers of the Star Duels.

“Actually, Princess Highness, why did you help speak up for that man just now? Would letting Emperor Liang kill him not be better?” Dong Junqing snorted: “Do you want to inform Emperor Liang about the matter of the Thousand Year Contract. Continuing on like this is not a solution.”

“Princess Highness must not forget, the Star Duels at the very end are only you die and I live. There is no kindness to be said!” The Steadfast Star was very serious.

Princess Ling Yan’s smile confused everyone. Her gaze was directed to the sky outside the window, and her expression seemed to fly to a very faraway place: “This Princess is actually very expectant for that period to quickly come…what would he do…”

The Steadfast Star said to herself: “He will strike a killing blow.”

“If he is heartless, This Princess naturally will be heartless to him! But the current Su Xing honestly makes This Princess quite amazed, unexpectedly unafraid of even Father Emperor. However, he still is truly very reckless…” Zhao Hanyan shallowly smiled, her eyes flashing. There was a sort of very odd and passionate luster. “Do you want to go find him right now? I wonder what he is doing right now?”

“Young Lord, Xinjie wants to collect semen!”2

The Knowledge Star’s clothes were half undone, her eyes containing an infatuating charm. With fixed eyes, she stared at Su Xing, her lovely words shocking.

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  1. 紫煙迷天燈
  2.  採精, collect semen or Essence Gathering. This is a pun based on the title of that book they got awhile back.


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