Chapter 253: Four Styles Solitary Path

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The moment Su Xing appeared, he stirred everyone’s attention. Ever since several months ago when he startled the Four Styles School, Su Xing did not appear thereafter, always mysterious. Although a very long time had passed, his status as Ju Yueke’s disciple made it impossible to not attract attention, even if he did not want to.

The Four Styles School had very with the qualifications to become Tang Lianxin’s Star Master, more than ten, but their cultivations were not impressive at all. The highest was merely Nebula Middle Stage. The Four Styles School would perhaps be unwilling to nurture this type of Star Master, for this practically was a waste.

“Junior Brother Su Xing!”

Just as he was thinking, he suddenly heard a sweet voice.

Yang Yanyu smiled widely as she walked over.

“Senior Sister Yanyu.” Su Xing greeted respectfully. He suddenly sensed a Divine Intent seize onto his body, and Su Xing remained motionless.

Yang Yanyu curiously inspected Su Xing’s cultivation. However, Su Xing’s cultivation already reached Galaxy Middle Stage, so she was far from being able to see through him, “Junior Brother Su Xing, you truly are a genius. Your cultivation advanced a lot again!”

“It is all due to Master’s instruction on the proper method.” Su Xing smiled.

“Of course. Master Aunt Yueke is the Four Styles School’s peak senior.” Yang Yanyu deeply held this feeling. How could she have known that aside from Ju Yueke throwing a few books at Su Xing and giving some pointers at the very beginning, he was beyond her capability to teach.

And Su Xing had no need to point that out.

“This time, is Junior Brother Su Xing also thinking of signing a contract with the Solitary Star?” Yang Yanyu asked.

“This is only natural.” Su Xing nodded.

Yang Yanyu kindly said: “Junior Brother must think clearly! The Star Duels are but you die and I live. Now, it is already the Third Phase. The other Great Sect Star Masters already have nearly fully developed wings. After the Fourth Phase, the Star Generals will be truly lethal, undying and untiring. Junior Brother participating in the Star Duels right now is indeed somewhat dangerous, and the Solitary Star Tang Long participating in the Star Duels is but true cannon fodder.” Yang Yangyu also saw that Su Xing was not bad and was rather fond of him that she would say this. Otherwise, the entire Four Styles School from top to bottom was exhilarated at this contract, yet was it not unfortunate that she dampened the enthusiasm.

Su Xing naturally knew that what Yang Yanyu said was true, however, the past Star Duels also had many Star Masters that struck second rather than first and surpassed their masters. “Many thanks for Senior Sister’s concern, but Your Servant’s intentions are already decided. Besides, Your Servant and Little Sister Lianxin have slept together for this long, how could Your Servant surrender Little Sister Lianxin so readily.”

Yang Yanyu was speechless. The Star Duels was the entire Liangshan’s golden age. In this sort of environment, even if the situation was any more dangerous, signing a Star Duel Covenant with a Star General was something many Star Cultivators pursued. “Then Senior Sister hopes Junior Brother Su Xing will be successful in all things.”

“Many thanks, Senior Sister.”

“Hmph, what a joke. You would be mistreated if you participated in the Star Duels.”

A disdainful cold snort interrupted the two.

This voice was too familiar.

“Ruan Hongxue, is your butt itchy?” Su Xing crossed his arms, seemingly smiling yet not.

When the Ruan Hongxue wearing a red robe heard Su Xing say that comment, her face turned red and glared at him: “Don’t think that you need not differentiate between good and bad just because you are under Master Aunt Yueke. The Star Duels are once in a hundred years, and any random Star Master is more powerful than you by a hundred fold, more ingenious by a thousand, hmph. Even in the Four Styles School, Senior Brother E Jun1 and Senior Sister Cong Wanzhi2 are much more incredible than you.”

“Hongxue, do not be impudent. This time, Junior Brother Su Xing is but being accorded great hopes by Sect Master.” Jiao Shu said.

Ruan Hongxue twitched her lips, lectured into shutting her mouth by Jiao Shu. Gazing at Su Xing, she nevertheless wanted to spurt forth fire. After being humiliated that day, that was the shame of Ruan Hongxue’s life. Truly, she dreamed of flogging Su Xing everyday. Afterwards, she even called for E Jun and Cong Wanzhi to cause Su Xing trouble. What a pity after that, Su Xing declared seclusion and did not appear outside Mirror’s Flower Stream thereafter, making Ruan Hongxue angry with no outlet.

“Junior Brother Su Xing, do not mind her, Little Sister Hongxue is just fond of stirring up trouble.” Jiao Shu still was very cultured and refined.

Su Xing was disinclined to take notice of her commotion, “Who were they that she mentioned just now? Star Masters contending for the Star General?”

“You do not know?”

They were stunned.

“I was always in seclusion.” Su Xing smiled.

Yang Yanyu whispered: “E Jun is the son of the Thunder Roll Peak’s head, and Cong Wanzhi is Water Moon Peak’s. They are among the Four Styles School’s Four Great Disciples.”

Su Xing suddenly understood. He recalled conversations that the Four Styles School indeed had Four Great Disciples. The Jiao Shu in front of him was a disciple of Fire Cloud Peak.

“Junior Brother Su Xing truly is a genius. Your cultivation has already reached Galaxy Middle Stage.” Jiao Shu’s eyes contained a blaze, slightly startled as he spoke.

“What Galaxy Middle Stage?”

The surrounding sect disciples all shouted, looking flabbergasted at Su Xing.

“Impossible. How could he possibly be this quick. Last time, he was but Nebula Late Stage.” Ruan Hongxue yelled.

Jiao Shu gazed at Su Xing with an expression that was incomparably odd. He certainly had spent much effort to only finally break through from Galaxy Early Stage to Galaxy Middle Stage, and Su Xing unexpectedly jumped two levels. It was known that Star Cultivator realms each had a bottleneck at each stage, and the Great Realms in particular were even more difficult.

“No wonder Junior Brother is this confident. It seems you truly are more gifted than others.” Yang Yanyu smiled.

Ruan Hongxue’s face was red with anger. Su Xing’s cultivation being at Galaxy Middle Stage honestly was too quick. She had barely reached Galaxy Early Stage.

“To think of participating in the Star Duels at Galaxy Middle Stage, that is rather too arrogant. This is certainly not good.”

A man and woman walked over. The man wore the Thunder Roll Peak’s robes and the girl was adorned with the Water Moon Peak’s robes. Seeing these two’s cultivation was Galaxy Late Stage, there was no need to think to realize these were the Four Great Disciples of the Four Styles School.

“Senior Brother E Jun, Senior Sister Wanzhi.” Ruan Hongxue shouted in pleasant surprise.

The man and woman slightly nodded their heads. That Cong Wanzhi was a very adorable beauty, like a peaceful lotus, quite graceful.

“So you are Su Xing, Master Aunt Ju Yueke’s disciple?” Cong Wanzhi slightly smiled. “We heard you caused a big ruckus when you had only just arrived in the sect, making the Fire Cloud Peak lose much face. At the time, Senior Sister was in seclusion and missed out.”

“Hmph, cultivators from outside Fire Eastern Island always liked to stir up trouble.” E Hun’s expression was very loathsome.

“However, it is better for Junior Brother to not participate in the Star Duels. Things like the Star Duels definitely are not small-scale.” Cong Wanzhi’s tone was very tender, making listeners feel like they were bathing in spring breezes. It was just that the words spoken made Su Xing displeased, the appearance of an elder lecturing a youngster. However, her cultivation was higher by a bit, and her seniority as a Senior Sister was a matter of course.

“Your Servant possesses his own propriety.” Su Xing indifferently responded.

E Hun looked at Su Xing’s appearance with a scowl. Coldly, he said: “We treat you well because Ju Yueke has placed great hopes in you.”

“Many thanks for your concern.” Su Xing refused to comment.


“Your Servant has heard someone wants to take Your Servant’s Solitary Star? Interesting.”

The atmosphere then stiffened. Another voice brimming with curiosity floated over. Raising their head to look, wind blew, and a black-robed man appeared in the courtyard.

“Pengtian, you have also come?”

The others laughed aloud when they saw.

“The last of the Four Great Disciples, Yun Pengtian,3 also has the qualifications to contract a Star General.” Yang Yanyu whispered.

The Four Great Disciples appearing on scene actually made Su Xing pensive, for they like Su Xing, also Galaxy Middle Stage.

That Yun Pengtian walked in front of Su Xing, asking in surprise: “This Junior Brother also can contract a Star General?”


“Ha, ha. As expected, the beginning of the Star Duels had many geniuses the same as This Genius.” Yun Pengtian laughed aloud. He stroked his chin: “However, This Senior Brother certainly has accumulated power for a long time for the Star Duels and will not yield to you! Junior Brother!”

“Your Servant is Su Xing. Everything depends on your own skill. Yielding or not yielding cannot be said!” Su Xing smiled, not wishing to speak more idle chatter. The true chapter would be witnessed on the battlefield.

The others showed expressions of praise when they heard this.

“Well spoken, everything depends on your own skill.” Yun Pengtian smiled widely.

Jiao Shu at this time came over to mediate. The Four Styles School’s Four Great Disciples huddled together, chatting with one another. Su Xing’s hearing was very good, and he heard Cong Wanzhi and the others still were very receptive of Yun Pengtian contracting the Solitary Star.

“This Yun Pengtian came from Violent Wind Peak. He has a very formidable Galaxy Magic Weapon. You must take note of him.” Yang Yanyu whispered.

Su Xing nodded.

Outside Styles Heart Hall’s plaza, there were more and more escape lights. Afterwards, there were no waves that were too great at all. Although the majority of the disciples were very inclined towards contracting the Solitary Star, they knew themselves. Most of them came to experience the Four Styles Solitary Path. Reportedly, those that could pass through the Four Styles Solitary Path definitely were first-class talents, which was very helpful for later tool refinement.

Not long after, the Styles Heart Hall’s doors opened, and the plaza was immediately silent.

The Four Peaks’ Heads, Ju Yueke and Headmaster Daoist Master Xuan Tian walked out. Even more attention-grabbing was the Solitary Star Gold Coin Spotted Leopard Tang Long beside Ju Yueke. The Tang Lianxin adorned in a palace dress was captivating to everyone present. That unique iceberg temperament of the Solitary Star made even Cong Wanzhi seem slightly filthy. In all of Liangshan Continent, countless Star Cultivators pursued the Star Duels. It was very difficult to say whether or not such an absolutely beautiful and magnificent Star General would accompany this sort of vanity.

Daoist Master Xuan Tian also explained most everything, only that the Star General honoring them with her presence was the matter of great fortune for the Four Styles School. The Four Styles Solitary Path was opened specially today to select the Four Styles School’s Star Master. Besides this, any Star Cultivator that could go from start to finish in the Four Styles Solitary Path would earn the sect’s awards and patronage, making all of the cultivators endlessly moved. In addition, the first to pass through the Four Styles Solitary Path had the qualifications to be a Star Master and could sign a Star Duel Covenant with the Solitary Star.

Finally, the Heads of the Four Spirit Peaks each waved a hand. A talisman appeared in the hands of each disciple.

“This is an ‘Escape Technique Talisman,’ a talisman This School specially fabricated. The Four Styles Solitary Path is very dangerous, and you may even lose your life. Many superbly talented disciples in the past have fallen in the Four Styles Solitary Path. If you encounter danger, immediately use this talisman!!” Ju Yueke at this time spoke coldly, her tone reserved, yet her words poured into everyone present. Every person listened genuinely and worriedly. Everyone that had originally been rubbing their palms together instantly were as if they had fallen into an ice house, stunned.

“Headmaster, we could even lose our lives?” Some cultivators asked in astonishment.

“Of course. Did you think experience was fun? All experience, if you do not go through death, what experience does that count as!” Ju Yueke coldly said. “Although that Escape Technique Talisman can save your life, the dangers you all will encounter may not give you even a chance to react, which is a waste of a talisman. The reason why the Four Styles Solitary Path has been sealed off for so long is precisely because many disciples have perished. The Four Styles School cannot take such losses, thus closed it off.”

“Furthermore, we have no means to help you. The Four Styles Solitary Path is set according to the cultivation of the cultivators entering. The higher the cultivation, the greater the danger. You all must consider this point clearly.” Thunder Roll Peak’s head E Yizheng4 warned: “Disciples Nebula Late Stage and higher can enter. The other disciples had best not rashly enter.”

The two’s words immediately made the atmosphere fall to the freezing point.

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  2.  從婉芝
  3.  雲朋天
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