Chapter 257: Nüwa Jade

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“Any way you put it, you are my Junior Sister. Senior Brother is not so rude like you. Quickly leave on your own. It seems you will be unable to cross to the next checkpoints. Do not find yourself anymore trouble.” Su Xing’s face had an expression of not wanting to lower himself to her level written upon it as he turned and left.

Taking several steps, Su Xing rarely did not hear Ruan Hongxue’s fiery temper explode. Could it be said that the Silent Path wore down her temper? This actually was strange. Su Xing turned his head, finding Ruan Hongxue standing on the plains, not saying anything. She looked at herself like this, her face very pale. Her body tottered, clearly about to be unable to support herself.

“Could it be you truly want to court death?” Su Xing’s tone sunk, somewhat severe, “Tsunderes ought to have a limit!”

Being yelled at by Su Xing like this, Ruan Hongxue was startled. She rubbed her nose as if she was a meek and pitiful lamb facing a hungry wolf. “My…Escape Talisman is gone…”

“Ah?” Su Xing was powerless, once again walking in front of her.

Ruan Hongxue was somewhat afraid of Su Xing, retreating several steps.

“You do not have one?”

“Did. It was destroyed by that Demon Beast.” Ruan Hongxue replied.

Su Xing clearly understood. As he said, how could Ruan Hongxue be this brainless. About to become lunch in a hungry wolf’s belly, she still went all out to resist. She truly thought she was as abnormal as Su Xing was, capable of killing the Nirvana Ice Chief. “Take it.” Su Xing did not even need to think and gave his Escape Technique Talisman to Ruan Hongxue.

The girl was very surprised and very anxious: “Are you not using it?”

“I indeed want to marry Little Sister Lianxin. I naturally can walk this Four Styles Solitary Path to the end. I have no use holding onto it.” Su Xing did not believe he would.

“You truly want to go participate in the Star Duels?” Ruan Hongxue was even more astonished.

Su Xing was not very receptive of her response. Could it be his participation in the Star Duels was a very ridiculous matter? No matter what was said, he did have six Little Sisters.

Seeing that Su Xing was somewhat disdainful, Ruan Hongxue stammered an explanation: “She is only the Solitary Star. You participating is only going to your death…the Star Duels have that many sects…”

Su Xing smiled: “What, Ruan Hongxue, were you not eager for me to go die a hundred times? Unexpectedly, you would be concerned that I want to participate in the Star Duels?”

Ruan Hongxue was taken aback. Her face stifled in a thorough red. She glared with her eyes, snatched the Escape Technique Talisman, again resuming her habitual domineering attitude: “This Young Lady saw you save me that I would kindly warn you. Seeing your completely clueless appearance, still going to participate in the Star Duels, you definitely will regret it.”

“Alright, you ought to quickly leave.” Su Xing nodded, not wanting to delay here with her too long.

Ruan Hongxue pursed her lips, not too happy about Su Xing’s impatient appearance, taking Ruan Hongxue to be pretty as a flower. If he was a man, even if he was not aroused, things would not be as bad as to that he would feel impatient. However, from the several times they ran into each other, she knew the man in front of her could not be judged with common sense. “You take this!!” Ruan Hongxue pushed out her two hands, pushing two items to Su Xing’s front. In her left hand was a pearl, and her right hand had the Fire Dragon Whip.

“????” Su Xing wrinkled her brow.

“I, Ruan Hongxue, do not wish to owe a favor to a man as loathsome as you. You saved me and even gave me an Escape Technique Talisman. This Wind Settling Pearl1 and Fire Dragon Whip will be lent to you for use. Hmph, so as not to have you blame me for taking your Escape Technique Talisman when you do not get out of and die in the Four Styles Solitary Path, becoming an evil spirit to haunt me!!” Ruan Hongxue snorted, throwing her head to the side.

“Then I shall help myself.” Su Xing took the two items. He knew that if he declined anyways, this little girl’s heart certainly would be dissatisfied. “You had a Wind Settling Pearl? As expected of Ruan Hongxue.” Su Xing looked at this pearl, its entire body brilliant, a cool breeze blowing gently, but it was a powerful SPirit Treasure, capable of avoiding evil winds.

“This is…” Ruan Hongxue spoke halfway when she turned her eyes and said: “I picked this up in the Silent Path. However, this is only lent to you until you complete the Four Styles Solitary Path. You have to return it to me when you come out.”


The Wind Settling Pearl was a precious Spirit Treasure. No one would so easily give it to another. Seeing that the Silent Path was devoid of anyone, even if Su Xing killed Ruan Hongxue right now to steal the Wind Settling Pearl, no one would sense it. However, Su Xing disdained doing this sort of shady business.

Ruan Hongxue stared at Su Xing, snorted, and pinched apart the talisman.

Suddenly, she disappeared from the plains, leaving the Silent Path.

“This Ruan Hongxue is a bit tsundere, but her heart is not very bad.” Su Xing said.

“Hee-hee, has Young Lord taken a fancy to her?” Wu Xinjie teased him in reply.

Su Xing rolled his eyes at her: “Why would I take a fancy to her. Although your Young Lord is somewhat unfaithful, he still is not fickle in love.”2

Wu Xinjie giggled.

The Silent Path honestly was too big. Su Xing navigated through half of it and really did not have time to continue. No longer did he search for Profound Silence Crystal. However, even so, his harvest also was bountiful. He checked his Astral Bag, fifty-two pieces of Profound Silence Crystal could be considered excessive beyond the limit. To sell these, the value was more than ten billion. There was still a Nirvana Ice Chief’s soul, and giving it to Shi Yuan to refine into a Puppet Beast was just right.

Besides this, there was also the Fire Dragon Whip and Wind Settling Pearl that Ruan Hongxue lent. To Su Xing, the Fire Dragon Whip was not at all useful, but this Wind Settling Pearl perhaps would be a divine item to cross the Four Styles Solitary Path’s “Path of Wind.”

Pondering for a moment, Su Xing stood up and walked down the next path.

The Four Styles Solitary Path’s Third Path was known as Angry Destruction Path.3

The sky rumbled with rolls of thunder, bursting out with flame from time to time. The thunder and lightning were just like peeping fire dragons rolling amidst the overcast clouds, spitting out their breath, ready at any time to attack. There was basically no doubt that as long as a cultivator used riding sword flight, these heavenly thunders would strike the cultivator into ash without the slightest hesitation.

Su Xing reacted. The Angry Destruction Path’s air was pervaded with a static electricity-like substance. Every step was extremely exhausting for his strength, as if he was walking through a marsh, unable to move a single step. If it could be said that the Lava Path tested a cultivator’s judgment and reactions in the face of death, that the Silent Path tested a cultivator’s willpower, then the Angry Destruction Path tested a cultivator’s endurance. To go forward in the extreme electricity, cultivators of low cultivations simply would be find it intolerable.  

At this time, Su Xing nearly could not spot any other disciples. The Angry Destruction Path was a deathly stillness, absolutely empty. The sounds of thunder rolled with an increasing malevolence.

Su Xing circulated Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder. Just by cultivating this sort of thunder magic, to Su Xing, this did not count as a threat.

After a short while.

Su Xing already proceeded more than halfway.

From the front suddenly came the sounds of clanging weapons in battle. Su Xing slowed his pace, using the Oneness of Heaven And Man to sneak over. Turning a corner, Su Xing promptly saw a two figures currently battling a python at an open space ahead.

That python was three zhang long, its entire body was thick as a bucket and a gloomy green. Its snake eyes released light, and its mouth spat a green light to fight the two cultivators. Those two cultivators were not just anyone. They were the Four Styles School’s Four Great Disciples, E Jun and Cong Wanzhi.

“The Green Thunder Python.”4

Su Xing recognized the history of this python. It was only a Fourth Rank Demon Beast, however, it seemed that E Jun and Cong Wanzhi nevertheless fought with everything they had. Su Xing could tell these two apparently were secretly thinking of breaking through the python, as if there was something behind it.

Su Xing used See Mountains As Mountains, See Rivers As Rivers, breaking out into laughter.

On a tree behind the Green Thunder Python was an awe-inspiring skeleton. That skeleton was like a person’s, with only half the body, but a gray jade was embedded in the middle of the skill. This jade’s light was dim, but it vaguely emitted a Primordial Spirit Qi. Cultivators with only some experience could tell at a glance this item unexpectedly was an Ancient Lost Treasure.

Cultivators of Supercluster Stage and lower were incapable of using and refining magic weapons, but there was an exception. Lost Treasures were the prototypes of Magic Weapons. Cultivators of any Stage could use them. So long as it was refined, it would be a magic weapon. An Ancient Lost Treasure could only be found, not requested for. No wonder E Jun and Cong Wanzhi battled so earnestly.

He saw the two each control a light blue flying sword to pincer attack the left and right. Occasionally, Cong Wanzhi also would extend several water thread magic to coil around the Green Thunder Python. E Jun also used thunder roll magic, and the moment the thunder was touched, it burst forth with lightning.

The cultivations of the Four Style School’s Four Great Disciples were very high. The most primary cause was that they did not participate in tool refinement at all. Originally, the Four Styles School was a tool refinement Great Sect, but by doing so, cultivation advancement was very slow. For example, the Heads of the Four Spirit Peaks were no more than Galaxy Late Stage. Afterwards, the Four Styles School also figured out tool refinement was not a way forward. They vigorously cultivated a few elite disciples, E Jun and Cong Wanzhi among them. The cultivation of these two were both Galaxy Late Stage. It was just that although their cultivations were high, their tool refinement arms were almost mediocre, so it was no wonder E Jun and Cong Wanzhi wanted that Ancient Lost Treasure to refine into a magic weapon.

Under the teamwork of the two, the Green Thunder Python retreated little by little. It suddenly coiled and rolled, extended its venomous fangs, spraying a thunder-light that filled the skies. The two calmly and promptly raised defensive item, enveloping them in a dim blue light cover.

The thunder-light had a corrosive toxicity that unexpectedly corroded that item the moment it touched the barrier. Seeing the light screen on the verge of collapse, E Jun coldly snorted, immediately forming a hand seal. The flying swords formed an array, and sword qi like threads tore apart the Green Thunder Python’s green light and shot onto its body. The Green Thunder Python let loose a scream. Seeing things turn for the worse, it wanted to flee.

At this time, how would they give it the chance.

Cong Wanzhi shouted, unleashing a dark blue ribbon. That ribbon was like a fleeting wave of water, firmly wrapping around the Green Thunder Python. E Jun at the same time flung out a three cun long iron nail. This nail suddenly enlarged, taking advantage of that Green Thunder Python’s energy being greatly harmed by the chops of the flying sword. It could not move in the slightest, and the nail approached seven cun, firmly fastening the Green Thunder Python.

Several flying swords twisted, and the Green Thunder Python’s snake head suddenly was severed, exploding with a heap of thunder light and green blood.

It forced E Jun and Cong Wanzhi to take a step back.

Cong Wanzhi recalled the “Water Light Damask,”5 her expression delighted as she flew quickly towards the skeleton on that tree. Just at this time, there was a sudden change. The seven cun nail originally stuck abruptly moved towards Cong Wanzhi.

At the same time, thunder-light also approached.

Cong Wanzhi seemingly already had prepared for this, her reactions extremely quick. She waved a sleeve, and a water ball washed away the nail. Just as Cong Wanzhi was about to be furious, she suddenly felt a cold wind attack her from behind. A talisman flew out, and a figure like a water shadow rippled. The thunder-light flying sword then pierced through that doppelganger.

“E Jun, what are you doing!!!!” Cong Wanzhi’s almond eyes opened wide, indignantly watching the sneak attacking man.

The flying swords once again attacked. Cong Wanzhi also controlled her flying swords into an offensive, her eyes gazing at that skeleton and leaking unwillingness to lose.

“Junior Sister, we discovered that Ancient Lost Treasure at the same time. That Nüwa Jade6 is so precious. Thinking of consuming it by yourself, that is not too good, is it.” E Jun sinisterly smiled, also rushing for the bones in the tree.

Su Xing watched and sighed.

Unexpectedly, they would kill their own compatriots for an Ancient Lost Treasure.

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  1.  定風珠
  2. I think he means the only cheating he would do is with other harem members.
  3.  怒滅道
  4.  綠雷蟒
  5.  水光綾
  6.  女媧玉


  1. 1. Ruan Hongxue: “I, Ruan Hongxue, do not wish to owe a favor to a man as loathsome as you. You saved me and even gave me an Escape Technique Talisman. This Wind Settling Pearl1 and Fire Dragon Whip will be lent to you for use. Hmph, so as not to have you blame me for taking your Escape Technique Talisman when you do not get out of and die in the Four Styles Solitary Path, becoming an evil spirit to haunt me!!” Ruan Hongxue snorted, throwing her head to the side.

    Let me translate this. In the language of the Tsundere.

    Ruan Hongxue: “Here, take it! B-But, i-it’s not like I’m grateful or anything! …I’m only ‘lending’ these too you. Got that!? I, don’t you to b-blame me if you get hurt! …H-Hmph!”
    What will Su Xing do now with such a good treasure right there…?

    1. Su Xing is the last person you should ever lend any treasures to. He has a history destroying them or losing them.

  2. “It seems you will be unable to cross the next to checkpoints”
    the next to checkpoints -> to the next checkpoints.

    “Su Xing did not even to think and gave his Escape Technique Talisman to Ruan Hongxue.”
    “not even to think” missing something. Maybe “not even think” or “not even needed to think”.

  3. It’s funny how people in cultivation novels are usually so unabashedly sincere with their intentions and feelings. The moment I saw these two fighting a snek over a treasure, I knew this douche was gonna betray the girl or they’d both fight to the death for it. No nuance, no gap, not much room for development. Still, there’s something refreshing, almost soothing, about the straightforwardness of the story and it’s characters. It’s one of the main reasons why I still read cultivation novels, despite their myriad of flaws xD

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