Chapter 264: Cutting Ties

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Su Xing stared. Beneath his feet was a gorgeous and complex sword refinement array. This array was like a thriving large tree, opening its branches and leaves into twelve small arrays. Clear light rushed into the skies, and with the luxuriant green leaves, Su Xing’s entire person seemed to have become an ancient tree of the firmaments.

The materials refined from twelve Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboos hovered above the small arrays. Su Xing’s hands struck hand seals. Purple and magic clouds made a soft “bang,” and the purple clouds began to move about from the sword refinement veins. Instantly, they wrapped the twelve Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboos within.

Su Xing’s mouth slowly echoed with an incantation. The purple True Qi blazed more brightly than flame. It was suddenly more vigorous, and the purple light all of a sudden surged continuously. The Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo hovering inside began to gradually dissolve.

The expression on Su Xing’s expression began to become heavy as he stared at this object without blinking.

After no less than an hour passed, the Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo gradually was pulled thin, becoming a sword embryo. Seeing this, Su Xing flung his sleeve, leisurely rolling up a jade box on the ground. The box instantly opened by itself, revealing faint purple light, a sand of pervasive spiritual power.

The Putuo Purple Bamboo Sand was formed by sanding Putuo Purple Bamboo nine times by nine times for a process of eighty-one times. It was an extremely fine material for forging Wood-type magic weapons and the like. With a strong defensive spiritual nature, indestructible, the Purple Bamboo Sand became a purple dust that automatically entered the sword embryo.

Green light flourished, and faint cloud marks were vaguely visible following the Purple Bamboo Sand’s purple light. Then, Su Xing activated the array, striking a series of hand seals. Each sank in and disappeared, and taking a deep breath, he suddenly bit open the tip of his tongue. A mouthful of Essence Blood spurted from his mouth. The Essence Blood followed the Lifebound Heart Flower that sunk into the sword embryo, all of them dripped in and absorbed without exception. Immediately, the sword embryo’s color flashed with a brief scarlet.

Su Xing’s spirit shook, his eyebrows lifting. Using Divine Intent to suppress one of the wooden swords among them, that magic circle flickered with every kind of cryptic pattern. Su Xing’s ten fingers seemingly sketched lines, beginning to control the Flying Sword’s revolutions. Afterwards, with a flashy style, he started to carve the shape of the Wood Sword. His style was firm yet also charming, as if etched with sand. Natural and unforced, the magic circle, engravings and amulets were meticulously refined in. The originally ordinary wood sword in a split second was just like a beauty that put on make-up. The blade’s edge had cloud marks like running water, its clear light scathing. Fully expanding, the spiritual power was ample.

Two days later.

The twelve green colored flying swords congregated around Su Xing’s body, hovering straight, immobile and motionless like the firmament’s Spirit Bamboo. Green light flashed, circulating. The twelve Flying Swords were completely dark green, the Evil Suppressing Cloud Marks dazzling. The sword tip spat a powerful clear light, blowing wave upon wave, tranquil and distant.

Upon the sword hilts were carved two words – Langya!1

Su Xing looked at these twelve Langya Swords and still raised a surprised expression. As expected, the Flying Swords forged using the Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo was insufferably arrogant. Clearly, it had already reached a psychic realm. The Evil Suppressing Clear Light contained on the sword would repel ordinary evils. The clear light washed, making Su Xing appear like a hermit adept, a hint of dust blown by light winds and clouds.

What made Su Xing even more surprised was that when he nurtured the Langya Swords within his body, the somewhat wilted Meditative Mind Lotus Flower immediately ceased its withering. The meridians across his whole body had a warm current flow through, and his mental state reached an unprecedented tranquil realm. The Hearts Like Mirror Absolute Sincerity Technique clearly reached the pinnacle of the second stage.

“This Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo really is amazing.” Su Xing praised.

Langya dispersed, washing out with immemorial clear sounds. These sounds could be rated as profound, making people hearing them reflect endlessly.

With expenditures this great, the price to forge the Wood Element Flying Sword did not disappoint him, as expected. Although the degree of sharpness was far from comparison to Heaven Tearing, Langya’s Evil Suppressing Clear Light nevertheless broke devils and eliminated evils. Reforming from the heart, it would be slightly sharper than Heaven Tearing in every aspect.

Having finished settling the most important matter of the Wood Element Flying Sword, Su Xing sighed in relief. Next was to polish the Flying Sword in his dantian. Quietly waiting for three days, Evil Smiting Hall would commence.

Su Xing entered the Immortal’s Abode alone, secluding himself in meditation as he continuously tempered Langya. At this time, he flipped his hand, and a shadowy black mirror appeared in his hand. Su Xing pondered: “I wonder how Wu Siyou is doing right now? Not being able to go to Evil Smiting Hall together with her is actually a pity.”

At a distance three thousand li outside of Su Xing’s Void Immortal’s Abode

Tiger Stream2 below Tiger Creek Mountain.3

In the green grasses like cushions, from the mountain gorge came the “bang, bang, bang” sounds of fighting. A man and woman pair quickly crossed left and right, their attack methods repeatedly executing. The one attacked was a woman, her figure wonderful, her facial features cool and elegant. With flowing hair, her gait gracefully wandered among the attacks, unstained by dust.

An instant later.

The man and woman’s attacks were exhausted, stopping one by one.

The one receiving the attacks was precisely Wu Siyou.

“Evil Smiting Hall is imminent. Challenging Your Servant right now is rather too worrying.” Wu Siyou was preoccupied. She was unarmed, having not even brought out her Star Weapon.

“Just which Elder Sister are you?!”

The attacking girl was cute. Her head wore a gold band, was garbed in Golden Thread Green Plain Yellow Robes, draped in a dark green cloak, stuck with a skyward club. Her hand clenched an ice-cold sharp polearm. This weapon had red tassels, coiling like a fierce tiger. The entire body was gold, silver and dark green, with three dazzling stars.

It was the seventy-second ranked Complete Star Stream Leaping Tiger Chen Da’s4 Star Weapon.

“Pouncing Kill Silver Light Spear!”5

“Zhanlu,6 be careful.” A smart and accomplished youth shouted from the side. He was draped in a dull blue and white robe, Galaxy Early Stage cultivation, twelve Stream Heavenly Water Parting Flying Swords actually used exceptionally.

This person was known as Gong Song,7 a Star Master that came from Dragon Spring Stream. Although Dragon Spring Stream could be said to be a not very well-known small sect, they had considerable understanding of mountain gorge arts. Besides, the Stream Leaping Tiger Chen Da’s Innate Skill was “Mountain Stream Flicker.”8 This type of topography could greatly promote each of their speeds and reactions, but there was no way they could have thought the two working together were helpless against the cool and elegant Star General before them.

In addition, their counterpart had not even used her Star Weapon.

“If you have this much confidence in your ability, then do not use your Star Weapon.” Gong Song used a psychology. His hands formed seals, and nine large banners appeared. The banners formed nine spring mouths, becoming a magic circle. He used the Dragon Spring Stream’s special great array – Nine Springmouths Dragon Trapping Array!9

“Psychology?” Wu Siyou’s eyes were somewhat disdainful. Seeing the Nine Springmouths Dragon Trapping Array, she showed a patronizing expression. No wonder they dared to come battle her; they had some capital.

“Your Servant will not kill you. Leave on your own. After Evil Smiting Hall, if you wish to court death, Your Servant naturally will oblige you.” Wu Siyou appeared absent-minded, as if there on her mind perplexing her.

“Hmph. While inside Your Servant the Stream Leaping Tiger’s domain, Elder Sister is still this arrogant. You will regret it.” The Complete Star suddenly jumped. Her figure dispersed like a shadow, in layers, seemingly real and fake. The Pouncing Kill Silver Light Spear immediately launched points of cold light. Fluttering and graceful, they suddenly enveloped Wu Siyou within.

Dark Rank Spear Technique.

Terrified To The Bone!!10

“Stream Leaping Tiger…” Wu Siyou looked at the Nine Springmouths Dragon Trapping Array as if it was nothing. Nimbly withdrawing a hundred meters, she calmly said: “Your Servant just happens to be a tiger fighter!!”


The Stream Leaping Tiger Chen Zhanlu and Gong Song looked at Wu Siyou unexpectedly still able to move about this freely and were immediately shocked.

But what frightened them was still afterwards.

Wu Siyou actually did not bring out her Star Weapon. Flipping out a bottle of fine wine, she took a large swig.

Then, her figure swayed, and she faced the Pouncing Kill Silver Light Spear bare-handed.

Yellow Rank Special Move.

Three Bowls of Spirits Tiger Intoxication!

Her speed, power and reactions were even faster than before. In the blink of an eye, the Stream Leaping Tiger’s attack pounced onto air. Wu Siyou swayed and punched Chen Da in the the stomach. There was an acute pain, as if bone was shattered, somewhat more powerful than compared to before.

The Stream Leaping Tiger used the Pouncing Kill Silver Light Spear to block, nevertheless she was incapable of intercepting the strike.

Several consecutive punches made her defenses into nothing, being struck into repeatedly backwards, leaving her battered and bruised.

Without using any Star Weapons, injuring a Star General with her bare hands, and with a boxing technique so violent.

“You are Pilgrim Wu Song??”

The Tiger Stream very quickly recovered its tranquility, for Chen Zhanlu and Gong Song used the Jade Pendant to escape. Before a completed Star General, Wu Siyou had no intentions of killing them. Searching around the Tiger Stream, she found several pieces of precious stones. Immediately afterwards, she sat on the White and Black Unicorn Tiger and flew towards the mountaintop.

The mountain range was extremely tall, and the peak of ice and snow also had a hot spring.

Wu Siyou extended her Divine Intent into the surrounding several dozen li. Not detecting any figures, she dismounted. Gently undoing her skirt, her virgin fragrance rippled. Exposing her slender curves, a desirable body supple as boneless immortals, Wu Siyou entered the hot spring. That warm water was a supreme pleasure in a world of ice and snow.

Bathing for a while in the hot spring, Wu Siyou pensively sighed, her mood constantly still in a mess. Originally, she had thought that leaving that man could allow her to calm down a bit, but already much time had passed. Always, the image of that repulsive man would flash past her. Regardless of whether it was his contracting the Leisure Star in her face or calling her that bizarre “Wifey,” although their time in the Vermilion Bird Territory was very short, it nevertheless made Wu Siyou feel those brief days were the most unforgettable since the Star Duels began – in this mutual plan, in the dog eat dog Star Duels, Wu Siyou for the first time had actually forgotten about the Star Duels, forgotten about her oath.

“He is Lin Yingmei’s master. That is why Your Servant feels this way.” Wu Siyou gave herself an excuse. She shook her head: “How could Your Servant be confused by a man.”

A steady tone, Wu Siyou had always been firm. A month’s exhaustion in this ice and snow vanished in this hot spring.

Wu Siyou decided to once again reinstate herself to her previous self, to thoroughly forget that man named “Su Xing,” to fight only for the reputation of this generation’s Harm Star. First of all, she decided to destroy the thing that man left behind.

Wu Siyou exhaled, climbing onto the bank. Her flawless and lovely body completely lacked any covering; her shapely body would make men wild. Turning a blind eye to the surrounding ice and snow, that chilly temperature just happened to be able to calm her mind. The White and Black Unicorn Tiger turned its head upwards. Wu Siyou leisurely waved her hand, and an item flew out.

This item was an exquisite mirror, glistening with golden light, extremely beautiful.

Acting as a gift Su Xing left to Wu Siyou, Wu Siyou only took it to be proof left behind of memories in the Vermilion Bird Territory. Keeping this kind of item with her, in the end, was too great a disturbance to her mind. Using that mirror, Wu Siyou’s perfect naked body and those two frozen pupils were reflected.

“From this day forward, Your Servant will no longer have any relationship with you, Su Xing!!!”

Wu Siyou’s voice broke ice and sliced snow. One hand grasped the mirror, one hand imbued Star Energy in preparation to destroy this mirror.

The golden light increasingly dazzled, enveloping the snowy peak within. Wu Siyou unexpectedly sensed a sun-like warmth comfort her stomach. Up and down her whole body was full of warmth. That scene with the blurting when they confronted Enviless of the East flashed past Wu Siyou’s mind.

Husband for a day, a husband for life.

Again, she remembered these flippant words, though, they were said with some logic.

“Lord Husband, Your Servant shall now bid you farewell!”

Wu Siyou knew this would be the last sigh that she, the Harm Star, would heave in this life.

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  1. 瑯琊, an actual place-name. I’ve used “Gem” as a translation for 瑯
  2.  虎溪澗
  3.  虎溪山
  4. 地周星跳澗虎陳達
  5. 撲殺銀光槍
  6.  沾露
  7.  弓松
  8. 澗溪閃動
  9.  九泉困龍陣
  10.  寒心徹骨


  1. 1. [“He is Lin Yingmei’s master. That is why Your Servant feels this way.” Wu Siyou gave herself an excuse. She shook her head: “How could Your Servant be confused by a man.”]

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