Chapter 279: The Unmatched Qingci

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“Five Star Star Weapon??!!”

Let alone Su Xing, even the Tang Lianxin who never had a false countenance showed astonishment.

Due to the hammer and nail that the white jade armor girl held in her hands being entirely carved from white jade, they were translucent as ice, beautifully designed, colorful and fluorescent; due to the distance being too great and the night so dark, Su Xing could not clearly see just what the weapon was, but he could tell she was not a Heavenly Star. Otherwise, at the current stage, let alone a Five Star Destined Weapon, a Four Star was already powerful enough. The girl stood on the cliff, considerably fierce. Hearing her words, it seemed as if Su Xing was stealing her Star Beast.

“Unexpectedly injuring my, Qiongyu’s,1 Star Beast, watch my ‘Wind Thunder Lightning Flash,’”2 the girl shouted. The hammer beat the nail, shaking the mountain and producing a roll of thunder.

A hammer and nail, and a flash of lightning crashed down.

Fortunately she was not a magic energy Star General. The lightning looked powerful, but it was unlikely to be lethal. Nevertheless, Su Xing’s group and the Great Sun Essence Flame Butterfly were obstructed.

Su Xing flipped his hand, turning out the Birth Treasure Outline. He actually wanted to see what her background was to have unexpectedly gotten her Star Weapon to a state as exaggerated as Five Star. While Su Xing probed, Tang Lianxin immediately went to chase the Great Sun Essence Flame Butterfly. The several hundred Great Void Lotus became countless golden needles that attacked the young girl in white jade armor.

A line of golden characters hovered on the Birth Treasure Outline, and seeing the girl’s background, Su Xing was suddenly shaken.

Star Position: Skilful Star3

Star Name: Jin Dajian4

Nickname: Jade Armed Craftsman

True Name: Jin Qiongyu5

Rank: Sixty-sixth

Star Weapon: Dragon Carving Hammer, Phoenix Engraving Nail6 (Five Star)

Star Beast: ???? (? Rank)

Realm: Ten Thousand Techniques Fifth Stage

Innate Talent: Jade Carving7

Five Elements: Metal

Yellow Rank Special Move: As Quick As Lightning8

Dark Rank Special Move: Wind Thunder Lightning Pull2

Current Status: No Contractor (can be conquered)

Detailed Materials: …

“The Skilful Star!!”

Su Xing raised his head to look at the girl, full of disbelief. She was the Skilful Star??

“Skilful Star Jade Armed Craftsman?” Tang Lianxin was also stunned, her hands stopping their waving motion, her expression uncertain.

Su Xing even hesitated for the moment.

Wu Xinjie had once mentioned the Jade Armed Craftsman’s famous name. Although in past Star Duels she was a silent and obscure character without a Star Cultivator ever willing to sign a contract with her, she nevertheless possessed a critical role; in the future, Star Weapons were of the utmost importance in the Star Duels, but Heavenly Stars generally found it difficult to advance upon upgrading to Seven Star because the stones to be found later were honestly too many. This was not something a Star General, or even a sect, could bear.

And the Jade Armed Craftsman was Liangshan Continent’s brilliant and famous jade refinement master. Not only could she extract the precious stone from raw materials, she even possessed the ability to turn stone into cold and carve stone into jade; for a normal Star Cultivator alone to contract the Jade Armed Craftsman, no matter how powerful their jade refinement abilities, it would be useless. However, Su Xing was not normal. He had seven Star Maidens. If he could obtain the Jade Armed Craftsman, he would practically be a tiger that had grown wings.

He absolutely could not miss such a Sister.

When he found out that the girl that had come to fight for the Great Sun Essence Flame Butterfly was unexpectedly that Skilful Star they had yearned for day and night, Su Xing was at first hesitant. Tang Lianxin was fully aware the Elder Sister before them was very vital. The Great Void Golden Lotus suddenly retreated.

Although the Jade Armed Craftsman’s Star Weapon was unbelievably Five Star, she inherently lacked martial force, and her Star Weapon was no threat at all. No matter what, she basically was incapable of handling Su Xing. Now seeing that Su Xing and Tang Lianxin hesitated, she thought they feared her Five Star Destined Weapon. She leapt without the slightest hesitation, going to grab the Great Sun Essence Flame Butterfly.

Su Xing looked helplessly at her about to capture the Great Sun Essence Flame Butterfly. He momentarily looked at Tang Lianxin, incomparably complicated.

Tang Lianxin slightly exhaled and shook her head. Clearly, she wanted to give up on the Great Sun Essence Flame Butterfly.

If they wanted to have Jin Dajian follow them, they had to make an exchange. Then they had no choice but to yield this Star Beast, and Su Xing’s heart truly was sullen.

As they thought this, how could that assassin beside them have such considerations. Seeing this girl about to snatch it, how could Mu Duiying let her wish be fulfilled. Having agreed to help Su Xing obtain a Star Beast, she naturally would complete her promise. Her silhouette flashed, blocking Jin Qiongyu.

“Bang, bang, bang!”

Jin Qiongyu struck the hammer and nail. The Five Star fairies circulating about the Dragon Carving and Phoenix Engraving hammer and nail seemed to come alive, the As Quick As Lightning attacking Mu Duiying.

Mu Duiying raised Frost Moon Ruinous Light, being struck back several dozen meters.

No matter what she did directly, she basically could not block Jin Dajian’s Star Weapon.

“Su Xing, what are you doing staring!!” Mu Duiying shouted.

The Yin Room Black Panther rushed, raising its paw, striking back the Jin Dajian.

When Su Xing saw, he scuttled in several steps between the people. The twelve Langya arranged into a line to block, a ray of green light dispersing in torrents.

“Wait, I don’t want to be enemies with you!” Su Xing’s voice sunk. Langya was like a fierce beast’s fangs bared at Skilful Star Jin Qiongyu.

Mu Duiying also stopped her attack, at a loss and was confused.

“En.” Tang Lianxin also agreed, completely retracting the Great Void Golden Lotus, only making them trap the Great Sun Essence Flame Butterfly.

Jin Qiongyu knew that although she was at Ten Thousand Techniques Fifth Stage, only her Star Weapon’s promotion was upgraded. In martial force and magic energy, as well as other aspects, she completely was not their opponent. Calming her face, she coldly said: “Then just leave, do not hinder Your Servant going to capture the Star Beast.”

Su Xing wrinkled his brow. He could take the girl’s tone being overbearing, but her attitude honestly made him annoyed. To think of it, he was at ease when he recalled he had first tried to take her Star Beast. “You also are capturing the Great Sun Essence Flame Butterfly?”

“The Great Void Golden Lotus. So it turned out to be Tang Lianxin…Hmph, unexpectedly signing a contract, did you find a man to come help you?” Jin Qiongyu sneered. “Just what are you thinking of doing?!”

“Do you want to ascend Maiden Mountain, to end these Thousand Years Star Duels!” Su Xing asked.


Not only Jin Qiongyu, even Mu Duiying was stunned.

“End the Thousand Years Star Duels? What do you wish to say?” Jin Qiongyu cautiously said.

“Sign a contract with me, let’s go to Maiden Mountain together!” Su Xing got right to the point, not thinking of beating about the bush for a favorable impression one bit.

“Haha.” Jin Qiongyu laughed aloud, for she had heard a very good joke. “You are merely Galaxy Middle Stage, and you have contracted the incompetent Solitary Star. You truly are quite arrogant to go to Maiden Mountain.

Hearing her assess Tang Lianxin as “incompetent,” Su Xing’s expression sunk and was about to sour.

“And if there are also other Elder Sisters.” Tang Lianxin immediately stepped forward. The girl surreptitiously shook her head at Su Xing. She did not care at all for some evaluation. On the contrary, she knew the importance of the Jade Armed Craftsman for Su Xing.

“Other sisters?” Jin Qiongyu icily looked at Tang Lianxin.

“Ten fingers pull springtime shoots tenderly, white delicate appearance and very lively. People first wish to display full power modestly. Cloud clothes rainbow sleeves exposed slightly. The best is a spring night heavenly, yellow hall rolls stopped quiet beauty. Mundane heart lacks regard and helplessly worry. Try pinching the sprig and sniff frequently.”10

In an inscrutable twist of fate, there suddenly came a pure song, naturally descending from the clouds, attracting everyone’s attention.

Su Xing followed the voice and looked, and he was immediately stunned endlessly.

He saw a picturesque beauty walk over, full of elegance. She wore a snow-white, blue and white embroidered long skirt. The skirt’s edges had dragged along the ground like piled snow. Seeing her wind bun and misty temples, black hair like a waterfall, a slanted jade hairpin stuck within, and a sash with inlaid silver; she blossomed, a countenance like that of a flower, a face like the moon; her skin was wonderful, her young bones shapely, as if she was graceful and shapely.

However beautiful she appeared, there was a poem that could describe her:

Elegant and supple waves pass on by, fragrant threads brush hearts and hands away. Attract attention with allure quiet and icy, only pity quiet dreams white as poetry.11

She was entirely stunning, hard to copy in every single way. Su Xing originally thought he had a powerful immunity to beauties, but upon seeing the girl, he had a sort of feeling that startled man and heaven.

That beautiful woman smiled, a breeze across her whole face. Su Xing seemingly felt he had seen her before somewhere, but he nevertheless could not forget such a smile if he had seen it before; at this moment, there was another girl follow beside her, one that was tall in stature with a baleful arrogance. Her hands clenched two clumps of gloom, her eyes completely lacking emotion, as if she was a puppet, but occasionally there were rays of cruel light that flit by that demonstrated this girl’s innermost desire to kill.

Black Whirlwind Li Longkui?

Su Xing was stunned. He glanced at the Birth Treasure Outline, and then a line of data appeared.

Star Position: Killer Star12

Star Name: Li Kui13

Nickname: Black Whirlwind14

True Name: Li Longkui15

Rank: Twenty-second

Star Weapon: Bereaved Immortal Lofty Slaughter16 (Two Star)

Star Beast: ???? (? Rank)

Realm: Ten Thousand Techniques Fourth Stage

Innate Skill: Loss Of Pain Perception17

Five Elements: Wood

Yellow Rank Special Move: Little Demon Slaying18

Dark Rank Technique: Wild Dance Of Demons And Gods19

Current Status: Uprising20 (cannot be conquered)

Detailed Materials: …

“Uprising??” Su Xing wrinkled his brow. This was actually the first time he had seen this sort of status, but looking at that unmatched and magnificent beauty, Su Xing immediately recalled who she was – Qingci, whom he once encountered in the Vermilion Bird Territory.

When Su Xing looked to Qingci, he was again astonished. Qingci’s delicate hands unfolded, and an identical treasure book appeared in her hand. Qingci looked at Su Xing, those charming pupils somewhat profound. Due to Su Xing using the Change Appearance Pill, she did not recognize Su Xing.

“The Jade Armed Craftsman and the Gold Coin Spotted Leopard. Truly, Your Servant did not expect she could encounter the best tool refinement master and jade refinement master of the one hundred and eight Star Generals here at the same time…” Qingci smiled, her voice gentle: “Pity that Little Sister Tang Long has signed a contract. This makes Your Servant somewhat regretful.”

“I can’t be seeing things, unexpectedly seeing two Birth Treasure Outlines…” Mu Duiying was dumbstruck.

“Yes, truly very coincidental. Evil Smiting Hall is so large, and not only could we encounter someone, we even encountered someone else also holding the Birth Treasure Outline.” Su Xing nodded. Seeing Qingci, he nevertheless did not dare to be unbridled, particularly the Li Longkui beside Qingci. Against this terrible and scathing Fiend Star, they completely were not opponents.

“Your Servant heard Young Lord’s words just now. Young Lord and the other Star Cultivators alike are all cunning. Obviously, you have already contracted your limit, yet you wish to have the Jade Armed Craftsman follow you with a deluge of flowers. When the time comes, will you not exploit her?” Qingci slightly smiled.

“How could I do this sort of thing. Of course I am prepared to sign a contract that I would speak like this.” Su Xing calmly said.

“Does Young Lord truly have the confidence to contract Little Sister?”

“And what are you thinking of?” Su Xing said.

“Little Sister Skilful Star. Do you agree to this man’s proposition?” Qingci did not answer and asked a question in turn to Jin Qiongyu.

Jin Qiongyu had the mind to retreat after seeing the situation before her, but seeing the Great Sun Essence Flame Butterfly so close in front of her, she was unwilling.

“You Star Masters are truly boring. If you can sign a contract, why wouldn’t Your Servant agree.” Jin Qiongyu searched for a plan, thinking of first using Su Xing to fight that Qingci in a battle between two tigers,21 then take the chance to snatch the Star Beast.

Jin Qiongyu’s thoughts, how could the two have known.

Qingci slightly smiled. She extended her white hand in invitation: “Your Servant also wishes to sign a contract to ascend Maiden Mountain together. Little Sister must be willing to follow Your Servant!”


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  2. “Due to Su Xing using the Change Appearance Pill, she did not recognize Su Xing.”

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