Chapter 291: Void Dragon False Phoenix

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“What are you talking about a First Wife?”

All of the girls currently were discussing very lively. At this time, a magnetic voice came over.

Su Xing and An Suwen walked out, just happening to hear that they were talking about something, “The First Wife is obviously referring to Elder Sister Yingmei.” Shi Yuan giggled.

Su Xing was taken aback, and then he also chuckled.

“Young Lord, this time you used relatively more time. Did you encounter someone again?” Wu Xinjie came forward and curiously asked. The Efficacious Star’s Star Beast ought to have been captured easily, but such a long time according to convention made Wu Xinjie surmise they probably encountered a sister again.

Wu Xinjie guessed correctly, but she absolutely did not expect that they encountered the Arrow Spear Double Absolutes Hero Star Little Li Guang Hua Rong.

This was but an exceptional character in the one hundred and eight Star Maidens.

“Did the Hero Star inconvenience Young Master?” Lin Yingmei wrinkled her brow. She asked about what the other girls were worried about.

“Not only did she not inconvenience Big Brother, Big Brother was even a big help to her.” An Suwen slightly smiled, briefly summarizing the event. After hearing the Efficacious Star’s words, all of the girls present, even Noble Star Little Whirlwind Chai Ling and Wu Siyou felt shocked.

“You unexpectedly had such a good relationship with the Hero Star? This honestly is too inconceivable…” Chai Ling covered her mouth, a luster of being unable to comprehend this flashing in her eyes. The expression she had as she gazed at Su Xing was full of unprecedented shock – just what was the background of the man in front of her, to unexpectedly be on good terms with even the ninth rank Hero Star. The Little Whirlwind and Hua Rong had prior contact. Naturally, she was very clear about Hua Wanyue’s personality.

Elegant without loss of nobility, stunning without loss of dignity.

Let alone that this sort of seemingly god descended Star Maiden would make other Star Masters feel the greatest pressure, even Chai Ling herself was unable to avoid feeling weak when facing this Elder Sister.

“Is it so strange?” Su Xing pondered, bewildered by their shock. Regardless of whatever, if you treated other people amicably, they will treat you the same. Was this not inevitable.

Chai Ling’s eyes were powerless. Likely, it was precisely this kind of personality that was incompatible with a Star Master that would make the Sisters so moved.

The Little Whirlwind glanced at Wu Siyou and Lin Yingmei and inwardly surmised.

“Young Lord, has Little Sister’s Star Beast been obtained??” Wu Xinjie changed over to another topic.

An Suwen’s smile was very happy, and an Immortal Deer encircled in Immortal Qi appeared at her side.

“Is it the East Sea Good Fortune?”

Wu Xinjie was at a loss for words.

Everyone present again was in a hubbub.

Shi Yuan was very perplexed at her Sisters’ shock, “Wu Xinjie, is this Good Fortune very powerful?”

“Actually, it is not very powerful, but capturing it is exceptionally difficult. Without several months’ time, it is very difficult to capture.” Wu Xinjie felt the events that occurred when Su Xing and An Suwen went to Evil Smiting Hall this time were far beyond reason.

“An Suwen, how did you do it?” Wu Xinjie asked.

“It was all due to the solution Big Brother thought of.” An Suwen smiled and spoke clearly about what happened.

All of the girls clearly understood. Looking at Su Xing, they truly admired him to death – fancy that he could unexpectedly think of using this kind of hunting method to influence the Good Fortune.

“Next is Little Yi’s Star Beast?” Su Xing concentrated his attention on Skilful Star Wanderer Yan Yizhen.

Yan Yizhen nodded.

“Young Lord, from now on, you must be extremely careful.” Wu Xinjie exhorted.

Su Xing understood this very clearly. Capturing an Earthly Star Star Beast was considerably easy, but after the Heavenly Stars, the Star Beasts were extremely challenging. This point he could tell from watching Hero Star Hua Wanyue capture the Heavenly Hero Red Luan Bird. After this bird first went through Hua Wanyue’s all-out battle, it was capture only after it went through the combined efforts of Su Xing, An Suwen and Hua Wanyue. If it was during normal times, it simply was impossible to obtain. No wonder Hua Wanyue would be hold a whole new level of respect for Su Xing.

“This Nüwa Jade has already been refined. Little Yi, you take it to use first.” Tang Lianxin’s wrist flipped, and a beautiful piece of jade flew out.

Having gone through so many days of Su Xing being in Evil Smiting Hall, Tang Lianxin was not idle. This jade had been forged into a frontlet, glittering and glowing, translucent. Relic Blade Sand, Galaxy Sand, and every sort of material had been poured in. Relying on Tang Lianxin’s superb tool refinement methods, this Lost Treasure Nüwa Jade surprisingly had been refined into a Heavenly Spirit Grade Astral Treasure.

“Slave Servant does not need it at all.” Yan Yizhen looked at the Nüwa Jade and declined. “The other Little Sisters are even more important.”

“But going to Evil Smiting Hall is more dangerous. It is better to take it, and then turn it over to the other Little Sisters afterwards.” Wu Xinjie smiled and said.

“Little Yi, take it.” Su Xing also urged her.

Yan Yizhen relented, putting the Nüwa Jade onto her forehead. Once the jade stuck on, there was a glittering divine luster, flooding over Yan Yizhen’s whole body. Her flower crown raised multi-colored light, and the short hair on the sides of her head slightly fluttered. She appeared very much like a divine being.

“Let’s go.”

There was no time to lose. Su Xing and Yan Yizhen did not waste any time.

Helping Shi Yuan, Tang Lianxin and An Suwen capture their Star Beasts had used close to half a month. The time remaining already was not much. The two simultaneously opened their Star Crests, imbuing them into Evil Smiting Hall. A moment later, light flashed, and Su Xing and Yan Yizhen disappeared from the Immortal’s Abode.

The scenery changed. In the surroundings was a sea of trees. Gazing into the distance, there were green mountains in a haze, a sea of clouds rolling about.

Before the two had a firm footing, they suddenly heard a seemingly thunderclap-like sound flash by. Su Xing had yet to understand what was happening when an enormous roar came over, and a dark shadow covered them.

The birds of the forest scattered everywhere in a panic. Su Xing and Yan Yizhen simultaneously lifted their heads to look.

They saw a strange Spirit Beast currently overlooking them. That Spirit Beast was somewhat out of place. Its body was like a dragon’s, with scales, but it had a phoenix head. Also, it had two wide five-colored wings, but then it also had dragon claws.

Seemingly like a dragon yet not, seemingly like a phoenix yet not, it was more like a dragon and phoenix had combined.

“Void Dragon False Phoenix?!1 Fuck, how’d we bump into it this quickly?” Su Xing was inwardly startled.

Star Generals and Star Masters using the Evil Smiting Writ would automatically be delivered to the certain surroundings of the Star General’s Star Beast according to the Star General’s Star Crest. Although it could be said to be certain surroundings, at the minimum it was more than a thousand kilometers in size. Like Su Xing’s previous three trips, besides Shi Yuan’s finding things relatively quickly, Tang Lianxin and An Suwen looked around for several days before finding their Star Beast, stalling for a long time.

But the first time, they helped a Heavenly Star capture a Star Beast, and still they did not expect that to be quick. Without even any time to warm-up, the Star Beast seemed to have waited a long time. If it was some other Star Beast, Su Xing would not be so likely as to curse with an unsightly face. As it happened, this was the Void Dragon False Phoenix, the Skilful Star’s strongest Star Beast – but as far as the absolute in boxing Yan Yizhen was concerned, it completely lacked usefulness.

Furthermore, to defeat this type of Star Beast was exceptionally difficult.

The Void Dragon False Phoenix instantly spurted out a large rain of fire. When this fire rain fell, it was like the galaxy hung upside down. Twelve Flying Swords rushed out of his body to form a sword-shield. Yan Yizhen’s figure swayed, and like a flat leaf boat in the middle of a wildly swelling river, she swam through gaps in the sea of fire by a hair’s breadth.

Her indifferent figure did not have the slightest bit of wasteful movement or hesitation. All of a sudden, she pulled her body up. Like an arrow loosed from its bowstring, she flew straight for the Void Dragon False Phoenix’s head. While the maid was in midair, her right fist already violently waved. The Yang Fire Star Energy on her right fist was already shooting out.

Muffled “bang, bang” sounds continuously rang. The Void Dragon False Phoenix’s crest and body continuously unleashed a flower of Yang Fire. Clearly it had already been struck by the fist, but this Void Dragon False Phoenix did not react at all. It cried out loudly, and after the rain of fire, it spat out a violent gale. The forest and the earth were blown and uprooted.

But it did not have the slightest effect on Yan Yizhen. Even if this sort of attack was any more concentrated, as far as the nimble Yan Yizhen was concerned, this practically was wandering about freely. The Yan Yizhen that completely did not want to waste time wanted to end things quickly. Her speed already surpassed the limits of normal people. Even her speed in retreats was faster than the speed of these attacks.

Afterimages repeatedly emerged behind her.

“Hiss!!” The Void Dragon False Phoenix screeched loudly. Its dragon claws already brought a powerful wind pressure that fiercely swept towards Yan Yizhen.

“Bang!” There was an enormous noise, and the powerful dragon claws ruthlessly carved a trench into the earth. Yan Yizhen nimbly flashed past, her jacket untouched.

A slight sneer floated along the corner of Yan Yizhen’s mouth. The maid’s vigorous body techniques wandered about nimbly, leaving the Void Dragon False Phoenix’s power with no place to show itself, but Yan Yizhen similarly had no way out like the Void Dragon False Phoenix. Star Beasts like this Void Dragon False Phoenix since ancient times could not be captured. Even if Yan Yizhen’s punch could break through that thick dragon scale and plumage of the Void Dragon False Phoenix, that fist-sized hole in its body could not count as an injury. It was completely unable to sway it in the slightest.

All of a sudden, the Void Dragon False Phoenix directly swooped down, putting its power into fully displaying its speed.

When Yan Yizhen saw this, her fist concentrated strength and mercilessly smashed forth.

The dragon claw and the Yin Yang Pisces Fists slammed together. Immediately, the weather changed. In the future, in order for Star Generals to be able to contend against Star Beasts like this that possessed powerful destructive strength, they generally were at the Matchless Realm or had Star Weapons that reached Five Star. Yan Yizhen at present time had only reached Ten Thousand Techniques Seventh Stage, and she was far from reaching this distant realm. This slam sent Yan Yizhen flying.

The Void Dragon False Phoenix raised its body and dove.

Just at this time, twelve green swords blocked in front of it, and Su Xing stopped her. His hands opened and closed. The Langya twisted and attacked with a green hurricane that trapped the Void Dragon False Phoenix, yet the Void Dragon False Phoenix was worthy of being called a terrifying Star Beast. It incessantly slammed against Langya. This sort of pure power made Su Xing somewhat pained. If it was not for the Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo in its manufacture, the Flying Swords basically could not bear the strike and would be scattered.

“Master!” Yan Yizhen raised her two fists of Yin and Yang, circling around.

“Don’t mind it, we’re leaving!” Su Xing ordered completely without hesitation. He basically did not want to waste time on the Void Dragon False Phoenix, and he released the Fire Beacon Chariot. Yan Yizhen instantly sprung onto the Fire Beacon Chariot. Su Xing’s Divine Intent moved, and the Fire Beacon Chariot immediately escaped several thousand meters away in a few breaths’ time.

Directly reaching a safe area, only then did Su Xing form a hand seal. Langya suddenly appeared out of thin air, the Evil Suppressing clear light unexpectedly knocked somewhat to pieces. The Void Dragon False Phoenix’s powerful strength was visible. Langya returned into his body.

Su Xing panted.

It was a pity that he could not use Prehistoric Spirit Treasures, otherwise he actually had the chance to capture this Void Dragon False Phoenix.

Yan Yizhen was an expert in boxing. As a Martial General, mounting, riding and such on a Star Beast was undoable. Su Xing did not truly wish to rush through things. As far as each of the beauties were concerned, he did not want to favor any one over the others. “We’d better find a support type Star Beast. Even if it will take some time, it’ll be worth it.”

Su Xing turned his head and said.

“Master, that is…”

Yan Yizhen gazed at the ground, and her expression suddenly moved.

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