Chapter 308: The Nine-tailed Spirit Fox

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“Where’s the Star Beast?”

Su Xing looked at the continuous mountains and valleys of the target area Wu Xinjie brought him to and felt confused. Let alone a Star Beast, not a single bird was visible.

“Young Lord, first close your eyes.” Wu Xinjie winked, smiling.

“What Star Beast, is it so incredible?” Su Xing was quiet.

Wu Xinjie smiled but did not reply. She turned and gently covered his eyes. By the time Wu Xinjie let go, the scene Su Xing saw had not changed at all. Just as he felt this was strange, suddenly, Su Xing noticed a faraway gorge apparently moved. Indeed, it moved.

Su Xing stared at it. That ravine astonishingly was a huge beast creeping about.

“What is that?”

“The Heavenly Mystery Beast!!”1 Wu Xinjie answered.

“Ah?” Su Xing was startled when he heard this name. Heavenly Mystery Beast, this name was not only odd, it was also somewhat domineering.

“This is the Knowledge Star’s strongest Star Beast. That it could swallow the heavens and devour the earth did it get the name. Does Young Lord dare go capture it?” Wu Xinjie slightly smiled. Her smile had a sort of strange meaning.

Seeing that Demon Beast was an enormous warning. Its whole body was spread full of forests, and Su Xing honestly somewhat did not dare to believe that Liangshan Continent unexpectedly had such a terrifying monster in existence, but if he actually captured it, that indeed would be a great helping hand. He believed the entire Liangshan would be shocked, but…this guy was rather a bit too big. When Su Xing looked at it, he felt his teeth hurt – the White Shadow Demon Fox was cuter some.

“Young Lord, if we give up, there is no way. There was never anyone who dared provoke this kind of Star Beast.” Wu Xinjie smiled, not disappointed.

Su Xing profoundly glanced at her, his mouth hooking with a smile: “Testing it out doesn’t count as wasting time.” His hand beckoned, and the twenty-four Flying Swords immediately flew out.

“Then, Young Lord, be careful. If you actually can capture the Heavenly Mystery Beast, Xinjie will devote her life to Young Lord.” Wu Xinjie said charmingly.

Su Xing’s smile was very ruminating.


The Riding Swords soared into the sky and flew towards the Heavenly Mystery Beast.

Rather than say this Heavenly Mystery Beast was a type of Star Beast, it was actually more appropriate to say it was a giant mountain. Its whole body was full of verdant and lush forests. If it was not for the seemingly earth shaking breathing that was as if it was eating, Su Xing was incapable of believing this was a Star Beast.

That’s odd, how come Xinjie didn’t mention the Knowledge Star had this sort of Star Beast before?

Su Xing was inwardly puzzled.

At this time, he could not think any further, for the Heavenly Mystery Beast sensed and approaching enemy intent. With an enormous rumble, that forest on the Heavenly Mystery Beast’s entire body all of a sudden emitted a green light. This giant green light enveloped him, and Su Xing called for the Flying Swords to protect him. At the same time, his ten fingers flicked, True Star Purple Qi and Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder booming down.

The green light was ripped apart by a trail of purple.

The two abilities exploded upon the forest on the Heavenly Mystery Beast’s body, but the result seemingly was tickling it. With regards to the Heavenly Mystery Beast, this tiny injury basically was negligible. Su Xing thought to himself that it was quite thorny. Heaven Tearing and Langya became golden and green gales that blew violently forth. Sword-light linked together, becoming just like heaven overflowing waves that slapped against the Heavenly Mystery Beast’s gigantic body. Even the Heavenly Mystery Beast felt the pain.

The forest jolted. The Heavenly Mystery Beast stood up with a rumble. Clearly, it had been enraged, and with a howl, the trees on its body uprooted. Soaring from the surface upwards, they became tens of thousands of sword-lights, sword-lights that rushed into the sky and suddenly stopped. Along with the Heavenly Mystery Beast’s shriek, this terrifying Star Beast seemingly read some incantation, and the countless sword-lights in the sky transformed back and forth, forming a profound sword array.

The wrinkles on Su Xing’s forehead grew even deeper.

His flying swords protected his body, then suddenly attacked the Heavenly Mystery Beast.

Wu Xinjie’s eyes narrowed. Her smile was still charming, but this charm had a slight profound meaning. “Young Lord is honestly interesting. Seeing this sort of Star Beast, yet you dare go test it…”

Inside Wu Xinjie’s beautiful pupils, Su Xing’s figure currently flew around the Heavenly Mystery Beast’s surroundings. The twenty-four Flying Swords twisted into a hurricane, but as far as the tremendous Heavenly Mystery Beast was concerned, the attacks Su Xing had were insignificant and could only raise its ire.

“It seems I need to help Master.”

Following Su Xing’s attacks becoming increasingly sluggish and slow, an odd light flashed in Wu Xinjie’s eyes, and her figure flashed.

This Heavenly Mystery Beast was too strange…

Su Xing’s hands clapped together. The Heaven Tearing Flying Swords transformed into a golden storm dragon the swam around his body, breaking the Heavenly Mystery Beast’s green sword light. The golden dragon image at the same time descended from the Nine Firmaments, like an upside-down galaxy. The golden light practically annihilated the Heavenly Mystery Beast’s outside, but it nevertheless could not bring about any real harm.

Su Xing sensed that something was very fishy.

Once again, Su Xing hung in the air, put his hands together, and a giant hand of settled purple qi grabbed at it. The Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder linked into a net, densely packed and protecting in the surroundings. Su Xing did not rush into an attack again. Having confronted it for an hour, the feeling the Heavenly Mystery Beast gave Su Xing honestly was too odd. This sort of unable to demonstrate his power no matter how much he struck it was like the feeling of striking cotton, honestly too unreal.

Heavenly Mystery Beast??

Su Xing’s eyes narrowed.

Just at this moment.

From faraway suddenly came a scream. Turning his head to look, he saw the Heavenly Mystery Beast open its mouth, extend a green vine that rolled up Wu Xinjie, and deliver her towards its stomach.

“Young Lord, save me!!”

Wu Xinjie shouted in panic.

Su Xing’s expression changed, his eyes showing a rare fury. The Flying Swords whooshed over, and he promptly chased with an Escape Technique. Wu Xinjie also struggled with everything she could, her Star Energy continuously protecting herself. The Heavenly Mystery Beast gave a heaven shaking roar, and a powerful suction force suddenly sucked Wu Xinjie into its stomach. Just as the Heavenly Mystery Beast’s mouth closed, a black shadow flit by and charged in at the same time.

The Flying Swords wrapped around Su Xing’s fury and rampaged in a broiling prairie fire inside the Heavenly Mystery Beast’s mouth, endlessly burning the Heavenly Mystery Beast’s insides.

The inside of the Heavenly Mystery Beast’s mouth had countless hurricanes and sword-lights, but Su Xing’s current fury simply was exceptionally powerful. Along the way, like a hot knife through butter, the Heavenly Mystery Beat used its everything but was unable to block. The little Demon Beasts that dwelled inside its mouth were burned to ash one after another. Su Xing chased downwards without so much as looking.

Not a moment later, a black lake appeared in front of Su Xing.

Seeing this lake, Su Xing’s expression was increasingly ice-cold.

The black lakewater boiled and emitted frightful bubbles. Wu Xinjie had been rolled into the deepest parts of the black lake, the distance to Su Xing a minimum of several hundred meters. The Knowledge Star’s body slowly sank, and being devoured bit by bit by the black lake, it was painful to watch.

“Xinjie!” Su Xing’s Flying Swords together immediately were suppressed, and he immediately used Wandering The Clear Skies yet was still powerless. This black lake was odd beyond compare, its surroundings unexpectedly containing a space restricting forbiddance.

“Young Lord, quickly flee. Xinjie has implicated Young Lord.” Wu Xinjie miserably smiled, dejectedly speaking.

A sort of indescribable strictness appeared in Su Xing’s eyes. Looking at the black water, he suddenly stepped into the black lake. This movement made Wu Xinjie greatly shocked. “Young Lord, what are you doing!!”

Entering the black lake, the black water immediately bubbled up like ten million ants that incessantly swallowed Su Xing’s body. Even if Su Xing did not use Star Energy to protect himself, he still sunk into the black lake, walking step by step towards Wu Xinjie.

“This is Soul Transforming Water,2 Young Lord, you will die!” Wu Xinjie shouted in worry.

Su Xing was unconcerned, not hesitating at all with each step.

The black water very quickly rose past Su Xing’s stomach.

At this time, Wu Xinjie’s body sunk down to her shoulders, but the girl’s expression did not have fear, only astonishment. In her eyes was only the figure of Su Xing walking over, as if he had been locked onto. When the black water was nearly up to Wu Xinjie’s lips, Su Xing at this time grabbed her.

“Young Lord, you truly are too stupid. There was completely no need for you to save Xinjie.” Wu Xinjie suddenly heaved a long sigh, as if she was very disappointed in Su Xing’s conduct.

Su Xing sneered.

“You ought to put away small tricks like this. Just who are you??”

Wu Xinjie froze, and her pupils once again widened because of her surprised. “Young Lord, what are you saying?”

“You probably don’t know that I’ve practiced the Heart Like Mirror Absolute Sincerity Soul Technique.” Su Xing sneered, both his hands tightly seizing Wu Xinjie’s white wrist. The black water slowly engulfed them, reaching their shoulders.

The man and woman standing in the black lake gazed at each other, their pupils each the reflection of the other.

Hearing Su Xing’s words, Wu Xinjie still smiled: “Of course Xinjie knows, but Young Lord’s actions truly make Xinjie very disappointed.”

Su Xing shook his head.

The black water very quickly submerged the two.

But this so-called Soul Transforming Water seemed to be not that terrifying. Under the water’s surface, it was incapable of engulfing their sight.

And who knows how long after.

Su Xing’s eyes were dazzled, and suddenly, the surrounding black water dissipated like fog. The skies cleared up, the earth restored its color, and the mountains and rivers were green once more. How was there ever the scene of danger just a moment before.

That previously terrifying Heavenly Mystery Beast also became a true mountain, not fierce-looking in the slightest.

“When did Young Lord notice?”

Wu Xinjie’s lovely smile floated over from several dozen meters away.

The girl walked out of the fog, her figure wonderful, charming to look at.

“Xinjie definitely would not do something as brainless as what you did.” Su Xing coldly said: “Just who are you? Where is Wu Xinjie? Why have you passed yourself off as her?!”

Heaven Tearing dragon cried, showing off its power.

Wu Xinjie faintly glanced, her smile alluring to all things.

“The Knowledge Star is Slave,3 and Slave is the Knowledge Star. Young Lord, just now, you placed yourself in danger to go save Xinjie. This has made Xinjie very moved. Would it be better to allow Xinjie to once again repay you with her body?” Wu Xinjie smiled.

Su Xing had never met with such an eccentric situation. If it was not for him not understanding just what the state of the Wu Xinjie in front of him was, Su Xing would have already acted. He marched, and Su Xing’s five fingers became a claw that grabbed at her.

Wu Xinjie giggled, transforming into mist.

Su Xing was taken aback.

The mist then once again condensed into Wu Xinjie’s form.

“Just who are you?” Su Xing was surprised.

“This is the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox.4 Young Lord Su Xing, Your Servant asks that you be careful!”

Suddenly, a gentle and rich voice drifted over.

Su Xing and Wu Xinjie simultaneously froze. In the air, from a Winding Jade Treasure Horse descended a graceful woman.


Qingci lightly smiled, faintly nodding at Su Xing. Her clear pupils then returned to Wu Xinjie.

“The Knowledge Star’s legendary Star Beast, the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox. Your Servant trusts that you have been well since we last met.” Qingci softly said.

“The Nine-tailed Spirit Fox?” Su Xing’s head was somewhat muddled.

“The Nine-tailed Spirit Fox? You truly speak some nonsense. Young Lord, this Qingci wants to provoke the relationship between Young Lord and Xinjie.” Wu Xinjie chuckled, but immediately she could no longer laugh.

Qingci’s wrist flipped, and a golden treasure book appeared.

“If it was not for the Birth Treasure Outline, Your Servant honestly would not have known that the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox had appeared.” Qingci’s white hand played with her hair, speaking with a downplayed tone.

Wu Xinjie’s expression sunk, and it was immediately filled with killing intent.

Author’s Note:

After a hiatus, there’s even less inspiration to write. The most difficult chapter has finally been settled. I nearly thought I couldn’t write it. Tomorrow’s burst will end Evil Smiting Hall.

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  1. 天機獸, It also shares the 天機 with the Knowledge Star.
  2.  化魂水
  3. 奴, the same Slave as in Yan Yizhen’s self-address, Slave Servant.
  4.  九尾靈狐


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