Chapter 310: Dazzling Light Mind Image

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“The Knowledge Star truly has found a stupid Star Duelist!”

The Nine-tailed Spirit Fox said. It felt it was unreasonable for Su Xing to surprisingly act to save Comparable to Rengui. Even the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox that had stayed inside of Evil Smiting Hall for close to a thousand years was incapable of believing that among the Star Cultivators that were originally supposed to be mandated to kill each other in Evil Smiting Hall, there would unexpectedly be a Star Master that would save a future enemy.

The others who also did not anticipate this were Qingci and Guo Xue. The always ice-cold Comparable to Rengui was even slightly surprised.

However, how could they ever guess Su Xing’s thoughts. Let alone the troublesome Nine-tailed Spirit Fox in front of them, if he had the assistance of Comparable to Rengui and Qingci, clearly things would be even more easy some. Regardless of how it was put, it seemed for now that Qingci and Guo Xue still did not have the intent to loot a burning house. Su Xing naturally was delighted to collaborate.

“Just how long do you plan to possess her?” Su Xing sneered.

Wu Xinjie’s eyes rolled charmingly, as if she was thinking of something. Suddenly, she chuckled: “Young Lord, how about we make a deal.”

“What?” Su Xing’s brow wrinkled.

“Beware her deceit.” Qingci said cautiously.

Her words had just fallen when Comparable to Rengui Guo Xue’s Sky Piercer White Clean Tears already slashed.

Wu Xinjie easily floated out of the way, dancing in the wind as if she had wings.

Guo Xue flashed with a chilly intent, and her pace changed.

White Clean Tears horizontally swept.

The Nine-tailed Spirit Fox opened its mouth, still spitting out white fire to knock back Comparable to Rengui.

Her ice-cold breathing did not stop in the slightest. The Help Star still wanted to continue, but Su Xing blocked her attack from moving a step forward. His fluttering Flying Swords made Guo Xue somewhat surprised, however, the Help Star made a rare stop.

“Do you want to make this a three on one?” Su Xing turned his head to coldly glare at the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox.

Now, what her charm brought out of Su Xing was only more anger.

“Must Young Lord stand on their side?” Wu Xinjie asked back.

“Don’t assume Xinjie’s appearance, it’s unpleasant.” Su Xing said, displeased.

The Wu Xinjie possessed by the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox smiled gorgeously. She leisurely stepped towards her left.

And from the behind the girl walked out another Wu Xinjie.

That additional Knowledge Star shifted right, and as if she was cloning, her body split apart into two more Wu Xinjies.

These four Wu Xinjies simultaneously took a step forward, and as if there was a magic trick, the four Knowledge Stars actually stood where they were originally, yet four new girls of the same figure stepped out.


This had not ended yet.

The eight identical Wu Xinjies simultaneously staggered, and in the middle walked out one more.

With this, the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox’s nine tails had unexpectedly become nine Knowledge Star Resourceful Star Wu Yongs.1

“If you wish to use many to fight one, then Slave certainly is in her element.” The nine Wu Xinjies spoke at the same time, like mirror images, their smiles identically alluring.

Their wrists flipped, and a moon-white gloomy flame became dangerous short sabers gripped in their nine pairs of hands, a cold light fully present.

What sort of illusion art was this?

Su Xing, Qingci and Guo Xue were all dumb as wooden chickens. Each and every one of the  Nine-tailed Spirit Fox’s split-off nine Wu Xinjies were vivid and lifelike.

This honestly was extremely beyond reason.

The Purple Rose Astral Treasure Dragon Has Nine Sons Seal floated about Qingci’s body.

Wu Xinjie laughed: “Seeing Slave’s nine tails transform, are you still unwilling to flee? Truly you are bold.”

Wu Xinjie abruptly split off several clones, and those phantoms were indistinguishable from the real thing, no differences unexpectedly visible. The corners of the mouths of each of the girls hung the same exact smile. The fox’s tail2 was exposed, yet there was not a single hint.

The nine Knowledge Stars launched attacks at the same time.

Apparently, each one was a true existence.

This illusion was somewhat formidable.

The white flames in her hands moved like a snake, twisting like a gale.

Countless fragments were blown out from under the legs of Su Xing and the other two girls.

The white flames wildly swelled, imposing as a rainbow.

The three did not dare be careless.

The sword array revolved, whirling around Su Xing’s body. Following his finger movements, he raised a golden trail towards one of the Wu Xinjies in an attack. The girl became a pile of sparks without any resistance whatsoever. Su Xing’s fingers flicked, and he launched a Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder.

Another Wu Xinjie immediately exploded into a pile of sparks.

Guo Xue clutched the White Clean Tears. The Sky Piercer swung in an arc, smashing a Wu Xinjie in the stomach. The Help Star’s attack was far from being as gentle as Su Xing’s/ Her figure continued to charge forwards, and in an instant, a second Wu Xinjie was struck apart. These two Nine Tail Clones clearly were not Wu Xinjie’s true body. They shattered into flames at the same time and disappeared.

Qingci appeared the most odd. Without using a Flying Sword, or any such ability to speak of, the girl like a portrait stood, not saying a word, motionless.

Although the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox wanted to attack Qingci to nip trouble in the bud, the Help Star Comparable to Rengui Guo Xue’s White Clean Tears nevertheless was not that easy to break free from.

Four Wu Xinjies launched an assault on Guo Xue at the same time. Claws as sharp as blades encircled the girl nearly without any leeway. Clearly, the true body was here among them. It seemed the Nine-tailed Spirit truly wanted to get rid of the Help Star.

Guo Xue’s eyes showed a bone-chilling intent. The Sky Piercer blew an astral wind, slicing apart Wu Xinjie’s throat.

The Wu Xinjie clutched at the wound on her throat, stopping. Her figure fragmented into a formless blaze.

These phantoms appeared overwhelming, but in actuality, they could not withstand a single blow. They were only weak bluffs. The eight Nine Tails Transformations easily were destroyed, and the last remaining one seemed to be the true body.

A jeering laugh came from behind.

The last Wu Xinjie rushed at Su Xing. Using the eight clones as a screen, the speed of this surprise attack was unusually fast.

“I’ve got you!”

Su Xing leaned and half-twirled, one hand grabbing Wu Xinjie’s hand. No matter what, even if she was possessed, Su Xing did not truly want to harm Wu Xinjie. To be able to catch her and leave Evil Smiting Hall, there was a way to deal with this.

Just as Su Xing was about to activate the Evil Smiting Writ, he found a smile on that Wu Xinjie’s lips. She became dark sparks and disappeared before Su Xing’s eyes.

The ninth was also a fake?

Su Xing was stunned.

This is bad, she got me…

Su Xing suddenly turned his head around. Guo Xue noticed the anomaly at the same time, and she looked to Qingci.

Behind the calm as water beautiful woman appeared the real Nine-tailed Spirit Fox.

An enormous flame plunged down on her from above like a sharp weapon.

This was the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox’s true objective she wanted to kill.

“Slave truly loathes your scent. Die now.” The Nine-tailed Spirit Fox sneered.

“Dazzling Light Mind Image,3 indeed this is a brilliant illusion art.”

Qingci seemed to have already anticipated this. Gently smiling, the Prostrate Snake Ruler let out countless ruler shadows that overlapped in several dozen layers, but the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox’s strike was exceptionally vicious. This Purple Rose Astral Treasure’s defenses were broken layer by layer, yet Qingci’s actions were graceful as before. Her white finger moved, and the “Yazi Saber”4 suddenly tore apart space, spitting out a terrifying dark light.

The Nine-tailed Spirit Fox’s pupils widened, and it immediately became frightened.

The Yazi Saber cut down from high up.

The Nine-tailed Spirit Fox’s powerful attacks seemed to scatter like laughable shreds of paper and wisps of smoke.

This was fatal!!

The Nine-tailed Spirit Fox sniffed a scent of fear.

“Persisting in evil brings about self-destruction. Exceptional and stunning Star Beast of the Knowledge Star, it is a pity.” Qingci slightly sighed.

The Yazi Saber’s black light focused, deeply making people afraid, and the scene of hell pounced over. The Nine-tailed Spirit Fox turned around to flee, but behind her she saw intersecting sword-lights of green and gold simultaneously shoot over. The Nine-tailed Spirit Fox was practically in despair.

Just at this moment, the Flying Swords that flew over abruptly changed directions and avoided the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox. Heaven Tearing and Langya intersected pair by pair and formed a sword-net. The objective was unexpectedly that Yazi Saber that was flying over.


This Yazi Saber’s degree of terror far exceeded Su Xing’s imagination. The twenty-four Immemorial Flying Sword Chant was nearly struck into collapsing by the Yazi Saber. Su Xing concentrated all of his Divine Intent in order to stop it. Once Qingci saw, she showed surprise. Gesturing, the Yazi Saber flew back. Only then did Su Xing’s pressure greatly alleviate.

“Young Lord Su Xing?” Qingci’s brow knit in confusion.

The Nine-tailed Spirit Fox also felt speechless towards Su Xing. What was this man doing. One moment, he was saving the enemy, and then the next, he was saving her. She had never seen such a bizarre Star Master.

Su Xing saw that Yazi Saber’s ferocity. If it was to actually slash Wu Xinjie like that, Su Xing would instinctively act.

“Nine-tailed Spirit Fox, just until when do you plan to stay?” Pausing, Su Xing calmly spoke. “Too far is as bad as not enough, stop while you still can!”

The panicked and doubtful Nine-tailed Spirit Fox hid behind Su Xing. She could tell that although the man in front of her wanted to grind her bones and scatter her ashes, he still quite pitied the Knowledge Star girl she was possessing. Even though he clearly knew killing her would only return her to the Star Nest, he still was somewhat unwilling.

The Nine-tailed Spirit Fox’s eyeballs craftily rolled.

“Young Lord, how about we make a deal?”


“Young Lord, let us work together and kill the women in front of us. So long as Young Lord kills her, then Slave is willing to become the Knowledge Star’s Star Beast. Young Lord, what do you think.” The Nine-tailed Spirit Fox enticingly smiled, her pupils were suffused with a lovely and amorous glint. She did not forget to remind him: “These women are but Young Lord’s enemies. That Astral Treasure she is using is also extreme, and this just happens to be a perfect opportunity.”

Su Xing looked at Qingci.

The beautiful woman was like a portrait, indifferent. Her expression was somewhat pale, for using a Purple Rose Astral Treasure was inherently extremely taxing. Continuously using it like this was not a small burden on Qingci. The Nine-tailed Spirit Fox’s eyes had a sinister glint. She could tell that Qingci at the moment was in a weak position. With Su Xing’s Immemorial Sword Chant, she perhaps could honestly get rid of the Qingci possessing the “Dragon Has Nine Sons.”

Comparable to Rengui Guo Xue was like a tense beast, her ice-cold breath lingering.

Even if they were separated by several dozen meters, the thick atmosphere could be felt. Probably, Su Xing would move, and the girl that had just been saved by Su Xing would also act without the slightest hesitation.

Faced with this sort of overwhelmingly favorable condition, the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox was not afraid Su Xing would disagree.

“I am uninterested!”

Three words made the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox’s smile freeze, and they also made Qingci and Guo Xue slightly moved.

Su Xing dully said: “The deal isn’t bad, but I’m sorry. What I, your Young Lord, dislikes the most is being blackmailed.”

“Are you a fool?” Wu Xinjie shrieked.

“Just shut up.”

This sort of manipulative deal was practically an insult to Su Xing. No matter how enticing it was, that was fleeting. Su Xing’s figure moved, and he went to grab Wu Xinjie to bring her out of Evil Smiting Hall. After leaving Evil Smiting Hall, the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox in all likelihood could no longer possess Wu Xinjie. The sole thing he had to worry about was her running away and playing hide and seek.

“You stupid man. You just cannot tell good from bad. How did the Knowledge Star ever look upon you, This Slave will kill you today!!!!”

The Nine-tailed Spirit Fox had been infuriated.

Her ten fingers danced, and an illusory light spread open.

“Dazzling Light Mind Image!!”

Facing an unimaginable illusion art, Su Xing did not dare be careless. Immediately, he used “Mirror Without A Stand,” and at this moment, he suddenly saw Wu Xinjie let out a painful scream. A Nine-tail phantom shot out from Wu Xinjie’s body.

“If you wish to harm Young Lord, Xinjie absolutely will not forgive you – Nine-tailed Spirit Fox!!”

Hearing a familiar voice, Su Xing suddenly felt relaxed.

Author’s Note:

Dad left the hospital. There will be even newer chapters the last three days of February…

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  1. Insert Madara Uchiha jab at the Gokage about 5-on-one battles.
  2. 狐狸尾巴, idiom meaning that there is clear evidence as to something, esp. evil intentions.
  3. 眩光心像
  4. 睚眥刀, Yazi is a wolf/dragon hybrid


  1. 1. [Su Xing dully said: “The deal isn’t bad, but I’m sorry. What I, your Young Lord, dislikes the most is being blackmailed.”

    “Are you a fool?” Wu Xinjie shrieked.

    “Just shut up.”]

    This is why Su Xing is a boss!

    2. And Xinjie got through! Go go Wifey #2☆

    3. …Now what?

  2. Yeah sorry fox, but no matter how inteligent you think you are, there are many things you cant know trapped in a forest. Specially feelings

  3. Thanks for the chapter Schwarze_Kreuz and Nolan N.! Didn’t think the Knowledge Star would lose in a duel of wits or will to begin with haha.

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