Chapter 316: Guanghan Red Hare, Guan Sheng Is Here

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The atmosphere was somewhat not too likable. That intimidating aura shooting straight for them unexpectedly pierced through a hundred li, like an enormous stone pressing on their chests.

Some Star Beast or Martial General?

Su Xing’s wrist flipped, calling forth “Heaven Tearing.” The Flying Swords floated together, their sword tips like revealed dragon fangs. In actuality, when Su Xing was sleeping, Chai Ling’s “Devil Pushin Millstone” had lone already attracted many spying Star Masters and Star Maidens, but upon seeing Wu Siyou and her White and Black Unicorn Tiger, they tactfully made a greeting.

The dreaming Su Xing missed many opportunities to know new Star Maidens.

The White and Black Unicorn Tiger bared its fangs, arched its body and assumed the pose of pouncing on prey. Wu Siyou was still calm as before, only coldly watching.

Chai Ling actually was unconcerned, for her mind was entirely hung upon the Riches And Honor Persia. In her eyes, one was the famous Wanderer Wu Song, unrivaled in close combat, and the other was a man who possessed seven Sisters and martial force that would not lose out to even a Star General. In Evil Smiting Hall, those that could prevail over this “adulterous couple” probably did not exist.

Chai Ling’s thoughts once again validated that “destiny’s greatest joke often was running opposite of what you thought.”

An hour later, that biting cold sound finally grew increasingly close. A figure also gradually became distinct. The one being chased was a girl with clothes that surpassed snow, and amidst her dodges, she fully displayed a Sword Chant that would make anyone feel impressed – several dozen black ice Flying Swords like cold smoke dispersed, interweaved and formed a sword array, one that no ordinary person could resist.

Gong Caiwei!!

Su Xing glanced back at the girl, amazed. Surprisingly, it was her.

A heavenly river of starlight pounced over to cover Gong Caiwei. The cold smoke dispersed, and another young girl riding upon a divine steed came slashing. He saw that Gong Caiwei was about to be a beauty that passed away. Su Xing no longer could sit and wait. In Wu Siyou’s surprised expression, he lunged over, clasped his hands together and concentrated Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder into the size of cotton wads and protected Gong Caiwei.

That abnormal Flying Sword of randomly and disappearing stars did not easily penetrate the Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder Net.

Langya cried, blue light flashing.

Upon touching the blue light, the opposing Flying Swords shook as if they had met with their nemesis.

Su Xing arrived at Gong Caiwei’s side. The girl’s face drained of color also was surprised. He grabbed her, and at this moment, a chilly wind poured into his body. A tremendous power that Su Xing had never felt before was at his back like a knife’s tip.

So powerful!

Heaven Tearing screamed and tore forward.

The glaring gold light seemed to be extinguished by the cold wind. Su Xing’s chest bubbled with blood and qi, and he violently vomited blood. Possessing the Life-cast link with Heaven Tearing, Su Xing was aghast to sense the opponent’s slash unexpectedly cut the unstoppable Heaven Tearing to pieces. Without the form of a sword, that power was too frightening.

The second attack nearly carried out without stopping.

Directly slashing at Su Xing and Gong Caiwei’s waists, the opponent’s attack was considerably firm, its form like running water.

Su Xing had no choice and could only call for Heaven Tearing to defend again.

This time, he continuously spat several mouthfuls of blood, dyeing the snow-white palace dress over Gong Caiwei’s whole body with a great stain of red. When the girl saw, she formed a hand seal, releasing several dozen rays of cold light, using a “Cold Smoke Barrier”1 ability.

A soft laugh disdainfully replied.

A whinny resounded.

The cold smoke shattered, and an absolutely unique divine steed stepped out. The barrier was ground to pieces. Su Xing finally could clearly see the appearance of the girl on the horse. With dignified features, she was a general-like beauty.

The polearm in her hand flashed. Su Xing could not see it clearly, but the narrowly bound ice-cold on the weapon directly entered his soul. There was a sort of oppressive feeling that made them unable to budge.

What was the background of this woman.

Su Xing was inwardly shocked. He had already planned to brave and endure a cut to use the Chaotic Tail Escape.


A soft shout that would make people feel warm at this time came over. A cool and elegant back blocked in front of Su Xing. White clothes and fluttering black hair formed a clear contrast. Wu Siyou’s sword blacked, and that mighty woman gasped in surprise. The two traded blows, a powerful air current shook Su Xing and Gong Caiwei apart.

Su Xing then shielded Gong Caiwei.

Heaven Tearing and Langya were recalled. Upon seeing Heaven Tearing, Su Xing’s heart ached. The body of the dragonscale sword had cracked in numerous places, its spiritual power greatly debilitated. Clearly, it would need to be refined again.

“Apologies.” Seeing that the Heaven Tearing Flying Swords had been broken, Gong Caiwei apologetically spoke.

Su Xing helplessly stowed Heaven Tearing and shook his head. Langya turned around, and his gaze once again returned to his opponent.

A white shadow landed light as a feather in front of Su Xing. Wu Siyou’s expression was even more ice-cold.

At this time, the Little Whirlwind Chai Ling could not help but walk over, astonished to see the newcomers.

“A golden milltray, could it be This One is so fortunate as to have encountered the wealthy official, Noble Star Little Whirlwind?” A man’s voice was penetrating. The black-robed man’s riding sword was above, smiling sinisterly at everything he saw before him.

Great Saint Starkiller!

Su Xing’s gaze sunk.

Heavenly Gem Valley was vividly still on his mind. Surprisingly, he would encounter such a thorny opponent.

Su Xing had used a Change Appearance Pill at Heavenly Gem Valley, so Great Saint Starkiller had not seen Su Xing then at all. His evil and penetrating gaze scanned everyone present, being attracted by the graceful Chai Ling and the cool and forceful Wu Siyou.

To be able to emit such a noble queenly air, clearly her background was not small.

And that Noble Frost Demonic Lotus left Great Saint Starkiller feeling even more endlessly shocked.

“Wu Song! To unexpectedly encounter Wu Song, Ying’er, there was a great harvest inside Evil Smiting Hall, as expected.” Great Saint Starkiller, rather than be fearful, contrarily smiled, which made Su Xing smell danger.

To be able to make the Great Saint Starkiller so self-confident, there was only one truth – he had a Star General.

“Little Sister Wu Song, This General truly has found what she has been looking for!”

Smoke and dust scattered everywhere, filling the skies as the divine steed rushed forth.

This horse had four shiny eyes, half made of fire, the other of frost, its whole body a blood-red like flame, but it nevertheless emitted an exceptionally cold air. Its mane billowed, faintly releasing wind with each step.

“The Guanghan Red Hare!!”2

Chai Ling surprisingly drew in a breath.

“This is that Guanghan Red Hare?”

Su Xing was taken aback. Other than the Star Beasts of his beauties, Su Xing was not at all clear on the Star Beasts of the other Star Maidens, but he had also heard Wu Xinjie mention before the “Star Beast List.”3 The Star Duels were now Liangshan Continent’s most grand event. The great deal of materials pertaining to the Star Duels would grow and grow, and the Star Beast List was one among them.

This list principally introduced the rankings of the Star Beasts previous Star Maidens had in previous Star Duels.

As everyone knew, Star Generals only were considered complete Star Generals upon obtaining a Star Beast. Besides Star Beasts being able to help with overall improvements in some area of a Star General’s every ability, the Star Beast mounts of the Martial Generals among them could hold an even greater advantage in “mounted combat.”4

In previous Star Beasts Lists, the Guanghan Red Hare could be ranked as a third place existence.

It was a pity that the Guanghan Red Hare was extremely difficult to manage. It was just like a golden qilin, and only a certain few Star Generals could capture it.

There was only one master that could capture the Guanghan Red Hare –

The face of the woman straddling the Guanghan Red Hare wore a smile. Her appearance flourished with aggression, her whole body clad in golden armor. Her hand clutched a purple colored nine revolution coiling dragon broadsword. The blade’s tip was keen, with a translucence that made people cold. This blade was known as the “Purple Brilliant Moon Slashing Blade,”5 an absolutely domineering Star General.

The ranked fifth Brave Star “Great Blade” Guan Sheng!6

Su Xing shivered.

Without hesitation, he flipped out the Birth Treasure Outline.

Star Position: Brave Star

Star Name: Guan Sheng

Nickname: Great Blade

True Name: Guan Ying

Rank: Fifth

Star Weapon: Purple Brilliant Slaying Moon Blade (Four Star)7

Star Beast: Guanghan Red Hare (Tenth Rank)

Realm: Matchless Fifth Stage

Innate Skill: The Unrivalled8

Five Elements: Earth

Yellow Rank Special Move: Azure Dragon Slash9

Dark Rank Special Move: Total Annihilation10

Current Status: Contractor/Great Saint Starkiller

Detailed Materials: …

“Matchless Fifth Stage, Four Star Destined Weapon!!” The data that appeared in front of Su Xing made his expression turn shocked.

In astonishment, he looked at the Purple Brilliant Slaying Moon Blade in Brave Star Guan Sheng’s hand. Four fairy-like circulated on the blade, the quiet current emitting an intimidating air that would make anyone palpitate.

No wonder Heaven Tearing could be damaged so severely in two strikes. If it was a Four Star Destined Weapon, even Su Xing’s current Life-cast Flying Swords were incapable of contending against it.

A Four Star Destined Weapon had unexpectedly appeared, and it unexpectedly was the Brave Star Great Blade Guan Sheng who was number one in mounted combat. Su Xing’s scalp felt numb, for things had turned grave.

Chai Ling’s smile had already vanished, and she used the Golden Thread Feather Fan to cover her inner shock, yet her eyes showed deep fear.

The Brave Star Guan Sheng who had obtained the Guanghan Red Hare also had a Four Star Destined Weapon in hand. At the current Phase, she was simply unrivalled.

“Just where did this man pop out from? To unexpectedly have a relationship so intimate with Wu Song?” Guang Ying straddled the Guanghan Red Hare, posing a question.

“That Flying Sword was forged with Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo? It seems his background is not small.” Great Saint Starkiller faintly said. What Great Saint Starkiller cultivated was the netherworld’s Devil Arts. The Heavenly Cycle Changing Holy Sword was added with a demonic element, and in the clash with Su Xing’s Flying Swords just now, his supreme Sword Chant had been suppressed to the point that he required far greater energy than normal to control the Flying Swords. Clearly, they had met with their nemesis.

Great Saint Starkiller would never think that these twelve Langya were forged from that Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo. His gaze fell onto Chai Ling, and his pupils brimmed with a severe aggression.

“It seems certain that you are Noble Star Chai Jin? If you have her assistance, and Wu Song is present, your Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo Flying Swords tell all.” Great Saint Starkiller muttered.

Having faced some people, the feeling that Great Saint Starkiller and Guan Ying gave was an overbearing one, a completely contemptuous manner. Even when they met with the Star General who had succeeded the previous overlord Wu Song, they still had a sort of disdainful tone.

And this pride originated from her own incredible power.

Just the advantage of a Four Star Destined Weapon was enough to pressure people into being unable to draw breath.

“Caiwei, can you still fight??”

The Gong Caiwei in Su Xing’s bosom broke free of his embrace. Her face was pale, and Star General Resourceful Strategist Zhu Sha was nowhere to be seen. Su Xing feared that she had been killed off into the Star Nest, however, for the Immortal Hero Princess to be able to run for so long from Great Saint Starkiller made Su Xing inwardly impressed.

Having not seen each other in a long time, Gong Caiwei was not someone to underestimate.

Gong Caiwei’s Flying Swords already were incapable of further combat, and she could barely stand. Running into Su Xing was somewhat confusing, yet she did not say much. Her gaze returned to Great Saint Starkiller.

“Kill him!” Gong Caiwei surreptitiously used Sound Transmission.

Su Xing slyly nodded his head. To defeat Guan Ying, the only thing he could do was to defeat her Star Master, Great Saint Starkiller. However, he was the netherworld’s number one Star Master, the Great Saint Starkiller whose Star Energy had already reached the peak of Galaxy Stage. To take any advantage was easier said than done. That time in Heavenly Gem Valley, Su Xing also knew that the Great Saint Starkiller in front of him was a ruthless character.

“Guan Sheng, you unexpectedly would sign a contract with a man from the netherworld. You have disgraced your reputation and dignity.”

Wu Siyou was neither friendly nor angry, not showing the least bit of fear.

“The words Little Sister speaks truly are a joke. How can you differentiate between good and evil in the Star Duels. Thanks to Young Master’s Star Energy, This General has finally broken through the the shackles of Star Energy.” Guan Ying smiled and said.

“Now that Guan Sheng is here, Wu Song, do you dare battle?”

“Let your horse come here then.”

Wu Siyou sneered.

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  1. 寒煙障
  2. 廣寒赤兔, it’s called a rabbit, but it’s actually a horse…Named after Guan Yu’s, actually, which is a hint to this Star General’s identity.
  3. 星麟榜, lit. Star Unicorn List
  4. 騎鬥
  5. 紫煌斬月刀, those familiar with kanji will recognize 斬月 as Zangetsu, the zanpakuto of Ichigo Kurosaki
  6. 天勇星“大刀”關勝, there you have it.
  7. That being said, if she is based on Guan Sheng, then I’m surprised her weapon isn’t the Green Dragon Crescent Blade.
  8. 無敵
  9. 青龍斬
  10. 橫掃千軍


    1. The situation about that is interesting, actually. I would say she’s more like Saber Alter, rather than an evil version of Guan Yu. More on that in coming chapters.

        1. IIRC, the Great Saint used some dark magicks to boost her power, tainting her Star Energy in the process. However, she isn’t evil, just disillusioned.

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    How interesting… Su XIng certainly encountered dificult situation, even with the help from Caiwei.
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