Chapter 329: The Thief Star Wins Her First Battle

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The Dark Yellow Pavilion was the Ecliptic Palace’s record storage place, with many cultivation methods stored inside. Su Xing would not necessarily look upon these cultivations methods right now, but understanding any bit more of the Ecliptic Palace was good. Shi Yuan was very blunt, putting as many as these cultivation methods as she like into her sack.

Just as the Thief Star was happy with her haul, she suddenly heard a loud laugh.

“From where did you come, little thief, to unexpectedly dare steal from this This Empress. So audacious.”

Shi Yuan froze, turning her head around in astonishment.

An alluring woman appeared in the doorway. She wore a low-cut one piece dress, the long skirt woven with many ribbons twining her arms and legs. Her long hair flowed, her expression was sharp, and when she saw Shi Yuan, she was surprised. Then, her gaze turned cold.


Shi Yuan did not expect someone would appear. She was just about to hide but an ice-cold presence immediately locked onto her. This sort of familiar feeling made Shi Yuan inwardly realize things were far from good.”

“And who am I, so it turned out to be a Sister. No wonder Yiliu1 felt somewhat strange.”

The woman smiled. Her empty hand emerged, and in it appeared a snowy silver spear. That spearhead was just like a sharp sword. A white python wound around it, exuding a freezing ice-cold, with three glittering stars.

This was bad.

Three Star Justified Bloodshed White Python Spear!!2

Shi Yuan inwardly clicked her tongue.

This Elder Sister was somewhat thorny.


“Little Sister was only strolling freely around. Don’t be so stingy, Elder Sister.” Shi Yuan smiled.

Before she finished.

That Yiliu woman already flew towards her in attack.

The Justified Bloodshed Python Spear danced, her spear technique like a viper’s tongue.

Shi Yuan did not dare be careless, her Hoodwinking Flying Claws scratching by.

“You really are Little Sister Thief Star!”

The flying claws and spear slammed head-on. The Hoodwinking was only Two Star, and her opponent was of martial force. A powerful strength rolled over, shaking Shi Yuan back.

Yiliu’s words came in midair, her slender figure already somersaulting in the air. Instantly, she was already above Shi Yuan’s head, the Justified Bloodshed Python Spear waving to block Shi Yuan’s escape route. The Hoodwinking Flying Claws promptly went to dodge.

But Yiliu’s attack methods were far from comparison to the Thief Star. Her snow-white right leg already swept out from her spinning figure, attacking Shi Yuan’s cranium. Shi Yuan’s left hand blocked, the Flying Claw stirring up sparks, the powerful force nearly shattered the bones in her arm. Shi Yuan inwardly grit her teeth. During the impact, Yiliu’s power was like an unending river, direct and full power. Her left leg stuck out from her body, continuing the attack.

Again, it was repelled by the Flying Claws.

“Has Little Sister Thief Star learned My power?”

Yiliu softly snorted, her laugh alluring. As if she could stop in midair, she already somersaulted again. She swung the spear, a viper’s tongue flicking out. The speartip directly bit at Shi Yuan’s heart.

Shi Yuan already used the greatest extent of her abilities to go dodge it.

But this spear’s speed was too quick. In the end, her arm still received a strike.

An unbearable pain.

A large hole had been pierced through her shoulder.

Yiliu’s attack had actually had not ended yet. As if in mockery, she retracted and stabbed, the spear moving back and forth, stabbing Shi Yuan to somewhat being unable to persist.

Yellow Rank Technique:

Venomous Viper’s Flicking Tongue!3

And after an agile spin, Yiliu returned to where she was originally, her movements  efficient. Touch and go, she did not give Shi Yuan the chance to use her Flying Claws.

Shi Yuan held her shoulder, baring her teeth.

“Has Little Sister signed a contract?” Yiliu’s brows rose as she asked. “Why would you come to the Ecliptic Palace?”

“Shut up.”

Shi Yuan used Wind Chasing Shadow Hiding.

Her figure became a clump of dark shadow that dissipated.

Even Yiliu could not tell where she was, but the girl nevertheless disdainfully smiled. Setting the spear straight, she suddenly jumped backwards with full force. In midair, she already waved the spear continuously, the Justified Bloodshed White Python Spear like a snake. Its pale white figure grazed across space, its sharp sword-qi already shooting out of the spear. The mass of air brought with it a powerful wind pressure, instantly sealing the space in front of her.

Shi Yuan did not expect such a sudden and concentrated long-range attack. The Flying Claw in her hand immediately shot out, carving an amazing arc as it attacked the wind ball.

Without even needing a moment, Shi Yuan succeeded in dispersing the sword qi, and the wind pressure Yiliu’s attack brought had been totally ripped apart by the Flying Claws.

But Wind Chasing Shadow Hiding was also exposed.

Yiliu had long been waiting for this moment. In the blink of an eye, she flashed to Shi Yuan’s vicinity, once again gracing her with the spear’s presence.

This spear’s power was completely violent enough to make the Dark Yellow Pavilion shudder.

The immense power engulfed her whole body. Shi Yuan’s body was pushed to flying from the earth by the force. This was different from Yiliu’s previous attack. This clearly was a strike the girl premeditated. The Justified Bloodshed White Python’s attack power was unprecedented in strength, just like it had become an enormous python that bit onto Shi Yuan.

The figure in front of her swayed. Yiliu already seized this opportunity to swiftly approach. In terms of speed, the Martial Force Star General Yiliu still did not yet necessarily compare to Thief Star Shi Yuan.

Shi Yuan grunted, continuously slinking stealthily.

She disappeared under the spear.


Yiliu laughed.

The Justified Blood White Python Spear wildly danced, and countless white pythons flew out.

There was a groan.

Shi Yuan had been forced out again.

Just like a viper that had seized its prey, Yiliu’s figure moved, instantly vanishing.

The Shi Yuan that had been forced out stared helplessly as Yiliu’s spear continuously stabbed through her heart. Truly, each strike was fatal. This Elder Sister honestly was ruthless.

Just at this time, a scene beyond expectation occurred.

The Shi Yuan that was sent flying slowed and stopped in midair, spun around, and unexpectedly counterattacked with an incomparable agility like a dead leaf’s, changing instantly from being forced to voluntary. Even Yiliu did not anticipate this sort of scene that went completely against physics.

Her nimble and quick body techniques made Yiliu’s heart awed.

But it still was not enough.

Yiliu’s spear swept.

After all, she was a Spiritual Energy type Star General. The Thief Star confronting her was not Yiliu’s opponent in any case.

The spear passed like thunder and moved like wind this time.

An air-shattering sound rang.

Just as she was about to pierce through Shi Yuan, at this time, Yiliu actually saw that the Thief Star that should have been dejected, even despairing, wore a sort of triumphant, crafty smile.

What was going on?

A banner appeared in her hand.

Shi Yuan shook the banner. With a sudden hua-la, it shuddered.

An array appeared under their feet, immediately trapping Yiliu’s attack. Before Yiliu could even react, she suddenly discovered that at some unknown time, five ugly, malevolent, and strange monsters had appeared in the five corners of the Dark Yellow Pavilion.

“Five Poisons Array! Even a thief can design a trap.”

Shi Yuan giggled.

The banners swayed.

Pipa Queen Scorpion, Thousand Corpse Queen Spider, Poison Toad, Bloody Centipede, and Poison Vipers, these were the Five Great Poison Animals Su Xing had captured when he originally broke through Five Poisons Mountain. Afterwards, Su Xing gave them to Shi Yuan to refine the Five Poisons Banner into a self-protection move.

Shi Yuan’s Mo Attack Mechanism Records had long already been researched to near completion. There was no difference between these Five Poisons Puppets she manufactured and the real thing. The sole difference was that this was an array Shi Yuan refined.

With this sort of terrifying Five Poisons manufactured array, even a Star General would have to be slightly cautious.

Yiliu’s face changed.

Just as she wanted to run, a net suddenly plunged down. This net was known as the Thousand Layers Ten Thousand Ten Thousand Bindings Net.4 After Su Xing killed Pansi’er, he obtained it, passed it through Tang Lianxin’s excellent refinement methods, and now it belonged to Shi Yuan to use. This net was paired with the array, immediately trapping Yiliu. Nets like this Thousand Layers Ten Thousand Bindings Net were ordinary. Yiliu’s Three Star Justified Bloodshed White Python Spear was sufficient to break it, but it would not give her the chance.

She had been trapped by the net.

Under Shi Yuan’s command.

The Five Poisons Array activated.

The Pipa Queen Scorpion, Thousand Corpse Queen Spider, and the other poisonous creatures spouted out the poisons they excelled in. These potent toxins were paired with the Five Poisons Banner, blending together. Omnipresently covering Yiliu, the girl did everything she could to go block it, the Justified Bloodshed White Python Spear also set about its task without dishonor.

But Shi Yuan leisurely shook the banner.

The Five Poisons Puppets’ spitting was more powerful each time, combining with the extreme poison and immediately covering Yiliu.

The Yiliu that did not see Shi Yuan despair contrarily was unresigned and despairing herself.

“Impossible, when did you set down this Five Poisons Array!”

Yiliu did not dare believe it. If Shi Yuan deployed it, she could sense it and definitely would not fall into it. The Five Poisons Puppets appeared formidable, and to break them, that was not within her ability.

Shi Yuan giggled.

A black shadow jumped out of her arm.

That was a gentle black rabbit, cutely winking its eye just like her master.5

“Three Burrows Crafty Rabbit!”

Yiliu was stunned. Immediately she understood how Shi Yuan set down the trap – she used the Three Burrows Crafty Rabbit to place the Five Poisons Array, and for the sake of avoiding detection, Shi Yuan played the role of decoy to attract Yiliu’s line of sight. With the Three Burrows Crafty Rabbit’s stealth that did not lose to the Thief Star’s, to secretly set down the array honestly was within her grasp.

The Five Poisons Storm dispersed, and Yiliu was then at her last gasp.

“Elder SIster absolutely will not forgive you next time!!!!”

Yiliu’s whole body emitted a malevolent black qi. The Justified Bloodshed White Python Spear was pitch-black, an extreme scene. She gnashed her teeth.

“The next time Elder Sister encounters Little Sister, honestly be nervous. Little Sister is sincere.” Shi Yuan giggled, the Hoodwinking Flying Claws appeared, and then they sent Yiliu back to her Star Nest.

The Shi Yuan who achieved victory in her first battle against a Star General breathed a sigh of relief.

Gazing at the already plundered clean Dark Yellow Pavilion, Shi Yuan giggled.

“The Best Thief Under Heaven is certainly of professional ethic. This Young Lady said she’d rob you clean, and she did!”

Before she created an even bigger disturbance, the Thief Star kissed the Three Burrows Crafty Rabbit, immediately slinking out the Ecliptic Palace.

She had just taken a step when she heard an angry shout come from behind her.

A powerful intimidating aura rolled over, and the entire Ecliptic City shook seemingly shook.

“A thief has infiltrated the Ecliptic Palace, seal off the Palace!”

A voice thunderously said.

Shi Yuan stuck out her tongue. It seemed she had been discovered. Her hand played with that jewel from the idol. The Thief Star then indifferently left easily amidst the confusion of the Ecliptic Palace.

“Imperial Empress, what has happened?”

An Ecliptic Palace Elder and Protector hastily arrived at the hall.

The Ecliptic Palace Imperial Empress’ expression was extremely unsightly.

“This is bad, the Dark Yellow Pavilion has been plundered. All of the scriptures and cultivation methods have been stolen.”

A disciple came to report.

Everyone’s expression also then turned unsightly.

“Immediately investigate thoroughly, who dared to break into the Ecliptic Palace!”

The Ecliptic Palace Imperial Empress’ knuckles were clenched white.

“No need to investigate, they cannot be captured.”

A voice suddenly said.

Everyone turned their gazes. The one who spoke was a thin, yellow youth, his expression somewhat ashen.

“Yan’er,6 what do you know?”

The Ecliptic Palace Imperial Empress lowered his voice, “Regardless who it is, This Empress will make him pay a disastrous price!”

“Father, I fear it is Thief Star Flea on a Drum Shi Qian!” Huang Yan replied with difficulty.


Everyone was shaken, not daring to believe it.

“How would it be the Thief Star? Why would she be here?”

“Is this true?”

The Ecliptic Palace Imperial Empress also showed astonishment.

“Yiliu discovered the Thief Star in the Dark Yellow Pavilion as she was robbing it…”

“Has she captured her?”

All of the Ecliptic Cultivators showed expectation.

Yan’er’s expression was very pained.

“Yiliu returned to the Star Nest…”


They did not mishear, did they??

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  1. 依柳
  2. 碧血白蟒槍
  3. 毒蛇吐信
  4.  千重萬結網
  5. Nerf this!
  6.  炎兒


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