Chapter 342: The Evil Star “Faceless”

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“And what beauty were you seducing just now?”

Su Xing turned around and happened to spot Xiao’er looking all around, showing a slightly curious expression.

“Am I so boring?” Su Xing feigned seriousness.

Xiao’er nodded with certainty.

Su Xing rolled his eyes at her, “Forget it. Xiao’er certainly does not have interest in minding your romantic affairs. The temple fair has a martial arts arena, which is quite interesting. You had best go take a look.”1 Xiao’er said.


Su Xing paused, then he quickly walked over.

The arena at the temple fair was constructed from shala tree wood, more than three zhang long, the surroundings full of people.

On the arena, there were two tall female figures. One of them had wheat-colored skin, sloppy black hair that flowed over her shoulders; she wore short pants and unlined garments, a very sensual appearance, and her eyes emitted an ice-cold ferocity.

Su Xing was very familiar with this woman – Black Whirlwind Li Longkui.

However, at this time, Li Longkui’s expression was unsightly.

To be able to make the Killer Star so deflated was a similarly tall and wonderful woman. She had a purple ponytail that hung down to her butt, and she wore revealing clothes, exposing a large amount of her snowy skin, skin that appeared appeared supple and full yet brimming with an explosive energy. This gave people a sort of feeling of mediocrity from those developed muscles.

Seeing the woman’s figure was so provocative, it was a pity she wore an apathetic Buddhist mask. Her appearance was completely concealed, and this actually made people feel like trembling with fear.

“Why would Li Kui be here?” Su Xing was confused what was happening with this Li Longkui.

“Eh? Li Kui, Young Lord recognizes her?” Wu Xinjie and the group showed surprised expressions.

“En.” Su Xing nodded.

“It truly is Little Sister Li Kui.” Wu Xinjie gazed at Li Longkui smiled.

“What is the meaning of this?” Su Xing asked.

As it turned out, a man had opened this martial arts competition arena, challenging anyone, and the victor could obtain the “Seven Stars Dark Sky Sand,” but the losers similarly were required to leave behind items of considerable worth. The competition arena’s rules were very simple. Both parties were to be unarmed, and whoever left the arena first would lose.

The women on the arena made people tease them for a long while, however, that Seven Star Dark Sky Sand was but an extremely good thing. One liang was worth five billion. The Buddha Kingdom’s Buddhist Cultivators had always cultivated their physical bodies, they were always conceited in unarmed challenges, but they had never expected to be completely defeated.

Hearing the people in this place speak, the man who placed this arena was named “Huangfu Tianyi,”2 and the female combatant was named “Ruoxue.”3 He called himself royalty of the west. Putting this arena down and making the woman fight elicited many jeers, however, that woman truly was formidable. She continuously triumphed over the Buddha Kingdom’s cultivators, unexpectedly collecting a lot over these days in the Feast of All Souls.

With a woman’s identity, defeating so many of the Vajra Buddhist Kingdom cultivators, her status as a Star General was naturally self-evident.

However, to be able to challenge her stirred even more interest out of the Buddha Kingdom’s cultivators, who originally were aloof. The fighters increased in number, but up until now, they were all defeated without exception. If it was not for Buddha West Approaches selecting a successor disciple, the monks that came here everyday to challenge her would be in the hundreds.

“Seven Stars Dark Sky Sand.” Su Xing’s eyes glinted. This was a material Star Generals needed to upgrade their Star Weapons to Five Star.

“Never expected this would unexpectedly draw in Elder Sister Black Whirlwind.” An Suwen exclaimed.

“How odd, why would the Killer Star run to the Buddha Kingdom? Truly confusing.”

“Perhaps she is also here to hear dharma. Is the Buddha Kingdom’s Heavenly Solitary Star not present?” Xiao’er pondered.

“Since Li Kui is here, she is also here.” Su Xing looked all around, yet he could not see Qingci’s figure.

Suddenly, the entire crowd let out a gasp of shock.

Li Longkui furiously shouted, both her fists rushing forth. That Ruoxue’s fists directly caught Li Longkui’s explosive punches. The Killer Star’s strength was obvious, for the ground was shook by the power of them both. Then, Ruoxue suddenly flipped backwards.

A gorgeous arc.

Li Longkui unexpectedly was thrown out.

The Black Whirlwind’s reactions were also quick. The moment she left the arena, she airkicked, but the opponent had clearly anticipated this. With steps swift as the wind, she scuttled right to her front, sticking right next to her. With both hands, Ruoxue threw Li Longkui down.

The Killer Star grit her teeth, very much in a difficult situation. Her always violent fists turned pale, and a gloomy double-sided axe immediately appeared in her hands. Everyone was mute.

“This beauty, if you lose, just accept it. Going back on your word in front of Buddha certainly is not good.”

An outstanding and elegant voice, a slovenly dressed man scuttled onto the arena. He was Huangfu Tianyi.

A painful point was pointed out about Li Longkui. Her ashen face grunted, and then she stowed her double-edged axe, turned and left.

“Hey, hey, hey, beauty, you have not left your ‘Black Bandage Netherworld Jade.’” Huangfu Tianyi shouted.

A black rock suddenly shot over lightning-quick. Huangfu Tianyi caught it, and seeing that Black Bandage Netherworld Jade, his eyes glinted, and he cheerfully stowed it away.

“Which hero still dares to step up for the challenge? This is but a renowned, legendary Star General, a rare opportunity. For those passing by, you must not miss this. Test your ability, we ensure your absolute happiness, one greater than those young ladies serving you. So long as you have precious gems or several hundred million in gold, come quickly…” Huangfu Tianyi shouted. He practically was a peddler.

Shameless. He had seen shamelessness, but he had never seen shamelessness of this degree.

To unexpectedly treat a Star General as a means to make money perhaps was unprecedented. Wu Xinjie already was powerlessly ridiculing him.

Although this man’s methods were somewhat despicable, Su Xing could not help but admire that he was indeed bold. A man without a sense of shame was unparalleled under the Heavens. With a legendary Star General acting as the opponent, he certainly could attract many cultivators who wished to test their level. Furthermore, this place was the famous Buddha Kingdom Central Celestial. He did not fear that anyone would harbor evil intentions.

“For even Li Longkui to not be a foe, this Little Sister’s background is not small.” Wu Xinjie showed astonishment.

“Su Xing, quickly see who she is.” Shi Yuan hastily said. This was the aspect the other Sisters were curious about as well.

Su Xing had long already secretly opened the Birth Treasure Outline.

Golden characters like water appeared.

Star Position: Evil Star4

Star Name: Jiao Ting5

Nickname: Faceless6

True Name: Jiao Ruoxue

Rank: Ninety-eighth

Star Weapon: Heaven And Earth Inverted Boxing Gloves7 (Four Star)

Star Beast: Wind Past Mountain8

Realm: Ten Thousand Techniques Seventh Stage

Innate Skill: Thirty-six Roads Dragon Capturing Hand

Five Elements: Metal

Yellow Rank Special Move: Mountain Break9

Dark Rank Special Move: Heaven And Earth Inverted/Dragon Fist10

Current Status: Contractor (Huangfu Tianyi)

Detailed Materials: …

“As expected, she is Faceless Jiao Ting.” This was not outside of Wu Xinjie’s expectations.

To be able to defeat Black Whirlwind Li Kui with the rule of being unarmed, there was only this Faceless Jiao Ting of the Innate Skill Thirty-six Roads Dragon Capturing Hand. Her boxing technique was not only excellent, it also used her flexible body technique. Without a weapon, she basically was a difficult opponent.

To say nothing of the fact she was merely ranked ninety-eight, if she used something like a regulated fight in an arena, the ones among the one hundred and eight Star Maidens that could defeat her could be counted with fingers.

“Those passing by, do not miss this. To stand with a Star General, that is once in a hundred years.” Huangfu Tianyi completely had the appearance of a dishonest businessman. His attitude of opening a business and treating a Star Maiden as a commodity made Lin Yingmei and the other girls somewhat displeased. Conversely, seeing that Evil Star Faceless Jiao Ting was nevertheless seemingly in meditation, wearing that expressionless mask, she actually had a sort of Buddhist appeal. She remained unconcerned at her master’s shouting.

“This is really too hateful. Make Elder Sister Yan Qing go teach him a lesson.” Shi Yuan resentfully said.

Skilful Star Wanderer Yan Qing similarly was absolute in boxing technique, and she was one of the few Star Generals that could defeat Jiao Ting bare-handed.

“Master, please call out.” Yan Yizhen’s fiery gaze looked at Su Xing, completely obeying his ideas.

“Will do.” Su Xing did not hesitate. He also very much wanted to see the “grappling” of two unarmed Star Generals. Of course, that victor’s Seven Stars Dark Sky Sand was indeed a good thing.

“Does anyone else dare come up for the challenge?” Huangfu Tianyi called loudly. However, he had been here for many days, and the three thousand Buddhist adepts more or less were done. Other than Great Cultivators like Chan Masters incapable of swallowing their pride, she practically was without equal.

Faceless Jiao Ruoxue very boredly sat on a chair. Then, she easily flipped out a book from her Astral Stone and leisurely read.

“Ten liang of Seven Stars Dark Sky Sand, something as good as this is very rare, is there anyone else that dares comes?? The experience of trading blows with a legendary Star General is more common than eating ten ‘Empress Wa’s Replenishing Heavenly Pills,’ could it be no cultivators have sight?” Huangfu Tianyi laughed.

Just as he said that, suddenly a figure appeared on the arena.

The Yan Yizhen with an exposed back and maid dress, her face expressionless, stared with her vermilion eyes apathetically at Faceless Jiao Ruoxue.

The Evil Star’s relaxation came to a sudden halt. Jiao Ruoxue put away that “Dialogue of the Buddha and Mahapitaka Brahmaraja”11 rose and emitted a heavy air.

“Could it be that this maid has come to challenge?” Huangfu Tianyi smiled.

Yan Yizhen took out Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo, her answer very clear.

Huangfu Tianyi shamelessly glowed, “Ruoxue, can you continue?”

Evil Star Jiao Ruoxue grunted.

Huangfu Tianyi immediately stepped off the platform, leaving all of the space to them both.

Everyone was silent. The faraway fireworks and the nearby conversations seemed to have all disappeared. Only the two girls’ twin peaks stood opposite the other’s, motionless and silent.

“Sister Little Yi ought to have no problem, correct?” An Suwen said.

“Relax, although Faceless Jiao Ting has inherited the Thirty-six Roads Dragon Capturing Hand, Skilful Star Wanderer Yan Qing absolutely does not have an undeserved reputation in grappling and boxing.” Xiao’er did not think so, as if she understood Yan Yizhen more than they did.

“If she truly loses, Xiao’er shall help you take it back.” Xiao’er then said.

Lin Yingmei calmly said: “No need.”

“Xiao’er does not want to owe your master a favor.” Xiao’er showed a considerable difficulty.

“Relax, Little Yi has never disappointed me.” Su Xing thought the opposite.

On the platform, Huangfu Tianyi read the rules.

The two adopted stances.

Although in the Star Position rankings the Skilful Star held the advantage, in the Star Duels, this stage was full of variable. Some Earthly Star relied on a few lucky encounters or cultivated profound martial arts to contrarily surpass Heavenly Star. It was comparable to Fair Skinned Gentleman Zheng Yanran.

Su Xing spoke calmly, yet he was unable to take his eyes off them.

The air seemed to be ripped apart.

Faceless Jiao Ting was the first to make a move. No sooner said than done, just like a shooting star or lightning strike, her hand made the sign of a dragon capture, and the Thirty-six Roads Dragon Capturing Hand emerged.

With a gale’s biting cold, a ripping sound entered the ear.

Nevertheless, Yan Yizhen was extremely indifferent.

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  1. Though she says martial arts arena, the following fight sounds more like a “professional wrestling” match.
  2. 皇甫天翼
  3. 若雪
  4. 地惡星
  5. 焦挺
  6. 沒面目
  7. 兩儀顛倒拳套
  8. 過山風
  9.  破山
  10. 乾坤顛倒/龍拳
  11. 大梵天王問佛決疑經, a real life Buddhist text of dubious authenticity.


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