Chapter 346: Happiness Chan

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Hearing this Senior Monk Extreme Happiness’ words, Su Xing broke into laughter. As it turned out, he thought that Su Xing could be lured with just a few random words? Supervoid Stage cultivation perhaps could be insufferably arrogant in someone else’s eyes, but he had contended against top-notch cultivators the likes of even Emperor Liang. How would he care about this Supervoid Early Stage Cultivator’s threats. “Unwilling.” Su Xing bluntly gave his reply.

“Benefactor is using some sort of Dual Cultivation Art, but it seems progress has already reached a bottleneck. If Benefactor has the ‘Happiness Chan Technique’ that Poor Monk imparts, it definitely can allow Benefactor to have double the results with half the effort. Even in the Star Duels, it will be greatly beneficial.” Senior Monk Extreme Happiness was not angry.

Seeing him floating in the air, his steps delicate, a gold and red Buddhist aura rushing, he wished to create an intimidating air to overawe Su Xing, but how could Senior Monk Extreme Happiness know that Su Xing was considered Liangshan Continent’s number one abnormal cultivator. Although his cultivation was only Galaxy Late Stage, the magic weapons and powers he possessed had nevertheless killed Supercluster Ancestral Masters into endless complaint.

“No interest at all.” Su Xing still maintained these four words. “Your Servant is a party member,1 an atheist, sorry.”

Party member??

What was that?

Senior Monk Extreme Happiness was puzzled. Seeing that Su Xing was somewhat stubborn, Senior Monk Extreme Happiness’ expression began to sour. His imposing aura flourished, and the world seemed to freeze. The Star Energy of Supervoid Stage cultivators already reached a stage where the whole body’s Star Energy became a void, containing Heaven and Earth, a Realm that used Heaven and Earth. This Realm absolutely was just not a difference in Realms compared to Supercluster Stage. It was completely the difference between night and day.

Suddenly facing a Supercluster Cultivator’s pressure, like ten giant mountains pressing against Su Xing’s shoulders, the heaviness wanted to make him yield.

Su Xing’s expression was sharp, his whole body taut, unwilling to concede.

At this moment, killing intent came from everywhere.

Lin Yingmei and the others had already showed their killing intent.

Senior Monk Extreme Happiness wrinkled his brow and retracted his pressure. He actually did not fear the imposing air of Lin Yingmei and the rest. Although he knew that they were Star Generals, he did not place them in his eyes, but now with Senior Monk Four Noble Truths selecting a successor for his robe and bowl, Senior Monk Extreme Happiness did not wish to give rise to side issues. “It seems Senior Monk and Benefactor do not have a connection.” Senior Monk Extreme Happiness clapped his hands together. This monk truly was fucking handsome, his smile more bewitching than a woman’s.

Which made Su Xing for the first time feel that the person’s inherent handsomeness had reached an extreme that made him feel it was disgusting.

“Since Benefactor does not wish to accept Poor Monk’s compassion, Poor Monk also wished to seek Benefactor out to invoke good karma-”

“What karma is there?” Su Xing countered.

“Senior Monk hears that Benefactor has the Phoenix Saliva Perfume. This Phoenix Saliva Perfume originally was an item sent from the Western Regions to the Happiness Together Courtyard. Unexpected changes arose along the way, and it has been taken by Benefactor. THe Phoenix Saliva Perfume originally was an item for the Happiness Chan. Poor Monk asks Benefactor to complete it, and the Happiness Together Courtyard will endlessly give thanks. Poor Monk can impart the Happiness Chan Sutra as a means of thanks.” Senior Monk Extreme Happiness wore a slight smile. Rather than say he wanted to invoke good karma, it would be better to say that he wanted to make Su Xing give in.

Su Xing knew this was Senior Monk Extreme Happiness’ true objective. The so-called disciple talk just now was merely an ulterior motive. Hearing that he wanted to impart the Happiness Chan, Su Xing actually was somewhat interested. As his counterpart said, his previous Dual Cultivation indeed had entered a bottleneck, with progress already scant. However, this Happiness Chan of the Happiness Together Courtyard was crooked, and Su Xing immediately dismissed this idea.

“Your Servant certainly has never given up to destiny.” Su Xing declined, neither pushy nor humble.

Senior Monk Extreme Happiness’ smile suddenly stiffened into being somewhat unsightly. In his view, he was but one of the Buddha Kingdom’s Six Ancestors, a Senior Monk, receiving the respect of all people. To be able to make him personally show his face already was a great honor.

He should have been bowing.

This man unexpectedly dared to refuse him.

Endlessly gloomy, the disciple beside him approached and whispered.

Senior Monk Extreme Happiness coldly said: “Benefactor must think clearly then reply. Poor Monk certainly remembers the Honey Ripple Temple of the Shala Tree.”

“Your Servant has offended you.” Su Xing did not fake his expression.

“Your Servant has offended you.”

Senior Monk Extreme Happiness suddenly sneered and repeated Su Xing’s words. Following that, five lotus petals of gold and red bubbled forth in the void, an odd scent wafting and covering hundreds of meters of sky. The multi-colored lots petals released light, as if coming from a painting, sketching the outlines of Su Xing’s beauties.

Su Xing surreptitiously gathered Purple Cloud True Star, preparing to take action.

Suddenly, green light flashed, and like a slicing blade, it directly broke apart the gold and red lotus light. Gongsun Huang pointed and released several Star Magics. Suddenly, a dragon roar violently rolled forth, directly pressuring the approaching scarlet and gold lotus flowered.

The expression of Senior Monk Extreme Happiness changed.

A chilly killing intent came from the side. Lin Yingmei, Wu Siyou and Yan Yizhen simultaneously moved, out of nowhere, with Lin Yingmei using Senior Monk Extreme Happiness as the center. Her spear was like a tide, a fierce dragon-rolling wind. Her body floated, speedily stabbing with her spear in an attack.

Wu Siyou’s double-ended sword was extremely absolute, pincer attacking from the left and right, still grinding the Chan Light to pieces.

Yan Yizhen’s body techniques were swift and variable, suddenly close and suddenly far, one of the Yin Yang fists like raging flames and the other just like a cloud-piercing ice. Star Energy flowed in between, the Chan Light completely unable to hinder her.

The three of them were first rate Star Generals, naturally regarding Senior Monk Extreme Happiness’ Happiness Gold Lotus ability as nothing.

Just the imposing air overflowed the heavens. At the same time Gongsun Huang unleashed Star Magic, Su Xing also got instant results, Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder transforming into Purple Lotuses that attacked simultaneously.

The faces of the Happiness Together Courtyard’s monks changed. Even Senior Monk Extreme Happiness was instantly pale in the face. He had never expected the opponents’ aggression to be fierce to practically unprecedented heights. However, he was a Buddha Kingdom Six Ancestor after all, a Supervoid Cultivator. Senior Monk Extreme Happiness put his hands together, and incorporeal Star Energy pressed in all directions. That large red kasaya suddenly billowed, transforming into a barrier that wrapped around himself.

Their attacks were completely accepted.

The fireworks boomed in the sky.

“Go.” Senior Monk Extreme Happiness pointed. The golden prayer beads exploded, scattering in all directions to attack.

Each of these Buddhist beads was concentrated with the hollow Supervoid Star Energy. Striking the Star Weapons with a series of bangs, even Lin Yingmei’s Three Star Destined Weapon was at a disadvantage.

Lin Yingmei’s spear rolled, the speartip releasing ice and snow.

Shooting over with a whoosh.

Senior Monk Extreme Happiness’ Buddhist aura seemed to freeze. He waved a palm.

Directly slamming into Lin Yingmei’s spear.

Senior Monk Extreme Happiness again waved several palms in succession. The powerful Supervoid Stage cultivation was comparable to the Star Generals’ Extreme Realm. His reactions were exceedingly quick, the Buddhist palms simultaneously contending against the three’s attacks.

But on the other hand, Su Xing’s Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder Lotus Flower had already floated down. The lotus flowers bloomed, and Purple Cloud exploded, giving rise to an enormous might.

It was more brilliant than those fireworks.

Senior Monk Extreme Happiness fully used his powers. A Buddhist aura protected his body, and he operated the Happiness Chan Light to entangle Lin Yingmei and the others. However, Star Generals’ close quarters assault was Liangshan Continent’s famous terror. Senior Monk Extreme Happiness gradually felt pressured, his strength not as powerful as he had hoped.

Let alone Su Xing’s side had several girls that still remained motionless, Senior Monk Extreme Happiness showed a pale expression for the first time.

Suddenly, the Buddhist aura completely faded. The kasaya opened, and Senior Monk Extreme Happiness already appeared high in the sky. His expression was no longer calm as it was a moment ago. His expression was full of a deep fear. “It seems Benefactor indeed does not have a connection with Poor Monk.” Senior Monk Extreme Happiness did not wish to provoke an incident, leading his disciple away and escaping swifty.

Su Xing did not feel like pursuing.

“What a pity, not to be able to seize the opportunity to take his Three Existence Mark.” Wu Xinjie did not forget this matter, and she uttered her regret.

“Forget it.” Su Xing did not hope he could take an advantage over one of Liangshan Continent’s peak cultivators. Repelling him already was considered pretty good.

“Is this monk’s Happiness Chan art of use to you, Su Xing? Do you want This Young Lady to help you steal it?” Shi Yuan giggled.

Lin Yingmei’s face turned red, and she sternly said: “There is no need to set your heart on this.”

Su Xing nodded, “Precisely. The Happiness Chan doesn’t appear to be any good of a dharma.” Looking at the surroundings, the climax of the Feast of All Sould had already reached its conclusion, “These Feast of All Souls festivities are just about finished. Let’s go back first and prepare for Buddha West Approaches’ thing.”


The next day.

Su Xing opened his eyes from a deep sleep. The view that greeted him was Lin Yingmei laying beside him, her delicate body completely naked, sparkling and beautiful, like those perfect pieces of beautiful jade, made by Heaven itself. The Majestic Star’s sleeping posture was very beautiful, her long eyelashes trembling in the morning breeze. A strand of hair lay across her supple and glossy lips, making Su Xing unable to help but recall the first sucking of these extremely beautiful lips.2 Who would have thought that the Majestic Star Lin Yingmei flourishing with heroism could be gentle in this aspect.

“Young Lord, you are so biased.” Wu Xinjie whispered into his ear, her gentle body sticking to Su Xing’s.

Blood filled his Yang fire, and Su Xing smiled at her.

As it so happened, Lin Yingmei half-opened her eyes. Spotting the pair currently staring, her complexion immediately blushed. She pulled the bedsheets up, a powerless cute appearance, which made Su Xing’s member greatly move. He wished he could do each of them one by one first thing in the morning, however, considering that last night was a bit too fierce, add on that Wu Siyou and the others were present, Su Xing had to bear with the appearance of a lord of evil.

“Want to find a new Dual Cultivation art?” Su Xing said. Although he did not favor Senior Monk Extreme Happiness, what he said was actually very correct. Their Dual Cultivation had entered a bottleneck and always was somewhat lacking.

“Your Servant has no need.” Lin Yingmei earnestly said.


The morning radiance was charming, lighting up the Buddha Kingdom.

The surrounding polo trees shook in the wind. Su Xing walked outside the room and drew in a deep breath. The place they currently lived was a famous temple and guest house of the Central Celestial, large enough to be a courtyard.

At this moment, the people outside clearly had grown in number. Su Xing knew this ought to be completely due to Senior Monk Four Noble Truth’s disciple successorship. This today was certainly a matter more magnificent than the Feast of All Souls.

Wu Siyou at this time walked out from the neighboring room. Seeing Su Xing, her expression was not at all natural.

Lin Yingmei and Wu Xinjie also walked out. Their gazes met, and then they were somewhat awkward. Although she knew that Su Xing was having sex everyday for some time now, every time she faced her sisters, she was not too accustomed to this.

“Ai, Elder SIster Suwen, can’t you concoct something like that Yin Yang Lovemaking Powder?” Shi Yuan envied from nearby.

An Suwen was stunned by the Thief Star’s audacious request.

“Hm, hm, Elder Sister Xinjie and Elder Sister Yingmei hog Su Xing so much, we’re certain to fall behind.” Shi Yuan was very direct.

An Suwen perspired. She looked at the others and saw that Yan Yizhen was apathetic, Gongsun Huang blinked innocently, and that Tang Lianxin was expressionless and even more silent than could be said. Faced with Shi Yuan’s question, she mumbled a few words.

“Finally, that robe and bowl succession is beginning.” Shi Yuan walked over and said.

“If only it could be of some help to Master.” Yan Yizhen calmly said.

“Do you wish to have This One help open the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower?”

Just at this moment, a cold voice came over. Lifting their heads, they spotted that a mighty woman had appeared in the sky.

Chao Gai coldly smiled.

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  1. 黨員, more precisely, I think Su Xing is referring to fact he is a soldier employed by the government, not that he is an actual politician.
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