Chapter 352: The Heavenly Solitary Star

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“Buddha compared all living things to soil. For Lord Su to be able to think of such Nirvana is truly exceptional.” Qingci slightly smiled.

Qingci was even brighter than he had imagined. Su Xing originally had wanted to explain, but it seemed that was actually unnecessary. “That’s because I honestly couldn’t think of anything else.” Su Xing acknowledged honestly.

“Excluding all possibilities is also a way.” Qingci looked thoughtfully at Su Xing.


The Seven Floor Stupa Pagoda’s Fifth Level was another world compared to the fourth level, with green grasses like a cushion and a clear and boundless sky. Su Xing usually first thought of a Buddhist scripture, but in the end, he did not find anything and looked inquisitively at Qingci. The latter appeared not the least bit aware.

The two decided to first look around this place.

This quiet atmosphere did not persist for too long. Upon an Astral Tool, a glint suddenly came from the horizon, vaguely with the sounds of clashing weapons. Su Xing and Qingci looked at each other and immediately guided the Astral Tool to rush over there. Very quickly, they saw this sort of scene.

They saw a prairie that extended a thousand li, and they spotted four or five monks brandishing staffs, Vajra parasols, Eternal Wheels of Life, and other magic tools currently in a siege. Su Xing had originally thought these monks perhaps were doing something related to comprehending the mystery, but upon closer inspection, he was gravely mistaken. The one being sieged was unexpectedly a woman.

That woman wore a Chan style golden blouse, her long, rolled up hair like waves. The woman was as indifferent as a statue of Buddha. She somersaulted around these monks, moving about unrestricted.

“Chan Xin??”

Su Xing and Qingci nearly blurted at the same time.

The two stared at each other, discerning each of their shocks.

“Lord Su also knows Chan Xin?” Qingci was very complex.

“I wouldn’t say know. We had a brief connection, and I heard her speak of Chan Technique.” Su Xing affirmed.

“Qingci did, too.” Qingci gracefully smiled, clearly an excuse.

Su Xing did not pursue the issue further, leisurely nodding his head. “Those are monks of the Vajra Law Temple, what’s the meaning of this?” Su Xing wrinkled his brow slightly unhappily. For this many monks to surround one woman honestly was unreasonable.

“Let us go take a look…”

Before Qingci had even finished speaking, Su Xing had already gone first.

“Star General that has deluded herself into obtaining the Holy Monk’s supreme Chan Technique, you know not the immensity of Heaven and Earth. Tactfully withdraw quickly, we shall let you go this once.” A tall monk shouted.

Chan Xin’s eyes did not have anger, did not have resentment, nor did they have the least bit of interest in answering.

The Vajra Temple Monks only felt they had received humiliation. They raised every sort of Buddhist weapon to strike, but Chan Xin’s body techniques could be labeled as excellent and nimble. No matter how tightly they encircled her, she faced them with absolute calm. Two crescent moon staffs brought an astral wind in a left and right pincer attack. The woman yielded, deftly stepping onto the crescent moon spade, and then she fluttered like a butterfly.

She nimbly dodged away.

“Watch these artifacts.”

The Vajra Law Temple’s monks saw that their attacks unexpectedly could not even touch the hem of Chan Xin’s clothing, and fury rose from their hearts. Multi-colored rays of light rose from alms bowls, lanterns, prayer beads and every sort of power was displayed.

These artifacts were controlled with Divine Intent. To dodge was not something body technique evasion could easily achieve.

The artifacts were about to strike Chan Xin.

Just at this moment…

Chan Xin’s beautiful figure unleashed several afterimages and phantoms that were indistinguishable from the real one. Unexpectedly, they were identical. The artifacts struck air, and graveness flashed through the eyes of the Vajra Law Temple’s monks.Just as they were about to use some trick, suddenly, five bolts of Purple Dragon Serpent Lightning dropped from the sky, destroying these five artifacts completely. The Divine Intents of the monks hurt. They yelled, lifting their heads and spotting a man and woman flying over.

The man flicked his fingers, and purple arcs of lightning immediately jumped out.

The monks promptly erected every sort of defensive measure to protect themselves, but even so, the purple lightning striking their bodies still made them suffer nearly into vomiting blood.

“Could it be you monks aren’t men? To bully one woman, don’t you feel like you’ve lost face?”

The newcomer naturally was Su Xing.

Su Xing looked down on them.

Qingci’s tone also had a rare iciness: “Great Masters are angry, do you still have any qualification to hear the Chan technique. Qingci advises Great Masters to quickly set down your blades, turn your heads and see the shore.”1

These monks were immediately very unsightly when they spotted Su Xing and Qingci. The two had cultivations of Galaxy Late Stage and Supercluster Early Stage that could firmly suppress them.

“This is Buddhism’s affair, it does not concern you Azure Dragon Territory Cultivators. If you wish to hear Chan Technique, do not mind our business.” The monks of the Vajra Law Temple shouted.

“Buddhism also has different types.” Qingci smiled.

“Different types? Little Sister, you make it sound so pleasant, I feel that they are scum.” Su Xing sneered.

His figure flashed, descending in front of Chan Xin, and Qingci followed after.

“Chan Xin, it seems we truly have a connection.” Su Xing turned his head and smiled.

Chan Xin’s eyes were still quietly deep beyond compare. Faced with Su Xing’s teasing, she did not reply. She merely glanced at Qingci, as if she was somewhat bewildered at Su Xing’s address for Qingci.

“Be a bit more tactful and leave this place. Otherwise, Your Servant will be very happy to make you go see Buddha Western Paradise.” Su Xing threatened back.

“This woman is a Star General. How can we allow Buddhism’s grand Chan Techniques be profaned by Maiden Mountain’s Star Generals.” The monks angrily said. Maiden Mountain’s reputation in the Buddha Kingdom was not at all good. It was difficult to say that the reason was not jealousy, after all, Maiden Mountain only used a thousand year’s time and already shook all four Territories of Liangshan Continent, yet Buddhism’s three thousand Buddhist sects nevertheless could only withdraw to the Azure Dragon Territory’s most western corner.

For the Buddha Kingdom’s people that worshipped Buddha West Approaches, it was understandable that somewhat extreme Buddhist Cultivators would not be fond of Star Generals contesting for Chan Technique.

“Has all your cultivation of Buddhism been without conscience? Buddhists all say that all living things are Buddhas, that it is whoever that listens that has distinction. I feel you basically are inherently guilty in conscience…know that you yourselves will never surpass her.” Su Xing said.

The faces of the Vajra Law Temple’s monks were ashen.

“How could the great path of Buddhism tolerate the gesticulations of cultivators like you.”

Su Xing laughed: “Did Your Servant’s words hit a sore spot?”

“Senior Brother, he seems to be the man that spat at Buddha?” A monk shouted.

“What? So it was a hoodlum like you that incited such a quarrel.”

The other monks were angry, and they pounced over.

“You overestimate yourselves.”

Su Xing waved his hand in passing. Auspicious purple clouds soared into the heavens. Purple Cloud True Star was far sharper than those blades, breaking apart all of the monks’ weapons. The protective Vajra Buddhist lights around their bodies blocked it with difficulty.

“You must not break the vow of no killing.” Chan Xin spoke in obstruction.

“If someone kills you, and you still espouse virtue, this is not Chan logic, that is bringing trouble upon yourself.” Su Xing snorted disdainfully.

His words made Shi Yuan and the rest chortle. It was a pity the others could not hear them.

Chan Xin’s deep tranquility showed slight astonishment.

Qingci’s eyes had a strange glint. She watched Su Xing’s expression with even more wariness and vigilance.

“Then not only do you bring trouble upon yourself, you also make yourself feel good about bringing about your own doom.” Su Xing supplemented.

The five monks had been battered bruised and bloodied by the purple cloud. However, they were worthy of being Buddhist Cultivators. Even so, that tall monk still pointed in disbelief at Su Xing: “You unexpectedly dare to disgrace Buddha.”

Su Xing laughed aloud: “You’re all still wet behind the ears at best, to unexpectedly dare compare me to Buddha, I feel you are the ones disgracing Buddha.”

“Heh, heh, Su Xing will make Buddha blow his top.” Shi Yuan thought this was very funny.

The monks still were angry enough to nearly spit blood.

Qingci and Chan Xin were completely silent.

“What a glib tongued man.”

A rolling thunderclap sounded in the sky.

A yellow-robed monk rolled over, riding upon a yellow cloud. He shouted, and the airflow shook every which way. A massive Buddha’s Palm imprint bore down upon Su Xing. Su Xing immediately used the Heaven Suppressing Stillness Hand. The Buddhist palm and the purple qi hand struck each other in the air, giving rise to an ear-piercing noise.

Purple clouds rolled, and the Buddha’s palm shattered the Heaven Suppressing Stillness Hand.

Su Xing’s chest sunk in. Blood rolled about, and immediately, he was forced back half a step.

This monk’s power was very strong.

“Amitabha, sadhu, sadhu.”

The yellow-robed monk descended the cloud, putting his hands together in prayer, using this to intimidate them.

“Great Master Jin Cheng.”2

The Vajra Temple Monks were immediately delighted seeing him, and they promptly saluted.

He was Supercluster Middle Stage Cultivation.

Su Xing chuckled. That Buddha’s Palm just now was indeed powerful. The Purple Cloud True Star unexpectedly was completely helpless.

“Poor Monk heard there was a Star General that wished to profane the dharma of Holy Monk Four Noble Truths, so Poor Monk immediately rushed over.” Great Master Jin Cheng’s face wore a slight smile as he stared at Su Xing: “Never expected to hear this Benefactor is also irreverent of Buddha.”

“Not everything is a Buddha. It’s all the same when you are selfish.” Su Xing shook his head.

“Lord Su, are you injured?” Qingci was taken aback.

“A little cut.” Su Xing wiped away the streak of blood at the corner of his mouth.

“Poor Monk advises Benefactors to quickly return to the Azure Dragon Territory. Holy Monk Four Noble Truths is the Supreme Monk of our Buddhism. When Emperor Liang originally could not successfully obtain audience with him, could it be that Benefactors feel they are more powerful than Emperor Liang?”

“Return? With such an interesting mouth here, Your Servant still has not seen enough.” Su Xing smiled.

Qingci covered her mouth.

This man’s mouth honestly was unforgiving.

Great Master Jin Cheng’s benevolent appearance was not immune from Su Xing’s repeated mockery. As they say, Buddha still has fire.

“Great Master, this man basically does not put Buddha in his eyes. Again and again, he disgraces our Buddhism, honestly we cannot pardon him.” The tall monk endured the injuries of his whole body, enraged.

“But of course I wouldn’t put Buddha in my eyes.” Su Xing nodded.

Before that monk could be proud of himself, Su Xing’s next sentence made him fly into a rage. “Buddha is to be used for veneration in the mind. I feel you merely use Buddha’s name as a signboard to usurp his reputation.”


At this moment, Qingci could not resist giggling. The girl was suffering unbearably to not laugh aloud.

“Speaking further is not good. Today, allow Poor Monk to ferry you.” Great Master Jin Cheng was absolutely calm.

Su Xing had just thought of saying thanks, when suddenly, the always aloof Chan Xin blocked in front of him. “This matter is because of Me. These consequences will thus be assumed by Me.”

“Benefactor understands now, it is not too late.” Great Master Jin Cheng’s face was content. He was fully self-confident he could face off against these three people, however, if he could, to convince them to leave on their own was a meritorious achievement.

“What Benefactor Su Xing said was correct. You merely are cheats that usurp Buddha’s good name. Honestly, you are the ones that shame Buddhism.”

Chan Xin’s tone suddenly was dramatically changed.

Great Master Jin Cheng and the other monks were stunned.

Wind suddenly blew.

Chan Xin already brandished a fist at them.

Great Master Jin Cheng coldly shouted, “Just allow Poor Monk’s dispassionate Vajra Palm to experience the ability of the legendary Star General.”

That booming sound was ear-piercing.

Time just passed in a flash.

Great Master Jin Cheng’s Vajra Palm caught Chan Xin’s fist. This Supercluster Middle Stage Great Master had yet to shout a few words when suddenly, he only felt the powerful strength of the Vajra Palm abruptly ebb. Immediately afterwards came the sound of the bones in his palm shattering.

Great Master Jin Cheng violently spat blood. A powerful force directly crushed him, and his body was sent flying heavily away.

Great Master Jin Cheng’s whole body shuddered. He wanted to climb up. That face brimmed with terror, both his eyes seemingly about to pop out of his head from fear. He looked inconceivably at the tranquilly light as wind and clouds Chan Xin. His lips trembled, speaking not very nimbly at all.

“You are…Heavenly…Solitary…Star…”

The Great Master Jin Cheng finally toppled onto the ground.

With only a punch.

Author’s Note:

PS: Because I reached the word limit too late, tomorrow will have at least four chapters. I’ll strive for a burst of five chapters.

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  1. 回頭是岸 idiom for finding Enlightenment.
  2. 金城大師, lit. Great Master Gold City.


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