Chapter 355: My Wife Says You Must Die

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A world in a flower.

The Miraculous Bodhi Tree.

“Impossible, why would you have such a thing,” Senior Monk Extreme Happiness shouted in shock. His eyes had both hatred and the glint of zealous envy.

Su Xing actually did not feel he was surprised. The Bodhi originally was Buddhism’s holy tree. Prehistoric Spirit Treasures forged from materials like this naturally were what Buddhists loved the most, however, how would Su Xing have the inclination to chat with them. Immediately, he called forth Heaven Tearing and Langya. The twenty-four Flying Swords intersected, making Senior Monk Extreme Happiness tremble with fear upon seeing it.

Although Buddhist cultivators often trained their physical bodies and were bright with dharma, the reason they could only hole up in the far western corner of the Azure Dragon Territory naturally had a logic. Buddhist cultivators cultivated sarira as their Life-cast items, not Flying Swords. In terms of abilities, this was a massive detriment. Originally, Ancestor Extreme Clarity had used Galaxy Late Stage and could contend against Wu Siyou, Lin Yingmei and other Great Star Generals other than using the Miraculous Bodhi Tree because he still had Flying Sword abilities as an asset.

Compared to the Azure Dragon Territory’s cultivators, though Stupa of the Buddhist Cultivators was known as a Buddha that cultivated the sword, if he truly was pit against a Star General, he was practically overwhelmingly weak.

When Senior Monk Extreme Happiness saw that Su Xing raised the powerful Flying Swords and even had the Miraculous Bodhi Tree in hand, he immediately had the urge to flee. Then, this urge immediately became action. Senior Monk Extreme Happiness threw out the Heavenly Nymphs Lewdly Mesmerize All Things Net. He no longer wanted this Life-cast Magic Weapon, and he only hoped it could obstruct the two. He appeared very clear that to face Wu Siyou and her Lord Husband, fleeing was a very difficult matter.

His abandonment was wise. The Heavenly Nymph Lewdly Mesmerizes Net and the two colors of gold and red flashed. Immediately afterwards, they became threads, interweaving along all sides into a giant net that dropped down. Hundreds of perhaps naked perhaps thinly clad beautiful girls like fairies emerged, each stroking their hair coquettishly, making charming dances. Their jade thighs spread open, their jade butts stuck high up, and they all were in wonderfully varied and myriad seductive poses.

Those girls outwardly appeared to refuse, yet they clearly had desire. Their eyes had a roaming gleam, and their mouths also emitted a faint, rippling Yin voice. Entering the sea of consciousness, anyone else would be dry of mouth and tongue, their eyes scarlet, the Yang fire of their dantian inflamed with passion.

This was the first time Su Xing had seen such a bizarre magic weapon. For a moment, he was shocked, and the girls inside his sea of consciousness blushed even more.

Su Xing immediately seized the Miraculous Bodhi Tree and swiped several times. The Heavenly Nymph Lewdly Mesmerizes Net’s Charm-light successively was washed away and became ordinary red and golden threads. When Su Xing saw, he once again used the Weapon Disarming Scroll, taking these threads in.

However, at this time, Senior Monk Extreme Happiness had already escaped far away, with pursuit impossible.

Thinking to himself this was somewhat of a pity, Su Xing again directed his gaze to the other Buddha of Buddha Kingdom – Stupa.

Stupa’s épée was sent flying by Wu Siyou, the double-ended sword directly pressed against his neck.

“If you dare kill me, Buddha Kingdom’s Stupa Saber Fast definitely will be unable to coexist. Buddha Kingdom’s millions of citizens definitely will become enemies with you,” Stupa shouted. Death was near at hand, and still, he would die without repent.

Su Xing had a face of “how long has an idiot like you been worshipped everyday to have broken your brain.” “Who do you think are, to be worthy of Buddha Kingdom shedding tears for you? I feel that once you die, the disciple of your sect that will obtain your leadership role would be happy first. Judging by your appearance, you normally do a lot of bad things. Heh, killing you is perfect for delivering justice on behalf of Heaven. Don’t make too much noise.”

“Su Xing, you’re so mean.” Shi Yuan laughed hard enough for tears to nearly roll out.

Stupa’s complexion changed. Clearly, what Su Xing said honestly was possible.

“Lord Su, what is the meaning of this?”

Qingci and Chan Xin urging on an Astral Tool soon arrived, stunned on sight by the scene before them.

“Lord Su??”

Wu Siyou’s brows wrinkled, and her eyes slightly narrowed, coldly glaring at Su Xing.

“Wifey, you misunderstand. This is Little Sister Qingci.” Su Xing explained.

Wu Siyou harrumphed, looking at Qingci with complete distaste.

When Qingci saw Wu Siyou, her eyes let out a shocked glint, this oddity very quickly disappearing and recovering her cool.

“Just what is happening?” Chan Xin asked.

“Nothing at all, these two monks lost their minds and wanted to kill my Wifey, en.” Su Xing stared ice cold at Stupa, his lips curling into a cold grin: “However, it’s a pity his skill isn’t as good.” The Flying Swords began to stir, just about to slash for the kill.

“Do not kill me. Poor Monk can inform you of one of the Miraculous Bodhi Tree’s secrets.” Stupa’s face was pale, no longer with his might from just now, promptly pleading for mercy.

“What secrets does the Miraculous Bodhi Tree have?” Su Xing stopped the Flying Swords.

“It is better for Benefactor alone to hear this.” Stupa looked at Wu Siyou and the others.

“This is my wife, this is my Little Sister, this is my friend. If you have something to say, say it quickly.” Su Xing coldly said. “I have no patience whatsoever for people like you who assail my wife.”

“Fine, fine, fine. How did you come about your Miraculous Bodhi Tree…” Seeing Su Xing’s eyes were increasingly gloomy, Stupa immediately said: “The Five Dragons Colored Glass Lamp is refined from Prehistoric Materials, but it nevertheless lacks something similar to act as the lampwick. This Miraculous Bodhi Tree is precisely that lampwick. If you light it, you can accomplish the supreme Buddhism. It is said you can comprehend a Prehistoric Chan Technique.”

This was the first time Su Xing had heard of this news. Stupa acted as one of Buddha Kingdom’s Six Ancestors. This words still were somewhat believable.

“The Miraculous Bodhi Tree is the Five Dragons Lamp’s lampwick?”

Su Xing looked at this fine branch in his hand and darkly wrinkled his brow.

“Yes, or so Poor Monk hears, but Bodhi still Buddhism’s holy item. This bit is not false.”

Su Xing looked at the girls.

“It is not strange. Bodhi indeed is Buddhism’s holy item.” Qingci said.

“However, what use is this news? The Five Dragons Colored Glass Lamp is not in my hands.” Su Xing sneered.

“Benefactor Su Xing, it would be better to let him go.” Chan Xin was disturbed, speaking: “The Heavens above have quite the virtue. Since he has already come to the realization, we ought to give him a chance.”

“Lord Su, what Little Sister Chan Xin says is true. Since this Stupa is Buddha Kingdom’s Six Ancestor, regardless of what happens, killing him will only bring Lord Su trouble in Buddha Kingdom, making enemies for no reason.” Qingci analyzed.

Su Xing once again looked at Wu Siyou.

The Harm Star snorted. She stowed her sword and turned her gaze away.

Stupa’s heart relaxed. He looked at Su Xing, his expression appearing to be that of a yes-man, his heart nevertheless secretly insidious. After leaving, he definitely would leave this man dead with no corpse left to avenge today’s humiliation. Just as he thought this, suddenly, Stupa’s neck felt cold. By the time he had returned to his senses, he only saw his own head leave his body. From his headless body, blood bubbled forth like a fountain.

For a time, Stupa was stunned.

“My wife already said, today, even Buddha cannot save you.” Su Xing sneered.

Stupa’s headless corpse tumbled to the ground, and thus, one of Buddha Kingdom’s Six Ancestors turned to dust like this.

Wu Siyou was taken aback, her expression full of complexity as she looked at Su Xing.

Qingci and Chan Xin were stupefied, not expecting Su Xing would kill this Buddha Kingdom Six Ancestor after declaring so.

“Lord Husband, you should not have acted. This sort of person ought to have been left to Your Servant. To stain Lord Husband’s hand, how will it do to be rebuked by the Holy Monk.” Wu Siyou was somewhat pained.

“If that Holy Monk feels that Your Servant killing this kind of person is wrong, then he is gravely mistaken. Whether Your Servant does not respect this Buddha, or whether Your Servant does not listen to his dharma, both are fine.” Su Xing interrupted.

The girls instantly had nothing to say.

Although this very minor incident made the atmosphere between them not as relaxed as before, with regards to the Heavenly Solitary Star Lu Zhishen, every time Su Xing acted honestly was greatly outside her expectations. Undoubtedly, he went against Chan ideals, but each time, she could not utter even half a word. The tranquil Chan Xin did not know when she had become confused.


Qingci also pondered deeply. She looked at Su Xing and Wu Siyou’s intimate posture and could not discern anything, unable to understand any of it.

Actually, Wu Siyou’s attitude was much better than it was previously, no longer bothering about from where Su Xing made a Little Sister Qingci or a Little Sister Chan Xin. Stepping on the Flying Swords, her hand was clasped by Su Xing in front of the Sister, and she was pulled up to him.

“That Chan Xin is the Heavenly Solitary Star?” Wu Siyou was very surprised to hear this name.

Wu Siyou’s attitude also improved a lot due to the Heavenly Solitary Star. After all, among Maiden Mountain’s one hundred and eight Star Generals, Harm Star Wu Song, Majestic Star Lin Chong and Solitary Star Lu Zhishen had always got along very well. Their natures had the imprints of favorable impressions for each other, but meeting for the first time this Heavenly Solitary Star Flowery Monk Lu Zhizhen, Wu Siyou still was very surprised.  

Only upon hearing Wu Siyou’s identity for the first time did Chan Xin’s eyes flash a slightly pleasant surprise, but after seeing Su Xing, it immediately was extinguished. Apathetic, she honestly had a Chan aura that made even Wu Siyou slightly uncomfortable.

“I just killed one of Buddha Kingdom’s Six Ancestors, and I let that Senior Monk Extreme Happiness escape. If what Stupa said about the Miraculous Bodhi Tree is true, then I fear there will be big trouble.” Su Xing inwardly said.

Senior Monk Extreme Happiness inevitably would take revenge, and the Buddha Kingdom Six Ancestors still had the other four. Each were characters not so good to provoke, and among them was the chief, Chan Master Still Void, whose magic energy was limitless and formidable.

“Your Servant actually has implicated Lord Husband.” Wu Siyou wrinkled her brow and said.

“Between us, what is there to implicate. As for the three, four other Ancestors, I actually want to see what these self-proclaimed Buddhas of the Buddha Kingdom look like.”

Wu Siyou smiled.

Suddenly, Su Xing turned his head towards Wu Siyou and drew near. He whispered: “Wifey, we haven’t been intimate for a long time.”

“What…” Wu Siyou’s pupils shrunk.

“Eh, I’m saying ever since that time we faced Guan Sheng, we haven’t kissed.”

“What nonsense are you thinking of.” Wu Siyou’s tone was flustered, for even Lord Husband to turn into a simple “you.”

Su Xing lamented. For such a cool and elegant beauty like Wu Siyou to be beside him calling out Lord Husband, no man could possibly remain aloof.

Although Wu Siyou called Su Xing “Lord Husband,” she truly had not thought of such a thing before. That time she kissed him also was passion, unrestrainable emotion, the effect of the environment. For her to kiss him during normal times, Wu Siyou felt this practically was more terrifying than battle.

“It seems I still haven’t done enough as your Lord Husband.” Su Xing was helpless.

Wu Siyou recalled Su Xing had protected her just now, and her heart softened. Tenderly, she said: “What Lord Husband said is extremely true. Between Lord Husband, this is inevitable and right, however, now is the pivotal point for Lord Husband’s Meditative Mind Lotus Seed. We absolutely cannot be distracted, to save little and lose much.

“How can I save little and lose much with my own Wifey. Siyou, these words of yours aren’t right.” Su Xing retorted.


Wu Siyou knew she could never get the last word in, thus she ignored him: “In short, wait until after this. Your Servant shall do as Lord Husband pleases.” Those last words were squeezed out from between the gaps of her teeth with exceptional blushing and difficulty.

“Can I really do anything I want?” Su Xing winked, letting his imagination run wild.

Wu Siyou glared at him. How could she not know what filthy things this man was thinking of, and her ear burned.

Su Xing laughed aloud, teasing her no longer.

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