Chapter 370: Shaqing

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A magnificent light flashed by, and Qin Ming disappeared without a trace.

Lin Yingmei stored her spear and lifted her head. In the sky, there was no Starfall at all, meaning that Qin Ming did not die?

“Strange, could it be that Qin Ming has signed a contract?” Wu Xinjie slowly walked over, very bewildered. If a Star General that did not sign a contract were to receive a fatal wound, they would Starfall. Qin Ming had undoubtedly died just now, but if she had a contract, to not see Qin Ming’s Star Master honestly was odd. Wu Xinjie could not believe that the reason the Star Master was absent from the Fierce Star’s side was the same as her own.


Wu Xinjie flashed forth and brought Lin Yingmei into her embrace. Lin Yingmei was somewhat powerless. That intense battle with Qin Ming just now had extremely fatigued her strength, after all, the Fierce Star Fiery Thunderbolt was a Five Tiger. How could she be a character defeated as easily as turning over a hand.

“Sister Yingmei,1 you truly went through a lot of trouble.” Wu Xinjie drew near her ear, her alluring words like silk. The Nine Tailed Spirit Fox’s possession made her look very bewitching.

Lin Yingmei’s pale cheeks rose with a blush, shoving Wu Xinjie aside.

“Sister Yingmei, you really are shy. We both have attended to Young Lord together already.” Wu Xinjie drew Lin Yingmei’s rough waist towards her. Her lips ambiguously pecked Lin Yingmei’s cheeks, their posture extremely suggestive.

Lin Yingmei seemed to suffer an electric shock, breaking free with strength that came from who knew where. Uprighteously, she said: “Wu Xinjie, are you drunk?” Although they had indeed seen each other at their most stark, at that time, Lin Yingmei’s whole heart was hung on Su Xing, not caring at all about those minor ambiguities.

“Oh, seeing Sister Yingmei’s powerless appearance, Xinjie is somewhat drunk.” Wu Xinjie charming romanticness was loose, her cheeks slightly ablush.

“Do you want Your Servant to help calm you down?” Lin Yingmei was completely without politeness.

Wu Xinjie slightly winked, putting away her frivolous attitude. The nine tails retracted, and the Spirit Fox emerged from her body. The Eight Gates Black Gold briefly stirred restlessly, becoming a ray of golden light that bore into Wu Xinjie’s body. The Knowledge Star let out a rather provocative moan that made Lin Yingmei’s ears grow warm.

A moment later, Wu Xinjie recovered her composure.

“Truly, Xinjie does not wish to use the Eight Gates Black Gold Chain.” Wu Xinjie exhaled.

“Do not lower your guard, for Qin Ming’s Star Master might return.” Lin Yingmei reminded.

“Perhaps Fierce Star Qin Mingyue did not sign a contract.” Wu Xinjie smiled.

Lin Yingmei’s expression was full of doubt.

“Did Young Master already say that Jin Qiongyu had signed a contract with Qingci? Since this Qin Mingyue and Jin Qiongyu are together, their relationship is not shallow.” Wu Xinjie surmised, also a bit pensive: “However, it truly is strange. Why would this sort of thing occur…”

Lin Yingmei raised her head, gazing at the Seven Floor Stupa Pagoda, “Is it Qingci…”

Top of the pagoda.

Qingci suddenly changed her expression. She extended an arm and turned her hand. A banner appeared out of nowhere in her palm. It was too late to think anymore. Qingci’s expression was grave. She bit open her fingertip, and she smeared her blood onto the banner. A magnificent scene appeared in Qingci’s surroundings. Countless blue and white brushstroke-like outlines appeared in the air with simple and elegant trajectories. Graceful blue smoke circulated around her body, uniquely beautiful.

Qingci’s lips slightly moved. The innumerable blue tadpole-like characters on the banner changed shape, finally forming a gorgeous Star Crest.

After this was completed, Qingci then slowly drew in a breath. The blue smoke scattered, yet her expression did not ease.

“Sister Qingci?”

Li Longkui, Wang Jingzhi and the others were astonished, clearly sensing what had happened just now – Qin Ming had been killed?

“Do not say anything at all. Your Servant has her own plans.”

Qingci was calm. Walking into the void, suddenly she heard a stabbing Brahmanistic chanting. Qingci knelt on the ground, her head splitting with pain. “This is…”

Inside, Ten Thousand Buddhas.

The Su Xing soaking in boundless bliss at the moment was currently at a realm where he could not move up or down. The Five Dragons Colored Glass Lamp above his head released light. The five dragons wound around, the Buddhist aura radiated, and that illusory Meditative Mind Lotus Seed seemed substantial, manifesting its shape in the air. The Buddhist light was like a sea, vastly irrigating it, but the dharma was lacking, and the blossoming was slow enough to raise one’s hackles.

However, although Su Xing’s Heart Like Mirrors Soul Technique had already reached the third highest realm, sensing that An Suwen had returned to the Star Nest still made Su Xing’s mind drop its guard. After all, Su Xing inherently had not truly reached that exceedingly refined degree. He could not turn a deaf ear to the danger outside. Furthermore, in the case that Su Xing’s mind was in disorder, this Five Dragons light would become increasingly slow, and the budding Meditative Mind Lotus Seed would also depress.

Just at this moment, suddenly, countless Brahmanistic chants came through the void to his ear. Innumerable gods and buddhas appeared in the void. A bodhi forest and polo flowers formed a sea that encircled Su Xing within. Countless Buddhist sutra recitations endlessly poured into his ear.

This sudden Ten Thousand Buddhas was like a last hope. His originally absent-minded mood immediately once again recovered its tranquility. At this moment, Wu Siyou and the others were bitterly persisting through a tangle for his Meditative Mind Lotus Seed. If he were to give up now, how could returning empty-handed not waste all of their efforts.

Su Xing suddenly had an epiphany, and he slowly recited.

“Everything is that way, neither begun nor ended, neither impure nor pure, neither increasing nor decreasing. And so within the void there is no material form, and no sensation, no discrimination, no thinking, and no consciousness. There is not sensory perception, no form, sound, smell, taste, touch, or reasoning. There are no eighteen dhatu of sensation from sight to consciousness vijnnana, or twelve links of avidya and its ending to old age and death jaramarana and their ending. There are even no “Four Noble Truths,” nor wisdom, nor attainment. Because there is no attainment, bodhisattvas…”2

Buddhas, arhats, and polo flowers opened. The bodhi tree rocked. Sarira, precious ksetra, stupas, and colored glass became ten thousand fragments that entered the Meditative Mind Lotus Seed.  

The five dragons simultaneously cried out. Suddenly, the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower slowly spread its petals…

“Good, let us not delay. Immediately go stop that man.”

The Ten Thousand Buddhas of the Platform of Sixth Patriarch included Buddha Kingdom’s Six Ancestors, the superpower of cooperating Supervoid Cultivators. The congregate of the entire Buddha Kingdom’s power, what Wu Siyou faced was not the Buddha Kingdom’s Six Ancestors but Buddha Kingdom’s millions of disciples. Let alone Star Generals, even Emperor Liang, any cultivator that was the least bit irreverent of Buddha would inevitably swear allegiance to the Ten Thousand Buddhas, unable to free themselves of worldly worries.

Wu Siyou, Gongsun Huang, Yan Yizhen and Tang Lianxin exerted Star Energy to break free of the Brahmanistic chants in their minds, but that immeasurable dharma had no gaps to fall through. Their bodies had been frozen down to the cells.

When Great Master Still Void saw these Star Generals had already been trapped, it was too late to think anymore. Immediately, he was about to rush into the Five Dragons Colored Glass Lamp.

“Perish the thought.”

Wu Siyou clenched her teeth, raising the Noble Frost Demonic Lotus with difficulty. The Pilgrim was unwilling to give up.

“Wu Song, there is no need.” Abbess Water Moon slightly sighed.

“Do not mind them…”

Just as the Chan Masters were about to rush in, suddenly, a powerful force caged them.


Great Master Shen Hui and the others were astonished, hastily waving their hands to go block.

“Life is like a place full of thorns. The heart is motionless, and thus, one does not act rashly. Being motionless therefore does no harm. When the heart finally moves, one acts rashly, which causes pain to body and bone. One then realizes how much pain there truly is in society.”3

Faint Brahmanistic chanting slowly made its way over. A woman descended from the heavens, wearing golden muslin, her hair rolled slightly in a cloud bun, her expression particularly pious.

Her forehead had a golden Star Crest that was like colored glass.

“Heavenly Solitary Star Lu Zhishen.”

The Chan Masters were stunned.

Heavenly Solitary Star Lu Zhishen was free within the Ten Thousand Buddhas. The three thousand dharmas did not have the slightest influence on Chan Xin. As the sole Star General among them all that was Buddhist, Chan Xin showed extremely tranquility.

“Heavenly Solitary Star, why do you do this?”

Great Master Shen Hui respectfully said.

“I ask you all, why do you dedicate yourselves to him?” Chan Xin turned her head to look at Wu Siyou.

Under the weight of the Ten Thousand Buddhas, how could she speak a single word, but her resolute eyes clearly showed her entire reply.

Chan Xin nodded her head in understanding.

“Since there is fate,4 Chan Xin shall complete this karma.”4

Chan Xin sighed.

“Heavenly Solitary Star, could it be you wish to see a Star General dishonor our Buddha’s holy object?”

“Do not speak with her any further. The Star Generals all say the same thing.”6

Aratha was furious. The Vajra Dharma Characteristics appeared, and he instantly rushed over.


Chan Xin caught Aratha’s fist with one hand, her expression still aloof.

“Impossible,” Aratha’s expression was pale, and his other hand then boomed over.

When this punch arrived, Chan Xin’s left fist already struck Aratha’s chest. Instantly, Aratha’s face contorted, feeling his internal organs turn back to front. Originally, the barely protective Star Energy dispersed.

“I have offended Great Master.”

Chan Xin had barely spoke.

Aratha was then sent flying a hundred meters, astonishingly unable to crawl back up.


The others did not hesitate. In the next second, they totally threw themselves over, magic weapons and powers glaring and dazzling. Although they had already been worn down in battle by Wu Siyou and the others, arrows at the end of their path, the imposing auras that erupted for their attachment to Buddhism’s holy object at this final moment still changed.


Chan Xin put her palms together7 in the midst of the wildly fluttering gale, calm. Immediately, a Chan staff appeared in her hands.

This Chan was completely sparkling and translucent, with three sparkling stars.

This was the Heavenly Solitary Star’s Destined Star Weapon – Devil Sealing Crescent Moon Chan.

And at the same time, the Heavenly Solitary Star’s Star Beast Withering Thriving Lotus Flower Beast also appeared suddenly. Its wings spread, just like a lotus flower adornment. In a split second, Heavenly Solitary Star Lu Zhishen’s expression was full of an unprecedented violence and terror.  

“Jia Ye, you go contest the Colored Glass Lamp. Abbess Water Moon and the rest of us shall stall the Heavenly Solitary Star.” Great Master Still Void shouted. The originally hesitant Chan Master Jia Ye and Abbess Water Moon could no longer not act upon hearing this.

“Great Master, careful.”

Abbess Water Moon shouted.


Great Master Still Void spat a mouthful of blood. Chan Xin’s staff knocked him flying. If it was not  Chan Xin unintentionally killing him, this staff was enough to knock a completely spent Great Master Still Void dead.

“Heavenly Solitary Star, you are unbridled towards the Great Master.” Abbess Water Moon raised her own magic weapon, “Compassionate Ferry Jade Pure Bottle.”8 Millions of magnificent rays shot towards the Heavenly Solitary Star, and at the same time, both her hands formed the Mark of Fearlessness to use another ability. Facing a Star General unrivalled in close combat, Abbess Water Moon did not dare to leave any leeway.

“Not Inauthentic realm, Water Moon Paradise.”9

“Heavenly King’s Devil Sealing Chan Technique.”10

Chan Xin shouted. The Devil Sealing Crescent Moon Chan in her hands waved, forming a galaxy, cold light sweeping and shooting out.

Those million rays of magnificent light were entirely torn to shreds.

The Water Moon Paradise fairyland was bumped to pieces. Chan Xin charged out, instantly arriving at her front. The Devil Sealing Crescent Moon Staff hit at Abbess Water Moon. Abbess Water Moon was forced into continuously retreated backwards by Chan Xin’s staff technique, battered and exhausted. “Heavenly Solitary Star Lu Zhishen, why do you renounce my Buddha.”

“My Buddha is born of my heart, hoping only to resolve karma.”11

Chan Xin was neither sorrowful or joyful.

“What? Just what are you thinking of doing…”

The most peak Buddhist General that came from Maiden Mountain, each word she spoke was tranquil enough to penetrate anyone’s heart.

“I am thus, Shaqing.”12

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  1. Using 妹 for Little Sister.
  2. 是諸法空相,不生不滅,不垢不淨,不增不減,是故空中無色,無受想行識; 無眼,耳鼻舌身意,無色聲香味觸法,無眼界,乃至無意識界;無無明,亦無無明盡,乃至無老死,亦無老死盡,無苦集滅道,無智亦無得,以無所得故,菩提薩埵 Passage from the Heart Sutra, translation adapted from alma mater UCSD :DDD
  3. 人生在世如身處荊棘之中,心不動,人不妄動,不動則不傷;如心動則人妄動,傷其身痛其骨,於是體會到世間諸般痛苦 Translation adapted from:
  4. 一個鼻孔裡出氣, lit. All air comes from a single nostril.
  5. Please, can we finally get a Chibaku Tensei? When I tl their action as “put palms together,” this is the exact gesture being made, and what’s been happening for a while with all the Buddhists in this arc. And can we agree that the Chinese pronunciation is just as cool 地爆天星 dìbào tiānxīng :DD
  6. 慈航玉淨瓶
  7. 無虛境,水月洞天
  8. 天王封魔禪法
  9. 因果
  10. 殺情, Her name is very powerful and in-line with Buddhism. 殺 literally means “kill,” and 情 means “feeling” or “emotion.”


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