Chapter 373: The Temple’s Faintly Ringing Thousand Year Bell Shakes Awake The Dreams Under Heaven

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Su Xing exited the Seven Floor Stupa Pagoda. Lin Yingmei and Wu Xinjie had already waited for a long time, and when they saw Su Xing was safe and sound, though their appearances emitted an air of dignity, the Knowledge Star that was fine as hair joyfully leapt into Su Xing’s embrace: “Congratulations Young Lord for blossoming the Lotus Flower. Hee-hee, your cultivation has also reached Supercluster Stage.”

“Have you encountered trouble on the outside? You had a Star Duel?” Su Xing looked at the surroundings. A sheet of shattered ice and snow recounted what had happened. Inside the Seven Floor Stupa Pagoda, a Crimson Star’s power had fallen into Su Xing’s body, clearly explaining that outside, Lin Yingmei had battled a Star General.

“Just a little trouble.” Wu Xinjie winked, her hands presenting Evil Star Faceless Jiao Ting’s Four Star “Heaven And Earth Inverted Boxing Gloves.”

Su Xing exclaimed. Not too long before, Yan Yizhen had competed against Jiao Ruoxue atop an arena. Meeting them again, the latter had now Starfallen.

“Young Lord, a Crimson Star appeared just now. Has Young Lord helped us increase our Sisters again?” Wu Xinjie covered her smile. Lin Yingmei’s gaze concentrated on Wu Siyou, with a sort of expectation. Perhaps she believed that Crimson Star just now was Wu Siyou and Su Xing contracting.

“It was not Your Servant’s. It is Heavenly Solitary Star Flowery Monk Lu Zhishen’s.” Wu Siyou shook her head.


The two girls were stupefied.

“Lu Zhishen? Her?” Lin Yingmei’s eyes were full of shock, gazing at Su Xing with great bewilderment.

“Really? However, where is she?” Wu Xinjie blinked.

“She did not come along.” Su Xing explained.

“Although that Shaqing has signed a contract with Young Lord, she still wants to comprehend the Meditative Mind of the Star Duels, so she didn’t follow along.” Shi Yuan to the side pouted an explanation, quite upset at the Heavenly Solitary Star’s “rebellious” conduct.

“Just what is the meaning of this?”

Su Xing helplessly explained. Originally, after signing the contract, Heavenly Solitary Star Lu Shaqing indeed became Su Xing’s Star general, but Lu Shaqing’s original aspirations nevertheless did not change. Although she did not kill her feelings, carrying feelings to comprehend Chan was not impossible in comprehending the Star Duels. On the contrary, perhaps these feeling would become Lu Shaqing’s motivation for comprehending Chan. Su Xing also felt that, in this world, the best way to change a person was this word “feeling,” so this was unavoidably impossible.

Lu Shaqing’s pursuit of the Meditative Mind could be said to be her dedication. Even after signing a contract, this did not change.

Although Su Xing could exploit Command Enforcement to compel Lu Shaqing to accompany him, doing so appeared too selfish. It completely went against his original intentions, let alone that his Kiss Contract with her was a very surprising matter. Su Xing abided by her with an “Huh??”

After hearing these words, Wu Xinjie and Lin Yingmei were again moved.

Contracting the renowned Heavenly Solitary Star originally was very shocking, and to allow her to go comprehend Chan and not participate in the Star Duels, this had never happened across the nine generations of Star Duels. “Lu Shaqing is actually very versed in the Meditative Mind!” Yan Yizhen was somewhat impressed.

The others felt the same. The previous Heavenly Solitary Stars all indulged in wine and meat, unmatched Star Generals that uprooted willow trees when they saw a bumpy road. Their temperaments were each offhand, incomparably unrestrained. To say they were monks was not as good as saying they were fierce generals. This Heavenly Solitary Star nevertheless surprisingly possessed the capacity of growth, a Meditative Mind that would make anyone bow in deference.

“What was she doing signing a contract with Su Xing if she doesn’t want to participate in the Star Duels.” Shi Yuan still was somewhat troubled by this.

“Isn’t this very good?” By doing so, they had no need to worry about Shaqing in the future. If Shaqing felt that comprehending Chan could partake in the mystery of the Star Duels, how was this not a good thing. Su Xing stroked Shi Yuan’s head.

“What Young Lord said is right.” Wu Xinjie nodded in approval. Wu Siyou and Lin Yingmei did not feel this was wrong at all. From the current perspective, Su Xing’s eight Star General lineup was already unprecedented since the dawn of time to the most recent generation. To speak of the Star Duels, now that Su Xing’s cultivation had not only reached a breakthrough to Supercluster Stage, even blossoming a holy item like the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower and possessing Buddhism’s highest Prehistoric Spirit Treasure – the Five Dragons Lamp – across all of Liangshan Continent, only the cooperation of all Star Generals could bring him trouble, or perhaps some Heavenly Star forging a superb Five Star or higher Destined Weapon. Otherwise, Su Xing completely lacked danger.

The Heavenly Solitary Star did not follow at Su Xing’s side to participate in the Star Duels was perhaps she felt there was no need to do more than what was required.

“This Young Lady does not want to play the villain.” Shi Yuan looked at the other Sisters, all of them with tears streaming down their cheeks.1

“Lord Su…Qingci still has other matters and shall take her leave first.”

The Qingci that was blank for a while slightly smiled and interrupted their discussion.

After brief introductions, Qingci glanced at Lin Yingmei and Wu Xinjie, leaving upon an Astral Tool without the slightest bit of reluctance.

Gazing at that graceful back, Wu Xinjie said in contemplation: “This Qingci is somewhat not simple.”

“En.” Su Xing nodded.

“There is another matter concerning Qin Ming that we must inform Young Lord…” Wu Xinjie explained simply the events of Qin Mingyue and Lin Yingmei’s battle. When she mentioned that Qin Mingyue had been killed and did not Starfall, everyone was astonished.

“Young Lord once said that in Evil Smiting Hall, Qingci sought out Jade Armed Craftsman Jin Qiongyu. The Jade Armed Craftsman has now appeared alongside Qin Mingyue. It seems they are on Qingci’s side.” Wu Xinjie surmised.

“Ah? Could she be the same as Su Xing, able to hold multiple contracts?” Shi Yuan asked in astonishment.

“It must be the Uprising.” Su Xing muttered. When he first saw Qingci and Li Longkui, he had then took out the Birth Treasure Outline. Li Longkui’s contract status was Uprising, but without a Star Master.


Wu Siyou’s pupils shrunk, as if she had recalled something.

Wu Xinjie smiled: “Then could Qingci actually be her – Song Jiang?”

“It cannot be, she is Leader Star Song Jiang?”

This honestly surpassed their imaginations. Gongsun Huang sat on Su Xing’s shoulder. She lowered her head to look, then blinked, as if she had seen Su Xing’s thoughts.

“Possibly…But the Birth Treasure Outline couldn’t display her identity.” Su Xing was not too sure. In actuality, when he first knew of the Uprising status, Su Xing felt that Qingci was possibly Song Jiang. After all, Song Jiang’s Innate Skill, Uprising, was considerably famous in Liangshan, but that the Birth Treasure Outline completely lacked a response was somewhat unusual.

“Slave Servant has never heard of previous Leader Star Song Jiang’s capable of Uprising Star Generals.” Yan Yizhen asked a question.

This was also another reason that Su Xing felt bewildered.

“The changes in the Ninth Generation Star Duels are honestly big.” Wu Xinjie also could not figure this out.

“So Shaqing wanting to comprehend the Meditative Mind of the Star Duels is not a bad thing.” Su Xing curled his lips.

Everyone smiled.

Shi Yuan rolled her eyes.

“But Senior Brother will be bestowed another calamity by Chao Gai.” Tang Lianxin’s expression was dejected.

“That Chao Gai thinks she can be unbridled. The next time we encounter her, Your Servant will suffer crushed bones and a torn body to absolutely not have her way with Lord Husband.” Wu Siyou coldly said.

“Your Servant will not spare anything.” Lin Yingmei’s gaze was absolutely cold.

As far as they were concerned, Chao Gai’s conduct was practically an extreme disgrace to them as Star Generals. Even if they knew their power was no match, they were determined to fight with everything they had to the death.

Su Xing broke into laughter. “That Chao Gai seems to be helping me…” He now knew that the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower was far more powerful than he had imagined earlier. To be able to plant this sort of seed of great power in Su Xing’s sea of consciousness and declare this a calamity was a covert means of secretly aiding him.

“Young Master (Lord Husband)!” Lin Yingmei and Wu Siyou simultaneously stared.

“If we can’t defeat her, forget it. However, at that time, I will definitely stand beside my wives.” Su Xing clearly stated his position. “And it’s honestly repulsive for that Chao Gai to play around with people in the palm of her hand. Next time, I’m going to use the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower to spank her…”

All of the girls perspired.

Gongsun Huang suddenly tugged Su Xing’s shoulder.

“What’s the matter, Little Huang?” Just as he was chatting happily with the beauties, Su Xing suddenly raised his head.

The little loli blinked her limpid eyes, extending her hand to point out front.

Following her indication, they spotted on a temple in front of them, there was an awe-inspiring woman standing in the wind. Her figure was fair, her sense of beauty fully visible.

“…” Su Xing sweated.

Speak of the devil.

“Chao Gai, you really do keep my Young Lord constantly in your mind.” Wu Xinjie’s smile sunk.

Her imposing air immediately turned serious. All the girls showed cautious, vigilant and cold expressions.

“The Meditative Mind Lotus Flower. Thou hast actually blossomed it. However, to surprisingly even contract the Heavenly Solitary Star, it seems thou hast truly turned a deaf ear to This One’s words.” Chao Gai’s indifferent tone was like she was speaking of something superficial.

“Everything is all thanks to you.” Su Xing’s hand beckoned. The twenty-four Flying Swords emerged, and the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower opened its layers, its light considerably imposing, its might shaking in all directions.

Chao Gai nodded, a silent attitude.

“And what do you want to do this time? Chao Gai, Your Servant will not allow you to do whatever you please with Lord Husband.” Wu Siyou’s tone was extremely cold.

“The Heavenly Solitary Star does not accompany thee at thy side?” Chao Gai shook her head, faintly smiled and pointed.

But there was no imposing air as they had imagined at all.

“There is no need to be so hostile. This time, This One has come before you not to confer a calamity, but to give your Lord Husband a piece of advice!”


Including Su Xing, these words surprised them. Su Xing certainly remembered that Chao Gai said she would confer a calamity if he contracted another Star General. Now that he had eight Star Generals, at the very least, there was still the Third Calamity. However, Su Xing did not believe that Chao Gai not changing her idea was because of the threat of Wu Siyou and the others. Without first mentioning whether or not they could prevail, passing through a war with Buddha Kingdom’s Six Ancestors, everyone long already was exhausted. Their strength was in overdraft, so how was victory possible.  


“The Meditative Mind Lotus Seed has already bloomed. This One has no calamity to give you. Since, Su Xing, you have not placed This One’s warning in your heart, this time, This One shall give thee a piece of advice.” Chao Gai’s gaze shifted to the horizon. In that direction was the Heaven-supporting pillar, Maiden Mountain.

“There is still more than a month. The Third Phase Evil Smiting Hall will then be completely finished. At that time, Maiden Mountain’s trials for thee will naturally come. Compared to the trials of Maiden Mountain, This One’s calamities are not worth a mention.” Chao Gai cast her gaze down.

Su Xing could hear the trembling in her words.

“This One can inform thee, if you do not wish to repent in the future, then in this one month, develop as much as you can your powers…At that time, you will understand, the difficulty of the situations you face…Even if Emperor Liang moved the entire Great Liang Dynasty, he is powerless to save you…Think carefully. Hast thou finished preparing to bear the price of breaking the rules?”

Chao Gai made a rare smile, her smile containing a different kind of danger.

Su Xing and the girls looked at each other in dismay. The previous relaxed mood was gone. Her words were far more dangerous than a calamity.

In this heavy atmosphere of discomfort, suddenly, from the horizon came a resonant bell sound.


The crisp sound of a bell immediately woke Su Xing and the girls from their discomfort. The sound of the bell rang, with a sort of unprecedented warmth.

Su Xing and the beauties turned their heads.

In the faraway center of the Buddha Kingdom, high on the Seven Floors Stupa Pagoda, a woman knocked one hand against an ancient bell, as if she was jolting awake everyone under Heaven.


Although she was far in the horizon, Lu Shaqing also was seemingly beside them, and Su Xing’s heart bubbled with warmth.

“Let’s go. No price can take you from my side…I swear!!”

Su Xing’s expression was incomparably resolute, calmly turning around.

The beauties knowingly smiled. Their hearts were happy with warmth, following Su Xing’s pace, having never thought of retreating.

“Maiden Mountain can watch this Defeat In A Millennium…”

The bell’s noise rang throughout the world.

Comprehending Chan only to realize destiny and cultivating to obtain the sutra of life, destruction and withering and thriving of all things had cause to be preordained with the kasaya’s inherent lack of peace in the Pure Land. The world of mortals did not pollute the nature of the temple’s ancient thousand year bell that drowned out dreams, Chao Gai’s faint muttering.3

Third Volume, Defeat In A Millennium (End)

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