Chapter 375: Nothing But A Dream Of Golden Millet

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Huang Yan lifted his head to look at the dark clouds densely covering the sky. The strongly dark clouds blocked out the stars in the sky. There was a fierce gale, and the weather was about to rain. However, this was even better. Huang Yan nodded in satisfaction, the so-called debut and reveal1 at the same time. The heaven’s Crimson Stars would be even more dazzling. At that time, the Connecting Heaven Pagoda’s power would be multiplied. There was a very big opportunity for the Divine Calculation of the Star Duels’ Heavenly Mystery.

“Divine Mathematician Jiang Jing! I am informing you, if when the time comes you dare to delay again, Your Servant will subject your Star Master to a thousand cuts.” Huang An sneered, disdainfully glancing at the middle-aged uncle gasping on the ground. His heart was very displeased, “Truly, Your Servant does not understand whether or not your eyes are blind, Jiang Jing, to find such an incompetent Star Master. His Star Energy at this Phase is surprisingly merely Stardust.” Truly, he split his sides from laughing.

Jiang Jing already stood at the Connecting Heaven Pagoda’s highest platform, entering the array, her eyes closed and her lips silent.

A figure suddenly approached.

A man clad in a large yellow robe floated in the air without his feet stepping on any flying sword or flight artifact. His cultivation had astonishingly reached Supervoid.

“Imperial Empress!!”

Huang Yan’s entourage of Ecliptic Palace Disciples deferentially saluted upon seeing this person.

The Ecliptic Imperial Empress was expressionless. He glanced at Jiang Jing and the seemingly dead Star Master collapsed on the ground: “How is the progress of the Connecting Heaven Project?”

“Many thanks to Imperial Empress for its completion. In a short while, we can calculate This Sect’s destiny.” Huang Yan smiled.

The Ecliptic Imperial Empress nodded in satisfaction. His gaze then swept towards the horizon, his brows faintly uneasy.

“Imperial Empress, why do you feel unease?” Yang Yiliu curiously asked.

“This Palace has only just inspected. It seems someone has come to rescue Jiang Jing.” The Ecliptic Imperial Empress’ tone sunk. The Ecliptic Palace originally was specialized in astrological divination. Otherwise, they would not use Jiang Jing’s Divine Calculation, for it was not strange for them to calculate some things.

Huang Yan laughed: “The Ecliptic Palace has Four Great Elders, Twelve Protectors, and Imperial Empress standing guard. Who is in such a hurry to be reincarnated, Your Servant shall help him.” The Ecliptic Imperial Empress could not calculate the reason why and could only rely on Supervoid Cultivation to vaguely sense something not too much to his liking. The Connecting Heaven Plan concerned the revival of the Ecliptic Palace. For the sake of absolute success, the Ecliptic Palace had even ordered the Ecliptic Palace Array to fully open. The Four Great Elders and Twelve Protectors all stood guard in the array. After this was finished, only then did the Ecliptic Imperial Empress disappear after issuing several orders.

“Jiang Jing signed a contract because she wanted to save Uncle Hai?”

Su Xing felt even more surprised after hearing Chai Ling’s explanation on the road.

As far as Divine Mathematician Jiang Jing’s contracted Star Master Zhi Hai was concerned, Su Xing felt very curious. Upon asking, Chai Ling sought out the reason, which was nevertheless unprecedented. As it turned out, Zhi Hai had once blocked a sword slash for Jiang Jing and died. In order to save his life, she signed a contract.

A Star General’s contract was capable of reviving the dead, completely recovering to an original state, but there was a weakness. In the case the contract was lost, because the person had been restored by contract, they would immediately die.

“No wonder that Big Bro Zhi Hai’s cultivation is so low. He’s completely oblivious to the Star Duels.” Su Xing sighed.

“And that is why they have been targeted.” Chai Ling stroked the Three-eyed Wealth Inviting Beast.2

Speaking of this, they had already arrived in the sky above Ecliptic City. The heavy black clouds pressured the city with a stifling feeling. The streets were without a single figure. Even a graveyard was more lively than this. This practically was like a dead city.

“For the sake of allowing their Connecting Heaven Project to carry out without issue, the Ecliptic Palace has ordered the city’s people to not go outdoors. Otherwise, they will come execute the violator without question. Truly, they are savage.” Chai Ling smiled.


Su Xing caught sight of that spectacular Connecting Heaven Pagoda of the Ecliptic Palace. He could faintly make out a magnificent, glimmering light.

“This Palace cannot participate in the Star Duels. The things that come next are left to you all. Jiang Jing is a Little Sister that evokes pity and sympathy.” Chai Ling leisurely descended.

Su Xing and the group did not hesitate, immediately flying towards the Ecliptic Palace.

The moment they entered the palace, all of a sudden, the Fire Beacon Chariot violently wobbled. A bizarre scene of stars surrounded Su Xing and the girls.

“An array!”

“Lord Husband, Your Servant will do for now.” The Pilgrim stepped out, slowly through the void, leaving the formation of her own accord.

“Brazen intruders, the Ecliptic Palace is at work. Regardless of who you are, immediately withdraw!!”

The sound of rolling thunder entered his ears.

“My friend has been captured by you. I am now here to take her back. You still have a chance to let her go.” Su Xing was calm as a dry well, his tone full of cold indifference.


In the phantom, countless Flying Swords formed a sword array that attacked. Hidden inside the array, Su Xing’s group could not see the users’ traces.

“Hiding the head, showing the tail,3 Xinjie shall force you all out.” Wu Xinjie’s hands formed the flower seal. Hua Xue scurried and transformed into a white shadow that entered Wu Xinjie’s body. Following Wu Xinjie’s smile that bewitched all things, nine tails unfurled, a gurgling sound in the air.

Chains of black gold coiled around, like vines along a wall, blocking all the Flying Swords.

“This is…”

Before the shocked voices even ended, with a boom, the array immediately vanished. More than thirty Ecliptic Palace cultivators had surrounded Su Xing from all directions, their faces aghast.

Wu Xinjie’s finger kissed her raging red lips. The Eight Gates Black Gold Chain simultaneously unraveled, forming a complex galaxy that did not allow anyone to approach.

“Careful!!” The protectors and elders shouted one after another. Artifacts, magic weapons, amulets and Flying Swords activated one after another.

Multi-colored lights wildly fell on the Eight Gates Black Gold Chain, booming with an enormous quake, alleviating the Eight Gates Black Gold Chain’s pressure.

“Wind Rolls The Clouds!!”

Gongsun Huang floated, leaving Su Xing’s shoulder, suspended in the air. She waved her bright sword. Multi-colored light glowed, and a cool breeze circulated, sharper than those blades.

Su Xing called forth his Flying Swords that unstoppably conquered all obstacles in his way, covering the skies and earth as he attacked a yellow-shirted Confucian.4

The yellow-shirted Confucian raised a gong and drum magic weapon.

The gong and drum suddenly expanded several times in size, opening and closing, moving to cover Lin Yingmei.

Lin Yingmei’s figure suddenly disappeared inside the magic weapon.

Her attack quietly began.

Waves of snow pointing at the sky obscured the yellow-shirted Confucian’s entire line of sight. A bone-chilling wind whistled, flustering him even more. Under Lin Yingmei’s completely ice-cold aggression, the yellow-shirted Confucian immediately was struck with terror.

A Star General?!!!

The yellow-shirted Confucian recalled the magic weapon. The gong and drum suddenly covered him, tightly sealing shut. In order to resist this obscuring imposing air, he could only use this strategy. The yellow-shirted Confucian was very clear that if he faced a legendary Fiend Star, close quarters was inevitable death. However, he was also very self-confident. Although he did not know what weapon that spear hidden in wind was, he was but Supercluster Late Stage. What did one Star General count for.

However, Lin Yingmei’s speed really was too fast. The yellow-shirted Confucian had no chance of winning at all. He could only use the magic weapon and Star Energy to give himself adequate defense, let alone that this was only the speartip. Even if this was a critical magic weapon, the yellow-shirted Confucian was certain he could withstand it. It was just that he temporarily lost his eyes and ears.

Just as he was concocting this perfect plan, he suddenly heard an agitated wind. A powerful pressure passed through the magic weapon and constricted his lungs.

What was going on?

Before the yellow-shirted Confucian could understand, he suddenly felt a terrifying power like a tidal wave roll across his whole body. That kind of frightening pressure was unprecedented in violence, like a mountain. Not good!! The yellow-shirted Confucian screamed. The gong and drum shattered with a bang, and a green lotus mountain appeared on his body.

Su Xing’s palms parted. This was the Prehistoric Spirit Treasure Green Lotus Peak.

The yellow-shirted Confucian vomited blood, not having foreseen Su Xing would suddenly take action. He hastily ordered back his Flying Swords for protection, but the current him’s sluggish action was undoubtedly seeking his own doom from the perspective of the Majestic Star.

The Arctic Star Serpent Spear’s tip fully appeared.

A bolt of cold light flit by.

When that terrifying speartip ripped apart the yellow-shirted Confucian’s body, it made him open his eyes wide in astonishment.


Lin YIngmei again flicked the spear. The Arctic Star Serpent Spear swung and pierced into his body. Allowing the Majestic Star to draw so close, at this time, even the Daluo Golden Immortal was powerless to return to Heaven. “Impossible.” Feeling the shape of the spear that was stabbed into his organs, that ice-cold strength made the yellow-shirted Confucian realize something.

But these already could not become his final words. Thereupon, the Supercluster Late Stage Cultivator was directly and efficiently turned to scattered smoke and ash.

“Master, you go quickly save Jiang Jing. Leave this place to us.”

Yan Yizhen said at this time, her fists dancing. An astral wind blew, knocking aside three to four hundred attacking Flying Swords.

“For Elder’s revenge!!”

A cultivator angrily shouted, controlling a hundred fire-red slender swords. A red airflow whirled in the air, and the surrounding rolled with cyclones. These fire-lights were dazzling, unexpectedly with a sort of courage. Collecting on his sword, the red light flashed, reflecting off the man’s ice-cold face like a ghost.

“Fire Star Sword Array!!”

Su Xing nearly laughed. His opponent’s Divine Intent controlled the Flying Swords, with a vaguely visible thunder-fire light on those slim swords. The next instant, these Flying Swords already rushed at high speed towards Su Xing. The speed actually was fast, and all of the Flying Swords became flashing bolts of fire-light, unexpectedly piercing through Wu Xinjie’s Eight Gates Black Gold CHain. The entire atmosphere pervaded with the fire-light, bringing mirage after mirage!!

Even the surrounding whirlwinds seemed to synchronize, letting out an intense whistle.

“Go!” Heaven Tearing and Langya criss-crossed into two hurricanes that soared off the earth. Su Xing’s cultivation had now reached Supercluster Stage, and his Star Energy could be said to be unexcelled. Combined with an Immemorial Sword Chant, this Fire Star Sword Array was no opponent at all.

Just at this moment, Yan Yizhen simultaneously vanished!

As if she could straddle this space, she instantly drew across this distance. Even her shadow was unseen when she already arrived below her opponent’s nose, her movements completely needless of a mention of speed. Yan Yizhen’s arm sunk, and her punch attacked.

Her opponent hastily activated a thunder-fire ability, but before it could fly onto Yan Yizhen’s skin, it was blasted apart by a Yin Yang qi!

An enormous power transmitted through. The cultivator nearly lost consciousness from this. Although he temporarily persisted, he nevertheless lost at the first hand. Yan Yizhen’s body techniques severely followed, one punch tightly followed another, as if she was light as a feather yet heavy as Mount Tai. All of the attacks she used arrived before the one before ended, forcing her opponent into only a difficult defense.

The Skilful Star was known as the number one in boxing, one punch directly blowing apart his Star Energy defense.

The man went pale with fright.

Seeing that Star Energy covering his clothes now shredded apart, he had even thought to use an Escape Technique to flee, but he suddenly found his arms and legs had been trapped by a flow of Yin and Yang. He completely was unable to escape. Immediately afterwards, the force of the final punch passed through his chest and pierced into his organs. Flesh erupted out his back. This Supercluster Ancestor then also lost all semblances of life, stepping into the trailing dust.

“How is this possible??”

Two Supercluster Ancestors being instantly destroyed made the rest of the Ecliptic Palace Cultivators fall into fear.

At this time, only then did they realize.

“Star Generals, they are all Star Generals…”

“Still you do not roll.” Lin Yingmei coldly shouted, sweeping her spear.

Several dozen Flying Swords were ripped apart.

The Ecliptic Palace Cultivators were frightened stiff and no longer stopped. Immediately, they scattered like birds and beasts.

Moreover, Wu Siyou possessed the Pilgrim’s Array, arriving under the Connecting Heaven Pagoda like a hot knife through butter. Along the Pilgrim’s path, blood gathered into a river. The last one of the Ecliptic Palace’s Four Great Elder had died in the line of duty, the course of events proceeding in no more than the blink of an eye.

Wu Siyou lifted her head to look at the Connecting Heaven Pagoda. This pagoda was covered with a flying tool forbiddance. Without means of flight, Wu Siyou took a great stride, leaping a hundred meters to swiftly run towards the top of the tower.

Along the way, the cultivators that thwarted her only saw a cool and elegant figure flash by, and then they would never see anything thereafter.

“What is happening?”

Huang Yan looked from atop the pagoda at the faraway activity with concern, his heart ill at ease.

He saw the Ecliptic Palace disciples currently fleeing in all directions.

“That flock of traitors!!”

Huang Yan cursed.

“Young Master, the intruder has ill intentions!!” Yang Yiliu warned.

“With the Imperial Empress here, there is no need to worry.” Huang Yan turned his head towards Jiang Jing and showed a malevolent expression: “Divine Mathematician Jiang Jing, quickly calculate for Your Servant the Heavenly Mystery!! There is not much time left to give you.”

The dark clouds in the sky rolled, a thunderclap rumbling. Huang Yan was somewhat unable to cope too much.

He grabbed Zhi Hai by the cranium and laughed like a demon: “It does not matter what method you must use, immediately calculate for Your Servant the Heavenly Mystery. Otherwise, I will make you see how Your Servant crushes his skull!!”

Zhi Hai gasped for breath, powerlessly resisting, his lips flapping, faintly spitting out the three words, “I’m so sorry.”

Jiang Jing wept terribly, standing up with difficulty, promptly using her Star Magic.

The flow of light was merely extremely dim.

“Hmph, should have done this sooner.” Huang Yan sneered.

An abrupt pain came from his neck.

Huang Yan’s smile froze. Suddenly, he felt pain in his chest. Turning his head to look, that ordinary middle aged man had surprisingly rallied, and with strength that came from who knows where, bit Huang Yan furiously. His teeth that were like broken down machinery unexpectedly bit open Huang Yan’s throat.

His violent eyes brimming with a deep chill that made Huang Yan feel alarm.

“Uncle Hai!!!” Jiang Jing was stunned.

Yang Yiliu’s heart hurt. When her Star Master sustained injury, she also felt waves of pain, however, Huang Yan was a Star Cultivator, after all. He promptly circulated Star Energy for protection.

Zhi Hai’s teeth immediately completely shattered. Huang Yan furiously pierced a palm through Zhi Hai’s heart, ripping it out: “Bastard, bastard, bastard, bastard, you petty peon, you dare harm me…” The acute pain drove Huang Yan mad. He recklessly used his Star Energy. Zhi Hai was abused like a dilapidated puppet.

“Young Master, staunch your wounds!”

Yang Yiliu panted.

“If you love together so much, then die together.” Huang Yan returned to his senses, throwing Zhi Hai’s body before Jiang Jing.

“Uncle Hai!!”

Jiang Jing dragged herself over with deep sorrow.

Zhi Hai panted, his expression hazy. Although he was already undoubtedly dying, even if the Divine Physician was powerless to bring him back, his eyes still were very resolute: “Shuishui, I am still your Star Master.”

“Uncle Hai, I have hurt you.” Jiang Shuishui’s sobbed uncontrollably.

Zhi Hai stroked her head, showing a smile, as if he wanted to comfort her. Words were upon his lips. In the end, he was unable to utter them. That hand that had been caressing Jiang Shuishui fell to the ground.


Jiang Jing grievously wept.

“Hmph, goddammit.” Huang Yan felt his neck that had nearly been bit apart. The pain made his consciousness confused.

Suddenly, a shadow descended.

A beauty in a black cloak landed on the Connecting Heaven Pagoda. Her hand held a double-ended sword, and her face was like cold frost.

“Wu Song. Yiliu, quickly run!!”

Huang Yan obstructed Wu Siyou’s pace, but as if he was a step too late, she easily crossed this distance. The Latent Star White Flower Serpent Yang Yiliu’s hand gripped the Justified Bloodshed White Python Spear and maintained an invulnerable defensive stance.

But that was merely something that happened in an instant.

Wu Siyou had already arrived behind them.

Yang Yiliu was unable to see clearly how it was done. Then, she heard her master collapse on the ground, dead, and then she herself thereupon became bubbles.5

“Please forgive me,” Yang Yiliu only left behind three words for the hysterically grieving Jiang Shuishui.

In the sky, a star dimmed and Starfell.

Just as Wu Siyou was about to speak, suddenly, a powerful pressure pressed towards Jiang Shuishui. The girl whose heart was like dead ash hugged Zhi Hai’s corpse without so much as caring. Wu Siyou’s sword swung, deflecting the opponent.

“Yan’er…” The Ecliptic Imperial Empress saw Huang Yan’s corpse. He was briefly expressionless, his hand trembling.

“Why would you do such a thing.” Wu Siyou coldly said.

“Harm Star, I will have you pay with your life.”

The Ecliptic Imperial Empress shouted. The powerful spiritual power of the Supervoid Cultivator pressured her directly. As far as a Star General was concerned, a cultivator’s Divine Intent was far from reaching a menacing level, however, Wu Siyou had wasted considerably great amounts of strength in the Buddha Kingdom and had yet to recover. Now, encountering a Supervoid Cultivator again was inevitably exhausting.

The Ecliptic Imperial Empress’ face wore an angry and cold detachment. In the air, his hands endlessly formed hand seals. More than a thousand Flying Swords appeared in the void. Compared to the Buddha Kingdom’s Supervoid Cultivators, the Azure Dragon Territory’s Supervoid Cultivators were of might that reached unknown heights because they had Flying Sword abilities. Even though the powers of Buddha Kingdom’s cultivators were formidable, upon encountering a Star General, without Flying Swords to check against a Star General’s close quarters, confronting the Star Generals unparalleled in close combat was basically like fish on the chopping board.

An intense yellow light radiated. The heavens seemed to become a galaxy. Those Flying Swords seemed to be embedded amongst the Stars, their light even completely erasing the dark clouds. In that intense light, the Ecliptic Imperial Empress’ hands pointed. For the sake of guarding against the unexpected, a yellow long sword magic weapon appeared in his hand. This sword released multi-colored light circulating with a galaxy.


Following the Ecliptic Imperial Empress’ shout, the Flying Swords simultaneously slashed at Wu Siyou, carrying terrifying might. Wu Siyou clearly felt the pressure in her surroundings gradually magnify. A powerful pressure rushed at her without pause, and even her Star Energy already completely focused into defense was unable to guard against it. She could even already hear her body’s bones and hair creak in protest.

Wu Siyou curled a disdainful sneer.

Suddenly, she shouted and leapt high.

The descending Flying Swords promptly turned to follow the traces of Wu Siyou’s movements.

The White and Black Unicorn Tiger appeared, and Wu Siyou straddled it. Rushing in one smooth motion, with a Star Beast behind her, her speed was even more swift. The Ecliptic Imperial Empress was unable to track Wu Siyou’s trail. Pouncing straight into that approaching stifling pressure, the Harm Star neatly appeared right in front of him.


Wu Siyou slashed at his neck without the slightest hesitation, “This Palace’s Seven Stars Birth Sword is not any one bit inferior to your Star Weapons.” The Ecliptic Imperial Empress raised the Heavenly Spirit Astral Treasure Seven Stars Birth Sword to go block. It seemed he spent much time refining this Astral Treasure, blocking the Noble Frost Demonic Lotus on the first wave.

Then, the Ecliptic Imperial Empress raised his hand. The seven stars on the Seven Stars Birth Sword opened, and countless rivers of stars intersected into a net shape, twisting towards her. Wu Siyou actually did not anticipate he would react so quickly. Facing the air-tight galaxy twisting at her, she was composed. Noble Frost Demonic Lotus slashed left and right, pitch-black flecked with snow, demonic lotuses in bloom, blocking everything.

“Three Star Destined Weapon?” The Ecliptic Imperial Empress furiously asked: “Harm Star Pilgrim Wu Song, what sort of hero are you to Liangshan. Why must you interfere in the Star Duels matters of our Ecliptic Palace!”

“Jiang Jing is Your Servant’s friend!” Wu Siyou coldly answered.

“Who are you kidding, die.”


Even if you are the renowned Pilgrim Wu Song, you will die today. Today, This Palace will become the first cultivator in Liangshan to slay the Harm Star. The Ecliptic Imperial Empress was very enraged, calling forth Flying Swords.

The White and Black Unicorn Tiger flashed by, vanishing from where it was. The place it had been standing was skewered by Flying Swords.

“Harm Star, where can you run to!!” The Ecliptic Imperial Empress saw that he had taken the advantage and smiled.

“Your rear!”

Behind him was a tiger hiss.

The Ecliptic Imperial Empress was stunned. Wu Siyou’s words had landed, and the Noble Frost Demonic Lotus slashed the Ecliptic Imperial Empress’ back.

The Ecliptic Imperial Empress then discovered that being in the sky was not an advantage at all. That White and Black Unicorn Tiger’s speed in the air was far faster than his levitation, but if it was only this, this was far from enough to injure him.

The Ecliptic Imperial Empress’ Divine Intent moved. The Star Energy in his whole body instantly changed, and his entire person seemingly look completely new. A phantom shifted. The Ecliptic Imperial Empress turned around and used the Seven Stars Birth Sword in his hand to directly block Wu Siyou’s fast as lightning slash.

Since you dared to get close, This Palace shall have you Star Generals taste the might of This Palace’s close quarters ability.6 The omnipresent Flying Swords shot out from around him.

Once again, what made the Ecliptic Imperial Empress surprised was that when the Flying Swords drew near Wu Siyou, the White and Black Unicorn Tiger suddenly disappeared.

Dammit, so fast!!

The Ecliptic Imperial Empress was shocked, gnashing his teeth.

Wu Siyou appeared from another flank, her expression somewhat exhausted. The White and Black Unicorn Tiger also showed slowness. Continuously battling with Supervoid level cultivators made the Harm Star feel unprecedented fatigue, and the White and Black Unicorn Tiger had not yet recovered in her Star World, far from its peak.

Seeing the White and Black Unicorn Tiger was tired, Wu Siyou stroked it.

“Little White, go back first.”

The White and Black Unicorn Tiger growled, unwilling.

Wu Siyou shook her head.

Under her Divine Intent, the White and Black Unicorn Tiger finally disappeared.

“What, it seems that the renowned Harm Star is merely so. Are you trembling under This Palace’s sword? How about if you are willing to become This Palace’s Star General, This Palace will help you complete this generation’s Star Duels? Seeing your Star Weapon is currently only Three Star, you must have met with many setbacks?” The Ecliptic Imperial Empress embellished the “setbacks.”

Wu Siyou disdainfully smiled.

The two already were suspended several hundred meters in the sky. One was suspended with the inherent power of the incomparable cultivation of Supervoid, and the other relied on the ability to briefly levitate.

The boundless Ecliptic City offered its panoramic view, as if it had already become a still landscape. The black clouds and thunder rolls in the sky seemed to be faraway echoes, and the faraway Su Xing’s group rushed over towards this place. On this elevated battlefield removed from the world, their ears could only hear their own heartbeats and the sound of the wind.

“Then This Palace shall presume Maiden Mountain will not take offense.” Seeing the strength Wu Siyou showed in their brief exchanges, the Ecliptic Imperial Empress showed his arrogance. “How about it?”

“Are these your last words?” Wu Siyou said.

Ignoring his opponent’s provocations, the Ecliptic Imperial Empress merely shrugged his shoulders, somewhat arrogantly stroking his chin: “Harm Star, it seems you are very exhausted, yet you unexpectedly still wish to challenge me, a Supervoid Cultivator? Witness the power of a Supervoid Stage!”

The man’s words had just fallen when a flash of light shot out from his body, flowing at great speed towards its target in the sky.

Facing the Flying Swords that were scuttling straight over, Wu Siyou did not have any intentions at all to dodge. She even did not have plans to symbolically assume a defensive stance. Were these Flying Swords not too sub-par?

The Ecliptic Imperial Empress had been immersed in the Star Duels for many years, and he comprehended that he could use Jiang Jing’s Divine Calculation ability to bring about the unprecedented Connecting Heaven Pagoda. Naturally with his superb aspects, he very clearly understood the unbelievable levels of the Star Generals.

So he long already had countermeasures.

That flash was closely followed by more flashes of several hundred Flying Swords in assault. The Ecliptic Imperial Empress repeatedly casted. Immediately, it was like there was a chemical reaction. The seemingly ordinary Flying Sword attack instantly was fierce as a tidal wave. In the next instant, a shadow suddenly fell even more quickly from the sky, shooting like a meteor directly at the relaxed Wu Siyou.

The sky was thoroughly covered, and the sound of thunder was also masked.

The instant the two brushed past each other, three bolts of purple and gold electricity slashed forth, inciting a dazzling light in the sky.

“Is this all?” Wu Siyou’s sword severed all of the constraints.

Her Star Energy revolted this instant.

Wu Siyou shouted, slashing at the air with the Noble Frost Demonic Lotus. The incorporeal wind instantly swirled, and the air seemed to become lakewater. Following this slash, her murderous aura bubbled forth with waves. The sky let out a mournful boom, more shocking than a thunderclap.

Wu Siyou did not hold back.

The black Demonic Lotus opened in the sky, and her snowy, ice-cold baleful aura swarmed.

The next instant, following her slashing movement, the killing intent on the swordtip violently shot out, directly pouncing towards the Ecliptic Imperial Empress in the sky.

This time, the Ecliptic Imperial Empress hastily dodged. Even if his cultivation was any more superb, he did not want to needlessly waste his power, let alone that others were rushing over. The Ecliptic Imperial Empress was furious, only wanting to settle the Harm Star before the other opponents rushed over.

Flying Swords fell by numbers too many to count.

Wu Siyou left afterimage after afterimage.

“Dammit, how is she so fast.” The Ecliptic Imperial Empress again used a magic weapon to chase.

But everything was stopped by Wu Siyou’s double-ended sword.

The power of the two seemed to spread across the entire Ecliptic City!!

Both of them traded blows at high speeds in close quarters. Wu Siyou’s attacks were extremely fast. This sort of speed already left the Ecliptic Imperial Empress with no choice but to call the Flying Swords to go obstruct her. Then, he used the Astral Treasure Seven Stars Birth Sword to oppose with full power. At the very least, before he could be dispatched by Wu Siyou’s assault, he needed to persevere. As well, Wu Siyou gradually showed a weary expression. This made the Ecliptic Imperial Empress glimpse hope.

“Let This Palace see for just how long you can persist!!” The Ecliptic Imperial Empress raised the Seven Star Birth Sword in his hand. He waved the Astral Treasure several times. The scorching sword-light folded layer upon layer.

Confronting directly such a mountain-toppling attack, Wu Siyou still was not flustered at all. Passing directly through center of the murderous aura, the fire-light rippled with a melodious rhythm, making the darkness above the Ecliptic Palace show a different sort of beauty.

Moreover, Su Xing and the others just happened to rush for the Connecting Heaven Pagoda.

Along the way, they still met with groups of Ecliptic Palace cultivators obstructing them. These cultivators saw that their Imperial Empress had even taken action, how could they dare flee. One after another fully used their Flying Swords and other powers.

Even if their Flying Swords were weak, if several hundred people were to use them together at that scale, indeed, they could be world-shaking.

“Ecliptic Array!”7

Countless Flying Swords twisted around, circling with light.

An incomparable annoyance.

The last Supercluster Ancestor furiously yelled, only directing all the disciples to face Su Xing. Under his direction, the Ecliptic Palace was surprisingly formidable.

As expected, facing an entire Great Sect alone was somewhat thorny, let alone that the Ecliptic Palace cultivated Celestial Ecliptic Star Magic, arrays, and flying swords that were more powerful than those of an ordinary gang’s. Otherwise, how could they have dared to call themselves “Palace.”

“A Supercluster Cultivator dares to be unbridled.”

That Supercluster Ancestor angrily shouted.

His words were just spoken when his eyes were dazzled.

So fast!

Even this Supercluster Ancestor was already completely on guard, yet his reaction merely glimpsed the man flash in front of his eyes as a sharp, silvery light slashed from the side.

Completely omitting the process of accelerating, this man completed an instant change in speed right before his eyes. A fleeting moment later, the man already was stuck close to his side, a palm bringing a swift and severe whistle as it swept towards his head.

Not good.

The Supercluster Ancestor went pale. Despite his already extreme precautions, he completely did not expect that the speed of this realm’s Supercluster Early Stage cultivator could be quick to this degree. Let alone that this place was situated inside the perimeter of the Connecting Heaven Pagoda. That man ought not be able to use Flying Swords, but those movements were practically faster than flying.


Could he be Supervoid Stage??

A shocking thought flashed through his mind, but already, there was no time to ponder any further.

The Supercluster Ancestor blocked. The attack Su Xing executed could not be described in the same way. Before his right palm’s sweep finished, his left fist already followed up. The wind pressure cut at the face and skull, the power visible, pressuring the Supercluster Ancestor into only being able to dodge again.

Circling around, Su Xing’s right fist nevertheless followed up once again, the two fists alternately sweeping like this. Flipping up and down, loop upon loop, completely without pause. The person himself practically was swift to the extreme, his powerful attack continuing without end. The pressured Supercluster Ancestor could only endlessly evade, relying on Star Energy for protection. Battling up to now, the key moment had unexpectedly vanished completely. Even defense was nearly impossible to form. He had been completely suppressed by the opponent’s terrifying boxing technique.

The Supercluster Ancestor’s powers unexpectedly were completely unable to be demonstrated!

On his ninth evasion, he finally paused and was immediately punched in the chest by his opponent.

Enormous strength suddenly exploded. The Supercluster Ancestor felt a stifling feeling cram his lungs. His Star Energy defenses abruptly opened a crack, and then he was launched away by Su Xing’s punch, like a cannonball, flying more than one zhang away.

“Do not be afraid, these people are merely so.”

The Supercluster Ancestor was just about to rally everyone when he suddenly saw a cold spear immediately stab at him.

Without any response, his hands and feet were frozen solid. This thrust passed through his chest, and thus he was killed by Lin Yingmei’s spear.

“This is bad!!”

Su Xing lifted his head to look at the crisis at the top of the Connecting Heaven Pagoda, disregarding everything else to fly up.

“Damned Harm Star, I will just kill your friend!!” The Ecliptic Imperial Empress’ heart gave rise to fear. Finally, he gave up killing Wu Siyou, turning instead to aim his attack at the puppet-like Jiang Jing.

The Connecting Heaven Plan was an utter failure, but he could not give an advantage to other people.

The Supervoid Cultivator’s Flying Sword was practically a swiftly flowing heavenly river. Wu Siyou’s expression changed. Even if she wanted to block this, she was unable to.

“Five Dragons Lantern!”

Suddenly, at this moment, a shadow flew to the pagoda’s top. Su Xing rushed up, drenched in blood, the Five Dragons Lantern supported in his palm. Without any hesitation, he used this Prehistoric Spirit Treasure.

The bodhi lampwick ignited, and light rays flashed.

One golden dragon of the Five Dragons Lantern soared into the sky, breaking free of the lantern’s housing.

That golden dragon’s build was gigantic, a thousand meters in length, its imposing aura gushing, like a divine dragon. It completely rolled and blew away the dark clouds. All the Flying Swords were blocked by this divine dragon. When the Ecliptic Imperial Empress saw this, his expression greatly changed. He was about to use another ability when Su Xing arrived in a single step. The Five Dragons Lantern’s second golden divine dragon also flew out. The two divine dragons seemingly wrapped around the heavens.

Buddhist light extended across ten thousand zhang, making Jiang Jing unable to help but blink.


The Ecliptic Imperial Empress screamed, waving the Seven Stars Birth Sword.

But the Five Dragons Lantern’s third, fourth and fifth divine dragons successively flew out, coiling in the skies.

Needless to say, they instantly engulfed the Ecliptic Imperial Empress. No matter how this Supervoid Cultivator struggled, in the end, he was ground entirely to dust under the rolling of the Five Dragons. The grand Supervoid Cultivator thus died like this. Even Su Xing was surprised.

However, this was not the time to be thinking. Su Xing hastily glanced at Jiang Jing, but the scene he saw in front immediately made him heave a sigh.

When the Ecliptic Imperial Empress died, the other Ecliptic Palace disciples scattered everywhere in terror. Lin Yingmei and the others did not have any interest in pursuit. They then came to the top of the Connecting Heaven Pagoda.

The scene before them was silent.

Jiang Jing hugged Zhi Hai’s corpse, her eyes showing endless tenderness and sorrow. Tears smudged her clothes, without her previous Spiritual Power to be seen at all.

Su Xing opened his mouth to say something, yet he did not know what to say.

A boom.

Thunder rolled and resonated. A downpour finally fell, striking everyone, washing away the blood covering the ground.

The rain and mist were pervasive, and Su Xing wanted to step forward to shield Jiang Shuishui from the rain.

The girl set down Zhi Hai’s corpse. At this time, she rose, her eyes giving Su Xing a grateful smile, “Thanks.” That smile was very faint, yet it made Su Xing’s heart somewhat hurt.

The Divine Mathematician Jiang Shuishui’s Star Crest flickered.

The Connecting Heaven Pagoda resonated, unleashing bright light.

They saw that all of the Star Generals’ Stars in the sky were even more radiant than ever. Jiang Shuishui raised her head and immersed herself in the light.

The corner of the girl’s skirt fluttered in the storm. Jiang Shuishui tossed her neck. Her hair danced, and a dazzling light flowed around Divine Mathematician Jiang Jing’s body. The Five Elements Sentencing Mental Calculation emerged. The beads of light followed the girl in dance and began changing in the rain. In the rain, they heard sorrowful sobs.

Those pinpricks of light ceaselessly changed and concentrated. Slowly, some characters appeared.

“The qilin’s snow shines red, white wave raises golden wind, bright moon’s inviting cup intoxicates a night!”8

“The broken arrow beauty plays the konghou. The sound is faint for a millennium. Without her, your lifetime is nothing but a dream of golden millet.”9

The characters of light gathered together. As if they were engraved into his mind, there was a sort of epiphanic light.

Nevertheless, Su Xing only felt grief.

Faraway, two girls looked on.

“Chai Ling, is this the answer you wanted?” Konghou turned her gaze and mercilessly asked.

The arrogant queen lowered her head, full of guilt and pain.

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  1. 鉛華洗淨, This is a bit complex to translate, but it’s supposed to describe something like a woman standing amidst a night wind, removing her make-up or mask to show her true face.
  2. Nyaaa!
  3. 藏頭露尾, in essence, to give only a partial account.
  4. 黃衫儒者, idk about this translation.
  5. As in she, too, is now dead.
  6. This sentence made no sense in the raws, so I’m inferring this meaning.
  7. 黃道陣法
  8. 麒麟雪映紅,白浪起金風,明月邀杯醉一宿, here it is, Jiang Shuishui’s final prophecy.
  9. 斷箭佳人彈箜篌,聲音在千年幽幽無她,一生只是黃粱一夢 Golden millet = pipe dream.


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