Chapter 377: Bai Yutang, The Tang Of Candy

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The time to part ways always was unavoidably emotional.

After repeated imploring, Lin Yingmei, Wu Xinjie, Wu Siyou and Shi Yuan were the first to leave. Su Xing brought the other beauties back to the Immortal’s Abode. Not long after Su Xing left, when Wu Xinjie saw that Su Xing was no longer present, she then stopped her advance, saying: “Yingmei, Siyou, let us part here for now.”


Lin Yingmei and Wu Siyou were stunned, having not anticipated that the Knowledge Star would suddenly mention this parting.

“What are you thinking of doing?” Wu Siyou asked.

“It is clear and easy to see. Xinjie is preparing to go to old tombs and ruins together with Yuan’er.” Wu Xinjie smiled.

“Ruins?? You did not mention this to Lord Husband before.” Wu Siyou wrinkled her brows.

“If Xinjie had said so just now, Young Lord definitely would not have agreed. Xinjie does not wish to make him worry. Ruins are very useful in the Star Duels.” Wu Xinjie said.

“Your Servant shall accompany you.” Lin Yingmei nodded and said.

“Yingmei, you cannot. Your mission is to gather Star Weapon materials.” Wu Xinjie shook her head.

“Your Servant cannot allow you to go to those ruins.” Lin Yingmei knew the dangers of ruins, so how could she have agreed. Wu Xinjie had lost her Star Nest. If she died, that would be a Starfall. Lin Yingmei was unable to undertake this sort of risk.

“Xinjie still has Yuan’er in accompaniment.” Wu Xinjie soothed.

“The two of you going to ruins is too dangerous. Your Servant cannot allow Elder Sister to go.” Lin Yingmei did not compromise at all.

“Little Sister Yingmei, Xinjie knows you care about Elder Sister, but now is not the time to argue. Four Star Destined Weapon Materials are hard to find. Success in one month is too uncertain. If we split more, there will then be more opportunities. Now is the time we should be thinking about Young Lord. Yingmei, are you not able to better protect Young Lord with a higher level Star Weapon?”

“But even so, Your Servant must protect the Knowledge Star and Thief Star.” Lin Yingmei’s expression was very resolute.

When Wu Xinjie saw that Lin Yingmei was this dedicated, she was somewhat touched. “Yingmei, Elder Sister appreciates your good intentions, but Xinjie has Hua Xue and the Eight Gates Black Gold Chain. Yuan’er, we are only exploring old tombs. We will not face any dangers.”

“Arguing further will only waste time, making Young Lord face more danger.” Wu Xinjie chuckled. Knowing that Su Xing’s safety would always be Lin Yingmei’s number one priority, as expected, after saying this, Lin Yingmei hesitated for a moment.

Wu Siyou saw the situation, and she stepped forward to say: “Yingmei, what the Knowledge Star said is true. Allow her to go to the tombs and ruins. This way, chances will be greater some…And…” Seeing that Lin Yingmei wanted to refute, Wu Siyou’s words changed topic: “Yingmei, could it be that you feel the ranked third Knowledge Star that has signed a contract will degenerate to such a degree she would be killed by someone? Let alone that she is a Knowledge Star who possesses the Eight Gates Black Gold Chain!!”

“Yingmei, acting like a protective mother only insults the Knowledge Star’s dignity.” Wu Siyou concluded.

These words made Lin Yingmei speechless.

“Then, Elder Sister, be careful!!” Lin Yingmei tightly bit her lip, setting down very big determination.

All of a sudden, a figure floated. Wu Xinjie advanced several steps forward, her lips kissing Lin Yingmei’s lips like a dragonfly touching a water lily,1 softly saying: “Thank you, Little Sister for your concern.”

Wu Siyou and Shi Yuan hung their mouths agape in astonishment.

“And many thanks to Siyou for understanding. You as well, be careful.” The Harm Star and Majestic Star were teamed up. Even if they faced a top-notch cultivator, there was no need to be afraid. Wu Xinjie felt this order was somewhat superfluous, and she could not help but laugh.

“You had best not insult the Knowledge Star’s dignity!” Wu Siyou grunted.

“Of course, after all, the Knowledge Star had once attended the Seven Stars Assembly.” Wu Xinjie smiled.

Lin Yingmei and Wu Siyou sat upon their Star Beasts and rode with the wind. The two turned their gazes away. “Sister Xinjie, you’re so bold.” Shi Yuan blushed.

“Xinjie yielded Young Lord to Yingmei last night. Xinjie was only receiving a bit of interest.” Wu Xinjie waved her hand.

Shi Yuan grumbled some words, her expression quite envious of their relationship with Su Xing.

“Just how does it feel when you do that sort of stuff with Young Lord?” Shi Yuan curiously asked.

The Thief Star saw Wu Xinjie wrinkled her brows, “Don’t tell me it feels really terrible…” Shi Yuan madly perspired.

“Huh? No.” Wu Xinjie shook her head, wryly smiling: “Very sensual and very good.”

“Then why did Elder Sister frown just now?” Shi Yuan did not understand.

“Because Young Lord is too vigorous. Xinjie is powerless to support that, so Yuan’er, you must quickly help Elder Sister alleviate a bit of the pressure.” Wu Xinjie slightly winked. These words made Thief Star Flea on a Drum’s cheeks and ears burn red. However, in fact, Wu Xinjie’s wrinkled brow was that whenever she was at the climax, this world seemed to become unprecedentedly unreal. She felt very wonderful yet also very strange.

Could it be that was so-called ecstasy?

Wu Xinjie thought.

“Sister Xinjie, which ruins are we going to now, This Young Lady is somewhat impatient.” Shi Yuan rubbed her palms. This ought to be the time for the Best Thief Under Heaven to take the stage.

Wu Xinjie nodded. She already made arrangements. Her wrist flipped, and a simple token popped out.

“This is?”

“The Connecting Heaven Token.” Wu Xinjie explained. Su Xing obtained it when he originally killed that Prince Gou or whatever. Afterwards, it was then handed over to her afterwards because of her own initiative. However, because they experienced too many things, Wu Xinjie had nearly forgotten about it. When she saw that Connecting Heaven Pagoda, it was only then she recalled that this token existed.

The Connecting Heaven Token was the certificate that could open the “Connecting Heaven Ancient Tomb” of Liangshan’s Seven Great Ancient Tombs. Deciphering this token’s information allowed entry. Wu Xinjie was very expectant of what pleasant surprises lay inside Liangshan’s legendary Seven Great Ancient Tombs. “I’m gonna faint. The Connecting Heaven Ancient Tomb, Sister Xinjie, why didn’t you tell Elder Sister Yingmei just now.” This was a legendary Seven Great Ancient Tomb. Shi Yuan did not dare be careless.

“If Xinjie said so, Yingmei definitely would not be at ease about us. Now is a race against time. We must separate in order to be able to bring about opportunities.” Wu Xinjie seriously said.

Shi Yuan understood.

“Yuan’er, are you afraid?” Wu Xinjie smiled.

Shi Yuan patted her chest, full of self-confidence: “This Young Lady is but the Best Thief Under Heaven. Let alone the Connecting Heaven Ancient Tomb, This Young Lady does not fear even the ‘Star Shattering Burial Mound’2 known as the place for Star Generals’ Starfalls.”

“Heh, heh, the Star Shattering Burial Mound counts, too.”

The Fire Beacon Chariot flew high towards the south.

At this time, Su Xing brought the remaining beauties finally back to the Four Styles School. After making his greetings, Su Xing then entered the Immortal’s Abode. An Suwen began to self-cultivate in the Immortal’s Abode while Tang Lianxin and Yan Yizhen went to Kagoshima Island to procure every sort of medicine and stone materials. Everything was in the middle of thoroughly arranged progress, and Su Xing quickly collected the finishing Evil Smiting Writ to immediately enter Evil Smiting Hall with Gongsun Huang, not stopping for a moment.

The clouds and mist were boundless, the mountains extending a thousand ren.

The place Su Xing and Gongsun Huang appeared at surprisingly was ten thousand zhang in the sky. Their bodies suddenly fell, and Su Xing immediately used Wandering The Clear Skies to stabilize his figure. He sized up the Evil Smiting Hall that he had not seen in a long time.

Evil Smiting Hall had already reached a state of quiet by this point in time. The past warbling, roars, hoots and howls had already vanished. The deathly stillness was somewhat frightening. At this time, the other Star Masters that fought against time had mostly already accomplished their Star Beasts in Evil Smiting Hall because as time passed by, the harder it was to find a Star Beast.

As Su Xing flew, he helped Gongsun Huang scan for Star Beasts.

As he searched in the sky, suddenly, Gongsun Huang tugged Su Xing’s clothes. Loli Dragon in the Clouds pointed to a place beneath the sea of clouds. Su Xing was perplexed. Listening carefully, he seemingly could vaguely hear a clear and cute song enter his ear.

“Beneath a red sun that burns like fire, half scorched in the fields is the grain. Poor peasant hearts with worry are scalded, while the rich themselves idly fan.”3

Staring, a voice flipped through the forest. Su Xing spotted a petite white figure skipping vivaciously along. As she hopped, she sang, extremely adorable. Su Xing had an urge to go look. His gaze asked Gongsun Huang, and the girl nodded.

Su Xing descended.

Not outside of expectations, the singing girl was about the same as Gongsun Huang in age. She wore simple white clothes and had a naive and innocent baby face. Her eyes were very large, like a doll’s. Cute like a sculpted piece of jade to the last detail, particularly that expression, those eyes were clearly extremely adorable. She truly was moe.4 Su Xing very much had the urge to hug and give her a great kiss.

Maiden Mountain’s Star Maidens had so many little lolis. This was truly shameful.

The little loli’s eyes were in a daze. Seeing Su Xing descend from the sky, she shrunk back her feeble shoulders, somewhat timidly, but she did not flee. It seemed she apparently knew running served no purpose.

However, at this time, Su Xing noticed that one side of the girl’s pure white garment was soaked in blood from head to toe.

That dazzling red immediately ripped apart the image of cuteness with a ghastly sight. Su Xing felt his heart hurt. He advanced a step, and the little loli immediately cowered back, taking a step backwards. She looked anxiously at Su Xing, the timidity in her eyes making him hurt.

“Big Brother won’t hurt you.” Su Xing said.

However, a Star Master’s words clearly did not have any persuasiveness. The little girl seemed innocent, yet she had a Star General’s instinctive vigilance.

Fearing she was excitable, Su Xing did not forcefully move forward. Using his most warm tone, he said: “Big Brother is called Su Xing. This is Little Huang, Dragon in the Clouds Gongsun Huang, Big Brother’s Star General, about the same age as you. What’s your name?”

“Huh?” The little girl was slightly shocked. Those large eyes looked at Gongsun Huang. “Are you the Leisure Star?”

Gongsun Huang gently nodded, also watching her very attentively.

The two girls gazed at each other, the contrast extremely clear.

One was a top-notch martial general number one in magic energy, the ranked fourth Leisure Star. The other was one who did not have any martial force or magic energy, the sub-par ranked one hundred and sixth Rat Star.

“I am called Bai Yutang,5 the Tang of candy.”6 Fearing that Su Xing would misunderstand, the little girl specially explained.

“What a cute name.” How could she be so cute. Su Xing wanted to take a bite out of her. What sort of Star General was such a dazzlingly cute little loli? Su Xing truly felt even more inquisitive.

It was just that having waited a long time, the girl seemed to be unwilling to say another word, but she showed a pitiable expression as she looked at Su Xing. Her gaze had a difficult to conceal fear, but she did not have any despair or the like which made Su Xing give her another level of respect.

Su Xing had a sort of feeling that this was unfair. Contrary to expectations, the girl was very calm and innocent, but a face of admiration. Without envy or hate, those pupils that were clearer than lakewater surpassed all the gems in the world.

Right, the Birth Treasure Outline.

Su Xing flipped out the Birth Treasure Outline, and Bai Yutang took another step back.

The data very quickly manifested.

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  1. 蜻蜓點水, very brief contact.
  2. 星碎墳塚
  3. 赤曰炎炎似火燒,野田禾稻半枯焦。農夫心內如湯煮,公子王孫把扇搖, from the actual Water Margin, tl adapted from
  4. 萌, as in the Japanese word
  5. 白玉糖
  6. 糖, She’s explaining the characters that compose her name.


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