Chapter 379: Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix

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A Crimson Star fell in the direction of Maiden Mountain, and Wu Xinjie expressed her regret.

Due to the distance between her contracted Star Master and herself being too far apart, the Crimson Star of the Healthy Star God of the Dangerous Road Yu Baosi that Wu Xinjie slain directly fell into Maiden Mountain. This was another reason why a Star Master and Star General were required to stick to one another after signing a contract. Besides protecting the lives of their Star Masters, obtaining the strength of a Crimson Star in the Star Duels was another reason.

“Who let her provoke us.” Shi Yuan fiddled with her puppet banners, noticing that the puppet mechanical beasts were not completely without usefulness. It seemed that in the future she could design several hundred high ranking Mechanical Beasts. Enough ants could bite an elephant to death, however, if it was in the future, going to the White Tiger Territory would be fine. Rumor had it that high ranking Demon Beasts ran amok in the White Tiger Territory. At that time, using several higher than Tenth Rank True Spirits as Puppet Beasts would be awe-inspiring.

Wu Xinjie did not reply. She extended a hand, bringing Ge Chong’s Astral Bag over. Her Divine Intent probed within, discovering many talismans, artifacts and devices for investigating tombs and such. It seemed that this Ge Chong was generally specialized in doing this sort of thing. Besides this, there were several dozen maps for ruins. “This just so happens to be able to assist us.” Wu Xinjie smiled, “Yuan’er, burying his corpse will count as just a bit of respect for Little Sister. Then, we will leave.”


Lin Yingmei and Wu Siyou very quickly arrived at a mountain range in the Azure Dragon Territory known as the Jade Dragon. The Jade Dragon was a continuous extension across several thousand li. Looking down, the snow on the mountaintops seemingly bordered the heavens, appearing very magnificent, with a bone-chilling cold attacking in waves.  

Although the Jade Dragon Mountain Range was not of the Azure Dragon Territory’s Five Great Mountain Ranges, the ice-cold, nasty climate was barely second to the Snow Lotus Heavenly Mountain of the Five Great Mountain Ranges. The topography of the mountains was complex, the temperature extremely low. Due to the lack of spiritual influence in these mountains, there were few people roaming about. However, in Lin Yingmei’s memory, she nevertheless knew that that the materials for her Four Star Destined Weapon Arctic Star Serpent Spear could be found in abundance here.

“Siyou, we shall separate here for now as well.”

“We shall each separately go searching.” Wu Siyou said.

“Siyou, Your Servant does not mean this.” Lin Yingmei shook her head.

Wu Siyou was taken aback.

“Young Master requires Siyou’s aid, so Your Servant asks that Siyou properly protect Young Master…” Lin Yingmei looked at Wu Siyou with a very serious tone. “Your Servant’s Star Weapon can be resolved by Your Servant herself. Siyou, you have, for the sake of Young Master, delayed your own Star Weapon. Your Servant cannot continue wasting your time.”

“Yingmei, what are these words. How can we sisters leave one another, why are you so distant.” Wu Siyou was confused.

Lin Yingmei smiled: “It is as Wu Xinjie said. If we part ways now, then we can create even more opportunities. Siyou also said this is the dignity of a Star General. Siyou ought to have faith in Your Servant.”

“Yingmei, you are so cunning.” Wu Siyou was rendered unable to retort by her own words.

“If Your Servant is unable to depend on herself alone, then how can Your Servant protect Young Master!” Seeing Wu Siyou was still worried, Lin Yingmei once again smiled.

“Then, Yingmei, you be careful. At that time, you cannot fall further behind than Your Concubine.”1 Wu Siyou nodded. The two Heavenly Star Martial Generals tacitly and naturally did not need to waste their breath on more words. “Your Concubine’s Four Star is but already nearly complete.”

Lin Yingmei gladly nodded.

Wu Siyou stared for a moment. Urging on the White and Black Unicorn Tiger, just as she was about to depart, Lin Yingmei abruptly said: “Siyou, can Your Servant ask you a question?”

“Does Yingmei wish to ask Your Concubine at what time she will sign a Star Duel Covenant with Lord Husband?” Wu Siyou turned her head back and gently smiled.


Although they were already addressed as husband and wife, they had not yet signed a contract. Lin Yingmei’s heart was somewhat unable to be at peace.

“Your Concubine has her own plans. Yingmei need not attempt to persuade Your Concubine.” Siyou smiled.

Lin Yingmei sighed.

“Lad Snake Scorpion, huh.”

Crying Star Twin-tailed Scorpion Xie Chan sat one a gigantic crimson and black colored scorpion. That venomous scorpion tail split apart into a left and right. There were two stingers flickering with a dim light.

Lady Snake Scorpion was at the side assuming a defensive stance.

“Aren’t Star Masters not allowed to bring more than one Star General into Evil Smiting Hall?” Su Xing’s head hurt.

“Hmph, we Sisters are of one mind, inseparable as form and shadow. Could it be an idiot like you does not know?” Xie Chan was unyielding. Although he had anticipated the required simultaneous contract of the Savage and Crying Stars would mean a not at all odd simultaneous appearance of both in Evil Smiting Hall, a battle formation of both honestly put Su Xing in a thorny situation, particularly when he saw that the two little lolis had Four Stars on their poison needles and hidden tools.

“Mama, be careful, he just killed Little Diao’s Little Green” Xie Diao was even more steady than Xie Chan, promptly warning Lady Snake Scorpion to guard against Su Xing.

Lady Snake Scorpion flipped her hand. In her hand appeared the Purple Rose Astral Treasure Stars Falling Dragon Sword.

“White Rat, do you think that you are safe hiding behind your papa’s back?? Hee-hee, watch this scorpion tail needle.” Xie Chan taunted. Her hand beckoned, and the Four Star Gold Scorpion Fine Rain Needles whooshed as they shot out, turning into a golden downpour of stingers. The Star Beast’s venomous crimson double tails each shot a rain of needles. More than a thousand of the thin needles shot over in high concentration without any gaps.

Gongsun Huang’s Star Magic activated. Su Xing turned around and hugged Bai Yutang close against his chest. “Little Huang, we are leaving!” Saying this, his two hands gestured. Twenty-four Flying Swords twisted into the rain of needles. Then he soared in escape light with Gongsun Huang without the slightest hesitation. How could Lady Snake Scorpion have anticipated that Su Xing would flee the moment he said he would. Just as she was about to go pursue, Gongsun Huang activated a Wind Rolls The Clouds to obstruct the,. By the time they looked again, Su Xing had already fled far away.

“Mama, that man cannot escape from Evil Smiting Hall hugging a White Rat. Let us go chase.” Xie Chan was expressionless

Lady Snake Scorpion nodded, coldly laughing: “Last time, you two defeated Gongsun Huang. It was a pity we let her escape. This time, this Leisure Star has found a Star Master. We definitely cannot let her go.”

“Elder Sister, your Star Beast Green Scaled Unicorn Python is truly useless.” Xie Chan laughed up her sleeve.

“This Queen did not expect that Star Master to be this powerful. Fine, then. We can take this chance to swap your Star Beast.” Lady Snake Scorpion smiled.

Xie Diao nodded.

“However, to escape from my ‘Black Wind Wings’2 is truly laughable.”

Lady Snake Scorpion sneered and formed the orchid hand seal.

Suddenly, a pair of black wings unfurled from her back. The wings flapped, and she was suddenly several times faster than an escape technique.

So fast.

Su Xing turned his head, astonished to see Lady Snake Scorpion had already closed this distance in several blinks of the eye. Lady Snake Scorpion’s black wings flapped with a poison wind. Even though they were seperated by several dozen li, the aura the high-speed brought was still stifling.

“As the Leisure Star’s Star Master, is escaping not humiliating.” Lady Snake Scorpion’s sneer came from behind him.

Su Xing did not have any interest fighting with her. Lady Snake Scorpion’s Twin Stars possessed their Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill. Although he did not know how it was, if they used it, even Gongsun Huang could be defeated in battle. Furthermore, Evil Smiting Hall had many restrictions within. A majority of Su Xing’s magic weapons had lost their usefulness, let alone that Lady Snake Scorpion even possessed a Purple Rose Astral Treasure. No matter how much more Su Xing showed off, he understood that he was completely at a disadvantage in a Star Duel within Evil Smiting Hall.

Bai Yutang’s big eyes blinked, not understanding why Su Xing would save her.

“Nether Serpent!!”3

Two of Xie Chan’s fingers came together as she used a Yellow Rank Technique.

The Green Tree Viper Gloom Blade combined into a green serpent shape that suddenly made an incursion into the gap left at Su Xing’s back. The Langya spread open around Su Xing’s body. Clear light radiated brightly, and the poison items could not draw near him at all.

Xie Chan furiously snorted. She wanted to use the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill with her elder sister to vanquish Su Xing in one move. How could they have anticipated that this man would be really cunning, completely not giving them a chance to catch their breath.

“Let us see how long you can run.”

In the wind came an angry voice.

“Little Huang, take note of where your Star Beast is.” Su Xing suddenly ordered.


The twin Star Generals provoked them endlessly from behind, yet Gongsun Huang was expressionless, as if she completely did not hear them. As the Star General number one in magic energy, Gongsun Huang did not have so-called “vanity.” Rather than say she was excessively calm, it was better to say that she had seen through the mundane world.

Su Xing suddenly furrowed his brow, having been struck by a hidden weapon. Poison immediately flared up along his blood vessels. Fortunately, Su Xing’s body had a Detoxification Pearl that completely suppressed the propagation of the poison, but he was still somewhat not accustomed to that piercing pain.

“Papa, drink wine.”

All of a sudden, the Bai Yutang on his chest extended her hand, having taken out a sparkling jade bottle with the wafting fragrance of wine, her voice soft as cotton candy.

Hearing this address, Su Xing nearly vomited blood – was he so old?

Bai Yutang’s pupils brimmed with a genuine concern. The bottle of wine her little hand held was her Destined Star Weapon “Dreamless.”

“This is the ‘Worry-free Without A Care’ that Candy4 originally brewed, it can help Papa stifle the pain.”

When Su Xing heard that “Papa” address, his whole head leaked sweat. However, right now, he did not have the time to correct this. He opened his mouth and took a swig of Essence Water from inside Dreamless. The wine entered his throat, and instantly, it was like the Heavens had sent down sweet dew. The pain promptly subsided.

“You close your eyes and take a nap like a good kid. By the time you wake up, everything will be over.” Su Xing tenderly smiled at Bai Yutang.

Bai Yutang’s heart was very warm. She had a sort of feeling of being cared for by a father. She nodded, unconsciously actually closing her eyes.

Rat Star Bai Yutang fell into a dream that was sweeter than candy.

In the dream, she saw a giant phoenix bird perched atop a tree.

Its crest was like a flame, as if it was imitating wearing a multi-colored crown. The plumage of its whole body was graceful and refined.

Its wingspan was able to cover the sky, its phoenix cry capable of splitting the earth.

Reins of clouds followed that giant phoenix as it flew up. Inside the dream, she saw Su Xing and Gongsun Huang face this huge bird, and there was also the stupefied Xie Zhen and Xie Bao and lady, all of them entangled in a melee.

Amidst ten thousand rays of multi-colored light, nothing could be seen clearly. She could only sense from time to time, the mountains shook and the earth quaked as if there was a cataclysm. From time to time, Buddhist light extended ten thousand zhang, and from time to time, she saw the serpent and the scorpion kiss each other. There were shouting voices, ice-cold laughs, cries of terror, screams of anger, and other very unpleasant sounds that blended with magic into complete confusion, utter chaos.

To speak of this dream, it was indeed a dream.

This was the first time in Bai Yutang’s life that she had seen such a shaking and terrifying battle. She had merely originally wanted to come to Evil Smiting Hall to carefully capture a White Rat, nothing more. It was this that made her see a seeming terrible battle. Bai Yutang nevertheless did not feel any pressure. There was a sort of strength painstakingly protecting her from harm.

“Candy, Candy…”

A gently voice slowly called her.

Bai Yutang groaned, slowly opening her eyes. After the light passed, she saw a slightly smiling face. “Papa…” Bai Yutang rubbed eyes drowsily.

So moe.

Su Xing really wanted to hug her. I’m really not a weird uncle… “Cough, just call me Big Brother.” Su Xing said.

Bai Yutang’s fawn-like eyes innocently stared at Su Xing.

“Right now, let’s go help you find a Star Beast. We don’t have a lot of time. We have to leave.” Su Xing smiled.

Bai Yutang cocked her head. At this time, she spotted the Gongsun Huang standing behind Su Xing. The White Rat loli suddenly very adorably opened her mouth. Perched beside Gongsun Huang was the giant phoenix she had seen in her dream, however, compared to that kingly and dictatorial air from her dream, what was before her was only an gorgeous, extremely beautiful phoenix of multi-colored light that appeared more meek than a lamb as it followed behind Gongsun Huang.

This was Gongsun Huang’s Star Beast – Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix!5

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  1. 妾身, As noted way back in Chapter 179, to differentiate between Lin Yingmei and Wu Siyou, I tl Wu Siyou’s self-address this way when Yingmei is around.
  2. 黑風翅
  3. 冥蛇
  4. Bai Yutang is also addressing herself as the pet name that Su Xing came up for her.
  5.  帝女天凰


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