Chapter 381: The “Horn Star” Zou Ke

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Flying Swords combined with the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower. Boundless magic energy broke open the flames, shooting directly at the opponent.

“Huh?” The girl clearly did not anticipate this. She hastily clenched tight her halberd, assuming a defensive stance. The girl’s reaction were fast. In a spurt of energy, she suddenly rushed forward, roaring as she brandished her halberd, carving an arc of blue detachment in the air.

Su Xing instantly used his Flying Swords to form a shield. He used the wide sword-shield to block this attack. Although the Flying Swords were shaken by the opponent’s thrust enough that his Divine Intent was diminished, the person himself nevertheless did not care. Su Xing seized this opportunity, his two hands grabbing at her, quick as lightning.

The tyrannical and surly Monster Strength pounced over. As if more terrifying than the Star General’s Yellow Rank just now, the young girl’s halberd became a bolt of blue light that blocked Su Xing’s double punch, but Su Xing’s Monster Strength had only just begun. The girl only felt her Destined Star Weapon violently shake upon receiving the powerful force. The weapon whined,  a frightening power rapidly meshing against the weapon’s axehead.

The girl’s reactions were extremely swift. Taking a step back, she suddenly somersaulted backwards as she swept her halberd. Su Xing already was an arrow at the end of its path. He wanted to raise a hand to seize the opponent’s Star Weapon to make it lose its menace. How could he have anticipated that this Star General’s martial arts were quite consummate, unexpectedly cleverly using the backwards flip to dissipate Su Xing’s monster strength. A beautiful leg kicked Su Xing’s chin. Su Xing’s arms blocked this, jolting him numb. He lost awareness for a moment, but he showed a gap.

Su Xing had no choice but to retreat backwards, and the young girl pursed her lips tightly. Continuously sneering, the halberd fluttering in her hands suddenly slashed.

With everything at stake, Su Xing wonderfully spun to avoid this attack.

Several returning Flying Swords entangled her.

The young girl’s hands brandished the axe, wishing to dispatch Su Xing in a single blow, but the martial arts that Su Xing displayed made her quite astonished – this man’s martial arts unexpectedly were somewhat above her.

Su Xing rushed straight, his speed instantly accelerating as he turned into an afterimage.

The trajectories of the Flying Swords rapidly gathered and slashed. Su Xing suddenly exerted strength, offloading the defense of the young girl’s halberd. The Flying Swords became a sword-light that practically was a perfect point flitting across the young girl’s neck, drawing open a minute wound.

The speed of this slash was quick to the point that the wound had forgotten to bleed.

The girl felt the blood on her neck. Her eyes grew wide, and she felt shock.


The girl resentfully said. Her pace shifted forwards, and the next second, she once again launched an attack. The halberd shook with a light that intertwined with her murderous aura, the tip dragging a brilliant trail, breaking open the surrounding concentrated air, and under the frequent changes in rhythm of that assault, because of the murderous aura that arose from the collisions, both of their figures were enveloped within.

Passing through the tip of chilliness, Su Xing could now already see the graceful battle style of the young girl. She wore blue armor, but that was only one shoulderpad. Similarly, her bra protected her breasts also along only one side. Within was green underwear that bulged the girl’s plump chest. Every time she fiercely waved her axe, he would glimpse dazzling white ripples. The girl’s lower body was also dressed boldly yet carefreely. The armor style was that of a short skirt, revealing her snow-white thighs. Protecting her wrists and ankles were dark green and translucent pieces.

The girl had a hairpin in her long hair, and she wore a red scarf. Beautiful as she was, her expression was quite angry. Su Xing was somewhat confused at this sort of anger. Even if this was a Star Duel, there was no need to have this kind of absolutely irreconcilable animosity.

Sensing Su Xing’s gaze upon her body was wantonly staring, the girl was infuriated. Her hands raised the halberd, assuming a strange posture. There was a sort of strange illusion. That silvery halberd seemingly disappeared from the girl’s hands. Immediately afterwards, countless axe images appeared. Each axeblade shadow flit by with an oppressive power.

Instantly, before Su Xing were seemingly a dozen, two dozen, a hundred or even more of the young girl. The specters were somewhat unreal. Those dazzling axe images staggered like dragon fangs moving about. The axe fangs became dragon fangs, numberless, as a dazzling killing intent of the dragon fangs surrounded him all directions and angles without the slightest blind spot. There was no need to say that things were bad.

Dark Rank Technique.

With murderous spirit surrounding his whole body, a chilly feeling bubbling forth, Su Xing promptly felt the power of this girl’s attack. This was a Dark Rank Technique.

“Roaring Fang of Heavenly Dragon!!”1

Millions of dragon fangs slashed at him, leaving Su Xing dumbstruck.

This attack of thousands of blades wielded in a breath’s time was practically without any gaps. Perfect enough to make one’s hair stand on end, even a fighter of any higher caliber would have no way to block upon suddenly encountering this unforeseen event, let alone that Su Xing was not at his peak state and was even somewhat weak.

The Roaring Fang of Heavenly Dragon tangled with the Flying Swords. With only the clanging sound of the Flying Swords being attacked, the Life-cast Flying Swords were currently being cut down by that powerful killing intent. Su Xing could sense the ferocity of his opponent’s technique.

The pair’s exchange was seemingly slow, but it nevertheless passed in an instant.

“Elder Sister Little Ke, don’t hurt Papa.”

Bai Yutang ran over in a panic. Bam, she was tripped onto the ground by a stone.

The young woman was startled, retreating, forcing her attack to a stop. Immediately, she flashed to reach Bai Yutang’s side, but she suddenly discovered a multi-colored light covered her, making her unable to move her arms or legs in the slightest, as if she had been shackled.

A phoenix’s cry resounded.

A graceful and elegant phoenix flew overhead.

Standing atop the phoenix was Gongsun Huang, expressionless. The Pinebrand Ancient Sword was pointed at the girl, about to activated a Star Magic for an attack.

Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix.

The girl was very pale from shock.

“Little Huang, don’t kill her.” Su Xing drew in a breath, retracting his Flying Swords and stopping Gongsun Huang’s attack.

Gongsun Huang was perplexed. Nevertheless, she immediately retracted her killing intent, but the Di Nü Phoenix Bird still eyed the young woman.

“Tangtang, do you know her?” When Su Xing heard Bai Yutang call her Elder Sister Little Ke, he already understood why this girl would show him so much animosity. As it turned out, she took him to be the bad guy imprisoning Bai Yutang.

Su Xing then flipped out the Birth Treasure Outline. The girl’s martial force was fierce. That Dark Rank at the end nearly broke his Immemorial Flying Swords.

Star Position: Horn Star2

Star Name: Zou Run3

Nickname: Single Horned Dragon4

True Name: Zou Ke5

Rank: Ninety-first

Star Weapon: Fang of Broken Skies6 (Three Star)

Star Beast: ????

Realm: Ten Thousand Techniques First Stage

Innate Skill: Axe Technique

Five Elements: Wood

Yellow Rank Technique: Scarred All Over Body

Dark Rank Technique: Roaring Fang of Heavenly Dragon

Current Status: No Contractor (cannot be conquered)

Detailed Materials: Cannot sign a Star Duel Covenant inside Evil Smiting Hall

“The ranked ninety-first Horn Star Single Horned Dragon Zou Run.” Su Xing exclaimed. Furthermore, she was Ten Thousand Techniques First Stage. Fortunately, her Star Weapon was only Three Star. He had actually gotten lucky, otherwise in that moment, the Flying Swords would have again suffered the consequences.

Seeing that Su Xing surprisingly possessed the Birth Treasure Outline, Zou Ke’s eyes were even more wary.

“She’s Elder Sister Little Ke, Papa, she takes very good care of Tangguo.” Bai Yutang grasped at Su Xing’s hems, very pitiful.


“Tangtang, what did you call him, do not be deceived by this Star Master!!” Zou Ke sternly said.

To still be able to think of Bai Yutang at her own moment of crisis, this Single Horned Dragon Zou Ke was actually somewhat warm-hearted. Su Xing glanced at Gongsun Huang. The Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix flapped its wings, recalling the tens of thousands of layers of multi-colored light.

Zou Ke rushed at Su Xing the moment she saw this.

Before she could approach, Star Magic sent her recoiling back.

Do not approach His Highness!

The meaning of Gongsun Huang’s expression was very clear.

Leisure Star Dragon in the Clouds?

Zou Ke was even more dumbstruck.

“Since you’re Tangtang’s Elder Sister, then it’s just a misunderstanding.” Su Xing said.

Gongsun Huang at this time waved her hand. A quick-witted little white rat fell into Bai Yutang’s palm.The little loli showed an expression of cute and pleasant surprise, carefully using the Evil Smiting Writ to capture the Essence Spirit Rat, The Golden Immortal Linked Life Ring was withdrawn, and the Essence Spirit Rat excitedly leapt onto the little loli’s shoulder and licked her face, making Bai Yutang happily giggle.

“Tangtang, we should go back. Mistress is very worried about you.” Zou Ke tightly gripped her halberd.

“Oh.” Bai Yutang was somewhat reluctant to part with Su Xing: “Papa, Tangguo is going home for now.”

“En, next time, I’ll come pick you up.” Su Xing nodded, tenderly speaking.

The little loli bashfully pecked Su Xing’s cheek, and then she ran to Zou Ke’s side.

The Single Horn Dragon hatefully glanced at Su Xing. She whispered something to Tangtang, as if she was saying: “How can you randomly call a Star Master you just met Papa. Mistress will be angry,” or “Do not believe in Star Masters,” or the like.

In the end, Zou Ke menacingly glared at Su Xing, that expression seemingly saying – if you dare once again lure Tangtang, then I will show you.

“Your Highness?”

Gongsun Huang nimbly jumped, landing on Su Xing’s shoulder.

“Let’s go back, too.” Su Xing drew in a breath.

To have this encounter during their final trip to Evil Smiting Hall was somewhat outside of expectation, but encountering Lady Snake Scorpion and capturing the Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix, even being treated as a father by a super moe little loli was simply a bit too surreal.

Afterwards, Su Xing and Gongsun Huang disappeared from Evil Smiting Hall.

To Su Xing, the Evil Smiting Hall phase had already thoroughly concluded.

Lady Snake Scorpion very unhappily returned to the Jade Alum Palace, her heart truly resentful to the extreme. Damn, This Queen was played with by that man. She closed her eyes, and in her mind appeared the figures of the Leisure Star and Su Xing. The Savage Star and Crying Star’s Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill mistakenly struck the Di Nü Phoenix Bird, which led to the final juncture. Not only did they not seize the chance to kill the Leisure Star, her own Star Generals were both killed into the Star Nest.

If it was not for using the Purple Rose Astral Treasure Star Falling Dragon Sword at the very end, Lady Snake Scorpion feared she would not have been able to flee back here.

This number one in magic energy Star General was not just for show, as expected. What she hated was that because she used that Star Falling Dragon Sword, her foes had a very good probability to capture the Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix. If that man was not trash, capturing it would not be a problem.

Everything seemed to have been planned for.


Lady Snake Scorpion’s whole body was very painful. She tore the bed sheets to shreds.

“Queen, the Great King has come.”

A maid cautiously said.

“My Wife, how is the matter of the Evil Smiting Hall?”

A golden armored man walked into the chambers, beaming.

“Great King.” Lady Snake Scorpion threw herself over, showing a feeble attitude.

“Wife, what has happened? To be so hurt?” Great Saint Falling Sky Roc Demon King was startled.

Lady Snake Scorpion stammered out her encounter in Evil Smiting Hall, even embellishing the details a bit. The Roc Demon King was extremely furious. “What a brazen child, to unexpectedly dare hurt my wife. This King shall issue orders to have them found.”

“Great King, do not quell your anger. This Star Duel can only be blamed on Your Servant’s incompetence.” Lady Snake Scorpion sighed.

Hearing these words, the Roc Demon King was also unsightly.

“How can This King’s Wife be incompetent. However, the Leisure Star possessing the Di Nü Phoenix Bird is indeed troublesome.” The Roc Demon King knew its might, muttering to himself for a moment. He made a determination and said: “Never expected the Star Duels to be so ever-changing. No matter, This King can only hand over that thing to Wife, to assist Wife in obtaining the Star Duels.”

Joy carelessly flashed past Lady Snake Scorpion’s eyes: “Many thanks to Great King.”

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  1. 天龍咆哮牙
  2. 地角星
  3. 鄒潤
  4. 獨角龍
  5. 鄒珂
  6. 破天之牙


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    tripped was -> was tripped]
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