Chapter 383: Psychological Trap And The Kiss Of The Ling Yan

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Su Xing’s hand loosened, and the cup fell to the floor.

An unimaginable scene occurred. After the cup fell, the maid suddenly quickened her pace, her speed exceeding the butler’s. She rushed into the room, hastily stooped down, and brought out a towel to dry the floor, promptly apologizing to Su Xing.

Ye Lingxi was thoroughly stupefied.

“This man…” Zhao Hanyan was speechless.

Su Xing showed the maid a tender smile. The maid’s face reddened, excusing herself after taking the cup.

At this moment, Ye Lingxi finally regained her senses. She tightly bit her lip, very angry yet also extremely dejected.

Su Xing indeed followed the rules and did not speak, but he deliberately dropped the cup onto the rug. By doing so, the maid’s duty and instinct would urge her to rush over and clean up. Very naturally, she would enter ahead of the butler.

Everything, he had completely exploited a person’s psychology.

“Y-y-you despicable, shameless cheat, from the very beginning, it was impossible for me to win…This test is not fair!!” Ye Lingxi very much wanted to curse him. She had never felt she would lose with a feeling so full of humiliation.

Su Xing disdainfully evaluated her: “The contents of today’s class are that wisdom is everywhere, yet fairness will never exist.”

“How does this count as wisdom, this is petty.” Ye Lingxi did not accept this.

“To be able to make the you that is so full of wisdom taste defeat, you can still learn this sort of pettiness.” Su Xing disagreed.

Ye Lingxi was truly about to explode. Even if she was very adept at faking her mood, this time, she had no way to feign.

Seeing her unreconciled appearance, Su Xing intentionally sighed, his tone slightly warm: “I am only exploiting the person’s psychological behavior, controlling the opposition’s unconscious thoughts. I call it psychology, knowledge that this world does not have.”

“Controlling unconscious thoughts? You were merely lucky this time.” Ye Lingxi stubbornly refuted.

“You do not believe me? Do you believe that I can manipulate your Mama into kissing me?” Su Xing indolently said.

Hey, hey, hey, does this man truly treat himself as a casanova?

Zhao Hanyan’s expression cast out an admonishment.

Ye Lingxi widened her eyes, loudly shouting: “You are talking nonsense. On what basis would my Mama kiss you??”

“If you do not believe me, that is up to you, but I indeed had your maid enter the door first twice. On this, you lose. Zhao Hanyan is a witness. Fine, we shall stop here.” Su Xing already did not wish to tangle with her any further.

To be frank, Zhao Hanyan until now did not understand just what tricks Su Xing had in store. She was unable to connect this topic with a kiss.

Ye Lingxi had unwillingness written on her face.

Su Xing wrinkled his brow, his tone a bit displeased, “What, could it be you actually want to make your Mama kiss me that you do not believe me?”

Ye Lingxi’s eyes immediately let out a frightening light: “If you have the capabilities to do so, then I will believe you.”

“How could any daughter incite someone to kiss her own Mama.”

“You are completely unable to do so. Hmph, what psychology. I have never heard of it, swindler. Do not think you can bewitch This Princess, bastard!!” Ye Lingxi finally seized onto her chance.

“If you want me, I can do it.” Su Xing looked at Ye Lingxi’s red lips and chuckled: “However, you nevertheless must pay the price. This world does not have such a happy thing where someone does something just because you make them.”

“What would you have me do?” Ye Lingxi was wary.

Su Xing winked. “A kiss!”

“Shameless!!” Ye Lingxi suddenly recalled the kiss Su Xing mentioned at the very beginning, and her expression was all of a sudden more unsightly.

“Then you can obediently concede defeat.” Su Xing rose, an indifferent attitude.

Shameless, shameless, shameless. shameless!!!

Ye Lingxi cursed a hundred times in her heart. This bastard basically had everything planned out.

But to make her concede defeat like this, Ye Lingxi’s heart honestly was not too willing. Even when she was facing Emperor Liang, Ye Lingxi could wriggle with some leeway, but tonight, her arrogance had been ruthlessly trampled.

“Ye Lingxi, forget it.” Zhao Hanyan was slightly sympathetic to her.

“Fine! I shall treat it as having been bitten by a mosquito.” Ye Lingxi grit her teeth, making her determination and walking to Su Xing’s front.

“To be kissed by a mosquito as beautiful as you, I am very happy.” Su Xing could not help but smile.

This man definitely is bluffing!!

Ye Lingxi was increasingly certain. She closed her eyes and stood on tiptoes. Su Xing actually was courteous, only making Ye Lingxi use her soft red lips kiss his cheek.

The Zhao Hanyan to the side widened her eyes.

Suddenly, she recalled something.

It cannot be, those two tricks just now were for the sake of this?? The Ling Yan Princess’ thoughts were bright, immediately recalling Su Xing’s reason for everything. Just as Su Xing had said, to be able to make the other party fall in love or kiss him at first sight was a fantasy story. It was precisely because of this that Su Xing took a different route, walking along a means that no one had thought of.

This was a bet.

In a gambler’s game, what could be more interesting than this?

As far as the arrogant Ye Lingxi was concerned, when she agreed to Su Xing’s two topics, she voluntarily had come to this. Hmph, how honestly cunning of him, to unexpectedly little by little begin to have plans for her, the Lingdong Countess.

However, Zhao Hanyan had one thing she still did not understand – how could he make Madam Ye kiss him?

Thinking of this, Madam Prince would not be so frivolous.

Her lips had not touched for more than a second when Ye Lingxi’s kiss immediately ended. This instant, the girl’s cheeks were a thorough red. She was slightly crying yet shed no tears. This was but her first kiss, to have unexpectedly sent it away so disgracefully.

“Go do it now. If you cannot do so, This Countess will not let you go!” Ye Lingxi hatefully said.

“Ye Lingxi, you brought this upon yourself, yet you still wish to threaten him?” Zhao Hanyan sneered very bluntly.

Su Xing twitched his lips. “Madam, you can come out now.”

“Lingxi!” Madam Prince walked out from the room, incomparably shocked. She had seen everything just now.

“Mother.” Ye Lingxi’s ears burned. She stubbornly said: “He is a shameless pervert that wants you to kiss him. You absolutely cannot be deceived by him.”

“Lingxi, Mama was wrong in the past. You truly have much more to learn.” Madam Prince sighed. “You have been unconsciously controlled by him, do you realize?”

“Mother Highness, what are you saying?” Ye Lingxi was at a loss.

“Madam Prince, will you comply with our promise?” Su Xing chucked.


The two girls smelled a hint of conspiracy.

Madam Prince leisurely walked to Su Xing’s side. Her stature was very tall, a full head taller than Su Xing. She whispered: “You shameless pervert, I have never seen anyone more evil than you. No wonder the Ling Yan Princess would hold you in such high regard…”

After she spoke, Madam Prince lowered her head and deep kissed Su Xing by the lips. The Madam Ye’s kiss brought a much more mature and lovely flavor.

Ye Lingxi and Zhao Hanyan were completely shocked by the scene in front of them.

Su Xing felt his lips. This Madam Ye honestly was sexy, surprisingly kissing his lips. It seemed he still was too pure.

“Mother, what are you doing??!!” Ye Lingxi screeched. She truly was almost mad. How could her dignified and cold mother unexpectedly actually deep kiss that bastard.

Passing through the moistness of a kiss, the feeling of charm at the corner of Madam Ye’s eyes was even more extreme. “Mama made a bet with him…”

The course of events was this.

While the two chatted in the lounge, Su Xing and Madam Ye made a bet. Su Xing said he would make Ye Lingxi personally kiss him.

Of course, Madam Ye would not believe him. How could she not understand her own daughter’s personality. Let alone this man, even when she stood before her father, the Prince himself, Ye Lingxi never changed her face. Madam Ye was very doubtful her daughter’s interests were very special. Subsequently, she very quickly accepted this bet.

“The bet was that you would kiss him??” Ye Lingxi was in disbelief.

“Ye Lingxi, the Ling Yan Princess’ man is certainly a dangerous character.” Madam Ye pursed her lips, her eyes showing a bit of interest.

Ye Lingxi grabbed a tea kettle and hurled it at Su Xing. “You are a complete cheat!! Bastard, bastard!!”

Ye Lingxi was not a fool. She immediately understood everything. She even thought of the hints in Su Xing’s language that lured her into kissing him. It could be said that from the beginning of the moment she entered the room, she was already like a lamb that had fallen into a trap. What was laughable was that she still did not perceive it.

Su Xing glanced at Zhao Hanyan. The Ling Yan Princess looked at the Lingdong Countess’ sunken heart with some sympathy.

“Madam Ye, Hanyan apologizes on behalf of Su Xing to Little Sister and the Madam.” Zhao Hanyan apologetically said.

“To be able to make Lingxi suffer a small lesson, it is worth the price.” Madam Ye was very magnanimous. She gazed at Su Xing, her attitude not like that disdain from the beginning: “The Ling Yan Princess’ eyesight is indeed extraordinary…I wonder from which sect and master you hail from?”

“Your Servant is a disciple of Ju Yueke of the Four Styles School.”

“Ju Yueke? That tool refining sect master. As expected, you are talented, young and promising.”

“Zhao Hanyan has other matters and shall take her leave.”

Thus, they left Prince Shen Wu’s mansion.

“Where did you learn that psychology thing? This Princess has never heard of it. This Princess is truly interested, for it to surprisingly be capable of trapping the Lingdong Countess.” Zhao Hanyan smiled.

“Zhao Hanyan, don’t change the topic. Did you forget our bet?” Su Xing was stern.

Dong Junqing thoughtfully said: “Do you wish to take advantage of even the Ling Yan Princess?”

“Forget it, just treat it as your birthday present then.” Su Xing chuckled.

Zhao Hanyan suddenly flew in front of Su Xing. Both of her arms boldly wrapped around Su Xing’s neck, and her red lips stuck to his, wrapping her tongue around his as they exchanged saliva. Dong Junqing watched from the side with endless jealousy.

The pair passionately deep-kissed and embraced. Originally, their hearts had been planted with the Thousand Year Intertwined Branches. This kiss was simply a first rain after a long drought, as if they were sucking away each other’s energy. Zhao Hanyan suddenly moaned, lowered her head to look down, and her face turned completely red. She saw that her jacket was wide open. One of Su Xing’s hands had surprisingly climbed onto her underwear, softly kneading her breasts.

The girl was surprised and pushed Su Xing away. Her arms covered her chest, and her brows rose: “Su Xing, you…you are so audacious.”

“And what haven’t I already seen of your body.” Su Xing shook his head.

These words made Zhao Hanyan want to silence him for good.

“No more kidding. If there is nothing else right now, then I should go.” Su Xing said.

“Su Xing, you honestly do not give This Princess a single bit of face.” Zhao Hanyan harrumphed: “Where do you want to go?”

“The Black Turtle Territory.”

“Perfect, let us go together.” Zhao Hanyan nodded.

“Together?” Su Xing did not understand why the Ling Yan Princess would be so interested in tangling herself with him. Could it be she truly fancied him?

“Do you not have the Purple Rose Outlaw Liangshan Jade Pendant? How many Immortal’s Abodes have you opened?”


“Then good. The Purple Rose Jade Pendant can open three Immortal’s Abodes. Each one opened will possess a precious treasure. If this treasure is taken to the Treasure Feast, then the value will be priceless. However, the distances must be very far apart. This second Immortal’s Abode will require going to the Black Turtle Territory in order to be opened. We can just so happen go together.” Zhao Hanyan beautiful eyes glittered, and her beautiful smile curved.

Su Xing’s brows wrinkled.

“What, do you want to decline This Princess’ good intentions again?” Zhao Hanyan’s face suddenly paled.

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