Chapter 385: The Female Yaksha’s Murder Inn ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Su Xing and Zhao Hanyan circled around the island. As a checkpoint, this place still had many cultivators constructing a marketplace for transactions. Generally speaking, this was an exchange for information and such. At last, following someone’s introduction, Su Xing and Zhao Hanyan arrived at a hillside restaurant named the Peace and Happiness Inn.

The Peace and Happiness Inn’s restaurant had many cultivators entering and leaving. Having continuously flown for so long, Su Xing and Zhao Hanyan felt very tired.

Entering, they sat at a table.

Su Xing assessed the restaurant’s interior. It was considerably clean, and many cultivators selected some food and wine to gorge themselves on, chatting spiritedly. Although the cultivators had already reached a realm of abstaining from food, the majority of cultivators still were incapable of escaping their hunger.

Su Xing originally wanted to simply listen and gather whatever information he could.

However, he found that what these cultivators discussed was relatively boring, with no juicy topics at all. Rumors of the Star Duels or the Black Turtle Territory were pitifully sparse, yet after Su Xing and Zhao Hanyan stepped into the restaurant, the other cultivators cast considerably fearful glances at them. It was no wonder, for any way it was put, two Supercluster Ancestors appearing was enough to make people feel they were confronting a powerful foe.

But what was even more present in the eyes of these cultivators was envy.

Su Xing did not mind.

“Are you two guests stopping for a meal or staying the night?” A lithe bodied woman daintily walked over, her expression gazing at Su Xing with much allure, making Zhao Hanyan quite unhappy.

Zhao Hanyan frowned: “Is this a restaurant or a brothel?”

The woman retracted her charm and showed an unsightly expression.

“Choose some random wine and meat…While you are at it, book two rooms.” Zhao Hanyan saw that the time of day was already very late, and she did not wish to hasten on their journey.

Su Xing did not object.

“Alright then, the arrangements will be made immediately.” The woman’s smile was somewhat charming, especially that slender waist that made men drool with desire.

“Are the women of the Black Turtle Territory all so formidable?” Su Xing could not help but follow her with his gaze. Although the woman meticulously hid her cultivation, using Seeing Clearly, she actually was a surprising Supercluster Stage.

“Perhaps she has practiced some Devil Arts, be on your guard.” Zhao Hanyan warned. Thereupon, she said: “The Black Turtle Territory’s Devil Cults are myriad, especially with the overexaggerated influence of the Devil Star Palace. You had best be careful not to expose your identity as a Star Master.”

Su Xing naturally understood. The Devil Star Palace was renowned as the Black Turtle Territory’s number one Devil Palace. Under its wing was the Star Master, Great Saint Starkiller. If their identities as Star Masters were discovered, perhaps these Devil Cult disciples would be like a gangrenous maggot that allowed them no peace of mind.

“However, the Black Turtle Territory’s Black Turtle Sea has millions of islets, which are actually good places for cultivation.” Zhao Hanyan said.

“What place should we choose for our Immortal’s Abodes?” Su Xing asked her.

Zhao Hanyan already had plans. She thought for a moment, “We have only just entered the Black Turtle Territory just now. If we quicken our speed, we can arrive in ten days. However, the prerequisite is that we cannot allow anyone to sense our attempt. Otherwise, we definitely will be thwarted and things will be troublesome then.”

Su Xing also understood this point, so the two concealed their identities, not revealing their Star Generals to the public.

This road still required flights across sea after sea. Along the way, they perhaps would encounter some Demon Beasts. If they delayed like this, ten days perhaps would not work. Su Xing wrinkled his brow. A half month’s time seemed completely insufficient.

“What, you seem very anxious.” Zhao Hanyan felt this was strange.

“There’s some things.” Su Xing nodded, not wishing to speak more.

“If you encounter trouble, just tell This Princess. Do not forget that you and I are bound by the Thousand Year Intertwined Branches. This Princess certainly does not wish to encounter a crisis and idle absolutely ignorantly.” Zhao Hanyan warned.

Su Xing smiled. These words made him feel comfort in his heart, but to tell her the truth? To have her become enemies with Maiden Mountain? Su Xing felt it was better to not implicate her. “I have my own propriety.”

Zhao Hanyan understood Su Xing’s personality. She nodded silently.

Very quickly, the mistress sent the wine and food over, along with an additional bottle of fine liquor. “Your Servant is this place’s lady boss, Meiniang.1 Just now, Your Servant took bold liberties with the two guests. This is a bit of Meiniang’s generosity.”

Meiniang’s person was charming as her name. She had a flattering smile, bright brows that were quite alluring, as if she was born of the Heavens. Zhao Hanyan disliked her licentious attitude, but since the other person’s smiling face expressed her apology, the Ling Yan Princess could not easily say anything. She merely silently nodded.

“Your Servant is busy. Both of you, do not hesitate to command Your Servant. Meiniang shall first go to prepare your beds.” Meiniang smiled.

“Then thanks.”

Meiniang ascended the building not at all to go prepare their beds, but instead she walked past a corridor, arriving at a private booth on the second floor. That flattering smile concealed a slightly aroused killing intent.

“Dear Husband, what about those two?”

Inside the room sat an immaculate and handsome black-clothed man. Parting the curtain to glance at Su Xing and Zhao Hanyan, seeing the woman enter, the man smiled, “Meiniang, what do you feel?”

“To be Supercluster Cultivation at such a young age, if they were not Star Masters, then they are world-shocking geniuses.” Meiniang said.

“Regardless of whichever one, tonight they will become our meal, will they not?” The man smiled.

“Dear Husband has but truly planned everything. That woman is quite shrewish. Perhaps eating her will not be that easy.” Meiniang sat on a chair, her snow-white thigh exposed from that part in her qipao.

“It seems those things that we collected can now be put to good use.” The man nodded, imposing.

Meiniang’s eyes amorously rolled about: “Dear Husband, do you truly plan to use that?”

“En, I feel that woman will be exceptionally delectable.” The man licked his lips, grinning widely.

“Hmph.” Meiniang feigned jealousy, “That man is quite elegant, Meiniang certainly will not be modest.”

“Do not hesitate to go do it. Right, the ‘Nest Stifling Powder’2 is ready for use.” The man reminded.

Meiniang’s smile drove all things mad. She walked over and used both her hands to rest the man’s head within her plump chest, “Meiniang has already done so.”

Su Xing opened the door and sized up the room. The room was decorated actually very exquisitely. There was a large bed with carvings, a tiger-patterned desk and chair, and on the desk were lit some dim candles. The room was very clean.

“This Princess shall sleep first.” Zhao Hanyan yawned, somewhat exhausted. She immediately waked to the adjacent room and shut the door.

Continuing to rush, Su Xing was quite beat. Sitting on the soft bed, a feeling of weariness suddenly attacked him.

“Little Yi, Little Huang?”

Su Xing called several times, finding that there was no response from inside the Star Nest. Most probably, seven days of rushing had tired them out. Along the way, they encountered many Tenth Rank Demon Beasts, which was exhausting. Su Xing smiled, and he disturbed them no more. However, just in case, Su Xing still set down a forbiddance inside the room. Only then did he lower his head to sleep.

In his dream, Su Xing had a very savory wet dream – he dreamed that he and Zhao Hanyan waged a great war absolutely naked on their Flying Swords. The Ling Yan Princess appeared to be to have unprecedented passion, endlessly seeking him. Suddenly Zhao Hanyan’s amorous and rippling beauty became the appearance of the Peace and Happiness Inn’s owner, Meiniang. The woman’s thighs clamped around him tightly, and a powerful feeling of bliss seemed to wash over Su Xing like a tide. Su Xing only felt that all of the Star Energy in his whole body was seemingly sucked away like passing river water. The happy feeling reached an unbearable discomfort.

Su Xing suddenly opened his eyes.

In his face, he saw a woman seemingly alluring from head to toe. She currently straddled upon Su Xing’s body, her hands gently caressing Su Xing’s chest.

She was indeed the Peace and Happiness Inn’s proprietress, Meiniang.

Can’t move.

Su Xing suddenly noticed that his hands and feet were incapable of budging, and there was currently a bizarre feeling of ecstasy surging through his blood, as if it was about to break out of his body. This feeling was very uncomfortable.

Su Xing activated the Soul Technique.

Meiniang kissed Su Xing, her tone intimate: “Little dearest, don’t struggle. Obediently engage Meiniang tonight.”


Su Xing was shocked to find his immediate use of the Absolute Sincerity Soul Technique was incapable of suppressing the desire exploding in his body.

“What did you do to me?” Su Xing said with difficulty.

“Eh? Outstanding, as expected, to unexpectedly suppress the Charm Fire of the Seven Emotions Six Desires Spice?” Meiniang licked her lips. Her hand felt the raging blood in Su Xing’s body, rubbing her legs together.

Suddenly, Meiniang lowered her head, gazing directly at Su Xing. Her expression was just like a bottomless pit, full of allure. “Little dearest, obediently enjoy ecstasy with Meiniang!!”

Su Xing was currently using all his power to circulate the Absolute Sincerity Soul Technique. Meiniang suddenly opened her mouth, and a kind of powerful sucking force immediately made Su Xing unable to help but open his mouth as well. Then, his Essence Qi immediately flowed out from his body. Like a deflated balloon, Su Xing only felt weak.

Not good.

This woman feasts on Essence Qi.

Su Xing was inwardly shocked. This woman used some unknown magic to surprisingly convert his whole body’s magic energy into Essence Qi. Then, she sucked it away. Su Xing promptly used the Absolute Sincerity Soul Technique to suppress the hormones in his body. Only by doing this could he resist.

Absorbing for several dozen seconds, Meiniang felt very dissatisfied. She looked at Su Xing without that charm from before. “It seems you have some ability. However, this Seven Feelings Six Desires Spice was refined using Ten Thousand Year Yin Milk.3 No one in the world can resist it.”

Ten Thousand Year Yin Milk, Su Xing inwardly shouted that he was out of luck.

Ten Thousand Year Yin Milk was a milk obtained from a type of Demon Beast that dwelled in the ocean depths. It was a kind of Supreme Yin inducing medicine. An Suwen required three types of medicine materials to in order to refine the Yin Yang Lovemaking Powder. They were divided into Supreme Yang, Supreme Yin, and the Middleness.4 Su Xing knew a bit, and in the case this kind of Ten Thousand Year Yin Milk was absorbed into the body, even a saint was incapable of breaking free.

Su Xing thought that the candles on that table had it secretly refined within. He never would have anticipated that the woman in front of him would surprisingly have this sort of item so defiant of the natural order.

Su Xing did his utmost to circulate the Soul Technique to resit. Meiniang charmingly smiled. She suddenly lowered her head and kissed Su Xing.

This kiss immediately made the Soul Technique collapse.

Violent desire once again surged.

Through her lips and tongue, Meiniang began to wantonly absorb the Essence Qi in Su Xing’s body. Under this sort of speed, he absolutely would be sucked dry as a kernel. Su Xing did not expect to encounter this sort of thing. Secretly, he called out for Yan Yizhen and Gongsun Huang inside the Star Nest, only to discover his connection with them was severed. There was a complete lack of response. This Peace and Happiness Inn clearly was a murder inn. Everything had been arranged perfectly.

In order to make Su Xing’s lust erupt, Meiniang undid each of their clothes, exposing her impressive figure. That ample bosom continuously rubbed against him, and those small and exquisite cherries5 were long already incomparably hard, little by little crumbling down Su Xing’s resistance. Meiniang’s hands were not idle, either. One went downwards, feeling between Su Xing’s thighs, playing with it.6  

Su Xing groaned, somewhat unable to persist.

The Seven Feelings Six Desires Spice inherently was unexcelled in inducing lust, and being fondled so maddeningly by Meiniang like this was adding grease to the fire. Su Xing only felt his whole body seem to burn like fire. Su Xing forcefully composed himself, once again using the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower, resisting the Charm Magic by means of Buddhism.

Meiniang’s supple tongue wound around his for a while. She then noticed that the Essence Qi was increasingly a trickle, and she felt great disbelief. Ordinarily, even if she was facing a Supercluster Cultivator, so long as they opened their mouth, she could easily absorb their Essence Qi. Not only was she unable to tonight, winding their lips and tongues together was somewhat lacking in force.

Sure enough, he was a Star Master!

Meiniang’s eyes glinted, and she continued her fervent kiss.

Su Xing’s face was solemn, like a Buddha’s, making Meiniang very disgusted. “Hmph, let us see just how long you can pretend. Even Buddha would die from excessive ejaculation under This Lady’s ‘Soul Allure…’”7

Meiniang once again kissed Su Xing, but Su Xing did not react at all, like a wooden dummy.

Meiniang was impatient. She lay down on Su Xing’s pants. His lower body clearly was already a sky-supporting pillar, yet he could still preserve his Essence Qi. This honestly was unbelievable. “This Lady today will specially service you.” Saying this, Meiniang’s cherry lips parted, and she took Su Xing’s thing into her mouth.8

From that warm orifice came a provocation more terrifying than a kiss or caress.

Meiniang’s tongue lapped across like a nimble snake, and she began to absorb Essence Qi. Powerful Essence Qi immediately was released from little Su Xing. Meiniang’s complexion was pink, her deep valley moist, her heart delighted. She promptly “bit” even more intimately.

His clear will suddenly disintegrated. Su Xing understood that today, he had met the crisis of the sucking queen.

The hard little Su Xing was wrapped up by her warm mouth, and Su Xing’s whole body was completely unable to budge. Gritting his teeth, he suddenly thought of dual cultivation magic. In a moment of desperation, he used the Dharma Happiness Chan of the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower to deeply dual cultivate, beginning to use full power to activate the dual cultivation magic.

The Meiniang that was currently lapping up his fluids suddenly felt that the Essence Qi she was absorbing once again endlessly be sucked back by some sort of suction. Not only this, even her own Primordial Yin Qi began to be absorbed.

Meiniang was greatly shocked. She hastily activated at full power her Dark Rank Star Magic – “Soul Allure.” In order to make Su Xing’s lust take even greater control of him, her hands continuously tantalized Su Xing’s whole body, and she even used her breasts to rub against little Su Xing.6 It could even said she exhausted all possible means.

She nearly fed the tiger using her own body.

The two were in the middle of launching an invisible yet fierce war, their Essence Qi pulled back and forth. The feeling of pleasure truly was unprecedented. Meiniang’s thighs long already were violently flooded, drenching the bed into a vast ocean.

However, Su Xing was completely not controlling his lust; he was merely exploiting the magic of dual cultivation, absorbing back whatever Meiniang sucked away. By doing so, the woman seemed to be only serving Su Xing while Meiniang only felt great exhaustion.

Following the progression of dual cultivation, the Seven Feelings Six Desires Spice was increasingly weak. Su Xing sensed that his body was already able to move.

Fearing that Zhao Hanyan would have trouble, Su Xing immediately increased the Soul Technique. Golden lotuses sprouted in the air, sprinkling a Buddhist light.


An endless intensity suddenly surged into Meiniang’s throat, yet the woman absorbed everything without shedding a tear as she nearly choked.10


After the orgasm passed, Su Xing’s body suddenly recovered its freedom. He rose and attacked with a palm. The woman hastily dodged, some milky white liquid still at the side of her lips. In Meiniang’s eyes was extreme humiliation, and her expression suddenly changed, “Zhang Qing…”11 Her body was in pain as she let out a groan, for she was struck down to the lower floor by Su Xing’s palm.

At the same time, a man’s scream came from inside Zhao Hanyan’s room.

Not good.

Su Xing no longer minded her, immediately punching a hole in the wall and rushing through.12 He saw that Zhao Hanyan wore the colors of spring on her face, her legs powerlessly curled in the corner, her eyes hazy. Thank heavens that the clothes and cap on Zhao Hanyan’s whole body were still intact, an appearance of not having suffered violation. In the air, several dozen Flying Swords protected Zhao Hanyan.

Psychic Communication Flying Swords?

No wonder.

“Die.” Zhao Hanyan coldly shouted.

The Flying Swords flashed by.

In front of her was a fair-skinned man. The man screamed. The psychic Flying Swords were very powerful, immediately running holes through his body. Sensing the state of the Meiniang from before, Su Xing was already certain this man named Zhang Qing was Meiniang’s Star Master.13

The man escaped out the window, but he very quickly was cut down by the Flying Swords. He perhaps had never thought that Zhao Hanyan’s Flying Swords would unexpectedly already be at the Psychic Communication realm. It was known that to be capable of refining a Sword Chant to the Psychic Communication was without exception something only a genius could achieve. Having Psychic Communication Flying Swords mean that the master was protected from harm at all times even if the master was to lose consciousness. This was the terror of Psychic Communication Flying Swords.

“Hanyan, are you alright?” Su Xing rushed over.

The Seventy-two Outer Void Flying Immortals Swords aimed at Su Xing. Hearing a familiar voice in the haze, only then did Zhao Hanyan retract her hostility, collapsing against Su Xing’s chest. Su Xing only felt that the Ling Yan Princess’ whole body was incomparably scorching, her cheeks an amorous red, the light in her eyes full of sensual desire. Clearly, she also was affected by the Seven Feelings Six Desires Spice, but she was not as fortunate as Su Xing who possessed the Absolute Sincerity Soul Technique and Meditative Mind Lotus Seed.

Su Xing hastily transferred the Heart Clear As Mirror Realm to Zhao Hanyan.

He was full of killing intent towards Meiniang and that man.

“Dear Husband!!!”

A scream came from outside the room.

Su Xing looked. That Zhang Qing was obviously already at his last breath. Meiniang was currently continuously rocking him, screaming, her alluring expression already long gone.

You brought this on yourself.

Su Xing wanted to use his Flying Swords, only to discover the Flying Swords inside him were incapable of moving. He did not know what thing they used to unexpectedly be able to trap a Life-cast Flying Sword or Star Nest.

“Today, I will dismember you two into ten thousand pieces.” Meiniang hatefully glared at Su Xing.

Suddenly, he saw her open her mouth. That man subconsciously also opened his mouth, and his Essence Qi was sucked into her mouth. Su Xing felt this was odd. All of a sudden, he sensed the world change. Meiniang’s whole body underwent a transformation. Her hands became blade-like claws, and her back sprouted wings. Her gaze was fiendish, and strange markings spread across her skin.

Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill – Yaksha Lady!14


Even though Su Xing already took extreme precaution, he completely did not expect the Meiniang with the Yaksha Transformation body would have speed that reached such an unimaginable degree. This woman’s movements were so beyond reason, surprisingly accelerating instantly to this degree at such a short distance was simply inconceivable.

She flashed by.

The room was blown to bits.

Dust and ash covered the sky. Su Xing carried Zhao Hanyan and appeared at another place.

It was fortunate that Su Xing’s thinking had already reacted to the realm of the impossible. He instantly keenly caught onto the opponent’s movements. The Yaksha Lady coldly glared at Su Xing. Her figure flashed, and Su Xing also threw away the moment to defend. He had no choice. He could only give up his counterattack, lowering his head and evading by conditioned reflex.

What a pity. The Yaksha Lady honestly was like a monster. Even if she was only a woman, she still was a monster.

The Yaksha Lady was not the same as other opponents that Su Xing had encountered in the past, the attacks she used not like those of the past. Her right claw’s horizontal sweep had not yet ended when her left claw already followed up. The wind pressure pelted him, its degree of power obvious.

It pressured Su Xing into only being able to dodge.

Whirling around, the Yaksha Lady’s right claw once again slashed. Such sharpy claws alternately swept, up and down, spin after spin, without any pause. The person practically spun like a pinwheel, continuously without end, pressuring Su Xing into only dodging continuously. Having battled up to now, his chances had unexpectedly completely vanished. He was even nearly unable to put up a defense, for he was completely suppressed by the opponent’s terrifying attack.

Su Xing’s speed surprisingly was completely unable to fully unravel!! He even lost the opportunities to instantly shift positions. Under such a swift and flowing assault, Su Xing finally paused for a moment, and the opponent’s hand struck his stomach.

An enormous power suddenly erupted. Su Xing felt a stifling feeling cram his chest, for a large piece of his flesh was abruptly ripped apart.

“Die, become funerary offerings for my Dear Husband!!” The Yaksha Lady raised that arm dripping with blood. Her five nails were like razors, glittering, as she furiously yelled.

Su Xing calmed the pain in his chest with great difficulty, rising.

“What a truly deep love.” Su Xing sneered.

Su Xing’s left hand abruptly waved, and with a piercing shriek, an incorporeal Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder already attacked with full speed.

Su Xing used speed to fight back.

The Yaksha Lady’s figure slightly swayed, once again suddenly sticking close. She had just flashed past that menacing Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder when a slim cold light already appeared before his eyes. Just when she was about to grasp Su Xing again, suddenly, Su Xing suddenly accelerated during his attack. The two retreated and advanced, moving swift as the wind, in several breaths’ time surprisingly reaching a dead end!

Su Xing’s fist went forth.

The severe attack landed on the Yaksha Lady’s stomach. The woman vomited blood, her beautiful face contorting. Her body was just like a cannonball, actually flying several dozen meters away, directly slamming apart the tavern’s hall.

Su Xing swiftly followed, rushing out without any hesitation. When his body landed, the power of the wind his fist lifted was fierce as he ruthlessly smashed down.

The Yaksha Lady’s black wings formed a defense.

The two landed on the inn’s front lawn. Before the Yaksha Lady could react, Su Xing’s figure attacked swift as lightning from the Yaksha Lady’s front. Without any pause, Su Xing’s silhouette abruptly rushed towards the Yaksha Lady. His clothes fluttered behind him, his speed was so fast. In an instant, he was already under the woman’s nose. In the swift and fluttering wind, his fist suddenly punched!!

A berserk clap of Purple Thunder resounded.


The Yaksha Lady’s reactions were extremely quick, surprisingly blocking with her right hand, blocking Su Xing’s punch and the thunder filling the sky,


A cold snort of contempt. The Yaksha Lady’s other hand was the same, and her wings became blades that continuously swept.

The attacks of her hands were like whips. Not only were they abnormally fierce, their movements were linked together without any gaps. This could be rated as perfect to the limit.

Seeing that Yaksha Lady’s attack was so brilliant, Su Xing was in secret admiration. To have this level of combat ability right now was thanks to Battle Doctrine and the battle discipline honed from battles with countless Star Generals.

This Star General appeared to very terrifying, completely not at a disadvantage.

His hair had been blown into a mess by the intense wind. Su Xing carrying Zhao Hanyan restricted his movements. Once again, he coldly yelled, and unleashed a Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder. The Yaksha Lady instantly completed an evasion and counterattack movement. Her body became a black shadow, dodging Su Xing’s every attack, ruthlessly attacking him.

Su Xing was sent flying.

A dark weapon appeared in the Yaksha Lady’s hand.

Upon seeing it, Su Xing drew in a breath.

No way, it’s unexpectedly her????

Su Xing was very shocked, practically incapable of believing this.

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  1. 媚娘, lit. Charming Wife
  2. 息胎粉
  3. 萬年陰乳
  4. 中姓, have no idea what else to call this.
  5. Her nipples ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  6. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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  11. 張青
  13. All of you who know anything about the Water Margin will realize what Zhang Qing’s true identity is…
  14. 夜叉娘子


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