Chapter 396: Moonlight Beauty

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“The Dragon Snake Great Good Fortune Pill is so precious, Zhang Shun, your request is rather too harsh.” Hu Niangzi said, displeased.

Su Xing also said: “Since so many people are fighting over it, it’s a bit demanding.”

“The Black Turtle Temple has the Dragon Snake Fortune Pill, Dragon Snake Good Fortune Pill and the Dragon Snake Great Good Fortune Pill. If this won’t do, five of the Good Fortune Pills can also work.” Zhang Yuqi beamed.

The Dragon Snake Good Fortune Pill was rare, and the Black Turtle Territory was restless. As an outsider, Su Xing honestly did not have a chance.

“My dear Young Su, Gen Wu Divine Iron is only present in greatest depths of the Black Turtle Sea that not even Supervoid Cultivators dare easily dive into. Even Yuqi is facing a very big risk going there for Young Su. Do you still need to think about such a tiny request?” Zhang Yuqi smiled.

“Originally, the three Ruan Sisters had invited Yuqi to go with them. Since Young Su has come, Yuqi has no need to rely on them.”

“Then I’ll oblige you.” Su Xing nodded, making his decision. On one hand, Su Xing was in urgent need of Gen Wu Divine Iron to forge his Earth Element Flying Sword. Secondly, what White Stripe in the Waves said was very true. Gen Wu Divine Iron was even more dangerous than the Black Turtle Temple. Finally, Su Xing also thought of going on a trip to the Black Turtle Temple. The Azure Dragon Territory’s Palace of Empress Wa was somewhat regrettable, but the Black Turtle Temple sounded to be more or less like Empress Wa’s Palace, so Su Xing wanted to try his hand.

Riches and honor were to be sought in danger.

This logic was still worth a fight.

Hu Niangzi did not object after listening.

Zhang Yuqi’s expression was saying she knew that he would agree. She smiled and rose: “Then rest well tonight for now, Young Su. Tomorrow, prepare to head out.”

Hearing that the White Stripe in the Waves would go obtain the Gen Wu Divine Iron tomorrow, Su Xing smiled and asked: “Do you believe in me so much? Whether it’s to a Star Cultivator or a Star General, something like the Dragon Snake Good Fortune Pill is priceless. You aren’t the least bit worried that I’ll keep it for myself when the time comes?”

“There are three reasons.” Zhang Yuqi extended three white fingers.

“First reason, if you can obtain the Dragon Snake Great Good Fortune, then inevitably, you will become a target for all of the Black Turtle Territory. At that time, will Young Su still feel we will have the time to go obtain the Gen Wu Divine Iron?”

Su Xing nodded. Zhang Yuqi’s considerations were considerably detailed, having thought farther than he had himself.

“Second reason, Yuqi is very idle right now. It just so happens that the Black Turtle Territory can test our rapport. If we can’t get past the Black Turtle Territory, then we naturally needn’t mention the Black Turtle Temple.”

Zhang Yuqi smiled.

Su Xing sighed. He had no choice but to admit that the young girl whose skin surpasses snow was extremely bright. These two reasons were meticulously thought out from all aspects.

“And what’s the third reason?” Su Xing was even more curious.

“The third reason…” Zhang Yuqi sweetly smiled, winking half-truthfully: “Yuqi perhaps is very expectant of Young Su’s betrayal after we obtain the Dragon Snake Good Fortune…”

The White Water Mirror Heart serenely shined, suddenly brightening then suddenly dimming, as if the mood of the girl’s heart was shaking.

“So it was like this!”

Su Xing deeply stared at Zhang Yuqi, muttering to himself.

The night was cool as water, the moon bright as light.

As usual, after he finished training his “Acala Wisdom King Vajra Body Technique,” Su Xing rose and walked through a corridor.

In the quiet bamboo forest, the moonlight gently sprinkled down to the earth. The nearby mountain and the faraway sea seemed to be draped in cloth. Although this place did not have spiritual influence, this environment was enough to stir a person’s sentiments.

The Hu Niangzi cultivating in meditation within the room opened her eyes and looked at Su Xing’s back.

It was wide and a bit unbelievable.

He was a Star Master, yet he could make a deal with a Star Maiden and even hope to obtain Zhang Yuqi’s “betrayal.” Bright Star Hu Sanniang felt that her understanding of the Star Duels was now somewhat unfamiliar.

“Dear Husband, do you truly plan on helping the Damage Star take the Dragon Snake Great Good Fortune Pill?” Hu Niangzi calmed her mind and stepped forward.


“If Dear Husband ingests the Dragon Snake Great Good Fortune Pill, you definitely can surpass Great Saint Starkiller. At that time, we can achieve Niangzi’s revenge.” Hu Sanniang’s tone had a faint trace of hatred.

“Does Wife truly feel that I ought to keep it for myself.” Su Xing curiously asked.

“Yes.” Hu Niangzi replied without any hesitation. Bright Star reminded this man in front of her to not be too optimistic in each and every case: “Although Zhang Yuqi does not have a contract for the Star Duels, in the future, she will still become an opponent. Even if we do not battle her, there are still others. If Zhang Yuqi were to Starfall, this Dragon Snake Great Good Fortune Pill thing will be a waste. But If she lives to the final moment, at that time…” Hu Niangzi did not speak her following sentence, her sharp eyes staring at Su Xing, hoping he would understand.

How could Su Xing not understand.

“At that time, we will still become enemies? Correct?”

Hu Niangzi nodded, so speaking from any aspect, giving the Dragon Snake Great Good Fortune Pill was harming himself.

“Then I want to ask you, Wife, then why would Zhang Yuqi want to help me go obtain the Gen Wu Divine Iron?” Su Xing asked back.

Hu Niangzi was taken aback. Suddenly, her expression changed. “Could it be she is deliberately confusing Dear Husband, waiting until we are in the deep sea to seize her chance to face Dear Husband?”

“I have the Purple Rose Jade Pendant. She can’t kill me.” Su Xing smiled: “Could it be, Wife, that you want to see me go back on my word?”

“She is an enemy, what harm is there in betrayal. Even Brave Star Guan Sheng treads the path of the Devil Sects.” Hu Niangzi resolutely said.

These words were actually not wrong, however, Su Xing noticed that the both of them had already sunk into misconceptions. Su Xing was treating Zhang Yuqi as a friend, and Hu Sanniang saw the White Stripe in the Waves as an enemy. The former felt that treachery was disgraceful while the latter naturally felt this was inevitable and right. Of course, he could not blame Hu Sanniang for thinking this way. Ever since Wang Ying had been refined into Guan Sheng’s Star Weapon using some dark method, Bright Star Ten Feet of Blue already was deeply aware of the cruelty and ruthlessness of the Star Duels.

Mercy, kindness, loyalty, they had all long been swept into the garbage bin of history.

“Do you want to see your Dear Husband be a betrayer?” Su Xing was serious.

Hu Niangzi did not expect that Su Xing would ask like this. Hesitating a moment, her heart was full of complex feelings. She naturally knew the meaning of Su Xing’s question. Who would not hope for their Husband to be one who could support Heaven and Earth, to be a brilliant and honest hero?

But upon recalling that Zhang Yuqi was, in the end, an outside, Hu Niangzi instantly put up her guard.

“Without the Dragon Snake Great Good Fortune Pill in our possession, talking about this is somewhat laughable. Wouldn’t it be better for us to personally go ask the opinion of the person in question?” Su Xing smiled.


Su Xing looked to the sea. On top of a cliff, Zhang Yuqi bathed in the moonlight, her hands forming seals. Her golden hair flowed, and the Star Crest on her forehead lit up the night sky. Then, she jumped, drawing a beautiful arc as she leapt into the sea.

Su Xing smiled, and his figure flashed away.

Hu Niangzi followed closely behind.

The dreamy moonlight appeared to reflect off the ocean’s surface. The seawater gently rippled, and a white python played leisurely. A close to naked young girl floated on her back on the surface of the sea, supported by the gentle waves. The young girl’s skin was extremely white. Even in such a deeply dark world, a pinprick of moonlight could make her become this world’s most dazzling and most pure existence.

Su Xing quietly landed on the seaside cliff, raising his eyebrows.

White Stripe in the Waves Zhang Yuqi honestly was bold, wearing a bikini that practically could only cover three points on her body. Her curves that were like flowing water seemed to have been carved by Heaven itself, sexy to the extreme.

“What a moonlight beauty. If any other man spotted you, they definitely would unleash their beastly instincts.” Su Xing smiled.

Hu Niangzi came behind him to spot Zhang Yuqi’s practically naked body and raised her eyebrows.

“Could it that you aren’t a man?” Zhang Yuqi chuckled, not caring about Su Xing’s ogling in the slightest.

“Could you not tantalize me in front of my wifey?” Su Xing was speechless. He finally encountered someone who could speak better than him.

“Elder Sister truly does not conduct herself with enough dignity.” Hu Niangzi sneered.

“Your Dear Husband has already seen Yuqi’s everything, there’s no need for Yuqi to hide anything. It’s unnecessary.” Zhang Yuqi’s words made Su Xing’s heart praise her greatly. She really was a woman any man would yearn for day and night.

“What? Did Yuqi’s words reach the depths of Young Su’s heart?” Zhang Yuqi propped up her body, her snow-white breasts undulating with ripples more dazzling than the ocean’s.

Su Xing fake coughed, in solemn and tacit agreement.

Hu Niangzi was very speechless. Her own Dear Husband also did not hide anything in the slightest.

“Do you want to bathe together? This Moonlight Sea has the slightest bit of that legendary moonglow1 that can speed up recovery. Especially Little Sister Hu Sanniang, you previously wasted a lot, right? Yuqi certainly does not want to see Little Sister turn into a leftover woman tomorrow.” Zhang Yuqi smiled.

“Is there really moonglow?” Su Xing said in astonishment. Moonglow was also known as the quintessence of moonlight, and it was acclaimed as Liangshan Continent’s purest Essence Spirit qi. Just a bit could greatly advance cultivation.

“Wife, let’s go down?” Su Xing stirred restlessly.

“Not going!” Hu Sanniang twitched her lips. She was not at the realm where she could share a bathe with a man. Even if that man was her own Dear Husband, she would not.

“Wife, now is not the time to be shy. Tomorrow is very important.” Su Xing feigned inflexibility and pounced on her.

“Su Xing, stop it!”

“How dare you, I will castrate you.”


There were many twists from shock to fury, then to bashful cries. Hu Niangzi’s eyes nevertheless wanted to kill someone, spouting fire. One hand covered her chest, but in actuality, Su Xing had not taken off anything. He merely removed several of Hu Niangzi’s accessories. The girl’s rhomboid bodice and the short skirt were inherently already very bold.

Su Xing only left on his shorts as he hopped into the sea.

Just as Zhang Yuqi said, the seawater held a trace of the rare moonglow. Immersing himself in the seawater, his heart and soul was soothed.

“You already call yourselves Dear Husband and Wife, how are you still so shy? It certainly doesn’t do for Little Sister to be like this, you have to know that Su Xing definitely will make you go do a blowjob.” Zhang Yuqi lay on the sea, teasing her.

Hu Sanniang’s ears burned, and her skin turned a shade of red. She ruthlessly eyed Su Xing.

“I really want to make you give me a blowjob right now.” Su Xing looked at the beautiful, slender, white jade thighs that were practically under his eyes.

Zhang Yuqi’s slender figure was wholly laid out. Her jade skin’s modest appearance indeed was very capable of arousing a man’s wicked thoughts.

Zhang Yuqi was smug. “Yuqi isn’t married yet, won’t you cover up?”

“Yuqi, you already fully trust me!”2 Su Xing laughed aloud.


Zhang Yuqi’s face reddened, and she shot an arrow of water.

Hu Niangzi watched Su Xing and Zhang Yuqi flirt, and her eyebrows deeply wrinkled. She saw that Su Xing’s gaze did not cast a glance her way, and then looking at the moonlight, she grit her teeth and entered the ocean. Then, she immediately used her Star Energy to sense the weak moonglow to harmonize with the spiritual power in her body. She was pleasantly surprised to discover that the spirit qi in her body somewhat changed, as expected. Immediately, she concentrated herself wholly on this.

As for this brazenly “cheating couple,” between their flirtatious bantering, she treated them as fleeting clouds.

A long time afterwards, suddenly, a fiery voice blew beside her ear.

“Wife, wake up.”

Hu Niangzi opened her eyes. Su Xing and a splendid smile were just in front of her eyes. Hu Niangzi was surprised. Suddenly noticing that Su XIng’s eyes were glued downwards, she lowered her head to look. Her bodice had been soaked in seawater and long already flipped open, revealing the erotic sight of a great expanse of whiteness, and even her little buds were visible. “Ah!” Hu Niangzi’s hand covered her chest, slapping with her palm.

Su Xing dodged.

Zhang Yuqi evilly cast Star Magic. The water’s waves attacked, pushing Su Xing onto Hu Sanniang’s body. The pair were in a very intimate position, the fragrance of the young girl’s body entering his pores.

Hu Niangzi groaned.

“It looks like it will take a very long time before I can see this blowjob.”

A jeering chuckle came from the side.

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  1. 月華, lit. moonlight
  2. Because she’s nearly naked


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