Chapter 398: Gen Wu Divine Iron

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Seeing a bright, moon-like dazzling light in the deep blackness, Su Xing restrained his excitement.

“Idiot, that’s Moonlight Treasure Stone!”1 Zhang Yuqi giggle, making him recognize reality.

Moonlight Stone?2

Su Xing’s amazement was no more rare than Gen Wu Divine Iron. Moonlight Stones similarly were a kind of priceless jade ore. They emerged from the accumulation over a thousand years of the quintessence of moonlight. When used for tool refinement and poll refinement, it was a superb material. Legend said that Moonglow Treasure Stone could only appear in the Bright Moon Longevity Palace. Who would have thought the Black Turtle Sea’s depths would also have some.

There was enough to spare if he used it as a substitute for Gen Wu Divine Irone.

Su Xing swam over.

Just as Zhang Yuqi and Su Xing were about to grab the Moonlight Stone, suddenly, that Moonlight Stone was hoisted up, and then a giant mouth suddenly opened to swallow Su Xing and Zhang Yuqi.

The two of them completely did not expect these beautiful Moonlight Stones were surprisingly a disguise that a Demon Beast would use to attract prey. In the blink of an eye, they were about to enter the fish’s stomach.

“Look out!” Su Xing inwardly cursed that this Demon Beast was very cunning. He immediately grabbed onto Zhang Yuqi so as to avoid her sliding into the fish’s gullet. Otherwise, she would become history’s most tragic Star Maiden buried inside a fish’s stomach.

Zhang Yuqi’s middle finger flashed. The Four Star White Water Mirror Heart circled around her fingertips. The seawater in the fish’s swim bladder immediately frothed like boiling water.3 When Su Xing saw this, he attacked with Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder.

Receiving such a provocation, the Demon Beast violently vomited, spitting the two back out.

“Are you okay?” Su Xing asked, concerned.

“Careful, there’s a lot of Demon Beasts in this place.” Zhang Yuqi retracted her normal playful demeanor, sternly warning him.

To be able to make the White Stripe in the Waves say this, Su Xing did not dare be careless. When he looked again at those glittering Moonlight Stones, he only felt they were full of malice.

Su Xing and Zhang Yuqi began to search along the seafloor for Gen Wu Divine Iron. Zhang Yuqi used the power of the White Water Mirror Heart so easily in the water like a fish back in its pond. Su Xing only knew that making this deal with Zhang Yuqi really was too profitable.

With the White Stripe in the Waves’ abilities, they completely did not encounter many big obstructions.

Not too long after, Zhang Yuqi found the objective they wanted.

Su Xing swam over, and a seaweed-type monster swam by. Zhang Yuqi used her hand to brush and sweep over the stone and silt on the seafloor. In this deep black, a stone that Su Xing would have practically ignored appeared before him.

Gen Wu Divine Stone?

Su Xing immediately discerned this stone’s origins, and his heart was ecstatic.

The Gen Wu Divine Iron was extracted from Gen Wu Divine Stone. Gen Wu Divine Iron’s signature characteristic was its extreme blackness. Due to it being in the deep sea, it was very difficult to find.

However, Su Xing did not dare affirm that such a black stone was necessarily Gen Wu Divine Stone. Su Xing remembered that Gen Wu Divine Stone had another characteristic, which was its extreme heaviness. A finger-sized sone could have a thousand catties of weight.

Su Xing tried to lift the rock. Immediately, he felt this stone seemed to be connected to the entire seafloor, as if he was trying to move the sea. Extraordinarily, he was incapable of budging it.

Zhang Yuqi was unable to help even if she wanted. She just swam to the side, watching Su Xing.

Su Xing naturally knew Gen Wu Divine Iron’s characteristics from Tang Lianxin. He took out a bottle specially prepared beforehand.

He poured out a viscous liquid that he smeared on the surroundings of the Gen Wu Divine Iron.

Immediately afterwards, the Gen Wu Divine Iron’s surroundings let out large amounts of bubbles. Countless bubbles that were densely packed obscured his line of sight.

The seawater seemed to be bubbling from being boiled.

By the time the bubbles disappeared, the surroundings of the Gen Wu Divine Iron already clearly loosened. When Su Xing went to lift it once more, it was still somewhat surprisingly heavy.

“This Gen Wu Divine Iron is a legendary Divine Metal, as expected.” Su Xing sucked in a deep breath,4 He concentrated all of his strength into his hands, seizing the stone and doing everything he could to lift it out.

There was a muffled, earthquake-like rumble.

Su Xing only felt as if his finger bones were about to snap. Gen Wu Divine Stone was immovable as before.

“Fuck me, how is it so hard.” Su Xing cursed. He was practically about to burst a lung, but the stone unexpectedly did not move a single inch.

“If this Gen Wu Divine Iron was so easy, then it long would have already been picked clean.” Zhang Yuqi looked pitifully at Su Xing.

Any way it was put, Su Xing currently even had Lu Shaqing’s Innate Skill Monster Strength and was unyielding. He swallowed several pills, even applying an Increase Vigor Talisman5 on himself. His hands tightly clenched, and as if he was plucking a radish, he used all of the strength in his body to pull up this piece of Gen Wu Divine Iron.

One minute.

Two minutes.

Three minutes passed.

The blood vessels in his arms split apart, attracting many insatiable Demon Beasts. If it was not for Zhang Yuqi the incredible Water General being present, to obtain the Gen Wu Divine Iron basically was an impossible to complete task.

“Can’t you do it?” Zhang Yuqi was increasingly doubtful.

Su Xing pulled with all his might.


His arms suddenly loosed, and his body toppled backwards. That piece of Gen Wu Divine Iron finally was pulled free.

“Just obtaining this rock is so abnormal, no wonder no one’s selling this.” Su Xing’s whole body hurt, and he grimaced. He looked at the piece of Gen Wu Divine Stone no larger than the size of a fist that sat in his hand, incessantly speechless.

In order to pick the Gen Wu Divine Iron, he had used up countless pills and effort. This still was even under the condition that he possessed Monster Strength. If it was anyone else, perhaps the difficulty would be higher by several magnitudes.

The Gen Wu Divine Iron material for the Earth Element Flying Sword honestly was abnormal. Thinking that this Gen Wu Divine Iron could forge an exceptional Flying Swords, Su Xing was even more excited.

“Do you want to surface to rest?” Zhang Yuqi asked.

Su Xing shook his head.

During the following time, he again searched along the seafloor. He found several pieces of Gen Wu Divine Iron, and everytime, he used up enormous amounts of strength in order to excavate them. Furthermore, the bulk of these pieces of Gen Wu Divine Iron that he dug up were not big at all. The largest was fist-sized, but even just this made Su Xing trouble Zhang Yuqi into being unable to help but use her lips to lend Su Xing the power of a Water General to help Su Xing recover his strength. Otherwise, Su Xing would not have persevered for this long.

Although he was this fortunate, things progressed abnormally smoothly.

Under Zhang Yuqi’s protection, the work to extract the Gen Wu Divine Iron was even more relaxed than he had imagined. Before he knew it, Su Xing’s hands already had an additional twelve pieces of Gen Wu Divine Iron.

When Su Xing saw that things were more or less finished, he honestly did not have anymore energy to continue looking, Seeing that the seafloor still had so much Gen Wu Divine Iron, Su Xing could only dismiss the idea. Among one of the pieces was a giant piece with a diameter close to half a meter, which made Su Xing feel especially regreful.

Such a large piece taken out would certainly raise a reign of terror, however, to think of taking it out, perhaps even a Seven Star Star Weapon would not be enough.

Seeing Su Xing nod to stop for the day, Zhang Yuqi swam Su Xing towards the surface.

“Things aren’t too right.” Zhang Yuqi suddenly said.

“What’s not too right.” The Su Xing who was already weary to the point that his arms and legs were about to snap did not even have the strength to speak. Right now, he only wanted to go back and get some good rest.

“According to plot development, gathering Divine Stones like the Gen Wu Divine Iron that’s even tens of thousands of li down on the seafloor, a very powerful titanic Demon Beast ought to jump out at this moment. Then we have a bitter battle, and then we finally collect the Gen Wu Divine Iron.” Zhang Yuqi thought this was true.

Su Xing completely lacked the strength to reply.

This logic…was honestly very much in line with common sense…”Please, don’t be so hackneyed, I definitely can’t keep on doing this.” Forget encountering a Tenth Rank Demon Beast, with Su Xing’s current state, even a Fifth Rank or Sixth Rank was terrible.

Zhang Yuqi happily smiled, pulling Su Xing as she swam up like a mermaid.

On the Black Turtle Sea.

More than a hundred people currently shuttled back and forth over the sea endlessly, continuously using every sort of artifact and magic weapon in a search. Ruan Ping’er stood on her own Star Beast, the Ancient Alligator Dragon. She raised her head to look at the Seventh Sister suspended in the sky.

The ranked thirty-first Defeat Star Living King Yama currently stood in the air, absorbed in looking at a children’s book.

“Seventh Sister, stop reading. To be dispatched in a moment by Hu Sanniang is already unsightly, hee-hee.” Ruan Ping’er smiled evilly.

Ruan Mei’er simply moved the book out of her line of sight, “This time will be serious.” She expressionlessly replied, and then her gaze returned to the book.

“Really, Big Sister, too. Obviously, we just agreed that the three Ruan Sisters will go snatch the Birth Treasure Outline together. I even wanted to let Elder Sister see the Star Master I spotted, to see whether or not she will be satisfied.” Ruan Ping’er said in disappointment. “It’s all because that woman comes as she pleases.”

“We must not let Elder Sister Jin be disappointed.” Ruan Ping’er said again.

“En.” Ruan Mei’er barely grunted.

Seeing that the Defeat Star was more interested in reading her book than chatting with her, Ruan Ping’er twitched her lips out of boredom. She asked her subordinates: “Didn’t you guys say you saw Zhang Shun jump here? Where is she then? If we continue to not find her, then I’ll feed you to Pingzi as nourishment.”

“Third Boss, Zhan Shun definitely dove here in the sea.” The subordinate hurriedly said.

“And I hear there was also a man?”


“That’s odd. The White Stripe in the Waves is surprisingly so kind as to help a Star Master. Hmph, it seems she is also harboring ulterior motives. Underlings, properly stand watch for me.” Ruan Ping’er shouted.

A long while after, Ruan Mei’er already swapped to looking at her third children’s picture book, yet the sea still did not move.

Ruan Ping’er was a bit angry.

Just at this moment, suddenly, in the sea a thousand meters away, a giant wave rocketed into the sky.

From within the wave jumped out a mermaid, and behind her was a man.

Ruan Ping’er and Ruan Mei’er looked over at the same time.

“Mei’er…” Ruan Ping’er shouted in pleasant surprise.

Ruan Mei’er already was flying over.

“Underlings, open the Still Breeze Quiet Waves Great Array!!!”6

Before Su Xing and Zhang Yuqi could even catch their breath after emerging from the deep sea, they spotted a flock of cultivators encircling them like locusts. Hu Niangzi immediately emerged from the Star Nest. Her hands clenched Golden Wind and Morning Dew, her expression grave.

“Hee-hee, this time, which way can you run, Su Xing!”

Ruan Ping’er laughed evilly.

Su Xing smiled at Zhang Yuqi: “Don’t tell me this is the boss that Yuqi mentioned.”

Zhang Yuqi snorted a laugh.

“The Ruan Sisters are truly good at understanding each other.”

Ruan Mei’er was confused. Seeing that the two lacked any sense of danger, her fury skyrocketed.

“White Stripe in the Waves Zhang Yuqi, Big Sister has made me ask you again, will you return to the Water Fort or not?”

“Don’t force people to do things.” Zhang Yuqi winked.

“Su Xing, your Birth Treasure Outline, our Big Sister wants to borrow it. Will you lend it or not?” Ruan Ping’er asked Su Xing.

“Are there any benefits?” Su Xing smiled.

“The benefit, you can keep your life.” Ruan Ping’er snorted.

“A defeated General dares to be impudent!!”

Hu Niangzi sneered, lifting her saber and attacking.

“Bright Star, don’t think that you can place no one in your eyes just because you are an Earthly Star Four Heavenly King.” Ruan Ping’er was infuriated: “Underlings, activate the Still Breeze Quiet Waves Array!!”

The saber-light forged ahead.


A Dragon King Dagger blocked it.

The Dragon King Dagger’s power was exceptionally fierce, and Hu Sanniang’s expression changed.

Ruan Mei’er was detached. Her left hand held a book, and her right hand suddenly exerted strength.

Chilly murderous intent suddenly leaked out of the Dragon King Dagger.

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  1. 月光寶石
  2. 月光石, lit. moonstone
  3. I don’t think that’s how the biology of a fish works
  4. Don’t do this underwater. XD
  5. 增元符
  6. 風平浪靜大陣


  1. Pity all is pointing towards three Ruan Sisters Star fall. Pity Su Xing isn’t aiming for 3 sisters sandwich if their was Pervert Star it would be diffirent but oh well author used arrogant young master trope exchanging ym for youngest sister among 3 Star Generals.
    Funny how Su Xing and his gang for all their talk about ending Star Duels made the most Star Falls
    Thanks for chapter

    1. Don’t go blaming him for the number of assholes he’s got little choice in fighting here…
      Plus, most cases clearly show that they don’t give him a choice.
      Incidentally, Su Xing himself hasn’t caused that many Star Falls.
      A good chunk were from his Star Generals, not him.

      1. It’s still partially on him, tho. He rarely even tries to peacefully solve conflict once they start to throw hands. And his General’s kills might as well be his, they’re the same team.

    1. This.
      It’s a bit exasperating how exceedingly rare it is for someone to try to solve conflict by literally ANY other means than fighting. Like, I get a lot of people in these stories are overbearing and arrogant, but it gets tiring.

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