Chapter 412: Ten Beauties Serving One Master, The Limit Of Contracts

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The restaurant’s main hall. The Spring Breeze Drunken Rain Pavilion’s eight Star Generals were already completely assembled.

Gu Tong sat at the front of the hall, an ice pack pressed to her forehead, groaning incessantly. Last night’s Orange Jasmine did not allow this Female Tiger to get away so easily. Seeing Su Xing descend the stairs, her gaze seemed to want to kill someone. It was full of resentment. Clearly, Yin Star Female Tiger also knew that after drinking last night, she was in a state of no control where she had exposed her breasts. She was vexed, but this Female Tiger was nevertheless brazen, pretending that nothing had happened at all.


Sun Xinyue, Li Bailian, and Li Shuangfei had even wanted to greet Su Xing, but when they saw the beautiful woman following behind Su Xing, they were all shaken. They looked at each other in dismay and cast odd looks at Su Xing.

“This is?”

“Wife.” Su Xing introduced

“Oh, this is the wife that taught you martial arts?” Shi Meng thoughtfully sized up the Bright Star, great shock in her eyes.

Su Xing did not explain too much, only beckoning to Tangtang with his hand.

Tangtang glanced at her Mama. Gu Tong was without a choice, and then Tangtang threw herself into Su Xing’s chest like a bird. Her sweet voice was more rich and mellow than the Orange Jasmine he drank last night.

All of the girls were perplexed as to when Su Xing’s wife had entered the building. At this time, they no longer cared that much. They saw that Su Xing and Bai Yutang’s relationship was this good, and they were able to be further at ease. Regardless of what this man’s goal was, at least his tenderness towards Tangtang was not so bad. Gu Tong wanted to say something but then hesitated, a pitiful of expression of seeing her daughter get married.

“Su Xing, just who the hell are you?” Gu Tong shook her head, asking.

“A Star Master.” Su Xing concisely replied: “You don’t need to ask anymore, I will tell you the truth. I don’t have the support of any influential family nor Great Sect.”


The six Star Generals were simultaneously astonished. They seemed to have heard something inconceivable.

“Could it be that you are a Star Master on your own??” Li Shuangfei twitched her lips, not too convinced. She could not be blamed for thinking this way. Now that the Star Duels had long made new developments daily, it already could no longer be classified as an arena for loners. Su Xing’s display last night was not like a loner. Without mentioning those outrageous martial arts, just those twelve golden Flying Swords being able to block her Fingers Linked To Heart made Walking Star Sky Soaring Great Sage smell the aura of something immemorial.

Ever since early morning, they guessed at Su Xing’s identity. The majority felt Su Xing could possibly be from the Azure Dragon Territory’s Clear Void Most High Path.

“Not exactly, I have the Four Styles School.” Su Xing thought.

“Four Styles School?”

All of the girls were somewhat confused. The Azure Dragon Territory’s Ancient Senior Arriving Nine Dragons’ Great Sect had long already been covered in the dust of history. After its destruction, the Black Turtle Territory naturally also would not be too clear about it. However, Su Xing only needed to mention the Four Styles School’s dragon namesake to make somewhat of an impression.

“So it was that Ancient Great Sect. Then your Flying Swords are within reason.”

“We can turn Tangtang over to you, but here is one last condition.” Sun Xinyue crossed her arms.

“A contract, is it?” Su Xing smiled.

Sun Xinyue smirked and nodded. Seven bridal prices were fine, unwillingness was fine. Compared to these, what allowed Su Xing to contract with Tangtang was his way to victory. However, Gu Tong was not convinced Su Xing used talent to deliberately make things difficult. Now that he had said as much, there was no use crying over spilt milk. She could only concede.

“Sure.” Su Xing picked up Tangtang, tenderly saying: “Tangtang, do you want to sign a contract with Papa?”

Bai Yutang bit her adorable lip. She turned her head to look back at her Mama and Elder Sisters, her limpid gaze apparently awaiting their opinions.

Gu Tong nodded, without a choice.

“Does Papa want Tangtang?” Bai Yutang timidly answered.

“Of course.” Su Xing smiled.

“Tangtang is willing to sign a contract.” Bai Yutang said in a small voice. She did not need any teaching. Star Generals innately possessed the capability to sign contracts. Rat Star Daylight Rat Bai Yutang closed her eyes. She gently wrapped her fingers around Su Xing’s extended middle finger.

A contract between Star General and Star Master only required the Star General’s own willingness to work. Even if the Star Master was conflicted, they were incapable of rejection. For this reason, Hu Niangzi was able to force a contract onto Su Xing. However, if both sides were common in intent, the contract could have even greater effectiveness for each. Thus, the highest Kiss Contract could, after the Star General became a complete Star General, purportedly allow Star Master and Star Maiden to go everywhere as lovers, inseparable.

Of course, this inseparability was useless to the absolute majority of Star Maidens and Star Masters. After signing a contract, each very rarely separated. They were not as abnormal as Su Xing, having so many Star Maidens, roaming far and wide during the end of the Third Phase.

A Star Crest was carved into Bai Yutang’s spotlessly white forehead that flashed and reflected upon Su Xing’s forehead.

The gorgeous light rays, markings, and mirages circled around, illuminating the entire hall.

Gu Tong fell into Sun Xinyue’s bosom, sobbing, actually like a mother unwillingly watching her daughter get married off. Although she was saddened, seeing Bai Yutang able to find a master she could believe in, she was still happy.

“Tong’er, actually, you can also follow this man. Although you will not be able to sign a contract, looking after Tangtang is great.” Sun Xinyue consoled her.

“Wu, wu, no…” Gu Tong wiped her eyes, mournfully saying: “How could a mother marry off her daughter…and then go become a concubine…”

Li Bailian giggled. “Is Su Xing not Bai Yutang’s Papa? Mistress and he are a married couple.”

“This Old Lady does not have a husband. Bastard.” Gu Tong wiped her nose, so sad.


Suddenly, Li Shuangfei and Zou Ke let out sighs. Gu Tong looked and cried even more sorrowfully. As it turned out, at the final juncture, Bai Yutang’s little tender lips kissed Su Xing’s. Seeing a seven or eight year old little girl kiss him, Su Xing felt full of guilt, however, it was too late for him to think more of it now. The originally illusory sight now was seemingly substantial as it scuttled to Su Xing’s forehead.

A scorching hot blade carved somewhat painfully against Su Xing’s forehead. Fortunately, Su Xing had already signed contracts with nine Star Generals and was already accustomed to this.

Seeing everything, Hu Niangzi was in a corner, showing a near imperceptible grief. Gongsun Huang looked at her. She blinked and floated over, sitting on her shoulder. Let alone that Gongsun Huang’s age was small, this action still had an Elder Sister’s qualities.

Hu Niangzi very quickly stored away her expression.

At this time, the light slowly faded.

Bai Yutang slowly opened her eyes, her gaze timid.

Su Xing’s eyes carried a warm smile, and he hugged Bai Yutang tightly against himself.

Gu Tong endured her urge to cry. Her daughter was happy, she could not shed tears,

“Congratulations, you have to take good care of our Tangtang. If you make her feel wronged, the Spring Breeze Drunken Rain Pavilion’s Sisters will not let you go.” Li Shuangfei sternly said.

“Tangtang, take good care of Papa.” Zou Ke, Li Bailiang, Gu Tong and the other women one by one told Bai Yutang. This scene looked somewhat moving to Su Xing. Bai Yutang’s eyes were red.

“Tong’er.” Sun Xinyue suddnely said.

Gu Tong twitched her lips. She walked before Su Xing and took out a transparent Astral Stone: “This is the betrothal gift our Spring Breeze Drunken Rain Pavilion sends you. You, in the future you must take good care of Tangtang…”

“Keep if for yourselves.” Su Xing shook his head. He knew that the future Star Duels would be even more dangerous. At that time, perhaps if the Star Maidens without contracts had peak martial force like Lu Junyi or Lin Chong, otherwise, they would not escape the fate of a Starfall. “I have enough strength to protect her. I don’t want to see Tangtang’s Mama and Elder Sisters hurt.”

“This Old Lady gives you her daughter’s dowry, yet you still refuse without regard for law or morality you.” Gu Tong roared, forcing this Astral Stone onto Su Xing.

Su Xing naturally disliked this scene of hurt. Suddenly, a divine light shone: “Do you all want to sign a contract with me…”

His words astonished everyone.

Gu Tong and the other women were each taken aback. They looked at Su Xing, thinking, Did this guy go insane after marrying?

“That wife is Bright Star Ten Feet of Blue Hu Niangzi, my ninth Star General.” Su Xing directly introduced.

Hu Niangzi’s forehead glowed with a Star Crest, and at the same time, Su Xing’s forehead twinkled.


At this instant, the Spring Breeze Drunken Rain Pavilion was absolutely silent, more silent than a tomb.

“What did you say? Your ninth Star General?” Gu Tong nearly forgot herself. “Then Tangtang…”

“Is my tenth…” Su Xing smiled.


Everyone was stupefied. This sort of matter was unprecedented, unheard of. Ten Star Generals, were they dreaming? Even if they were dreaming, this was rather too preposterous.

“Then they…”

“Each of them have something to do, and there is still one more month until we reunite. At that time, you can then see them.”


Gu Tong found she was incapable of using words to describe her current shock. Her entire voice became a scream of disbelief.

“Ahhhhh-yahhhhh…you did not get things wrong, did you, just what sort of person are you?”

“A Star Master who hopes to end the Star Duels.”



Gu Tong and the others stared at each other.

“Would you be willing to sign contracts with me?” Su Xing’s invitation really was not a joke, but came from his sincerity. “End these Star Duels together?” The Third Phase Evil Smiting Hall was on the verge of ending. After this, the curtain would raise on cruelty. No matter how Female Tiger and the others worked together, when faced with a Heavenly Star, they were no more capable than pulling against a crazy tide. On this point, Gongsun Huang was a lesson.

Su Xing thought that Gu Tong and the others would agree. Regardless of perspective, this was something of absolute benefit without downsides. Each took what they needed, with no reason to oppose. In actuality, Gu Tong, Li Bailian and the other Star Generals did not have a bad impression of Su Xing at all after yesterday’s bridal prices. The contracted Earthly Stars of the Star Maidens acted as they felt, let alone that abnormal Star Masters of strength as valiant as Su Xing’s to the point of defying the natural order could not be found even with a lantern.

How could Su Xing have anticipated that matters would not be as he had thought. Gu Tong and the others were silent for a while, and then Gu Tong shook her head.

“Why?” Su Xing did not understand.

“Because you are incapable of contracting us.” Sun Xinyue lightly smiled.

“Won’t you try?” Su Xing did not understand her assertion.

“No need to try, after contracting Tangtang, you truly have ten Stars contracted altogether, correct?” Gu Tong asked.

Su Xing nodded.

“Then do you know how much your contracted Star Maiden limit is?” Gu Tong asked once again.

Su Xing never thought of this before. Because in his subconscious signing contracts always happened with a tail wind, he did not feel there was any limit.

“Is there a limit?”

“Of course there is a limit, otherwise, one Star Master could contract countless Sisters. Then would there be any use for Star Duels?” Gu Tong pursed her lips, her eyes carrying slight frustration.

“Then how many do you say I can contract?” Su Xing was perplexed yet interested.

Gu Tong looked at Su Xing. She drank a mouthful of wine and said nothing.

Sun Xinyue replied in Female Tiger’s stead: “Fifteen Star Generals! This is the final limit of your Star Duel Covenants with Star Maidens!”

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  1. This limit is apparently based on Song Jiang’s ‘Uprising’.
    See, that Innate Skill allows her to subjugate up to 15 Star Generals into her Assembly.
    This DOES NOT apply to Kiss Contracts for which no known upper limit was set.
    The proof is Su Xing who almost exclusively uses Kiss Contracts and who actually ends the novel with SEVENTEEN Contracts, not fifteen.

    The main reason everybody thought the upper cap was 15 was precisely bc of Uprising in the past.

    From the 1st to the 9th… NOBODY had tried to go past 2 Contracts or use almost n9thing but Kiss Contracts until Su Xing rolls on in.

    If you don’t believe me, than I can count off all 17 Contracts by Star Rank or by order of contract.

    3 of them occur just before and after Su Xing’s final fight and one other Contract from among the other Star Kaidens present bes8des Bai Yutang.

    1. Well, to be more accurate about Upring and the limit of 15 Star Generals.

      Uprising had no real known limits on how many Stars could be ‘assembled’, forcefully or otherwise, but based on what I read… the number of 15 came from a past Star Duels where Uprising was used and only 15 Star Generals were allowed to any one Contractor(Song Jiang in this case) by Maiden Mountain.

      The Kiss Contracts supposed limits were based on that event but likely don’t apply since the Kiss Contract tends to disregard common sense anyway and… Su Xing is a human from another world, which may or may not naturally void any limits on him to begin with.

      It’s also a fact that Su Xing’s heart came into contact with a SHIT TON of Srar Maidens even before actually arr8ving in Liangshan Continent.
      One Star even shot through him.

      1. To clarify . Even if Uprising could allow more Contracts to be formed, only 15 were allowed to initally enter and take part in the last phase.

        However, the loophole is this.

        You can still form contracts during and after the last phase….

        1. Why you spoil so much? Especially without mention Ing spoilers? Some of the readers want to be suprised during reading not have spoilers as you and translator so often do!

          1. nobody forced you to read all his text. But I know, it is a drug xD when you start you can’t stop.
            Thank for the chapter.

      1. In order of rank, not contract order:

        That’s all of his contracted Stars

    2. Yeah, I knew you were bullshitting with your “assumptions” on the story; it was obvious how you were always spot on with your “predictions”, but I wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt and finally you do this. Thanks for the spoiler and kindly go fuck yourself.

  2. Thanks for the chapter!
    And thank you Nolan N for donations!

    “She drank a mouthful of win and said nothing.”
    win -> wine

    [Thus, the highest Kiss Contract could, after the Star General became a complete Star General, purportedly allow Star Master and Star Maiden to go everywhere as lovers, inseparable.]
    Can someone explain this one? What does it mean “go everywhere as lovers, inseparable”? They become capable to go to places with special forbidance for entrance of Star Generals or some other meaning? Or explanation for this will be given later?
    And interesting there they found this information which seems unknown to Knowledge Star? Or Xinjie just didn’t tell it to Su Xing? She didn’t tell him anything about Uprising.

    1. Gren, I think this is about how love between Star General and Star Master would normally progress. Usually, a Kiss Contract is the result of already existing feelings between them. However, they would still refrain from sex until the Star General is complete, which is after a Star Beast is captured. Then, the Star General can have sex without being weakened, but will still lose the Star Nest. After finally consummating their love, the two will basically act like any other married couple, accompanying each other everywhere.

      1. Is this for real? Why hasn’t this been explained or even hinted at? I thought the price for losing it was forever unless something like the love potion or whatever was used. Why the hell has Shi Yuan (and everyone else, for that matter) been abstaining from it, then? If this is explained later, then it is definitely a cop-out.

        So that means Su Xing and Niangzi DID do the nasty and that’s why she didn’t enter the Star Fetus. Man, that sucks for her; she lost it to him thinking he was banging Yingmei. No wonder she’s so sad.

    2. Honestly, the thing about Qingci was confusing…

      If I had to guess, then it may have stemmed from the fact that until super recently they weren’t even sure 9f who/what she was.

      As for the limit thing… it’s actually pretty plausible that she ‘wouldn’t’ know about the supposed cap.

      That’s not something that’s very well recorded in the first place.
      Plus, that only really only applied to Upr8sing and not the Kiss Contract.
      It’s still unknown if there even is an actual limit since it’s only ever really come up once in the distant past anyway.

      Su Xing and Kiss Contracts are totally different beasts compared to Uprising.

    1. Yeah, I was dubious about him since he showed himself to be a lesbian-hating incel, but spoilers are where I draw my line (jk, but I’m pretty miffed about this).

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