Chapter 417: “Nine Tattooed Dragons” Shi Jinglun

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Su Xing pondered for a while. Considering that he was going to Black Turtle Temple for the sake of Zhang Yuqi, if at this time he established Queen Jinglun as a powerful enemy, clearly that was outside of consideration. Su Xing actually felt indifferent, but by implicating the White Stripe in the Waves, he was somewhat letting her down. Su Xing retreated as he battled, still preparing to break free of this Single Horned Pixiu Beast.

But how could the Single Horned Pixiu Beast be so easily shaken off. Originally, when Su Xing captured the Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix, he needed to borrow the power of Lady Snake Scorpion. Confronting this sort of monster by himself, Su Xing was very pressured.

A green wind blade shot out of the Single Horned Pixiu Beast’s mouth. At such a close distance, the wind blade pierced through Su Xing’s head, but that was an afterimage. Su Xing used Wandering The Clear Skies, and his movements were already fast enough to make the wind blade’s speed incapable of catching up.


A bolt of Purple Thunder struck, and the Single Horned Pixiu Beast roared. Su Xing seized this chance to withdraw, activating an escape technique.

The Single Horned Pixiu Beast’s qi-flame transformed into a sharp sword, attacking Su Xing like tens of thousands of copper needles.

Su Xing was amazed to sweep his gaze over the minute wounds on his body. The Demon Beast in front of him was more difficult to shake off than he had imagined.

An existence approaching that of a Holy Beast, he thought things would not be very simple. Su Xing actually was even more curious about that Queen Jinglun, to be able to possess a Star Beast that had never before appeared in the Star Beast List, it seemed her background was not small.

The Single Horned Pixiu Beast flung its horn. The airflow around this Single Horned Pixiu Beast continuously twisted. Its gold-like eyes flickered, and with a bellow, the Single Horned Pixiu Beast once again scuttled, blending together with the air. Under the shelter of the airflow, it even could reach a stage where its breathing completely disappeared.

Without its breathing, it seemed to be like air. Su Xing felt his head ache. Passing through this brief probe, Su Xing more or less knew the characteristics of the Single Horned Pixiu Beast. It possessed tyrannical close range attacks and superb concealment skills.

In the sky, the Single Horned Pixiu Beast practically was a tiger that had grown wings.

Its speed was too quick, and Gongsun Huang’s Star Magic lost its usefulness.

It seemed that he had found a terrible place.

Su Xing thought to himself. Immediately, he quickly retreated backwards, not knowing which was more powerful compared to the Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix. Su Xing muttered to himself, his figure flying inverted, leaving several dozen li away from Yellow Crane Island. However, he was worried that Queen Jinglun would pursue, so Su Xing did not dare yet allow the Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix to emerge. He stroked his chin, narrowing his eyes.


There was a slamming sound.

The Single Horned Pixiu Beast pounced and was impeded by Gongsun Huang’s Star Magic.

“Little Huang, let’s go.”

Su Xing called.

The two tread on clouds, directly flying.

The Single Horned Pixiu Beast pursued them relentlessly. Its figure could be vaguely seen in the clouds, its speed abnormally quick.

The horn’s green light appeared. The airflow in the sky rapidly flowed, like a sharp sword. The Single Horned Pixiu Beast did not have the patient to wait so long. It quickly launched an attack on Su Xing’s back. The attack of wind was absolutely quick, but the Single Horned Pixiu Beast landed on nothing.

Su Xing’s body techniques made the Single Horned Pixiu Beast surprised. Those body techniques were illusory, and he easily avoided its attack. Su Xing turned around, forming a hand seal.

Twelve Flying Swords shot out, and not surprisingly, they were trapped by the Single Horned Pixiu Beast’s wind net.

The Single Horned Pixiu Beast roared in a rage. That qi-flame constantly changed, interwove, concentrated, and thundered.

“Your Highness?” Gongsun Huang cocked her head, once again pondering if she should call forth the Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix.

“Wait a little longer.” Su Xing answered, the Heaven Tearing Flying Swords in protection. He continuously blocked each and every one of the Single Horned Pixiu Beast’s attacks. This Star Beast basically was incapable of harming him. Let alone attacking, just approaching Su Xing was not that easy.

Su Xing had originally wanted to thereby whittle away the Single Horned Pixiu Beast’s endurance. How could he have foreseen that this Star Beast was untiring. Now that the Heaven Tearing Flying Swords were beginning to sustain damage, Su Xing sighed and nodded.

Gongsun Huang’s red Star Crest flashed.

A mad gale and heavenly fire burned.


An emotional phoenix cry.

The entire sky rolled with red clouds, and the gorgeous and graceful Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix flew out.

The Single Horned Pixiu Beast was shaken, stopping its threatening gestures.

The roaring gale stopped the Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix’s magnificence. A dazzling ray of light blinded them. The light unexpectedly made the Single Horned Pixiu Beast’s protective qi-flame vanished.

The Single Horned Pixiu Beast let out a low roar.

Gongsun Huang pointed.

Phoenix Dances Nine Days.

In no more than an instant, the Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix suddenly launched its attack. From the speed of that instant, Su Xing still was quite gratified, for the Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix was not slow.

Although the Single Horned Pixiu Beast’s stormy qi-flame had vanished, it appeared to be wielding some other uses for it. Its robust body clearly supported pressure that exceeded its limits. Its movements seemed small, even the slightest movement difficult.

However, this sort of difficulty lasted only an instant.

As far as the Single Horned Pixiu Beast was concerned, this was not enough.

Its body fluttered in the sky. The Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix’s talons already grabbed the Single Horned Pixiu Beast’s skull, scorching Heavenly Fire immediately rolling across its whole body rapidly. The broiling flames already engulfed it.

Tit for tat, the Single Horned Pixiu Beast let out berserk might.

However, the Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix did not care for these circumstances. Its whole body was suffused with rainbow light, and its other talon already ruthlessly clawed the Single Horned Pixiu Beast’s face.

Phoenix fire descended.

“Bang, bang…” noises just like a heavy hammer striking iron resounded.

The Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix’s flames were just like raindrops continuously storming down. Its burning wings allowed the ice-cold gale to roll across, yet its firm grasp on the Single Horned Pixiu Beast’s cranium did not loosen in the slightest.

The frantic attack evoked a great amount of air that shot forth. The entire sky seemed to cave in.

Su Xing was endlessly thankful.

Yellow Crane School, front gate.

More than a hundred women on riding swords assembled outside the Yellow Crane School’s mountain gate. Daoist Master Yellow Crane had a yellow brow and level eyes, crane hair and a childish countenance. His cultivation was Supervoid Early Stage, and the hundred disciples by his side gripped swords in grim wait.

“Daoist Master Yellow Crane, do you insist on your unwillingness to lend the Yellow Crane Tower?”

A woman was currently negotiating with him.

Daoist Master Yellow Crane sneered. As a Supervoid Cultivator, how could he willingly give out the symbol of the Yellow Crane School, the Yellow Crane Tower. “Minute Star Nine Tattooed Dragons Shi Jin,1 do you think This Daoist Master does not know that you desire the Yellow Crane Tower’s Nine Songs Yellow Dragon Pearls to upgrade your Star Weapon? Hm, hm, in the past Star Duels, This School has never handed them over, and neither will we turn them over today. Even if your ‘Nine Dragons Palace’ is yielded to This Daoist Master, This Daoist Master will not agree.”

“Nine Tattooed Dragons Shi Jin, if you have the capability, then come out and speak yourself.”

Daoist Master Yellow Crane laughed aloud.

“Do you insist on making Me show My face?”

A graceful and warm voice penetrated the entire place.

The disciples of the Nine Dragons separated to form a path. A mature and lovely woman gracefully arrived. She was exactly the woman bathing in the Cold Pond, and she was also the current Imperial Empress of the Nine Dragons Palace – the Minute Star.

Daoist Master Yellow Crane’s eyes flashed with a clear light, and his expression appeared genial.

“Minute Star Nine Tattooed Dragons, are you so determined to take the Nine Songs Yellow Dragon Pearls?” Daoist Master Yellow Crane smiled.

“Does the Daoist Master acquiesce? I have but made My decision.” Nine Tattooed Dragons Shi Jinglun thoughtfully played with her hair. “Furthermore, the forty-eight Blue Water Azure Dragon Pearls I gave you does not treat Daoist Master unfairly.”

Before Daoist Master Yellow Crane could speak, a Supercluster Late Stage elder beside him waved his sleeve coldly.

“The Imperial Empress of the Nine Dragons Palace is truly good at jokes. The Yellow Crane Tower is the symbol of my school. Without the Nine Songs Yellow Dragon Pearls, is it still the Yellow Crane Tower?!”

“Then Daoist Master makes Me vexed.” Shi Jinglun smiled.

“So we ask that the Nine Dragons Palace Imperial Empress go back. This School is honestly unable to help you, however much we want to.” Daoist Master Yellow Crane said.

“Headmaster, the Nine Dragons Palace Imperial Empress has personally come to see you with much difficulty. Shall we not give the Nine Dragons Palace Imperial Empress a choice? So as to avoid others saying our Yellow Crane School did not give the Nine Dragons Sea any face.” A middle-aged man laughed aloud, his expression a clear provocation.

“Nine Dragons Palace Imperial Empress, if you can serve My School’s disciples for one night, I believe something like the Nine Songs Yellow Dragon Pearls will not mind even if the Headmaster disagrees to give them to you.”  That large man grinned.

The other people in the sect laughed without restraint.

“Outrageous!” Tantai Ziyu flew into an unrestrained rage.

The Nine Dragons Palace’s women each showed killing intent.

“How can you be so discourteous to the Nine Dragons Imperial Empress.” Daoist Master Yellow Crane insincerely rebuked. “Quickly apologize.”

“Yu Mou apologizes. Seeing the Nine Dragons Palace Imperial Empress is so beautiful, Yu Mou had wicked thoughts, please pardon me.” That Yu Mou insincerely said. Although the Nine Dragons Palace was overlord of an area of the Black Turtle Territory, that was over the faraway Nine Dragons Sea. The Yellow Crane School naturally did not fear them.


Shi Jinglun was calm and unhurried. She said: “Daoist Master truly is using bitter conscience. Are you not saying you want to make Me take action? Is it so easy to kill Me?”

The Daoist Master Yellow Crane that had been seen through chuckled: “What, what.” What Shi Jinglun guessed was not wrong. Yellow Crane School was aware of Shi Jinglun’s identity as a Star General. For this reason, they did not dare become hostile, but if the Star General acted first, the Yellow Crane School had grounds to kill the Star General. One might as well ask the entire Liangshan Continent, who would not desire to personally kill a Star General.

This was the greatest glory.

“Is Daoist Master so self-confident?” Shi Jinglun faintly smiled.

Daoist Master Yellow Crane did not say anything, but his eyes clearly already had this reply. Yellow Crane Island was their domain, with a foriddance array. Furthermore, he was a Supervoid Cultivator, and he believed one Nine Tattooed Dragon was not out of the question. As for the other Nine Dragons Palace disciples, at that time, they would be no more than rats fleeing a sinking ship.

“Could it be that Daoist Master has not thought that since I dared to come forth and make the request myself, that I dare make Daoist Master acquiesce?” Shi Jinglun said.

“Shi Jin, you merely walked upon unexpected fortune in order to obtain the throne of the Nine Dragons Palace. Your martial arts are among the Fiend Stars, quite off from that peak. If Lu Jinyi, Lin Chong, or Guan Sheng were here, This Daoist Master perhaps would consider it. But you…” Daoist Master Yellow Crane was not pretending. That kind face made a shameful expression.

“Well said, I was fortunate.” Shi Jinglun was not displeased with his contempt at all. On the contrary, she laughed even more happily.

When those words fell, Shi Jinglun’s hand then tugged.

A sharp arrow immediately fired.

“This Daoist Master was waiting for you to fire!”

Daoist Master Yellow Crane smiled. More than one hundred Yellow Dragon Flying Swords turned into a dragon that easily bit apart this arrow. “Shi Jin has taken action, take her down!”

“As you command!”

The Yellow Crane School disciples gazed at the beautiful girls of the Nine Dragons School and each rubbed their hands. With loud shouts, their Flying Swords were called forth.

“Witness the power of the Nine Songs Yellow River Array.”

Daoist Master Yellow Crane shouted.

There was no activity at all.

Daoist Master Yellow Crane was taken aback. The anticipated powerful sect forbiddance did not appear. What has happened? Confusion appeared in Daoist Master Yellow Crane’s heart.

“So this was the Nine Songs Yellow River Array? Merely so.”

A powerful male voice penetrated the air.

Daoist Master Yellow Crane turned his head in astonishment.

On top of the sect’s building, a young man had appeared at some time. In his hand, he held a sword of cold light, his manner icily arrogant. His powerful aura practically squeezed the Yellow Crane School’s disciples into breathlessness.

Supervoid Cultivator!!

Daoist Master Yellow Crane turned grim.

“Daoist Master, you must not be careless.”

Shi Jinglun slightly smiled. Her words suddenly slipped into his ear. Daoist Master Yellow Crane changed, hastily blocking.

On Yellow Crane Island, saber-light and sword-shadows suddenly appeared. The Yellow Crane School’s disciples that had originally thought that victory was at hand panicked one by one, but at this time, it was already too late.

Meanwhile, the Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix gracefully flapped its wings in the sky, frantically progressed the Heavenly Fire attack. The speed and strength of this sort of attack made Su Xing see that even he would not last for that long.

With a severe shriek, although the Single Horned Pixiu Beast’s body was bound by all sorts of pressure, that did not mean it lost its ability to attack. Following the sharp roar, an ice-cold whirlwind spewed forth from its mouth, pouncing towards the Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix that was so close at hand.

A shadow suddenly enveloped the Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix.

Following a grievous tearing, at the same time the shadow dispersed, the Single Horned Pixiu Beast that thought it had attained victory was nevertheless astonished.

The Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix’s whole body surged with a gorgeous flame. In the sky, it was scorching hot, the flame extremely beautiful. Just by looking at it, Su Xing could not help but slightly praise it. The Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix once again attacked the Single Horned Pixiu Beast ferociously. At the same time it blasted with a fire-light, the Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix instantly moved and broke away. Its nimble movements made it avoid the Single Horned Pixiu Beast’s counterattack.

Its body drew a beautiful arc in the air, the Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix drawing close to them. Di Nü also had intelligence, more bright than ordinary Star Cultivators. The Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix’s entire body was just like a flaming lightning bolt in the sky, or perhaps it was more appropriate to use thunderbolt to describe it. The thunderbolt’s heavy imposing ait was no more than an instant as the figure of the Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix already was completely distorted. All anyone could see was a frantic hurricane whirling in the sky, rolling to attack the Single Horned Pixiu Beast’s figure.

The Single Horned Pixiu Beast counterattacked with everything it could.

The two powerful sub-Holy Beasts ferociously battled, the terror of the scene practically indescribable.

Phoenix Cry Ninth Heaven.

The Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix’s gorgeous flames rolled and burned. The Single Horned Pixiu Beast also instantly formed a hurricane might that was not the slightest bit inferior.

The Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix’s wings flapped. The flames were like pythons, ruthlessly biting the Single Horned Pixiu Beast’s horn.

To the naked eye, the Single Horn Pixiu Beast struggled as hard as it could under the bite of the “python” that the Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix formed. An ear-piercing scraping and tearing sound pierced the sky. Even the silhouette of the Single Horned Pixiu Beast apparently felt pain. Its wide open mouth let out a shrill bellow.

The time to act on its suffering passed in an instant.

The battle of the two Holy Beasts was no more than the blink of an eye, but it gave rise to a world-stunning shock.

Gongsun Huang wielded the Pinebrand Ancient Sword. She fired a bolt of Star Magic that knocked aside the Single Horned Pixiu Beast. Su Xing simultaneously struck hand seals, and the twelve Heaven Tearings stirred, about to attack.

The two worked together. This Single Horned Pixiu Beast was not unintelligent at all. It sensed that its opponent was not to be trifled with. Roaring, a gale surged, and then it escaped upon the wind.

The Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix let out a sharp cry, appealing for Gongsun Huang’s affection. It wanted its mistress’ praise.

Gongsun Huang pet it.

“Let’s go back. I wonder how Niangzi is doing.” Su Xing said.

Su Xing once again returned to Yellow Crane Island, yet the scene before him made him surprised. The previously tranquil Yellow Crane Island at this time was already extremely tragic. This smoke rose everywhere, and amidst the bright flames, there were screams and the faint sounds of fighting. In the war of the Yellow Crane School hidden in the forest, every sort of Flying Sword, artifact, and magic weapon each interwove. The entire Yellow Crane Island sunk into a world-shocking slaughter.

“It seems that woman still made her move.” Su Xing raised his eyebrows upon seeing the scene before him.

“Niangzi.” Su Xing anxiously flew hastily down for Hu Niangzi.

“Just who are you?”

The hundred Yellow Dragon Flying Swords bared their fangs and claws, becoming a disordered dragon shadow.

A handsome and bright man gripped a sword that yet appeared to be at a realm with no other. One person alone fended off a hundred Flying Swords. That power was not to be outdone compared to Star Generals.

Supervoid Sword Saint!!!

Daoist Master Yellow Crane’s complexion changed.

His sword was a lotus flower, and that man quickly pointed continuously in the air. The airflow seemed to become a formless line that followed the motions of his sword and suddenly appeared. That lofty flashing shifting trajectory appeared extremely mysterious.

Specks of light like Starfire flew in all directions, gorgeously blinding.


How could Daoist Master Yellow Crane have ever thought that he would unexpectedly run into a Supervoid Sword Saint. Although he had used his magic weapons and Flying Swords to trap this Supervoid Sword Saint, there was an even more dangerous enemy behind him.

Shi Jinglun gently smiled.

She carried a murderous aura.

Daoist Master Yellow Crane was without a choice. He immediately bit open the tip of his tongue, the sound like spring thunder.

With a soft sound, a white ball of light half the size of a person already appeared, suddenly charging towards the very close by Shi Jinglun. Powerful waves of Star Energy directly tore apart space, and the substance of the nearby light ball immediately became particles.

This was Daoist Master Yellow Crane’s strongest ability – Nine Songs Absolute Destruction Divine Ball.3

In Shi Jinglun’s hand was a staff. Nine Tattooed Dragons grinned.

Without the slightest bit of fear, Shi Jinglun instantly shouted. In her weapon’s incorporeal airflow, a rapidly revolving vortex formed that finally became an eerie storm eye-shape that entrapped the light ball.

Without a sound.

After the Nine Songs Absolute Destruction Divine Ball touched Shi Jinglun’s weapon, it was like a rock had landed against the water’s surface, arousing slight ripples. Space gave rise to circles of ripples. The Nine Songs Absolute Destruction Divine Ball spun even more intensely, and Daoist Master Yellow Crane grit his teeth, breaking out into a cold sweat. It was obvious that he was controlling it with the greatest amount of effort to avoid being taken advantage of by Shi Jinglun.

A stark contrast to Shi Jinglun’s calm and composed face.

“Watch this!”

How could this Supervoid Cultivator that could move about Liangshan Continent unhindered be willing to be defeated. In the silence, Daoist Master Yellow Crane formed hand seals. More Absolute Destruction Divine Balls appeared in the air, and the Nine Songs Absolute Destruction Divine Balls in his hand suddenly smashed towards Shi Jinglun. An intense Star Energy wave wildly spread, creating a slight depression in space where even lines of sight were distorted.

Although Daoist Master Yellow Crane previously contemptuously said that Minute Star Nine Tattooed Dragon Shi Jin’s martial force did not count as first-rate, now he was extremely afraid of Nine Tattooed Dragons closing in on him. Even this sort of first-rate martial general at close range was extremely foreboding. Originally, he had relied on his Yellow Dragon Flying Swords and magic weapons. Daoist Master Yellow Crane originally had the confidence to get rid of Shi Jin, but the surprise appearance of a Supervoid Sword Saint ruined his plan. Daoist Master Yellow Crane was very clear about Shi Jin’s martial force, and he did not believe those Absolute Destruction Divine Balls that were not fast at all could strike Shi Jin.

Following the Absolute Destruction Divine Balls’ attack, Minute Star Shi Jinglun’s silhouette once again transformed into light rays.

The hiss of tearing air once again filled the entire space. Nine Tattooed Dragons’ afterimages were continuous. Under such high speed, let alone attack, even a figure was perhaps difficult to seize onto.

From time to time, the air exploded with shockwaves. This was the result of Minute Star Shi Jinglun exchanges.

The Yellow Crane School’s other cultivators and elders launched a battle of concentrated faith. They each took a direction, encircling Minute Star Shi Jinglun from every direction. Their formation left a gap. A speed that was any faster would have lost any sense of direction and cease to exist.

That Supercluster Elder Yu Zhong from before stamped his foot, making the ground’s power sink down and then shoot straight into the sky. The shaking power immediately disturbed the Minute Star Shi Jinglun’s speed. Minute Star Shi Jinglun’s foot kicked, and she left the entanglement of the ground.

But the other cultivators already waited a long time for this.

Blood-light blossomed.

One elder was chopped in half at the waist, his expression of fright still left before he died.

The light ray violently shout out, and a roll of thunder boomed.

When Minute Star Shi Jinglun appeared again, Yu Mou’s use of his powerful strength added onto continuous battle fatigue made him slightly slow for an instant, but with regards to Shi Jinglun, this instant honestly was too endless.

When Minute Star Shi Jinglun landed, a snort of contempt and disdain stabbed like a knife.

Yu Mou also took a step back. His abdomen had already been pierced almost fatally by an arrow.

Daoist Master Yellow Crane formed a hand seal, and the light of Star Energy gathered on his hands, forming a defensive posture.

The attacks of all of the cultivators’ Flying Swords then continuously covered everything, like a tidal wave.

The Nine Dragons Palace was unwilling to fall behind, and every sort of magnificent Flying Swords let out dragon roars, practically swallowing the entire Yellow Crane School with nothing left.

A black shadow suddenly flashed by. Daoist Master Yellow Crane’s pupils shrunk, and he continuously stepped backwards. “Careful!!”

The very first to be unfortunate was the complacent Yu Mou. The moment he heard careful, Minute Star Shi Jinglun already appeared behind him. Several arrows emerged that attacked past his defenses.

“I very much enjoyed your vulgarity!”

Graceful mockery.

The Yu Zhong that lost his defenses turned pale, and he prepared to use his physical body’s power to resist.

Minute Star Shi Jinglun basically did not give him any chance.

Between when saber-light rose and fell, Yu Zhong immediately lost his life.

Daoist Master Yellow Crane once again gathered the Absolute Destruction Divine Balls, shooting them towards Minute Star Shi Jinglun. Minute Star Shi Jinglun used her weapon to cut down these Divine Balls, but even when this tyrannical weapon touched the Divine Balls, it made Minute Star Shi Jinglun stumble backwards with the skin of her hand split apart. Any way it was put, he was a Supervoid Cultivator. That magic energy made the Shi Jinglun that was not yet at Extreme Realm still face some risk.

Minute Star Shi Jinglun immediately evaded the second Nine Songs Absolute Destruction Divine Ball.

But these Absolute Destruction Divine Ball acted really too oddly under the Divine Intent of Daoist Master Yellow Crane, as if it possessed life. The Nine Songs Absolute Destruction Divine Ball continuously flew about in the surroundings. No matter how Minute Star Shi Jinglun moved, it always could quickly find the position Minute Star Shi Jinglun was at. In the process of flight, Daoist Master Yellow Crane still controlled his own power, making the great amount of Absolute Destruction Divine Balls attack. Daoist Master Yellow Crane practically put everything into fight for the sole purpose of annihilating the Minute Star’s existence.

In several short breaths’ time, the Absolute Destruction Divine Balls surprisingly had fifty or sixty in number, and they still were increasing.

Even Shi Jinglun was impressed at this sort of ability.


Minute Star Shi Jinglun punched the ground, sending a large amount of earth and stone flying everywhere.

The dust immediately pervaded the entire space, obscuring the lines of sight of everyone. Attempting to use this sort of way to change the situation before them, she broke free of the attacks of the weird light balls.

As before, this was without any results. In the diffusing smoke and dust, the Nine Songs Absolute Destruction Divine Balls seemed to not be influenced, still unrelentingly pursuing Minute Star Shi Jinglun’s direction of movement.

A gentle white light at this moment surprisingly was like the countenance of a death god, which made Daoist Master Yellow Crane seemed to glimpse hope.

“Shi Jin, if you have the capability, then do not run.” Daoist Master Yellow Crane laughed.

“Truly powerful abilities, I shall not run then.”

Shi Jin replied.

Daoist Master Yellow Crane’s heart chilled. Suddenly, she already appeared in front of him.

“Courting death!”

The Nine Dragons Absolute Destruction Divine Ball flew back.


Shi Jinglun shouted.

The weapon in her hand suddenly changed in a dazzling confusion. Occasionally, there was saber-light and a sword-image, and occasionally, there was a spear or axe. Countless gales blew across the level, seizing Daoist Master Yellow Crane like a tide.

Not good, Four Star Destined Weapon!

Daoist Master Yellow Crane was shocked.

“Dark Rank – Yellow Dragon Worships Heaven!!”4

A staff in Shi Jinglun’s hand transformed into a Yellow Dragon that bound Daoist Master Yellow Crane. With continuous explosions, a powerful force directly shattered Daoist Master Yellow Crane’s internal organs.

However, as expected of a top-notch Supervoid Cultivator, he could still persist under a Four Star Destined Weapon.

“I feel that you truly are pitiful.”

Shi Jinglun smiled.

“Shi Jin, your Dark Rank is merely so. Watch This Daoist Master’s…”

Daoist Master Yellow Crane grinned wildly.


A sharp sword pierced his heart. Sword-qi slashed, directly twisting him into scattered ash and smoke.


The Supervoid Sword Saint gravely and sternly wiped his blade, ending Daoist Master Yellow Crane’s life.

Shi Jinglun only felt pity.

Following Daoist Master Yellow Crane’s death, the Yellow Crane School suddenly scattered. Very quickly falling into defeat, Shi Jinglun did not issue orders to kill. The women were to be inducted into the Nine Dragons Palace, and the men were to be relegated to hard labor.

“Tianya shall now go help Queen collect the Yellow Dragon Pearls.” The man turned his head back towards the Yellow Crane Tower. His figure disappeared from where he was.

Just as Shi Jinglun was about to go forth, her brow suddenly wrinkled.

A blur landed at the bottom of the mountain.


Hu Niangzi was currently hidden in a corner spectating the war. Seeing Shi Jinglun skill was suddenly frightening – to unexpectedly destroy a Supervoid Cultivator. Hu Niangzi was just preparing to leave when suddenly, Shi Jinglun turned her head and noticed her.

An afterimage was left in her retinas, and without a word, a powerful to the extreme force already was upon her. It was too late to react, for Shi Jinglun was already sweeping towards her.

Hu NIangzi’s eyes flashed with light. The Golden Wind and Morning Dew double sabers suddenly protected her front. Shi Jinglun’s speed and power were even faster and stronger than she had imagined. Hu Niangzi had already lost the chance to escape. The airflow around her body wildly circulated, and she fought with all her might.


Their powers clashed…Instantly, two immense forces suddenly clashed briefly upon Hu Niangzi’s arms.

Four Star Destined Weapon?

Hu Niangzi was startled. An explosion rose, and Shi Jinglun once again attacked. Her staff swept at Hu Niangzi. As Ten Feet of Blue anticipated, Shi Jinglun’s martial arts were far more powerful than her own.

Hu Niangzi wielded her double sabers with all her might, Light Smoke Dance Steps displaying its full power.

Yellow Rank Saber Technique – Hate Transmission!!

Shi Jinglun had originally believed this was another peeping enemy, had even thought to kill her in one blow. She did not think at all the young woman in front of her could execute such a quick attack, and that this attack’s power had a sort of odd feeling. The young girl’s figure gracefully took her along in a seeming dance.

Immediately, a cold tip like a viper swam past her body. The accumulated strength in her body instantly disappeared without a trace. Shi Jinglun staggered, already retreating several steps, as if she was drunk. Shi Jinglun’s face already was extremely astonished. Those charming eyes twinkled endlessly.

With a muffled groan, a clear line of blood already leaked swiftly from the corner of her mouth.

This was a Star General’s technique!!

Shi Jinglun covered the intense shock in her heart with great difficulty. She could no longer maintain the calmness on her face. In that instant of contact just now, who could have thought that the moment their techniques connected, the strength of her martial art would unexpectedly disappear upon that brief contact. It forced Shi Jinglun even to be unable to counterattack.

“Little Sister, take this!”

Shi Jinglun swept horizontally.

The Little Sister in front of her was indeed very powerful. Her dream-like figure was very unreal. Every time they clashed and attacked, the girl’s every movement was extremely graceful. Her fighting could even be rated as the most beautiful handiwork in this world.

Shi Jinglun softly chuckled. She used full power, her long hair fluttering.


The air exploded. Under Shi Jinglun’s full power, it suddenly became fragments. A large amount of smoke and mist clumped up, and Shi Jinglun’s figure already emerged from within.

The surrounding fine dust seemed to be fiddled with by a formless hand. Following the attack of  Shi Jinglun’s staff, they instantly became countless minute light particles, frantically pelting down on Hu Niangzi’s head and face.

Under the impulse of that power, those minute particles surprisingly let out sharp cries.

Thinking like lightning, in an instant, that expansive attack had already arrived in front of Hu Niangzi, assailing her in the face.

Hu Niangzi slid by with Light Smoke Dance Steps, her figure leaning, her entire person already seemingly ice-skating. A seemingly inescapable attack unexpectedly was entirely evaded by Hu Niangzi’s unimaginable speed and direction.

However, the power the densely packed staff-shadows held far exceeded her imagination. The light particles hot on her heels slashed at Hu Niangzi like a thousand knives.

The staff technique rolled layer by layer like a tide, completely without pause.

Hu Niangzi spared no effort to go block.

Golden Wind and Morning Dew continuously danced with a most beautiful light.

Suddenly, the long staff abruptly transformed, becoming a nine section staff.

This abrupt transformation ruined Hu Niangzi’s dance tempo.

“Dark Rank – Nine Dragons Nine Flashes!”5

The sectioned staff in Shi Jinglun’s hand was like a dragon that explosively shot forth. Each section carried a different strength, as if nine adepts were simultaneously using nine techniques, and the attack had nine paths.

The double sabers let out nine continuous explosions. Each explosion was resounding, the size and level each different. Protecting against one, there was then another section, earth-shattering in approach. This was Shi Jinglun’s second Dark Rank, but it appeared to have no effect. The nine attacks struck in Hu Niangzi from nine directions in succession.

Flying Star Magpie Dance!!

Hu Niangzi raised her double sabers, continuously moving.

Bangbangbang, bangbangbang, bangbangbang!

Nine sounds, nine flashes of light.

Hu NIangzi barely blocked, yet she had been injured. Blood flowed from the corner of her mouth.

“Bright Star Ten Feet of Blue Hu Sanniang!”

Shi Jinglun discerned the unceasing attack of those Golden Wind and Morning Dew.


Hu Niangzi immediately staggered away.

Shi Jinglun did not pursue, only yelling: “Elder Sister has offended Little Sister just now. If Little Sister is interested, Little Sister can come to the Nine Dragons Palace. Elder Sister can apologize to Little Sister.”

“Who was Queen speaking to just now?” Tantai Ziyu walked over.

“It can be assumed that the number one beauty of the Star Maidens will not look upon a man.”

Shi Jinglun smiled.

Suddenly, Nine Tattooed Dragons’ smile froze on her mouth. The Single Horned Pixiu Beast had fled back with its tail between its legs.

Tantai Ziyu was shocked.

Only after Hu Niangzi made herself appear alone did she return to the Cold Pond. She then happened to spot Gongsun Huang, but she did not see Su Xing. The Bright Star was confused.

“Where is Dear Husband.” Hu Niangzi asked.

“Niangzi, are you alright?” Su Xing at this time flew back.

Hu Niangzi shook her head, but she told him about the matter of the Yellow Crane School and Nine Dragons Palace.

“Minute Star Nine Tattooed Dragons Shi Jin!” As expected of her, Su Xing already thought of her. Of the Star Generals he had yet to see, there was only her, but he did not think that Nine Tattooed Dragons Shi Jin would unexpectedly operate an influential power.

“Wife, are you actually alright?” Su Xing furrowed his brow as he noticed that Hu Niangzi’s complexion was not good at all. “Did they make things difficult for you?” Su Xing’s tone chilled.

Hu Niangzi shook her head.

“Return to the Star Nest and rest.” Su Xing said.

“Unnecessary, Niangzi does not want to return to the Star Nest.” Hu Niangzi gently declined.

As far as Star Maidens were concerned, the Star Nest always had a sort of feeling of imprisonment. That a Star Maiden did not wish to return to the Star Nest, Su XIng could understand. “But, Wife, you…”

“Many thanks for Dear Husband’s concern.” Hu Niangzi bowed her head.

Seeing her insistence, Su Xing could not easily compel her.

“I’ll go see just what’s going on with this Nine Dragons Palace. Shi Jin has unexpectedly dared to take action against the Yellow Crane School.” Su Xing ordered, “Little Huang, you two be careful here. If the Nine Dragons Palace seeks trouble, don’t be polite.”

“Dear Husband.”

Su Xing was about to leave when Hu Niangzi suddenly grasped his hand.

“Wife, do you have orders?” Su Xing said.

“Dear Husband, please do not go find Shi Jin for what happened to Niangzi…” Hu Niangzi saw through Su Xing’s intentions.

“I just want to see just how this Shi Jin that reportedly has nine Star Weapons is.” Su Xing smiled.

“Dear Husband, do not deceive Niangzi.” Although Su Xing hid it very well, he still could not escape the young girl’s analysis that was fine as a hair.

“Niangzi and Shi Jin had a misunderstanding. Shi Jin even invited Niangzi to go to the Nine Dragons Palace.” Hu Niangzi repeated Shi Jin’s invitation.

Su Xing looked pensively.

“Niangzi’s hatred is with Guan Sheng. Niangzi asks Dear Husband to not be reckless.”

Hu NIangzi’s attitude was very resolute.

“Alright, I promise you. However, I see that the Yellow Crane School has already been destroyed. Shi Jin ought to have some trump card, and I’m going to go see it. Know yourself, know your enemy. This is always good.” Su Xing patted Hu Niangzi’s shoulder. He grinned: “Wife, be at ease, I know what I should do.”

Only then did Hu Niangzi go limp.

Su Xing once again sneaked into the Yellow Crane School. At this time, Shi Jinglun was cooperating to break the Yellow Crane Tower’s forbiddance, and no one noticed him. Su Xing sized her up and wrinkled his brow. Nine Tattooed Dragons Shi Jin’s influence was pretty big.

“Liu Tianya, how much longer for this Yellow Crane Tower forbiddance.” Shi Jinglun asked him.

Liu Tianya?!

Su Xing suddenly felt that he seemed to have once recognized this name. Where did he hear of this…

The man named Liu Tianya currently wielded his sword chant. Sword-light shook with ripples, the earth seemingly tottering.

Supervoid Sword Saint.

Su Xing’s brow creased even more deeply. No wonder the Yellow Crane School would be destroyed.

He saw that the Yellow Crane Forbiddance was about to break.

Tantai Ziyu smiled: “Congratulations, Queen, congratulations. So long as you have the Yellow Crane Tower’s forty-eight Nine Songs Yellow Dragon Pearls, with your upgrade to Five Star, these Star Duels will belong to Queen.”

Shi Jinglun’s face wore a smile. “This is thanks to the assistance of all of you.”

“Queen, Disciple is overwhelmed by these words.” Tantai Ziyu smiled.

Five Star Destined Weapon?

Su Xing’s eyes narrowed. He gazed at the Yellow Crane Tower’s bright pearls, and his heart already had a thought.

Under a situation of not knowing whether they were friend or foe, how could Su Xing watch as Nine Tattooed Dragons Shi Jin upgraded her Star Weapon to Five Star. Even if he had seen Shi Jinglun’s naked body, this exchange was not profitable.

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  3. 九曲滅絕神球
  4. 黃龍祭天
  5. 九龍九閃


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