Chapter 43: Blooming Water Demon Python

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“Two people cannot enter the whirlpool at the same time.”

Gong Caiwei steered her flying sword and glanced at Su Xing when they were above the whirlpool; her meaning was obvious.

Su Xing let go and threw himself off. With his Star Energy protecting his body, he jumped into the whirlpool. He did not have a chance to get a clear look before his entire world spun round and round. His eyes were dazzled, and he cleanly disappeared just like the rest of the other Star Cultivators.

The last thing he heard was Gong Caiwei saying: “Remember, meet at the Flower Dragon Pond!”

It was as if he had returned to his first time sitting in the anti-centrifugal force simulator for his aviation training, only the centrifugal force here was several times more powerful. Su Xing nearly vomited, but taking a look, his entire surrounding scenery had already completely changed.

He was in a rotting, dark blue cave, the entire ground covered with river water that reached up to his ankles. The cave was several tens of meters high, and hanging from it was every sort of conical stalactite. The entire place had uneven faults and platforms. Jagged rocks, exotic flowers and plants could be seen everywhere, and the air was thick with a fetid, fishy smell.

So this was the Flower Dragon Cave?

Facing this bizarre environment, a distrusting Su Xing vigilantly scanned the entire area once with his Divine Intent in order to avoid happening upon a Star Cultivator in the surroundings. After all, this rocky cavern’s greatest foes were the Star Cultivators harboring sinister thoughts of making easy money.

Fortunately, the dozens of meters around him were peaceful. Still, Su Xing was alert of his surroundings as he took out Silver Blade with one hand and sized up all of his own surroundings. He recalled in his mind the description regarding Flower Dragon Cave he received before arriving here. The Flower Dragon Pond Gong Caiwei mentioned was a lake at the center of the Flower Dragon Cave. The distance from his current position was several tens of li, at the minimum.

The Nebula Late Stage cultivators who entered that understood Flower Dragon Cave were several dozen in number, and Su Xing did not dare to be the slightest bit careless. Trekking at a careful pace, he used the rocks as cover. He advanced slowly, possessing the rich experience of a trained soldier. Hiding his figure was very simple, but the problem was that a cultivator’s Divine Intent was not easily countered. The “Concealing Star Technique” he learned that hid Nebula Stage Cultivators might as well be considered sloppy.

He crossed several hundred meters like this, when very gradually, Su Xing started to hear a cacophony of voices coming through from somewhere. Miserable screams, loud shouts, and pleas for mercy began to increase in number. These Star Cultivators that killed and plundered really did not dare to delay even a moment.

Spelunking for a long while, Su Xing suddenly saw before him a blue flower floating above the surface of a lake. The flower bud was about the size of his palm, and the petals strangely appeared to be wave shaped, folded layer upon layer. Its stamen revealed sparks of blue electricity as it lazily swayed in the wind.

“Thunder Water Flower?!” Su Xing stared blankly.

The Star Cultivators that came to Flower Dragon Cave to take the legendary Flower Water Divine Thunder were actually here to take several of these bizarre water thunder propagating flowers. The more of these Thunder Water Flowers that were gathered, the more pure and powerful a Flower Water Thunder could be refined, so frankly speaking, Star Cultivators coming to the Flower Dragon Cave were here to see who could pluck the most of these Thunder Water Flowers. Of course, even if one Thunder Water Flower could not be refined into Flower Water Divine Thunder, using it for other artifacts and talismans as materials was also incomparably precious.

As a result, every time the Flower Dragon Cave opened, there were countless Star Cultivator casualties, but the many greedy Star Cultivators only grew in number.

Unexpectedly encountering this item, Su Xing did not let it go to his head at all. Rather, he wrinkled his brow and hid to the side.

The gloomy lightning released by the Thunder Water Flower very quickly drew in another Star Cultivator.

Seeing other people were absent from his surroundings, the other party did not hesitate. Forming a hand seal, a throwing knife shot towards the Thunder Water Flower’s stem. When it neared, the Thunder Water Flower’s lightning discharged, shooting down the small knife. The Star Cultivator grit his teeth and cast upon himself a protection technique. He rapidly approached it, one hand even clutching a Water Escape Talisman, prepared to flee at the sign of an abnormality; he seemed to be even more careful than Su Xing.

It was just that, in terms of greed, he also surpassed Su Xing, and this was doomed to lead to tragedy.

Seeing the Thunder Water Flower before his eyes, the Star Cultivator’s face had only just became delighted when suddenly, something strange abruptly appeared.

That Thunder Water Flower’s peaceful lightning seemed to bare its fierce fangs as it hacked towards the Star Cultivator. How could the Star Cultivator have imagined that this Thunder Water Flower would suddenly rise in revolt. He did not have any sort of reaction at all when he was hit, not even letting loose a scream as his entire body was paralyzed.

And this was followed by an inconceivable scene before his eyes.

SFX: Water rushing and bubbling loudly!

That Thunder Water Flower suddenly elevated as a sea serpent several dozen meters long raised its head from within the lake. Its entire body was colored like the water, smooth without scales, its narrow snake pupils a dark blue. Sharp and long poisonous fangs grew from its upper jaw, and that graceful Thunder Water Flower was a mimic that was actually its snake crown.

This wasn’t a Thunder Water Flower at all. It was clearly an even higher quality material for the Blooming Water Divine Thunder, “Flower Python Thunder Horn.”1

The Star Cultivator had reached the extreme point of shock.

The sea serpent opened it ferocious mouth, and swallowed whole the Star Cultivator, alive, in a single bite. Then the snake focused its eyes on its surroundings, releasing a cold glint, and it continued to be like a first-rate hunter as it dived back into the water. Its skin and the water mixed into singular whole such that the naked eye had absolutely no way of perceiving it. That Flower Python Thunder Horn perfectly imitating the Thunder Water Flower floated above the lake’s surface, just as elegant and peaceful as before, almost as if nothing had happened at all.

Su Xing’s lungs were suffocating.

“Blooming Water Demon Python!”2

Ever since he encountered Golden Flower Beast,3 Su Xing felt the worldview of Liangshan Continent was far more bizarre than he had imagined, and then he had the opportunity to cram on Liangshan Continent’s odd fauna.

Liangshan Continent’s birds and animals were divided into “fierce, demon, fine, fearful, spirit, deity and holy,”4 these seven types. Fierce beasts posed a danger only to the common folk, whereas deity and holy beasts practically existed only within legends and folklore. In contrast, demon beasts and the like rampaged all over the land, and they were absolutely terrifying existences.

Seeing this Blooming Water Demon Python’s almost human intellect, opposing it required using a rather costly technique. Su Xing thought for a bit and still decided to not face this danger since he did not require the Thunder Water Flower anyways. The right course of action was to regroup as quickly as possible with Gong Caiwei, but something bad was about to happen.

He had barely even took a few steps to leave when he heard behind him once more the sounds of several men and women cultivators’ amazed voices.

“Ah, a Thunder Water Flower!”

“What good fortune.”

Su Xing shook his head, and as expected, terrified screams range out behind him once again. The shrieks grew louder and louder, closer and closer. Su Xing turned his head to quietly curse at them, but he saw a cultivator flying rapidly towards him in escape, an imposing and horrifying Blooming Water Thunder Python following close behind, its mouth wide open.5

That Thunder Water Flower snake flower crown flashed an explosion of light.

The cultivator hastily offered a sacrifice. Several flying daggers spun towards it, and a lightning flash shot out from the snake flower crown of the Blooming Water Thunder Python. The spiritual powers of those artifacts was immediately destroyed. One after another they fell, and the cultivator knew at a glance that he was not a match, immediately using his Water Escape Talisman. Before he knew it, the Blooming Water Thunder Python suddenly attacked, its hunting movements so swift that there was practically no time to even blink.

The cultivator issued a terrified scream as he was swallowed alive by the Blooming Water Thunder Python.

Su Xing cursed, for the time required to use the Water Escape Talisman was several seconds. This Blooming Water Thunder Python did not need even a second to capture its prey; its speed was far too fast.


The Blooming Water Thunder Python’s dark blue snake pupils stared at Su Xing like the monster it was, for it was at least several dozen meters long, and then, bang! The Blooming Water Python launched a relentless thunderbolt, and Su Xing hastily stepped to the side, leaning against a stalactite. He originally wanted to open fire, but the Blooming Water Python’s counterattack was extremely quick, not giving Su Xing a chance to open fire at all. The Demon Python apparently knew that a Star Cultivator’s weakness was in close quarters, trying in vain again and again to swallow Su Xing.

It opened its ferocious mouth wide, a fishy stench spewing out as if it were a storm.

Su Xing dodged left and right, already quietly approaching in the blink of an eye. He raised the bloodthirsty weapon Silver Blade that was in his hands, ruthlessly shooting at the Blooming Water Python’s head. Su Xing had more or less made out that the Thunder Water Flower Flower Snake Crown6 was this Blooming Water Python’s greatest weapon, so he immediately needed to pluck that Blooming Water Python’s snake crown. This weapon was definitely more deadly than its venomous fangs.

Once this flower snake crown fell, the threat the Blooming Water Python posed would drastically decrease. This had far more effect than attacking anywhere else on the Blooming Water Python. Soldiers paid close attention to single strike kills, even if the air force had stringent demands for accuracy.

It was just that this Demon Python’s head was not so easy to deal with. Its fierce head rotated 180 degrees, its glittering demonic snake pupils were glued on Su Xing. The flower sitting atop its head lightly flashed by, and a powerful lightning bolt appeared without warning, in an instant exploding towards Su Xing.

Su Xing raised his arm to defend. His body was sent flying after receiving the strike, knocking a row of stalactites into the water. His whole body completely lost feeling, for he was paralyzed by thunder and lightning.

The Blooming Water Thunder Python quickly slithered over. Its senses within the rocky cavern were matchless, for when it saw that its opponent was paralyzed, it opened its mouth wide without the slightest hesitation. Su Xing gave a wry laugh, and suddenly, just as the Blooming Water Python descended upon him, his body that would not budge abruptly rolled, avoiding the Blooming Water Python’s bite.

Silver Blade brought with it a sharp hiss and a fierce wind, resolutely cutting into the Blooming Water Python’s back. It kept digging deeper, a cold, silver light tearing open nearly half its body.

SFX: Boom

The Blooming Water Python had a chance meeting with lightning, its body shaking fiercely, raising its head as it hissed miserably. It whipped its snake tail heavily at Su Xing. Looking down on this Demon Python’s might, the wind from raising its tail alone was able to blow Su Xing away.

Taking advantage of this moment, the Blooming Water Python suddenly ascended, binding Su Xing closely together like a rope. Its open mouth leaked malevolence, an ugly orifice. It hissed as it gnashed its teeth, seemingly declaring that it was pleased with itself, wishing to chew apart this enemy that could break free of its Water Thunder Paralysis.

“Chew on this, careful you don’t burn yourself.” Su Xing raised his gun, pulling the trigger.

A powerful recoil that even shook Su Xing blasted, and the Thunder Fire Bullet exited the barrel. The projectile’s speed combined with the addition of Nebula Stage Star Energy made it ascend another level. The Blooming Water Python screeched in terror, its upper jaw bursting and spilling out a luminous fireball, its fresh blood spraying across the rocky cave’s river.

Su Xing even fired twice, and the Blooming Water Python’s upper jaw fangs directly exploded.

With three rounds spent, the Thunder Fire Bullets that remained were only twenty-one. Su Xing did not want to waste any more ammunition and fiercely pounced on the serpent. Silver Blade’s keen edge was prepared to strike while the iron was hot, ready to give this snake a few more cuts.

The Blooming Water Python had guessed wrongly Su Xing’s fighting strength. It could never have predicted that the Su Xing close behind it possessed this sort of terrifying artifact. Its Thunder Water Flower snake crown again issued more lightning.

Su Xing easily dodged, letting the blade edge rend the Blooming Water Python’s flesh.

As the next cut came, the Blooming Water Python knew it was in danger. It saw that it was in an unfavorable situation and immediately rose up into the air, fleeing away, pulling a distance away from Su Xing, where escape was certain. It raised its body straight up and wrapped around a stalactite, a devil and monster.

Su Xing missed a chance to kill this Blooming Water Python, and in his heart, he could not help but feel a bit of pity. However, this python had sustained injuries, so its strength was heavily reduced. If he wanted to behead it, even this would not be an impossible task. Without hesitation, the tips of his toes dipped onto the water, splashing it everywhere, and Su Xing also rose high up in the air, rushing once more towards the Blooming Water Python!

The Blooming Water Python stared unwaveringly at Su Xing, its dark blue snake pupils like an iridescent cold light in the middle of night. Its huge, satiny body swayed from time to time, carrying with it a whistling gale. Its back had an enormous wound, as if some kind of great power fiercely ripped it open. Blood poured out from the wound in torrents, dripping over the ground, each drop assembling with others into bloody puddles.

The Blooming Water Python opened its mouth wide, bringing paralytic saliva that slowly oozed out.

Its rage was bottomless, its heart absolutely filled with resentment.

It was this strong and strangely scented Star Cultivator in front of it that gave it such a heavy strike, gave it such an immense wound, dissipating its strength. In its capacity as Flower Dragon Cave’s most frightening existence, this was absolutely a disgrace. Rapidly flicking its snake tongue, the Blooming Water Python could only but wish it was able to slowly chew apart this human that was a greater evildoer than it, swallowing him into its stomach.

Watching Su Xing rush in front of it, the Blooming Water Python abruptly turned its body slightly, its immense snake tail hacking downwards.

Su Xing only heard a whistling sound, and a wailing gale was stirred up. He held fast, and when the ray of light above him dimmed, a mad and fierce power, almost like a mountain was pressing down on him, pushed towards him.

Su Xing immediately brought his body down, and then he dodged towards his left.

With a mighty boom, the Blooming Water Python’s tail swept from his side, striking heavily upon the water.

The moment its attack failed to connect, the Blooming Water Python did not give Su Xing any chance to catch his breath. It immediately started to advance to its second rippling attack. It opened wide its mouth still sputtering blood, sending forth ten great bolts of lightning from its venomous fangs and shooting them out of its snake crown. They were like smaller pythons, hissing through the air and baring fangs towards Su Xing, a power most astonishing.


Su Xing coldly smiled. His left hand formed a hand seal, and the Thunder Cry Sword flew out from within his Astral Bag.

After entering Nebula Stage, Su Xing could truly use this Thunder Cry Sword. Glimpsing the thunder charm along its blade, lightning collected together, and the lightning shooting towards Su Xing was all stopped by his Thunder Cry Sword. The Blooming Water Python’s vitality had sustained crippling damage, and the power of the Water Thunder it spat up was also in decline. After the attack was dissolved by the Thunder Cry Sword, Su Xing said “Quick!”

The Thunder Cry Sword emitted an air shattering noise.

It skewered the Blooming Water Python’s upper jaw. Su Xing was not lenient, and urging on his Star Energy without any margin for error, the Thunder Cry Sword’s lightning immediately split open. This Blooming Water Python finally sampled a taste of electrocution. Not letting it howl in grief for long, Su Xing rushed forward, appearing atop the Blooming Water Python’s head in the blink of an eye.

The Blooming Water Python’s flower apparently was the final battle.

Su Xing raised his gun and pressed it against the flower stem.7

SFX: Bang!!!

A sharp and clear penetrating sound.

That Thunder Water Flower snake crown was immediately uprooted.

The Blooming Water Python’s anguished howls turned into whimpers as it fell into a pool of blood. Even though a hole had been punched through its brain, it still struggled upon its deathbed. Finally, its breath was completely severed by Su Xing’s sword.

Wiping away his sweat, Su Xing let out a breath of air.

It seemed he really could not relax within this Flower Dragon Cave. Not only were there Star Cultivators, but there were also these Demon Beasts.

Su Xing examined the simple and elegant Thunder Water Flower Flower Snake Crown in his hand. The flashing lightning and thunder in the snake crown dripped into the Thunder Cry Sword like water. “Might as well take something like this, so that it doesn’t seem like I came here for nothing.” Su Xing thought to himself. It was hard to say if Heaven knew whether what everything Gong Caiwei said about a real Blooming Water Divine Thunder was true or not.

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  1.  葵蟒雷角
  2.  葵水妖蟒
  3. Anybody have an idea what this is? I thought it might have been the tiger from way back when, but I’m not exactly sure.
  4. 猛,妖,精,兇,靈,神,聖
  5. Welp, so much for sneaking away.
  6. 雷水葵花蛇冠
  7. And yet he said he couldn’t waste more bullets…


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