Chapter 431: The Great Saint Of Killing Stars

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“Second Sister!!!!”

Looking on helplessly as Ruan Ping’er fell to Guan Ying’s blade, even the calm and collected Ruan Jin’er nearly lost control. Fortunately, Ruan Mei’er regained her senses in time, holding back her Elder Sister.

So as to avoid also being easily slain by Guan Ying.

Great Saint Starkiller clicked his tongue in regret, holding a new level of respect for that expressionless Ruan Mei’er. Anger leads to death, that was the best path to victory. He had thought he could rely on the Three Ruans’ feelings to make the group lose self control and then look for an opportunity. Truly, this was a pity. They were so close to being able to attain five Devil Stars.1 Great Saint Starkiller profoundly glanced at Jade Flagpole Meng Hudie.

“Guan Ying, you unexpectedly used the soul of a Sister to forge a Devil Star.” Shi Jinglun’s face chilled, gazing at that Frost Fair Blade and showing slight dread.

Rather than say that the current Guan Ying was that unparalleled god of war, it was even more appropriate to call her a blackened god of death. The girl was enveloped in black qi, and her eyes were hideously abstruse, without the slightest bit of feeling.

The Purple Firmament Moon Slashing Blade’s Devil Stars twinkled, illuminating Guan Ying’s face with an even more baleful look.

Let alone them, the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon and Jiang Shiyu of similar Devil Sects were scared stiff, their expressions terrified. “There is no need to fear, the three of us together can destroy them.” Great Saint Starkiller confidently smiled.

The indeterminately bewildered pair looked at each other, nodding as they forced smiles.

Compared to Shi Jinglun, the current Great Saint Starkiller and Guan Sheng were abnormally frightening.

“Guan Ying, Great Saint Starkiller, today, you and I cannot coexist.” Ruan Jin’er recovered her calm, blood emerging from where she bit her lips. More than a thousand Flying Swords practically filled the space behind her.

“Ruan Jin’er, do not be impulsive.” Shi Jinglun shouted.

Even Nine Tattooed Dragons needed to fear the Guan Ying of a Four Star Devil Weapon. The current Great Blade was currently ravenous. Even if they charged her, they were incapable of holding out against three Star Masters. Could it be…Shi Jinglun’s eyes were conflicted, as if she was hesitating over something.

“Li Jun, Meng Kang. Great Saint Starkiller and Guan Ying are slaughtering us Sisters like this. Will you still act as accomplice to a tiger?” Shi Jinglun shouted.

The two girls hesitated. Li Xiangfei wore a hurt expression: “The Star Duels are also this way. For everything, Xiangfei can only obey Young Master’s orders…”

Meng Hudie nodded.

To use speech to moved contracted Star General to sympathy simply was idiocy.

“You killed Ming’er. Shi Jinglun, today This Holy Lord will use all his strength to pay you back, hmph.” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon showed an evil grin of hate.

“Ha, ha, well said.” Great Saint Starkiller praised.

“Will you flee?” Great Saint Starkiller provocatively glanced at them.

“Absolutely disgraceful.” Ruan Jin’er assumed an attack stance. Suddenly, flame and light rays flew down from the horizon.

Su Xing and the Zhang Sisters took the stage.

Seeing the reaper-like Guan Ying, Su Xing shook his head, sighing.

“Great Saint Starkiller, we are moving out.” Holy Lord of Draconic Demon shouted to himself that things were bad.

Great Saint Starkiller did not move at all.

Following the arrival of Su Xing and the others, the situation at present had changed into a Mexican standoff. However, Guan Ying killing Ruan Ping’er had attracted hatred, and when Ruan Jin’er saw Zhang Yuqi and the others, her previous hostility actually diminished greatly.

“Shuangfei, Xinyue.” An odd luster flashed past Shi Jinglun’s eyes when she spotted the two girls were with Su Xing.

“Water Illusion Fairy Xi Yue, Zhang Yuqi, how about we all work together to sweep them away.” Shi Jinglun said.

“Xi Yue, quickly come back to us.” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon said in a low voice. “If we work together, we will definitely have our seats for the future Seven Stars Assembly. The Three Ruans and the Nine Tattooed Dragons are not powerful Star Generals, you ought to know what that means.”

The Water Illusion Fairy coldly stared at the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon, disdainfully smiling.


The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon stared at Su Xing. He suddenly laughed: “How about we work together to kill the Purple Thunder Monster?”


Everyone was taken aback.

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon smiled oddly as he stared at Su Xing: “The man beside the Water Illusion Fairy is but the famous Purple Thunder Monster. Furthermore, he has many Star Generals following him. He will inevitably be our greatest enemy in the future Star Duels. It would be better for us to first seize this chance to get rid of him, then we we will discuss our own grievances, how about it.”

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon futilely spun the focus to Su Xing. Su Xing disdainfully sneered. It was possible if it was before, but after Guan Ying killed Short-lived Second Brother Ruan Ping’er, the other two Ruans itched to grind the bones of the Great Saint Starkiller and the others to dust. After a brief moment of confusion, Ruan Jin’er was unmoved.

“Kill Guan Sheng, then I will relinquish to Dragon Snake Great Good Fortune Pill.”

“Tsk.” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon clicked his tongue.

“Holy Lord of Draconic Demon, Jiang Shiyu, you two cannot drag me down.” Great Saint Starkiller indifferently smiled.

The two nodded.


Great Saint Starkiller spat out one word.

Just as the two were about to take action, a scene they did not expect occured. Before Great Saint and Guan Ying went to kill Su Xing and the others, they each separately turned to the left and right to attack Holy Lord of Draconic Demon and Jiang Shiyu.


Jiang Shiyu was shocked beyond compare.

Great Saint Starkiller’s Heavenly Cycle Changing Holy Swords separately descended. Countless Starlights twinkled on Jiang Shiyu’s body. Jiang Shiyu completely did not foresee that Great Saint Starkiller would unexpectedly backstab him under this sort of difficult situation. Falling into despair, he was pricked into honeycomb by Great Saint Starkiller’s Flying Swords.

He did not expect this, the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon also did not expect that Great Saint Starkiller would be so treacherous.

Guan Ying’s hands swung down the Purple Brilliant Moon Slashing Blade in her hands.

“Young Master, careful!”

River Dragon Li Xiangfei was too late to think. Relying on her powerful abilities in water, she still outmaneuvered Guan Ying’s blade, blocking in front of the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon with her body acting as a shield.

The Frost Fair Blade slashed into her.

Longevity Star Li Xiangfei screamed and was sent into the Star Nest. The remaining blade-qi slammed into Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s body, the power frightfully strong.

Fortunately, the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon had the Heavenly Devil Armor that blocked it. Afterwards, he escaped far away with the Devil Smoke Shapeshift.

“Ying’er.” Great Saint Starkiller shouted.

Guan Ying did not stop at all after cutting the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon. Her gaze fell on the stupefied Meng Hudie.

The girl was in a daze, incapable of believing what was happening in front of her.

Guan Ying’s black storm instantly arrived in front of her. Meng Hudie waved her flag, but her vitality was injured that she basically was unable to resist.

In dejection, despair, and pain, she welcomed Guan Ying’s blade and then Starfell.

This change was sudden, however it was quick and in the blink of an eye.

Great Saint Starkiller had backstabbed, killing Jiang Shiyu and the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s last Star General.

“Great Saint Starkiller!!!!!”

This time, even the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon absolutely wanted to flay his flesh and drain his blood.

He has gone mad.

Thoroughly mad.

Su Xing and the others looked at each in dismay, shocked at this ludicrous move.

Great Saint Starkiller howled with laughter, then enjoying the power of a fourth Crimson Star. His cultivation reached Supercluster Late Stage’s peak in one go, and his entire person was even more insolent, cruel, and insufferably arrogant.

“This is bad!” Shi Jinglun’s face paled.

Five Devil Stars appeared on Guan Ying’s Purple Brilliant Moon Slashing Blade. These Devil Stars flowed about indeterminately, beginning to slowly combine. The originally extraordinarily heroic divine weapon currently was thoroughly wicked. The black star of that fifth Starfall very quickly became a flowing black Essence Spirit, embedding alongside the four other Stars on the Frost Fair Blade.

Five Star Destined Weapon!!!2

Everyone was shocked.

The current Guan Ying was completely enshrouded in black light. Her countenance lost the extraordinary might that Su Xing was once familiar with, leaving only an asura-like evil.

“No need for the trouble. Today, all of you are dying here? Become my, Great Saint Starkiller’s, pedestals to ascending Maiden Mountain, ha, ha, ha, ha!!” Great Saint Starkiller lost himself in laughter.

“Great Saint Starkiller, you have gone made. Do you think you can face them all alone?” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon shouted, warped.

“Great Saint Starkiller, I want you to pay with your life.” Ruan Jin’er furiously shouted. A thousand Flying Swords whirled and became a thousand rainbow lights. The Black Turtle Temple fell into a tremendous battle in a split second. The enormous Black Turtle Idol shook following Ruan Jin’er’s fury, and several dozen pills and Dragon Snake Good Fortune Pills floated up from the pond, just like starlights.

Following Ruan Jin’er’s attack, Su Xing did not delay.

The Heaven Tearing Swords twisted into a golden rainbow. A golden dragon descended from the heavens, and Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder was immediately snapped out, becoming a hundred basin sized Purple Lightning Lotus Flowers that blossomed.

Shi Jinglun did not dare be careless, defending her front with the Earth Dragon Shield while holding the Four Star Yellow Dragon Staff in her hand.

The Zhang Sisters each successively took action.

The Boatman slashed out a Fish Dragon Flame.

Zhang Yuqi flourished a Wild Bee Butterfly Wave.

Everyone acted, their power extremely vast. Even the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon was ashen, believing Great Saint Starkiller and Guan Ying to be dead without doubt. He looked at those Good Fortune Pills. How could he be willing to return empty-handed. He extended a hand leisurely grabbed from the sky, the Demon Sword protecting him.


A powerful baleful aura suddenly let out a crisp clang.

Great Saint Starkiller naturally came prepared. While allowing Guan Ying to use the Devil Star to upgrade to Five Star, he was not so stupid as to confront an entire group alone in the face of everyone’s joint attack.

“Today, This Holy Lord shall allow you to witness the power of my third Spirit Treasure.”

Great Saint Starkiller did not bat an eyelid.

The Boundless Bell rose as he chanted.

The Boundless Bell quickly enlarged. At the first knell, a thousand zhang tall flame quickly spun, splitting apart with a cry. Its brilliant appearance flashed, shaking the heavens with an explosion. A powerful forbidden magic fluctuated out from the Boundless Bell.

At the second knell, the storm in the water furiously roared.

At the third knell, sand and stone flew, obscuring Heaven and Earth.

At the fourth knell, the sound of thunder clapped heavily.

At the Boundless Bell’s fifth knell, the world seemed to fix into place.

Wind, thunder, water, and fire naturally rose from primal chaos. As if omnipresent, they directly pounced towards Su Xing and the Star Generals, like Mount Tai was crumbling. The sun and moon fell, and the surging momentum made the entire Black Turtle Idol intensely shudder.

With the sound of water, the terrain within ten li of Black Turtle Idol’s main hall became a formation with a range of three zhang. This array’s center had wind, thunder, water, and fire, pervaded with black qi.

Everyone completely faded away.

“This is the Prehistoric Killing Array – Wind Thunder Water Fire Boundless Array!” Su Xing gazed at his surroundings, other people already vanishing from his line of sight.

Since ancient times, Prehistoric Spirit Treasures all had wonderful uses. Su Xing’s Five Dragons Lantern was like this, as was Great Saint Starkiller’s Boundless Bell. When this array emerged, Su Xing immediately found he was unable to leave. He heard the light chime of knells within the array, pressing him to death.

“Dear Husband.” Hu Niangzi withdrew to Su Xing’s vicinity without delay. The pair had the contract connection of their Star Crests. Arrays were incapable of separating them, but the others were not so fortunate.

No wonder he was so brazen. It turned out he was secure in the knowledge he had backing with this Boundless Bell. This treasure forced everyone apart, and coordination naturally could not be mentioned. Su Xing immediately surmised that Great Saint Starkiller and Guan Ying were preparing to each break open and seize this chance to kill all of the Star Masters and Star Generals in Black Turtle Temple. A Five Star Destined Weapon Brave Star. Put bluntly, if gods blocked the path, she would kill the god; if Buddha blocked the path, she would kill the Buddha.

“If you have the skill, survive and come act together.”

Great Saint Starkiller disdainfully howled with laughter, the sharp assertion in his eyes.

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  1. So each Star General soul becomes a Devil Star that appears on the weapon, like a normal Star, except that this is more sinister.
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