Chapter 448: Boss Level Woman In The Night

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There was no need for any more words. Su Xing’s legs suddenly exerted strength.

The frozen ground instantly erupted. A powerful force made the sheet of ice shatter, sending ice shards flying. In the icy mist filling the sky, Su Xing’s silhouette was just like a sharp sword tearing space apart. At the same time, twenty-four Flying Swords whistled out, carving twisting bolts of gold and green lights.

Su Xing instantly went full force. In the blink of an eye, he was already in front of the woman. His body leaned, and he struck full power with a fist brimming with the Monster Strength Innate Skill of Lu Shaqing.

On his fist was a whirling golden lotus. It appeared surprisingly like a twisting tornado, the scream of ripping air about to tear eardrums.

“Meditative Mind Lotus Flower?! You cannot be this surprising…”

The woman in the night gently chuckled. She grunted, and her body floated. In an instant, she unexpectedly retreated several zhang, with a pace like when Su Xing used the Chaotic Tail Escape. He completely was unable to see how his opponent moved. This footwork was somewhat profound.

Su Xing’s fist merely struck the air futilely.

An embarrassing punch.

“You have declined Your Humble Servant’s good intentions. Then properly enjoy being tormented to the end.”

The monster from who knows where announced. She merely hid, and then she blended into the night afterwards. Her presence had completely vanished. Su Xing’s Divine Intent released in search of her, but he was unable to detect even the slightest breath. He had thoroughly lost all traces of the opponent.

She couldn’t be this far beyond reason?

Su Xing wrinkled his brow. He had Innate Skills that could contend against Star Generals, but this was the first time he had encountered this kind of situation. Was this woman an assassin?

A soft laugh was in the wind. Something whistled over.

“Laughing during a sneak attack really is a fatal mistake.”

Su Xing pointed, and his Flying Swords plunged. The masked woman once again disappeared.

Such swift speed, and to still have leeway in her speed even while carrying Chai Ling, what was going on? Where did this cheat pop out from?

He brainstormed. Su Xing could not be distracted, “Hè.” Again, he made a horizontal sweep in passing. The masked woman was just like a phantom. Although Su Xing once again determined her direction, his opponent’s speed already was incapable of being described with words.

Su Xing activated Light Smoke Dance Steps, his Flying Swords slashed about with all their might.

“Battle start.”

The masked woman seemingly ordered. Just like a dedicated teacher, she suddenly appeared right under Su Xing’s ribs. One punch attacked, the attack speed far from being as fast as her movements. He wondered what she cultivated, for Su Xing was caught up in her battle rhythm. He could not help but hit back, and his speed inadvertently accelerated somewhat. The pair’s extreme speed unfolded into a war.

The pair’s silhouettes were practically obscured during combat. Only an indistinct shadow flitted about in the air.

Continuous booms endlessly exploded in the air. At random times, entangled shadows and wind would suddenly appear visible. A strange picture of death was drawn out of the dark night by a sort of inexplicable energy.

The Flying Swords seemed to lose their usefulness.

“Could your speed be any slower?”

A considerably bored voice, a pain in the ass evaluation for Su Xing.

The masked woman used only one hand to catch Su Xing’s attack, “Could you be a bit faster?” Su Xing smiled, tapping his thumb with his ring finger. A bean-sized frost-fire jumped out, gently snapping and falling on the masked woman’s body.

Instant Frost Fire.

The masked woman clearly did not anticipate this. One arm was immediately frozen into frost. This Instant Snow was formidable, as expected, for just this bit to have such an effect. Su Xing did not hesitate. Pointing, the twenty-four Flying Swords suddenly descended.

“Are you trying to kill her?”

How could he have anticipated that the masked woman would surprisingly use Chai Ling as a shield.


Su Xing stopped to avoid friendly fire, switching to close combat. His hand flipped out the Thousand Year Divine Sword, and his left hand gripped Purple Thunder.

What would be perfect was for the sword to completely strike the target.

Yet it was an afterimage that broke.

The masked woman’s sneer was colder than that frost-fire. Her palm chop descended, just like a crescent moon in the gloomy sky. 

Too fast.

Su Xing had no choice but to use the Chaotic Tail Escape, but in that instant after he shifted, basically in that practically infinitesimal second of pain, the masked woman was eerily already standing right beside him. That kind of slender build was just like an apparition, as if she had already been waiting for him.

“This kind of Escape Technique is best used sparingly because it is completely useless.”

Accompanying this insulting evaluation was also this masked woman’s punch that was light as a feather.

This palm clearly was very gentle, a palm technique that was gentle to the point its earth-shattering and oppressive approach was apparently imperceptible, but the moment the strike landed on Su Xing, the Star Energy concentrated in his whole body seemed to crumble like paper shreds. Her palm apparently imprinted on his body, the light as a feather touch instantly turning into the Five Sacred Mountains. The powerful force poured like a wild river. This sort of feeling was as if he had been smashed by the Green Lotus Peak.

So painful.

Su Xing’s body astonishingly displayed a deep palm-shaped hole. A large amount of blood sprayed freely from that hole.

A bright mist of red instantly stained the white snow crimson.

An acute pain nearly made Su Xing fall unconscious.

“Your Humble Servant asks you again, do you have any regrets?” The masked woman faintly smiled.

Su Xing did not answer. A swift and severe attack surpassed all replies. This kind of pain counted as nothing to Su Xing. The pain of cultivating the Chaotic Tail Escape was more severe than this.


The masked woman did not anticipate that Su Xing would recover so quickly. According to her calculations, Su Xing would have required at least five or six seconds in order to break free of the pain in his body. She adjusted her attack rhythm again.

“You truly are an odd man…” The masked woman’s voice was cold but really had slight doubt. In an instant, two lights of gold and green exploded in the air. Two several zhang long giant green swords appeared, thoroughly chilling.

Su Xing’s eyes flashed an odd glint. He silently opened his mouth, read an incantation, separately chanting to each of the two giant swords.

Upon touching the green qi, the giant swords glowed magnificently. They dropped one after another amid the soft chanting. They aggressively slashed towards the masked woman. If he was just controlling two swords, Su Xing had the confidence he would not hurt Chai Ling.

“Bang, bang,” two enormous noises.

What made Su Xing surprised was that the masked woman caught each sword with one hand. A white killing intent poured out. Green rays and white light intermingled, but the two swords could barely presse down the white light by a few inches before they were completely and bluntly repelled.

They again dispersed in midair.

The Flying Swords were completely useless.

“Do you even actually want this woman?” The masked woman asked.

Su Xing was spontaneously powerless. Even when he confronted Emperor Liang, he had never had this sort of feeling. If this woman was a Star General? That was also abnormally strong. Even Lu Xiao was not necessarily her opponent. If she was not a Star General, then this strayed too far from logic.

“Put her down.”

Su Xing’s wrist flipped, and then he pursued.

“If you want her, then allow Your Humble Servant see just how much you want her.” A very baffling and unconventional provocation.

The masked woman’s figure vanished.

An enormous sense of danger made Su Xing’s limbs ice-cold, more ice-cold than the winter in his surroundings. He could not even think of taking action. His palm swiped the air, and a cold intent brushed past Su Xing’s skin.

The masked woman’s phantom appeared next to him, her white hand gracefully clapping onto Su Xing’s shoulder.

And this was still under the condition she was carrying a woman.

What sort of speed was this.

This was cheating.

Su Xing’s heart groaned. A wind that had stopped at some unknown time suddenly was like a devil that had been let out of its cage, roaring with bared fangs.

Pain, an even deeper pain.

Like a thousand blades dragging ten thousand times across his skin, they lacerated him into dripping blood. Suddenly, blood-light erupted, and his shirt became shreds that gracefully filled the night sky. Accompanying the shreds were countless rays of blood-light.

Just where did this woman come from?

Could this have been sent by Maiden Mountain??

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  1. ….
    This is the first time that Su Xing has so thoroughly been one sidedly curb stomped.
    The worst part? Konghou is not even playing. Everything she’s doing is the equivalent to just standing there and blinking him to death with each batting of her eyelashes.

    That’s how big the gap between them is.
    To reiterate:
    Star General Realms have 7 Realms at 9 Stages each, with one exception… but it doesn’t matter cuz that exception doesn’t apply to the Star Duels to begin with… The Tar D7els have a Realm Cultivation level cap, so only the preceding 7 count.
    – Heartbeat
    – Heavenly Clothes
    – Thousand Militaries
    – Ten Thousand Techniques (Where Su Xing compares, but only as an Martial type Earthly Star between the 1st and 6th Stage. He CANNOT fight head on with a Heavenly Star of the same rank or higher. He’d either need help, cheat, or force a draw playing on their egos)
    – Matchless
    – Extreme
    – True Phoenix.

    Star General Ranks are made even more complicated by both their type, equipment rank, and whether they’re an Earthly or Heavenly Star. Exceptions aside, Earthly Stars tend to be several magnitudes below even many non combat specialist Heavenly Stars.
    For example… Gongsun Huang could literally float there and spam spells all day at you, even if she fought 4 or 5 Earthly Star Martial Star Generals and win without even using her Skills. Just ask Gu Tong and co. The ONLY reason she would’ve, was because she lost patience.

    To put that in perspective to Su Xing…
    Everybody stronger than him could’ve EASILY killed his ass twice over in more than half the fights in this series.
    They usually losebc they either underestimate him, get surprised by his abnormally high base specs relative to them, gets ganged up on, he cheats/tricks them…or, he runs away. Basically, he’s one EXTREMELY LUCKY/CRAFTY SONUVA BITCH.
    Su Xing himself is impressive, don’t get me wrong… but he’s still just a human.
    That’s only comparing against Star Generals and other decidedly ‘nonhuman’ opponents though.
    He actually is more badass compared to most ‘human’ opponents of the same Realm or higher.

    Su Xing’s real trump card, besides his luck, is the accumulated experience of fighting nothing but bosses since the novel started.

    But, nothing beats sheer, overwhelming power. That is how strong Konghou is compared to Su Xing right now.

      1. Pretty much, yeah.

        Experience aside, you’d need to be at the same Realm AT THE VERY LEAST.
        And THANK GOD Konghou didn’t whip out her Star Weapon(assuming she still has it).
        That thing would go past cheating and into instant win territory.

  2. Pity that with her playing with him that much I don’t think that Su Xing excesive pride would allow him contract her later. He likes to tease, abuse or look down not the other way around. His ego wouldn’t allow it. Pity

    Thanks for chapter

    1. …Wait, what?

      Since when has Su Xing EVER shown ‘excessive pride’?
      Teasing sure, but he’s NEVER abused or looked down on Star Generals unless they start shit first.

      Can you plz give some examples as to why you feel that way?

      He’s pretty one much one of the few Star Masters/characters who ISN’T an overly prideful and/or arrogant jerkass.

      Can you name one real example of Su Xing NOT reacting to EVERYONE else being a dick or attacking him first?

      The ONLY thing you can accuse him of is being a thief… cuz he is, but usually with Sects or items being fought over anyway.

      As far as being a Contractor is concerned…. I don’t think he could contract Konghou anyway… She’s… unique.

      Plus… Su Xing NEVER forces a contract and treats his girls, and friends, very well.
      If anything, more than half his girls contracted him!

      I really don’t understand your appraisal of him….

    2. I don’t think it’s about that, but rather that she’s way too stronk to be part of the crew that is the reason why they won’t contract. As if he needed more cheats, she’d likely tip the scales way too much, hence why I don’t think she’ll ever join the harem. It’d be like expecting Chao Gai to up and become one of them.

      It’d be another thing if we learned exactly what is the endgame, tho. If Maiden Mountain is as Omnipotent as we’ve been told and the goal is literally overthrowing them, then maybe Su Xing and Co would need everything they can scrounge.

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