Chapter 451: The Devil Star And Guan Ying’s Secret

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“I don’t know who she was. She was probably sent by Maiden Mountain.” Su Xing guessed. Only this was able to explain why that woman was so abnormally powerful. However, recalling last night, the battle with her was like a lecture. She did not make things difficult for him at all. Could it be said that Maiden Mountain’s trial was to make him stronger? Was the situation so good? Su Xing was very skeptical.

Recalling that night, Su Xing could not help but remember the Noble Star Little Whirlwind Chai Ling.

That nephrite warmth was too wonderful for words, appearing more unreal than a dream.

Su Xing noticed that his body had recovered.

He left the room together with Hu Niangzi. Arriving at the main hall, Chai Ling had already finished arranging a sumptuous and delicious feast. Su Xing looked around, for that truly was extravagant. The drinks were wonderfully bright, and the food was extremely luxurious. Practically every single thing was worth ten million liang of gold. To a cultivator, this was a great fill.

“Chai Ling, you certainly are truly generous.” Su Xing directly sat down.

Chai Ling’s hand held the Golden Thread Feather Fan, her eyes charming, alluring. She watched the excitement of Su Xing’s body. This truly was a unique woman.

Seeing Su Xing’s praise, the corner of Chai Ling’s lips hung a smile. Her chest slightly puffed out, flaunting as if to make Su Xing recall last night’s dreamland. Su Xing nearly spat out his drink.

All of the girls only felt that Su Xing and Chai Ling were somewhat strange, however, how could they have guessed that just one night’s time nevertheless changed their lifetime encounter.

While gorging themselves, Zhang Feiyu urgently asked: “Chai Ling, have you clearly investigated the Nine Nether Devil Star Stone?”

“Clearly investigated.” Saying this, Chai Ling wrinkled her brow.

“What?” Su Xing recovered his sternness.

“The Nine Nether Devil Star Stone is an item that comes from Star World. Legend says it can be used as material to forge into Star Weapons. Each killed Star Maiden will become a Devil Star. You ought to know how many restrictions there are to upgrading Star Weapons. However, the Nine Nether Devil Star Stone completely overturns this logic. It uses the number of Star Maiden Starfalls to upgrade. In other words, the more it kills, the stronger it becomes, but using the Nine Nether Devil Star Stone has a flaw. The user will, someday, because she is incapable of bearing the Devil Star’s resentment, in the end become a walking corpse.” Chai Ling had a very reviled expression.

This contents were told to her by Konghou. She long already knew about the Nine Nether Devil Star Stone. However, for the sake of giving Chai Ling an opportunity, she left them for a night. What a pity that Chai Ling currently was still muddleheaded recalling that she had been betrayed.

However, let alone that the Noble Star Little Whirlwind Chai Ling placed outside of the Star Duels felt this was so loathsome, the others also showed disgusted expressions after listening to the abilities of the Nine Nether Devil Star Stone.

No one could have expected there would surprisingly be such a hair-raising way to upgrade Star Weapons. Of course, what made Zhang Feiyu disgusted was that the renowned Brave Star Great Blade Guan Sheng surprisingly would use this kind of underhanded trick. Her unscrupulousness was rather unavoidable, after all, they were all sisters.

“Perhaps Guan Sheng is not completely aware.” Chai Ling spoke up for Guan Ying.

Her words were logical. The Nine Nether Devil Star Stone had never appeared before in Liangshan. This had even been found only after flipping through countless records within the Great Circle Castle. The records were very unremarkable. It was unknown whether they felt the Nine Nether Devil Star Stone was useless or this method was too vile that made people deliberately not promote it, so as to avoid Star Maidens stepping onto the path of evil with no return.

Star Maidens actually had other means outside of the most common materials when upgrading their Star Weapons, yet the other supplements that they could forge into the Star Weapons were few. However, each material that could be forged in was very effective to a Star General, regardless.

Whether it was the Wind Concealment Divine Stone or some other material, Liangshan Continent’s thousand years of Star Duels practically did not display supplements that could make a Star Maiden enter the records of evil. It was not odd for Guan Ying to forge her Star Weapon like this then.

“In fact, Guan Ying is also a pitiful one.” Chai Ling slightly sighed, somewhat depressed.

When the Star Duels began, she and Guan Ying once met. At that time, Guan Ying had yet to sign a contract. The Great Blade Guan Sheng of that time bore the pressure of nine generations of Star Duels without victory. After all, she was the chief of the Five Tigers, peerless in martial arts. Furthermore, she had a Star Master in each generation, but even so, she never was fortunate.

In any case, if it was not being exploited for her loyalty and then being betrayed, then it was using some other methods to lay a snare of righteousness. In one generation, even, Guan Sheng and her Star Master decided to break free of fate and stake everything for the Purple Rose Grade Outlaw Liangshan Jade Pendant, an attempt to use this action to change fate. The result, she unexpectedly Starfell inside the Void Liangshan, turning into the laughingstock for a millennium. This reputation was barely second to the incompetent chief of the hundred stars, Song Jiang.

“This Palace truly should not have informed her about the situation of the Black Turtle Territory.” Chai Ling was sorrowful.

Everyone was silent after listening.

Hu Niangzi bit her lips. “She has only herself to blame, Niangzi will never sympathize with her!”

Chai Ling smiled, putting away her hurt mood, again turning charming and beautiful.

“What is the state of my Little Sister?” Zhang Feiyu nervously asked.

“Very simple. Having been cut by the Devil Star, she will die, inevitably and undoubtedly. Although your Little Sister’s situation is not a Starfall for the time being, the Devil Star’s power has already infiltrated. After a certain amount of time passes, your Little Sister will naturally Starfall, so a contract is useless.” Chai Ling shook her head.


Everyone changed.

“There should be a solution, right.” Su Xing was grim.

“This Palace has also investigated this clearly. There is a way.”

“Which is?”

“Obtain Soul Nurturing Wood,1 Mind Setting Grass,2 and the Devil Star. Then, you can dispel this kind of status.” Soul Nurturing Wood was Liangshan’s rarely seen Divine Wood. As the name implied, it was specially used for nurturing souls, thus, once the Soul Nurturing Wood was picked, there was a certain amount of time to place it into one’s soul. Therefore, Liangshan Continent basically could not sell it. Chai Ling had no solutions. As for the Mind Setting Grass, that was a sort of oddity. It grew in the ten thousand li Nine Nether Deep Sea, but because the efficacy was not obvious at all, very few people used it. Similarly, it was not gathered.

“To sum it up, some days have already passed since Zhang Yuqi has been cut. This Palace advices that you best quickly find the Soul Nurturing Wood and Mind Setting Grass.” Chai Ling was not joking.

Jinzhi and Yuye presented two maps. They highlighted several locations.

“These are locations This Palace has heard that Soul Nurturing Wood and Mind Setting Grass can be found. You can split up and search.” Chai Ling said.

“Thanks, Chai Ling.” Su Xing thanked her. Chai Ling’s arrangements were already very thorough. Even Zhang Yufei took back her previously poor preconception about this Elder Sister that was placed outside of the Star Duels.“Do you truly wish to thank This Palace? Xing’er.” Chai Ling’s tone was smooth, that “Xing’er” address seriously enrapturing.

“Of course.” Chai Ling helped them greatly this time. They never expected the Nine Nether Devil Star Stone would be so formidable.

“Then Xing’er can call This Palace, ‘Ling’er,’ as thanks. This Palace will particularly give favor.”

“…” Xi Yue.

“…” Hu Niangzi.

“Chai Ling, if you aren’t offended, I won’t have a problem. Ling’er…” Su Xing called.

Chai Ling wrinkled her brow and shook her head: “It sounds oddly disgusting. You had better address This Palace with her name.”

“…” Su Xing.

“Right, Chai Ling, just what is the Devil Star you speak of?” Xi Yue asked.

“The Devil Star, huh…Oh. This Palace shall inform you after you bring back the Soul Nurturing Wood and Mind Setting Grass. If not, perhaps you would be very unenthusiastic about achieving this.” Chai Ling stroked the kitty in her bosom, softly saying: “Xing’er, is that not so?”


The Three-eyed Wealth Inviting Beast rubbed itself against Chai Ling’s chest.

“Xing’er truly is a little womanizer.” Chai Ling smiled.

Su Xing perspired.

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  1. 養魂木
  2. 定心草


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    The Three-eyed Wealth Inviting Beast rubbed itself against Chai Ling’s chest.

    “Xing’er truly is a little womanizer.” Chai Ling smiled.

    Su Xing perspired.]
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